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Her Axe To Grind

I have been working on the railroad all the livelong day, but I'll be along to tidy up here (revise, amend, addend) when she comes around the mountain (she can't come near soon enough far as I can see).

Thursday 21 July 2005:
It would be fun to mix it all up but this is to focus on the female contribution without contrast by male if only as far as can be. I know it's been done but not by me, at least not in public.

I sorted my vinyl years ago (2000) partly just so I could see how many female artists my collection contained. Sifting and sorting you see how she is.

I believe I see some gender bias, as well as the usual obstinate pig-headed blindness to genius, in the lack of recognition given to too many female artists.
First and last, listen to the music, go by what you hear. Women can do it all, I assert. And I am unanimous in that!

Johnette Napolitano (born September 22, 1957, Los Angeles, California) is the lead singer and songwriter of Concrete Blonde.

In future I plan to use this page to link to various pages where I will explore in greater detail the various streets and avenues explored. Initial listing only tip of the ice berg. Done in haste. mea culpa

+=+=+=+=+=+ More pages will come as I decide how to arrange them. If Time will let me.

One point is music in my collection, such as Patsy Cline: I have the box and several cds so it would make sense to register this fact.
I have most of Lucinda Williams and Suzanne Vega, and I left them off this links list as well.
I have very little JoAnn Kelly but she's worth mentioning, and there's Grace Slick and Heart and Aretha Franklin and Enya and The DiVinyls and the Slits and X Ray Spex and Avengers and The Nunns.

My purpose in listing links was to share what I can learn from them, having been away from this for so long. After first writing this page my stupid hard drive up and died, and since getting back on line in the house I have yet to come back to this. Where does the time go? I think I know, but it does not show.

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