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Lindsay is Currently Reading (last I knew)

Page Mounted: 23 July 2005
Current Revision: 24 August 2007 02:51
Next Previous Revision: 20 August 2007
work done: 29 May 2006

NOTE: This page is due for a serious face lift, pending some serious face lifting time in my schedule. I spent several hours on it then wasn't able to get back to it and forgot all the corrections I want to make. I will get this work done not all at once but as I can.
In the meantime, I will add books read as I'm able. Thanks for bearing with me.

Additional: Transformers are not, repeat, NOT, light.

~list of last X number of books read~ where~ X = as many as I can find time to list~
NOTE: have much fun deciphering my codes!
NOTE: I would be utterly shocked to learn that anyone had actually visited my site and was curious. Nevertheless....


Jane Juska:
A Round-Heeled Woman
My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance
[2003 Villard 1-4000-6011-7 272p tp-8
j/d Misa Erder b/d Cassandra J. Pappas
HQ30.J87 2003 305.26'092--dc21 [B] 2002033155
2003+ Villard/QPBC #78709 5th 1-4000-6011-7 272p tp-8

Robinson, Kim Stanley:
Sixty Days and Counting
[2007.02 Bantam 1st 0-553-80313-1 $25.00 416p
j/art Dominic Harman j/d Jamie S. Warren Youll
CIP PS3568.O2893S59 2007 813'.54--dc22 2006029903
2007.08.23 Springfield Library c/o 50733-40072702-5

Monday, 20 August 2007:
15:55: I have grabbed some recent SF read this year but not all and not any of the non-sf except the last two mystery novels from the library. Phooey!

Brunner, John: "The Science Fiction Novel"
"It is as true of writing as of anything else that freedom consists in doing first what must be done and afterwards doing what you want to do."
Brilliant essay by Brunner from:

The Craft of Science Fiction
A Symposium on Writing SF & S Fantasy by 15 writers
edited by Reginald Bretnor
[1976 H&R 0-06-010461-9 321p
1977 Barnes & Noble 0-06-463457-4 3.95 321p tp-8x5.25
cover design by Fred Charles b/des Gloria Adelson
>2007.08.17 0.99 green gsen:G, small indent top fc to page 19

I begin reading these Rucker stories 27 July 2007, as of 20 August I have read all but the last 3.

r}2007.07.27 - 2007.08.2?
Rucker, Rudy: (Rudy von Bitter), 1946-
Gnarl! ... Stories by Rudy Rucker {c36
[2000.04 Four Walls Eight Windows 1-56858-159-9 35.00 566p j/d Julie Metz
PS3568.U298 G59 1999 813'.54--dc21 99-086601 CIP
author's note plus notes on the stories
2000.04 Four Walls Eight Windows 1-56858-158-0 tp-
typeset by Pecision Typograpgers Inc printed in Canada
FWEW dist to the trade by Publisher's Group West

I downloaded Bruce Gillespie's Steam Engine Time No. 6, August 2007, following a link Bruce posted on the Timebinders mailing list

Bruce Gillespie and Jan Stinson send the 44-page August 2007 issue of Steam Engine Time, now available at SET06 First edition is in .PDF file format.

I read EDITORIAL 1: Farewell to Syd – and changes here at SET by Bruce Gillespie.
He writes movingly about Sydney J. Bounds, deceased Saturday 24 November 2006, at age 86.
Bruce says he printed his fanzines for people who were not able to access them online, and since Bounds passing is less motivated to print rather than post. The PDF file is fabulous. Highly reccomended.

r}2007.08.11 @12.55 slibc/o
Westlake, Donald E.: series: Dortmunder
What's So Funny? s}D13
[2007.04 WB 0-446-58240-9 24.95 359p loc 2006933789
j/d Don Puckey/Tony Greco j/ph Tony Greco a/ph Abby Adams

r}2007.08.08 late @sl 2006/11 50733-4007-1341-3
Gores, Joe:
Glass Tiger
[2006.10 Harcourt/Otto Penzler 0-15-101121-4 24.00 304p+ii
PS3557.O75G63 2006 813'.54--dc22 2006013950 text Van Dijck MT b/d April Ward
j/d Vaugh Andrews jacket photos figure David De Lossy/Getty Images; white house Joseph Sohm/Visions of America/Corbis a/ph Dori Gores

