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Is This Any Way To Run A Guest Buk?

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The most difficult aspect of guestbook installation was naming it. Took me forever and a day to decide on a name. I wanted it to be brief, mellifluous & unique. Though given that the end could come at any time, what's the point in pondering? While you're mulling that over, imagine a world without hypothetical situations. Pardon me while I contemplate the inevitable. Here comes tickle-me Elmo, time to pay my dues.

ADDITIONAL: (12.21 PDT Monday 2005)
When I downloaded this guest book and set it up, I had no idea it wasn't going to be all visible to the visitor on first glance. It seems you have to log on to their site before you can look? What? We'll see about that. Bear with me please while I learn everything a lot like the little red hen did. To those who help, much grass. Here comes tickle-me-till-I-pee-Elmo, time to prove I'm not yellow.

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