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Spare Parts & Broken Hearts: What Films, Cinema, Movies & Motion Pictures have in common.

Here we have yet another massive list, my cinematic history. I've been unable to log much of late but the stubs are here somewhere and I can remember the titles, though it takes time. What I have in word perfect 5.1 needs to be rendered into html. We're working on it.


I've see some films. Most recently:

2006.05.24 Wed: The Pink Panther (2006) 93min (Cinemark 12)
2006.05.23: Transamerica (2005) 103 min
2006.05.17 Wed: American Dreamz (2006) 107 min (Cinemark 12)
2006.05.16: Winter Passing (2005) 98 min
2006.05.16: Duma (2005) 100 min
Duma or How it was with Dooms

2006.05.09: The New World (2005) 135 min
2006.05.02: The Family Stone (2005) 102 min

this is the beginning I made way back when:

2005.08.24 wed: Star Wars Episode 3 (Cinemark 12)
2005.08 Sahara (Cinemark 12)
2005. Millions (Bijou)
2005.04 Downfall (Bijou)
I Heart Huckabeys (Bijou)
What the Bleep Do We Know (Bijou)

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