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World peace will not come before inner peace.
But inner peace will not last until
it's been shared around the world.

War Does Not Serve Peace.
Violence Does Not Serve Life.
Are You Willing To Live
For Peace?
The Mind That Is Committed
To Peace Will Find Peace.
The Mind That Is Committed
To Violence Will Find Violence.
This Is An eternal Law of Nature, Mind and Being.

Hello and welcome to this World Peace Society Project web page. We are one world and share one planet, of course. The remaining question, therefore, is: Will we act like a single planet at the present time?

As some have already pointed out "There is no 'Planet B'."

I do not consider myself more than one of many potential owners here. I registered this webpage because it was available and the World Peace Society is a spirit that I believe we must all be devoted to if we're going to save this planet. Your inner peace depends on your willingness to serve the goal of lasting peace for all.

If you accept what many scientists are saying, then our world is in some serious trouble (click this link if you don't believe the world is facing any serious problem.). The purpose of this page is to be a center - a gathering place - for people who want to see the human race transform itself and stop destroying the planet. If that is not your purpose, then anything good you think you're doing is bound to fail because it's based on a way of thinking that doesn't consider the whole. We can't be at peace unless we adopt a way of thinking that's devoted to global peace and happiness in general. The goal of peace for all.

I am interested in finding people who want to work on the World Peace Government Project for the purpose of assisting the world to think as a single family.

This may seem impossible given your circumstances or the ways of the world, but being devoted to peace in yourself is the only way to have true peace of mind. This is because a mind not devoted to peace is devoted conflict in its approach to life. No one would ever devote themselves in a negative way entirely on purpose, so the nature of the global negative mind is always somewhat hidden from our conscious awareness.

If something is more important to you than peace, then your relationship to peace in life is bound to be upset. And this will have a ripple effect in the rest of your world. And being with someone who is upset is always bound to be somewhat upsetting in nature. Those who are committed to conflict, therefore, are naturally going to feel somewhat stressed.

Being devoted to peace should not be equated, however, with giving up something you love. Anything that brings you joy is naturally peace related. Painting, dancing, singing, etc. The real question is are they at odds with anything else within you. Anything you do for love can serve the spirit of transformation. We should never equate serving peace with sacrifice or losing.

There is nothing you have in this world that is worth owning if it brings you conflict. A beautiful summer's day is ruined if you are upset or depressed. This is not to say that anyone should deny or attempt to repress what he or she is feeling. Denying what you're feeling right now is never a positive plan. The only point here, therefore, is that, without peace, nothing you own or have in this world can be properly enjoyed, appreciated or loved. And for this reason, to trade your peace of mind for anything in this world is not a good idea or a good exchange.

And yet, people are willing to trade their inner peace for whatever they believe will somehow make them happy. And this is never wise. Nor has it ever been an honest or healthy approach to living.

The World Peace Society is about seeking inner peace with the recognition that inner peace and the goal of peace for everyone cannot be viewed as separate. To see them as separate is an attempt to make yourself happy in an illusion. And this is because the spirit of peace and the spirit of Oneness are naturally always together. Always joined. To think that you can have peace while having no concern or care for the peace or joy of others is a waste of time. Many attempts to compromise in this matter have been attempted and many more will likely follow. No one can find inner peace by perpetuating an illusion that he or she is an island.

The World Peace Society is devoted to peace and, for this reason, it is not devoted to any particular group, cause or religion. Any aspect of any group that serves peace is worthy of support. It is rare, however, to find a group, cause or religion that is devoted to the goal of global peace completely. This is because most groups are devoted to the personal enrichment of that particular group.

To be devoted to peace, one must let go of the past and be here in the present. The past is gone and, in the end, is not relevant to the goal of peace. Any attachment you have to the past is a reflection of a mind that is devoted to fighting. The Nature of Reality is eternal and timeless. And those who are devoted to peace are devoted seeking reality and the spirit of truth alone. And truth is not really found in the past. Reality and truth are living in this moment. This doesn't mean that you can't use the past to illustrate a point. The question, therefore, comes down to whether you're using the past to serve the goal of peace or clinging to it in your mind to serve the goal of violence, war and anger?

Those who cling to the past are not committed to true peace or resolution.

World Peace Society Volunteers in New York City

The reality of peace is a function of faith. In fact, any mind state that is joyous or positive is an expression of releasing the ego - letting it go - and examining the negative thoughts you have about Being and Life. What argument do you give yourself for the problems you see? Do you see problems in your life as a function of life itself? If so, then you're basically repeating to yourself that you a problem (or a bunch of problems) for which there is no solution. Is this what you really believe?

When we say that the Nature of Being is or has caused our problems, then we're saying that the conflicts or problems we have are simply a function of life. And I would say that that's a perfectly negative way of thinking.

You may call the Nature of Being "God". That's fine.
We just reject the idea that God a man capable of hatred.

This is not to say that every religion in the world is a pure reflection of love. This is clearly not the case, of course. Distortions about the Nature of Being are common. And this is why teachers like the author of A Course In Miracles have sent their wisdom into this world to assist us with our process.

A religion can contain aspects of ego. This is why we have higher teachers of God who are here to share their higher views with us. Their purpose is to help us to see beyond the misunderstanding.

I've come to realize that the nature of peace - like the existence of God - is a matter of faith. In others words, from a purely physical level, the possibility of world peace simply can't be proven. And this is relevant to our discussion, of course, because, for those who are seeking proof, there is no proof to be found.

At one point, I was researching the term "pipe dream" because I wanted to confirm the origin of the term as referring to the unrealistic ideas or fantasies that individuals would have after smoking opium. And this origin was confirmed. An opium smoker might say "I'm going to get rich and buy an island in the Bahamas where all my friends and family members can live!" And this sort of fantastic wishful thinking then became known as a 'pipe dream'.

Ironically, the first recorded use of the term "pipe dream" in print occurred in 1890 in the Chicago Daily Tribune where it said "[Aerial navigation] has been regarded as a pipe-dream for a good many years." In other words, in 1890, the general attitude towards "aerial navigation" (flying through the air in a flying machine) was labeled as a "pipe dream" according to all the "reasonable people" of the day. What did the Wright Brother's think of this? Well, they were in their 20s and, at that point, wouldn't manage to pull off their first successful flight for another 13 years. In terms of "flying machines", however, they were apparently not limited by what all the "reasonable people of the day" apparently thought was true.

The only way that we'll ever "prove" that peace is possible is once it has truly occurred. And, until that time, there will most likely be doubters.

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Being transformational means thinking
beyond the past. This means letting go of
history. You can't BE HERE NOW if you are
reacting to the present as if were the yesterday or tomorrow.
This doesn't mean that the past can't be something
that you own. The question is, are you holding the
past, or is the past holding you?
You cannot be transformational if you're stuck
in a time that's gone or has not yet arrived.
Be here now.
There's no way to be prepared for the future
except to be here in the present.
Where else can true effectiveness occur?
Be here now.

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