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Saturday 23 July 2005
Page Index is more about my life and personal identity than about my site.
Page Mop is about me as site creator and the life of the site.

Cuiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back, says Iggy Pop ('Curiosity').
I chose Mop & Glow on the spur of the moment as a link slot place holder, using my home page url. When Faye looked at my page, she said this was bad form, so I quickly made up blank pages thinking I'd soon give them identities. After I got off the phone, Saturday 23 July 2005, I looked at the blank pages, wondering what they would become.

Mop & Glow is from a television commercial for a floor cleaner, suggesting that using their product will result in a glowing floor, and much glowing with happiness.

I thought of the effort I put into daily living, and how good I feel when I produce concrete results. Satisfaction may be fleeting but remains a good habit. Floors never stay cleaned, but it's worth the continued effort to maintain a standard of cleanliness. I feel better when I clean my home evironment. Mostly after, but some during.

This page is about the purpose of this site, what I hope to accomplish, and what I've done so far. Mop equals work in progress, Glow is the tangible result.

My web page building experience began with a burst of enthusiasm, leaving a trail of needful cleanup and polish to be done in my wake. I've enjoyed the process and am grateful to Angelfire for providing such a user friendly environment in which to learn. I would recommend Angelfire to anyone ineterested in learning html and how to build a page, especially a beginner wanting to learn while doing.

This page documents the history of this site and hopes to inform you of what you will find here as well as how it came to be. I come from all over the map, and may at times appear to be chaotic or non-linear. Not happy with the weather? Wait five minutes.

It is my devout intent to keep this site a vital learning process, to be religiously honed to a state practically adjacent to the region of perfection.

So much for my so-called mission statement. Call it good for now: the promise of more and better to come soon is at least implied, if not boldly declared.

We now pause for station identification. Actually, I have to shower, eat and do stuff before I continue with this. That's how it goes, in fits and starts, alive and kicking, fueled by creative energy. Random becomes uniform, more or less, bit by bit. I know something of what every shark knows: swim or die.


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