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These pictures and links go along with the story,                 “Fast Forward” from chapters 1 through 27.

(1st) Picture Gallery for F

Several concert venues are mentioned throughout this story.

· The Palace at Auburn Hills, Detroit Michigan

· Orange Bowl Stadium, Miami Florida

· The Savvis Center, St. Louis Missouri

· The Warfield, San Francisco California

In chapters 5-7, Bad Luck was in Detroit Michigan. While there, Matsuo visited Detroit’s Institute of Arts to see a mural by Diego Rivera. He also visited “The Spirit of Detroit” statue, seen below— without its celebratory hockey jersey.

In chapter 9, Bad Luck stayed at the Hyatt-Regency in St. Louis, Missouri and celebrated Thanksgiving dining stylishly.

Below is a picture of the St. Louis Union Station, which Matsuo is mentioned painting, later in chapter 21. (Photo taken by William McFadden)

In chapter 14, Eiri and Naora visit Kiddyland toy store.

Click if you’re curious about what Licca-chan dolls look like.

In chapter10, Eiri returns home and mentions the golden trees along Tokyo’s streets.

In chapter 15, Eiri and Naora attend a daruma fair and see various types of good luck charms.


Means frog and return.


Maneki neko are ‘lucky cats’

In chapter 21, Hiro moves into Matsuo’s apartment.

Inspired by chapter 23, comes this picture by Bakayaro_onna.

Chapter 24 takes place on the Emperor’s birthday.

Curious about the Imperial Family?

The Emperor

The Imperial Family

The Imperial Palace in Tokyo

The Imperial Household Agency

Chapters 26 and 27 take place on Christmas and gifts are exchanged. In case you didn’t know what a “Boss MT2 Metal Zone Distortion Pedal” was, now you can see it!

Bami ballen

Guitar pedal




Above: Japanese Christmas phone cards

To the right:

Japanese Christmas Cake

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