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These pictures go along with the story, “Commitment.”

In chapter 3, Eiri and Shuichi visit Odaiba. Note “Decks Tokyo Beach” and  Funenokagakukan— the naval museum that looks like a ship.

Picture Gallery for C

In chapter 7, Eiri and Shuichi hold their Yui-No at a restaurant called “Ristorante Luxor.” This is a real place. You can visit the website here: and below is a picture from the website of the room the characters had dined in.

In chapter 8, Eiri and Shuichi stay at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. This is a real place and the picture is from their website. You can visit the website here: and take a photo tour of the hotel. 

In chapter 10, Eiri and Shuichi go to San Francisco’s City Hall.

The picture is from

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