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     A non-paid certified search dog unit, with professionally trained volunteers dedicated to finding lost persons and to saving lives.

Millennium Mission Statement for American Search Dogs
     As a long-standing professional search dog unit, we respond to and assist families and police/sheriff organizations in search of missing persons. Our focus is to maintain high standards and support solid foundations of training. We will preserve our values and integrity as an independent non-profit search dog organization.

     Teams are equipped for unsupported searches of up to three days, longer with major events such as a National or International disaster.  Our organization has put together a search cache for events that may last five days or longer.

A Quick Response:
     A quick request by the agency in need of our services will insure a quick response by us.  It is vital that the requesting party contact our call-out coordinator as soon as possible even if only to place us in an alert or ready status.  This not only assists us in responding quickly when you need us, but also greatly increases the chances of finding the victim alive.

     In most cases transportation is provided by member vehicles (4-wheel drive), the Civil Air Patrol, or the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center at Scott Air Force Base.  The Civil Air Patrol and other Air Force aircraft can be arranged for by the requesting agency at no cost through the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (see contacts).

More Efficient Teams:
    A well rested team after a day of searching is a more efficient tool.   It is suggested, when possible, that teams be given adequate sleeping conditions by the requesting agency.

Additional Information:
New Presidency for ASD --well not so new!
ASD held their elections for the coming year. We would like to thank the out going presidency for their help and dedication. Last year’s presidency were :

President: Jill Snyder
Vice President: Jordan Andersen
Secretary: Chauntel Thorstead
Treasurer: Kristen Andersen

The new presidency for the year 2000 is:

President: Jill Snyder
Vice President: Jordan Andersen
Secretary: Vickie King
Treasurer: Ross Patterson

We look forward to a great year!

-Special Thanks!!
Throughout the year we have had many strong supporters of search and rescue. We want to officially acknowledge those who have lent financial support to ASD.

American Nutrition
G & G Sprinkling and Landscaping
Calute Homes
Gerald Miya, DDS
Hometown Buffet

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