r}2007.08.08 @04:10 slibc/o 2007.08.06
Bear, Greg:
[2005.12.27 Vanguard Press 1-59315-445-3 24.95 326p hc-9
j/d Leigh Taylor j/pht collage: lightning over small town by Charles Doswell III/Getty Images; seal of FBI-Image by Richard T. Nowitz/CORBIS A/P (c)1999 Marci Malinowycz

r}2007.07.26 @17.00 slc/o 7.07.24 #50733-40062032-9 /sf
Morgan, Richard K.: s}Takashi Kovacs
Woken Furies s}TK3
[2005.03 Orion / Gollancz hc
2005.09.27 BDR 0-345-47971-8 24.95 464p hc-9.5x6.1 sw-1.7lbs
book/des Susan Turner j/d David Stevenson j/i Christian McGrath
2007.05.29 BDR 0-345-49977-8 480p tp-9 x 6.1 x 1.1
2008.09.30 BDR 0-345-49835-6 mm
>wae 15 used & new available from $6.68

r}2007.07.24 @12.40 slc/o 7.07.23 slib #50733-40071842-0 @sl/07/11/SF
Rucker, Rudy:
Mathematicians In Love
[2006.12 Tor 0-765-31584-X 24.95 364p hc-8 acid-free-paper
j/des Jamie Stafford-Hill j/phot J.P. Fruchett/Getty Images
PS3568.U298M38 2006 813'.54--dc22 2006005725
Distributed in Canada by H. B. Fenn $33.95

r}2007.07.21 @09.45
Rucker, Rudy:
Frek and the Elixir
[2004.04 Tor 0-765-31058-9 27.95 560p ($38.95 Canada)
cover art & design Shelley Eshkar book des Milenda Nan Ok Lee edited by DGH
PS3568.U298F74 2004 813'54--dc22 2003020868
2005.02 Tor 0-765-31059-7 14.95 476p tp-8.25x5.5
>2006.11.07 7.50 sfb13:G, seen_2006-10-04

r}2007.03.22 @22.42
Harness, Charles L.:
Lunar Justice
[1991.08 Avon 380-76010-X 3.95 180p Glen Orbik
>1996.07.07 2.00 edge wec49:G

r}2007.03.16 @23.09 531-15087-9 @sl,sf,89.05
Harness, Charles L.:
[1988 Watts 531-15087-9 16.95 202p
1989.11 Avon 380-70701-2 3.50 216p
>1990.11.21 1.75 ambc:G,

r}2007.03.21 @02.15
Harness, Charles L.:
[1986.04 Daw #670 0-8867-125-0 2.95 229p
>1986.? 2.95p popu,

r}2007.04.11/da - 2007.04.10 slc/o 50733-40057186-0
Moore, Christopher:
The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror
[2004.12 Morrow 0-06-059025-4 14.95 275p + authors note half page

r}2007.02.17? slc/o 2007.02.14 50733-40036169-2 due 3/7/07
Moore, Christopher:
Fluke: Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings
[2003.06.03 Morrow 0-380-97841-5 336p
2004.06 HP 0-06-056668-X tp
2007.09 Orbit 1-84149-617-0 £ ukpaper

r}2007.02.15 (guess)
Moore, Christopher:
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
2002.03 Morrow 0-380-97840-7
2003.03 HP 1st 0-380-81381-5
2004 HP 14th 0-380-81381-5 13.95 444p tp cover ill/typ Ruth Marten des/by Shubhani Sarkar
inside fc a/pho Charlee Rodgers bck cvr a/photo c/o CM (same as hc)
>2006.08.21 0.99 stvoly:F top corner front cover and some pages creased but spine is good and no foxing or other wear
2007.08 Orbit 1-84149-452-6 £ ukpaper

