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World peace will not come before inner peace.
But inner peace will not last until
it has been shared around the world.

"Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called the Children of God."

          ~ Matthew 5:9

Hi. My name is Jeff Coe.

And I'm currently the holder of the WorldPeaceSociety.Org domain. And my World Peace Society vision is rooted in the idea that inner peace and peace in the world cannot be sought in isolation. No one can have inner peace if peace is not their purpose. And that really puts us all on an essentially equal footing. You can't have peace of mind unless the World Peace Society Project is what your life is centered on. The World Peace Society Project, therefore, is the project that aims to bring everyone into clarity on this matter.

If anyone thinks that they can find peace while being devoted to conflict, they are sorely mistaken. The mind that isn't devoted to peace is devoted to war and is conflicted in nature.

I have been a student of A Course In Miracles since 1986. And, in my view, this book is a manifestation of a being that is beyond the confusions of our world. And our world needs a miracle to save it from the fate that seems to await it.

To contact me, please send an email to wps-contact@gc345.33mail.com. Thank You!

We're all equal manifestations of the One Eternal Nature.

World Peace Society Volunteers in New York City
(Note: this picture has been photoshopped
and is for illustration purposes only.)

I am currently traveling out west in my bus.
Some would say "Humanity is doomed."
A Course In Miracles would say:
"Nothing really dies."

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