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My page for utility links, such as free email, web pages, system software, browsers, and other net stuff.
The Surfer's Pro Shop (tm)

I am only beginning to learn html and page design, so (please) adjust critisism accordingly. NOTE: it's going to take time to figure out what should go here but I am making progress and will clean this up as soon as I learn how. A little red hen can only do so much, only so quick.

LGC 03.41 Fri 22 Jul 2005

These links are far from sorted. Before I can sort I have learn the catagories. First idea I had was web related sites. That could be email, web hosts, assorted web ware, whatever. These days Listserves have been supplanted by blogs. There are search engines other than Google but I know no reason to investigat at this time.

Next is software system support. Operating system and applications, drivers, virus protection, failure recovery tools.

And last but not least, hardware. The first page branching off this one is for My Hardware. Too many hard drives down and I can't afford ignorance.

In order to maintain a presence I must learn to maintain my system in all areas of vulnerability. Until I can find something better, I'm using Windows, and it feels like a race against time to learn how not to burn. One critical Windows error can ruin your whole day. So it's Win98SE for the time bean.

revision: 12:31 PDT Sun 24 July 2005
slight ammend: 01:44 Mon 23 August 2005

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My Zoom Page
Western Digital index
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Just Plain Google

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