r}2007.02.06 @23.00
Moore, Christopher:
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
1999.04 Avon 1st 0-380-97506-8 23.00 304p 8" Michael McGurl j/d March Tenth Inc
813'.54--dc21 PS3563.0594L87 1999 98-46850 CIP int des Kellen Peck
>2006.09.09 1.99 stvsen:Gi
2000.08 1st Avon Trade Paperback 0-380-79274-5 13.00 308p 8"
a/photo (c)1994 Darren Westlund, int/des Kellen Peck Avon 2nd printing
>2006.11.01 1.00 stvsen:G, only slight wear
2002 HP 1st 0-06-073545-7 308p
2004 HPerennial 3rd 0-06-059027-0 9.95 308p cover ill/typ Ruth Marten des/by Kellan Peck
inside fc a/pho Charlee Rodgers bck cvr a/photo c/o CM (same as hc)
>2007.07.07 1.00 stvwb:G

r}2007.02.03 @04.10
Moore, Christopher:
Island of the Sequined Love Nun
1997.08 Avon 0-380- ushc
1998.05 Bard 0-380-79273-7 6.99 407p
>2006.09.08 0.99 stvdiv:G best
>2006.01.12 0.99 grr:G, sr slight fox /rc
>2006.01.13 0.49 gcr:G, /rc
2002 HP 0-06-073544-9 325p

r}2007.01.24 @19.20
Moore, Christopher:
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
1995.09.19 Simon & Schuster 0-684-81097-2 304 pp
1996.10 Avon TP 0-380-72813-3 12.00 300p tp-8 Michael McGurl
a/photo (c)1994 Darren Westlund/Studio 3, Seattle sculpture by Sherry Schuyler
>2006.12.26 0.99 stvos:F,sr,creased,foxed
1999.04 Avon Spike 4th 0-380-72813-3 12.50 300p tp-8 Michael McGurl
>2006.12.26 0.99 gdoe:F,sr,pages 61-66 torn
2002 HP 0-06-073541-4

This note written 5/29/06:
I'm away from my desk so I don't have exact dates to hand but these are the most recent books read, and I'll be reading the last 2 as soon as I've cleared away a few impending disasters.

r}2006.06.12 Mostly Harmless (1992)
r}2006.06.11 So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (1984)
r}2006.05.26? Life, The Universe and Everything (1982)
r}2006.05.24 The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (1980)
r}2005.07.28 The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (1979 UK)
Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide series.
This is the official site, but there's no bibliography, as in, a list of publishing details. If I don't find what I'm looking for I'll do it myself. I've been collecting the books in UK and US paperback and hardcover edtions pretty much since the beginning. And now at last I'm reading them. Fun? More than you can imagine. I knew a girl 21 years ago, who very much adored the series. She would say Hockapucky when she became irked, and even sometimes Belg**m, when she was really miffed. So I recall PLC with TLC.

just finished reading about the Making of the film The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The 2005 movie tie-in paperback edition features a 92 page section appended to the text, which I read last evening. Once begun I couldn't put it down. Well, I was compelled to put it down several times to get more juice and so on, but then I'd pick it up again, until I was done. I was enthralled and excited by what I read. I read the Hitchhiker's Guide novel last summer, after seeing the film, but didn't manage to get to the next book. I expect I'll be reading them real soon now. I'm in the mood.

nothing yet. maybe if I don't find anything else and I want something to read on the bus: Peter Dickinson: Eva though I'd like to read his books in publishing order, rather than go back and forth.

I enjoyed his first novel, The Glass-Sided Ants’ Nest (First published in UK as Skin Deep, 1968) and its sequels in my earliest days of reading mysteries. The first of six novels with James Pibble as detective, set in Notting Dale, West London. I might even like them better now. I've read at least 4 other novels by Dickinson (between 1976/1988) and imagine I'll read them all before too long.

I've been looking for the Changes Trilogy for some time, and a few days after finding a copy at the St. Vincent Broadway store, I read it. Of the few writers I've read from England and the U.K., Dickinson is among the best. Other favorites include Elleston Trevor (aka Adam Hall), Len Deighton, Eric Ambler and Geoffrey Household.

Kim Stanley Robinson: The Memory of Whiteness (1985)


Greg Bear:
r}06. The Forge of God (1987 Tor)
Anvil of Stars (1992 Warner Books)
r}05.01.28 fri
Legacy (eon prequel)
[95.06 Tor 0-312- 96.06 0-812- mm 471p

r}05.01.31 mon slco
Dead Lines (a novel of life after death)
[2004.06 Del Rey
Vitals (2002 Del Rey)

Peter Dickinson: see Dickinson's fiction for young readers at his extensive home page.
Emma Tupper's Diary (1970)
The Changes Trilogy:
The Devil's Children (1970)
Heartsease (1969)
The Weathermonger (1969)
(titles written in reverse of story order...



