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Beavis, Daria & Butthead.  Or it could be Butthead, Daria & Beavis.  I'm not the person to ask.  Anyway, this picture was taken from Outpost Daria.

Babes R Us
Beavis & Butthead see a commercial for a womens mudwrestling club on TV, & decide they're going to get in. Daria comes upon them while they're in back, wearing bras & falsies, while making a mudpuddle with a hose.

Beavis and Butt-Head Are Dead
As everyone reminises about their different times with the moronic dueo, Daria relates some of her (less-than) fondest memories.

Butt Is It Art?
During a field trip to the museum, Daria interrupts a B&B "heh-heh-heh" moment by clarifying, "He said Master PAINTers."

Career Day

Citizen Butt-Head
Bill Clinton comes to Highland High, & Daria is picked as one of the honor students to be at the assembley to meet him. Daria talks with Clinton, & asks about some of his promises, whereupon Beavis & Butthead decide Daria's cool. Beavis & Butthead end up coming in & insulting the president, & just before they're about to be taken down by Secret Service men, Daria tells them that B&B are special students, with Clinton giving them an award in the end.

The Great Cornholio
The first apperance of Beavis' alternate-ego the Great Cornholio comes out, & accosts Daria for some "te pe"...


It's a Miserable Life (Christmas Special '95)
An angel comes to Butthead to try & convince him to just off a bridge, because of how much better Highland would be without him. In this reality, Daria has a boyfriend, but the angel tells Butthead he isn't here to meddle with them.

Daria sits in her usual seat while David Van Driessen lectures the class on the topic of sexism. B & B announce an upcoming party and claim they're inviting chicks. They never come, but Stewart's P.A.T. friends do, and then Todd's gang chases them and B & B out.

Scientific Stuff
Daria is assigned to do a science project with B & B. The project ends up with her observing the two and writing a report on them called "Idiocy - Hereditary or Enviromental?"

Spare Me
When B&B try to impress two chicks who have a flat tire, Daria stumbles onto the scene and is able to fix it right -- and witnesses the two girls drive off and leave the two morons in the dust. Daria chips in with the meaningful, "You guys are never gonna get any."

Sign Here
Daria explains to the class how animals are killed in a furier.

Sporting Goods

The class is assigned to try to grow plants, & Beavis & Butthead decide to grow corn because they want nachos. Needless to say they don't get very far, so then Daria gives them some advice to no avail.

David Van Driessen attempts a little yoga in order to help his failing students, injures himself and is replaced by a hyper-enthusiastic substitute teacher, named Jim. In one scene, some of the kids(not B & B) sit in a circle around the Jim's desk, as he makes a speech comparing good reading to being a good lover, then asks "Who wants to make love today?" Everyone in his class, including Daria raises his or her hand.

Tainted Meat
Beavis's (ahem) "captain" has a severe itch, which causes him to scratch it uncontrollably and spread his germs to the food at Burger World. Daria doesn't eat any of it(she's not even there), but we see her in class watching Beavis scatch his crotch during a test along with other students. Later she poses for a class picture along with everyone else while Beavis is caught on film still trying to soothe the beaver.

The Trial
B & B are on trial for throwing eggs at Tom Anderson's house. Daria sits behind Mr. Anderson & the D.A. She laughs at Butt-head when after a presumably credible self-testimony, he says "I rest on your face," and then corrects himself. Luckily however, true justice prevails.

U.S. History
All the students are giving oral presentations, & we hear the end of Daria's about how a certain assassination was a conspiracy. In the end, Daria & Mr. Van Driesen are trying to explain to the boys the concept of "graduation".

Sporting Goods
Beavis & Butthead go in search of jock straps for PE, whereupon they find that all are too big, so the clerk gives them eyepatches to try on. After they come out of the fitting rooms wearing them, Daria takes their pictures for the school newspaper.

Daria sponsors B & B for 50 cents each in the walk-a-thon.

Water Safety
Coach Buzzcut is showing his class on how to survive in the sea. Daria, wearing a revealing red swimsuit, is handed over command of the class when Coach Buzzcut has to save B&B as they both nearly drown. Buzzcut decides to teach his class about how to reveive pool trauma victims with B&B serving as CPR dummies the class must perform mouth to mouth breathing on them. Everyone refuses and Buzzcut must perform the disgusting act himself.

Wet Behind the Rears

All of the ones we have so far (except "Water Safety") were contributed by nik, who we are now very much indebted to (thank you, thank you, nik! - I'm not being sarcastic here), "Water Safety" was contributed by Wouter Jaegers, "Party" and "The Trail" by D.T. Dey, and "Spare Me" and "Butt Is It Art?" were sent in by Jennifer Brookens.
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