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A writing hobbyist’s homepage...

My name is Aja. I’m also known as imayb1. I have created this site in order to display my writing.


NOTE: Content here is for ADULTS. If you can’t get into a rated R movie on your own, please go somewhere else.

Similarly, if you have a problem with male/male relationships leave now.


My Gravitation fanfiction can be found by using the navigation bars on the left. Just click on “Gravitation Fan fiction”.

For each Gravitation story is a picture gallery which can be accessed by clicking on the picture left of the story summary. If you click on the “Picture Gallery” navigation bar, you will be taken directly to the first gallery. The pictures are all references of places and things of Japanese culture and correspond to events within each story. There are also links to sites that explain what may be unfamiliar cultural elements.

My livejournal” is the place where I tell about what stories I am working on, or what I’m doing in general.

There is also a section of “Writerly Advice” full of helpful links to help anyone write well.


Pretty easy, right? I am solely responsible for the opinions and contents herein.



To contact me:

My fan fiction is also archived in the following places:

The Vault