Loren D. Estleman:
The Amos Walker series:
Began reading back in 1988? 1 Motor City Blue (Houghton Mifflin 1980)
10 Sweet Women Lie (Houghton Mifflin 1990)
11 Never Street (Mysterious Press 1997)
12 The Witchfinder (MP 1998)
13 The Hours of the Virgin (MP 1999)
14 A Smile on the Face of the Tiger (MP 2000)
15 Sinister Heights (MP 2002)
16 Poison Blonde (Forge 2003)
17 Retro (Forge 2004)
18 Nicotine Kiss (Forge 2006.04

Peter Macklin series:
1 Kill Zone (MP 1984)
2 Roses Are Dead (MP 1985)
3 Any Man's Death (MP 1986)
4 Something Borrowed, Something Black (Forge 2002.04)
5 Little Black Dress (Forge 2005.05)

Diana Wynne Jones: (a good fansite)
Howl's Moving Castle ('86 Methuen)
I loved the film by Hayao Miyazaki, who also gave us Spirited Away (which I enjoyed immensely). Having seen the film first, the differences made it suspenseful while the similar made it familiar. I enjoyed both.
"The Oscar-nominated Howl's Moving Castle set a Japanese box office record and went straight to the top of the Japanese film charts upon its release on 20th November 2004. The film has won an award (for Technical Achievement at the 2004 Venice Film Festival)."
Her publisher's site is very nice.


Elmore Leonard
Mr Paradise
Tishomingo Blues
2002.02 William Morrow

Richard K. Morgan:

r}2006.02.02? 2006.01.30 slc/o @sl,fi 11/2005
Market Forces
[2004 Orion (c)2005 uk 1st?
2005.03 BDR 1st 0-345-45774-9 464p tp-6.1 x 9.3

series} Takashi Kovacs
r}2005.02.22 @sl
Altered Carbon s}TK1
[2002 Orion/ Gollancz
2003.03 Del Rey 0-345-45768-4 13.95 375p tp

r}2005.03.03 ? close enough @slco 2005.02.25 fri
Broken Angels s}TK2
[2004 Orion/ Gollancz 2004.03 BDR 0-345-45771-4 14.95 366p tp

r}2007.07.26 @17.00 slc/o 7.07.24
Woken Furies s}TK3
[2005.03 Orion / Gollancz ukhc
2005.09.27 BDR 0-345-47971-8 24.95 464p hc-9.5x6.1


Kim Stanley Robsinson: The Wikipedia entry is fairly extensive.
I began collecting Robinson as soon as as he began publishing, as best I could within my modest means. I knew I'd want to read him eventually, but it was with the Mars trilogy which I began. I finished it just as we moved from the duplex (4056 Southway Loop) to Space 94 (5335 Daisy), December 1996.
Red Mars (1992), Green Mars (1993), Blue Mars (1996)
Sometime in 2004, spring perhaps, I read the earliest two stories in his first collection, then put it down and much later remembered I'd not finished it, so I did.
The Planet on the Table (1986)
After finding a copy at long last, I read and enjoyed the Katmandu stories (really an episodic novel).
Escape from Kathmandu (1989)
When I saw Forty Signs at the library I snapped it up and read it not knowing it was the beginning of what is known as the Science in the Capital series.
Forty Signs of Rain (2004)
Waiting for Fifty to hit the shelves at the library, I figured now was the time to read these. I deeply enjoyed Antarctica, very much liked Years.
Antarctica (1997)
The Years of Rice and Salt (2002)
Excited by Fifty Degrees, I yearned to read Sixty Days as soon as it was published the following spring.
Fifty Degrees Below (2005)
So of course I went back to the beginning and finally read the Orange County trilogy:
The Wild Shore (1984), The Gold Coast (1988) and Pacific Edge (1990)
Then I finished the stories in Planet, and read the early novels:
Icehenge (1984)
The Memory of Whiteness (1985)
I had not read these because I wasn't sure what they would be like, but once into Robinson they go down easy. Whatever his flaws, Robinson has more to offer than most, and his unique quality is worth savoring. Eventually I will read A Short, Sharp Shock (1990) and The Martians (1999), but I want to get the collections Remaking History (1991) and Vinland the Dream and Other Stories (2002) and be in a position to gather magazines and anthologies so as to visit original sources. "Won't that be nice."

