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The following pictures go along with the story, “Grasping Glimpses”.

Picture Gallery for G

The following pictures go along with the stories, “Gravitation’s Goad”.

“Get Well Cranes” were mentioned in ch. 1. Bundles of these are often gifted to the ill because of a legend which says that if you fold 1, 000 origami cranes; you will live a long and healthy life.

In ch. 2, the characters visited a park and Matsuo sketched a particular type of flower: Sansyuu.

In ch. 8 of Grasping Glimpses, Tohma and Mika visited his apartment.

Also in chapter 9,

The characters visited Fujimama’s Restaurant.


In chapter 11,

The characters visited The Lion’s Beer Hall izakaya.


In chapter 12 of Grasping Glimpses, Tatsuha and Ryuichi Visited Lake Biwa or Biwako.

In chapter 15, the Hanami weather report is mentioned.

Below is a 2005 map of peak times for Hanami from Mainichi News.

From chapter 13, my very own sketch of Yuji’s girlfriend,

Saji Tai-san.

In chapter 20, Hiro and Matsuo visit Matsuo’s father’s grave for

Shunbun no Hi (Spring Equinox).

Here is what the gravestones and the cemetery look like.

In ch. 24, Matsuo, his sister Shiori, and her fiancé Mihashi visited

The Mango Tree restaurant.

In Chapter 9

Hina Matsuri aka "Girls’ Day"
literally: Doll Festival

White Day

Shinjuku Gyoen

Hiro’s guitar below ...except the site didn’t have a picture of this one in ‘candy apple’ finish