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These pictures go along with the story, “Episodes of Emotional Escapades”.

Picture Gallery for E

In chapters 9 and 11, characters visit Club Womb in Tokyo.

More about Tokyo’s club scene HERE.

You can see pictures of Club Womb, too!

My very own sketch of Matsuo.

The Ginza Art Gallery is described in chapter 15. Now see it for yourself!

In chapter 20, Hiro presented K with his birthday present— a motorcycle!

This photo comes directly from Yamaha’s website. Click to find out more.

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Some people have asked about Matsuo’s artistic influences.

Here are a few examples...

Salvador Dali’s “Swans Reflecting Elephants”

M.C. Escher’s

“Balcony” and “Still Life and Street”

In chapters 9 and 11, Suguru and Hiro visit  Club Womb in Tokyo.

Also mentioned, is Club Yellow.


In chapter 35 of “Fast Forward” the painting of a garden was mentioned.

Singapore Garden photo courtesy of Philip Greenspun