Robinson, Kim Stanley:

r}2006.03.08 @17.48
The Wild Shore
[1984.03 Ace SFS3#1 1st 0-441-88870-4 2.95 371p Andrea Baruffi

r}2006.04.26 @14.21
[1984.10 Ace 0-441-35854-3 2.95 262p Mark Weber

r}2006.05.04 begin 04/26
The Memory of Whiteness
[1985.09 Tor 0-312-93467-X 15.95 351p Joe Bergeron
_1986.07 Tor 0-812-55235-9 4.50 351p

r}2004.04.0? earliest 2. finished r}2005.12.05
The Planet on the Table {c8
[1986.07 Tor 0-312-93595-1 $14.95 xiv+241p
1987.07 Tor 0-812-55237-7 3.50 241p ncc

r}2006.03.11 23.07
The Gold Coast
[1988.02 Tor 0-312-93050-X 18.95 389p Bruce Jensen

r}2004.04.0? was @sl,f
Escape from Kathmandu (fixup from IASFM)
[1989.11 Tor 0-312-93196-4 17.95 314p Wayne D. Barlowe
_1990.06 Tor 0-812-90059-8 4.95 314p

r}2006.03.23 @09.45
Pacific Edge
[1990.11 Tor 0-312-85097-2 18.95 326p uncredited
PS3568.02893P3 1990 813'.54--dc20 90-38894

r}1993.08.20 @sl,sf
Red Mars
[1993.02 Bantam 0-553-09204-9 22.95 519p
b/d Maria Carella
PS3568.02893R44 1993 813'.54--dc20 1993 92-21607 CIP

r}1994.06.12 10p @sl,sf
Green Mars
[1994.04 Bantam 0-553-09640-0 22.95 536p hc-9
b/d Maria Carella PS3568.02893G7 1993 813'.54--dc20 1993 92-21607 CIP

r}1996.12.19? @slc/o 1996.11.30 due 12/20
Blue Mars
[1996.07 Bantam 0-553-10144-7 22.95 609p

r}2005.11.23 @slsf
[1998.07 Bantam 0-553-10063-7 24.95 511p hc-9
P.A. Nisbet j/d Jamie S. Warren Youll

r}2005.11.26 @slsf
The Years of Rice and Salt
[2002.03 Bantam 0-553-10920-0 25.95 658p

r}2005.02.05 @slsf
Forty Signs of Rain
[2004.06 Bantam 0-553-80311-5 25.00 358p
2005.08 Bantam 1st 0-553-58580-0 7.99 395p
>2006.01.26 0.99 gcr:G

r}2006.01.25 @01.47 @slc/o 2006.01.10 @ 2006.01.20 page 255
Fifty Degrees Below
[2005.11 Bantam 0-553-80312-3 25.00 405p
>2006.01.20 12.50 sfb13:G

springfield library c/o: 2007.08.23 50733-40072702-5
Sixty Days and Counting
[2007.02 Bantam 1st 0-553-80313-1 $25.00 416p
j/art Dominic Harman j/d Jamie S. Warren Youll
CIP PS3568.O2893S59 2007 813'.54--dc22 2006029903



Donald E. Westlake: a very favorite writer of mine
Watch Your Back (2005)
The Road to Ruin (2004)
Nobody Runs Forever (2004) Parker 21, by Richard Stark
Thieves' Dozen (2004, collection of Dortmunder short stories)


Safe Harbor (a novel)
Eugene Izzi
1995 original publisher unknown
1999.08 Avon 0-380-97343-X 24.00 342p
began 05.09.09

Tishomingo Blues
Elmore Leonard
2002.02 William Morrow
2003.01 HarperTorch 0-06-008394-8 7.99 387pp
finished 05.09.07 (began reading 05.09.03)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams
'About the end of the world and the happy days that follow.'
Douglas Adams science fiction
1979 Crown (US; orginally published in England
1981/10 Pocket 0-671-66496-4 4.50 215pp (27th 1985)
finished 05.07.28 (began reading 05.07.25)

