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Gravitation Fan fiction

DISCLAIMER: Each of these stories was written using Maki Murakami’s characters from her popular manga and anime series Gravitation. I am simply borrowing her characters for fun.  Writing is a hobby for me and these stories are not for profit.

Authors Have Parties, Too?

In the first installment of the ABC arc, Eiri gets roped into attending his publisher’s 25th Anniversary with Shuichi. Then, rumors of a Bad Luck biography send Eiri chasing down the facts.

Bad Luck for Bad Luck?

Shuichi’s sister, Maiko gives him a gift tarot reading. A forecast of bad luck haunts Shu. Eiri is convinced to revisit his religion. When bad luck falls, can Shu be blamed for it?


Eiri decides to make a permanent commitment to Shuichi.

C Between D Lines

A one-shot describing Eiri and Shuichi’s honeymoon in San Francisco.

Don’t Eat the Daisies

Home from the honeymoon, Eiri and Shuichi decide to adopt a child. Trouble occurs when a woman claims Eiri is the father of her baby and causes a media sensation. Hiro and K come to an understanding. (This is part 1 of 3 concerning the adoption).

Gravitation Fan fiction: The ABC arc

Episodes of Emotional Escapades

Uesugi komon



Track 54

Vol. 12


The “Peace Pagoda” in San Francisco

Eiri and Shuichi wrestle with issues of Naora’s education and emissaries from the Ward Office. Hiro meets someone new. (Part 2 of 3 concerning the adoption).

Fast Forward

Shuichi deals with absentee parenting issues. Eiri and Shuichi struggle to keep the Ward Office from denying Naora’s adoption. Hiro and Matsuo settle into a strong relationship. (Part 3 of 3 concerning the adoption).

Yellow Daisies

Gravitation Fanfiction: One-Shots

Stand-Alone Stories

Grinchy Valentine: Yuki x Shuichi Valentine fic.

Cheap Perfume: Shuichi comes home to Eiri, stinking of cheap perfume. How will Eiri react?

You’re Grounded! A humorous, smutty K and Judy story. Judy notices her husband’s inattention whenever Bad Luck’s guitarist is around and vows to do something about it.

This story could be read alone, or fitted in beside chapter 27 of “Fast Forward”.

From Maki Murakami’s

Gravitation vol. 8: Judy Winchester

“Emotional Form”

By Tobias Herhahn

Ikebana: A drabble (max. 500-word length story) written for a Gravi_Muse_Meet challenge.

Mika contemplates her life while arranging flowers.


Mika reflects upon her life and the art of flower-arranging.

Pointless Jealousy: Another drabble written for a Gravi_Muse_Meet challenge.

This one is a Valentine Day story. (Eiri x Shuichi)

Grasping Glimpses (aka G a)

Grasping Glimpses (aka G b)

Nittle Grasper has gone on ‘hold’ and Tohma has been working himself into exhaustion. In the meantime, Ryuichi tries to figure out how to move on with his life. (Nittle Grasper and Ryuichi x Tatsuha).

Hiro and Matsuo try to keep their relationship together in spite of family disapproval, job schedules, and Matsuo’s creepy ex-boyfriend. (Bad Luck and Hiro x Matsuo).



Maki Murakami artbook 2

Picture from Maki Murakami’s Remix 6

Pictures below will take you to galleries and links associated with the stories.

Confessions of a J-Pop Drama Queen: co-written with DarkChylde

Shuichi comes home to make up with Eiri after a fight. Then, the singer makes a little confession which turns things upside-down. Humorous.  (Eiri x Shuichi)

When I’m Sixty-Four950 words.

 Shuichi teases Eiri about losing his hair and teeth and generally growing old.

No Tears in the Summer Rain: 

Rain and tears without an angst-fest!  Shuichi ribs Eiri about clichés.

Wrapping ChristmasThis story won second-place in the humor category at The Vault’s 2006 Yaoiful Yuletide Fanfiction Contest.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to visit the mall, purchase a gift, and have it gift-wrapped… Neither Eiri nor Shuichi anticipated the troubles they would encounter accomplishing this seemingly simple task.

Secret Stash: written for the livejournal community 52weekspleasure. 1,483 words.

Shuichi discovers Eiri’s collection of adult videos.

The Conqueror: set pre-anime/manga. 1, 118 words.

Eiri contemplates his various conquests.

ABC Asides

A series of stand-alone chapters about Eiri, Shuichi, and Naora which take place within the ABC series.

Ch. 1— Hina Matsuri. Ch. 2— Sankanbi. Ch. 3— Anniversary.  (More later)