Lee Correy (pseud. of G. Harry Stine)
blurb: Oribital shutdown in the 21st Century
cat: science fiction
1984/01 DAW 0-87997-896-1 2.95 239pp
bought: 05.04.17 ELBS 1.00:upb
read: 05.07.17 - 05.07.23 (page 122)
finished 05.07.24
note: serialized in Analog (1983), sequel is A Matter of Meta Law (Daw 1986)

The Forgotten Man
Robert Crais
mystery featuring Pope Elvis Cole X
2005/03 Doubleday 0-385-50428-4 24.95 342p
comment: best currently active private eye series
finished 05.07.01

And A Voice To Sing With (A Memoir)
Joan Baez
1987 Summit (S&S) 0-671-40062-2 19.95 380p
comment: I was charmed, touched, moved, inspired.
finished 05.06.12

A Desperate Passion (autobiograpgy)
Helen Caldicott
1996.09 Norton 0-393-03947-1 27.50 366 pages w/ index
2005.05 read Springfield Library copy (wish I'd noted dates)
2005.08.17 bought signed copy at Tsunami, Eugene, for 8.50. Thanks guys, great store.
comment: what the world needs now, and how.

Going the other way: From the beginning of 2005 to the most recent... (up to May for the moment)

2005.01 JANUARY

r}05.01.28 fri
Greg Bear:
Legacy (eon prequel)
[95.06 Tor 0-312- 96.06 0-812- mm 471p

r}05.01.31 mon slco
Greg Bear:
Dead Lines (a novel of life after death)
[2004.06 Del Rey 0-345-44837-5 24.95 246p

2005.02 FEBRUARY

05.02.02 wed slco
Joe Haldeman:
[2004.08 Ace 0-441-01161-6 23.95 296p

05.02.05 sat slco
Kim Stanley Robinson:
Forty Signs of Rain
[2004.06 Bantam 0-553-80311-5 25.00 358p

2005.02.09 wed slco
Pat Ross:
The Circle of Enduring Love
[98 McMeel 0-83625-6965-9 14.95
128p hardbound small square 8x8?

2005.02.22 tue slco
Richard K. Morgan
Altered Carbon
[2002 Gollancz
2003.03 Del Rey trade 0-345-45768-4 13.95 375p

2005.02.25 fri slco 791-43'0973
Michael Allen, 1957-
Contemporary US Cinema (inside film series)
Longman (Pearson Education Limited, Edinburgh Gate, Harlow, Essex CM20 2JE) 2003 0582-43776-8
read up to p105 before return to library

2005.03 MARCH
05.03.03 ? not noted but this is close. 05.02.25 fri slco

Richard K. Morgan
Broken Angels
[2003 Gollancz

2005.04 APRIL
2005.05 MAY

2005.05.26? slco 05.05?
Helen Caldicott
A Desperate Passion (autobiograpgy)
1996.09 Norton 0-393-03947-1 27.50 366 pages w/ index
2005.05 read Springfield Library copy (wish I'd noted dates)
2005.08.17 bought signed copy at Tsunami, Eugene, for 8.50. Thanks guys, great store.
comment: what the world needs now, and how.

2005.06 JUNE

Joan Baez:
And A Voice To Sing With
[87 Summit S&S 0-671-40062-2 19.95 380p
>05.06.04 1.99 stvhte:uhc

Charles Platt:
[1996.02 Avon 0-380-78431-9 5.99 294p Tom Canty
>05.04.02 2.00 stvsen:G

BOOKS READ: (B) Non-Fiction:
(alpha by author for the time being)








Gaylin, Willard, M.D.:
Feelings / Our Vital Signs (c)1979 Harper & Row 1980.06 Ballantine 0-345-28543-3 2.50 241p with index I began reading this a week before leaving for the Labor Day campout at Camp Cleawox, just south of Florence on the Oregon coast. I finished the last few pages there. I was very interested in how the author illustrated the emotional process. It seemed to make sense of a great deal of I'd read before. I hope to refer to it again when I'm ready, see what I think of it now. I've not seen anything else to compare, as far as being a virtual handbook of emotions.




















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