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~You’re Grounded!~

By Aja




Disclaimer: As you know, Gravitation and its characters are the property of Maki Murakami. Since I’m not her, I’m just going to keep borrowing. I don’t make a profit for fanfics because it’s illegal to do that. This is rated NC-17 and not meant for immature readers. Consider yourself warned.


Since not everything in Gravitation is all about the shonen-ai and the yaoi; this is a K x Judy fic.  For you, missdeep! ;D 




“Isn’t that right, darling?” Judy asked her husband. She trailed her manicured fingernails over one side of Claude’s clean-shaven cheek bringing his attention back to her. Her sharp eyes did not miss the way her beloved watched that red-haired guitarist. Claude always watched his surroundings, but Judy saw the difference in his gaze when he turned it toward Nakano Hiroshi. The boy was a cutie, but Judy had no intention of letting K look at anyone else that way when she was the one standing next to him. Her husband laughed heartily, as if agreeing with her comment; and Judy’s little coterie laughed with him. Claude knew how to entertain, too. She let his indiscretion go . . . for now. It wouldn’t do to cause a scene here and now.


Tohma knew just how to throw a lavish party. From the hotel’s beautifully decorated, posh, rented ballroom and banquet hall, to the presentation of the gigantic, layered, strawberry-laden Christmas cake—everything was done with panache. The entertainment was titillating, yet tasteful; the food and drink was excellent; and the gathering was superb.


Many famous people here for NG Productions’ annual Christmas party. You never knew when a connection could be useful, so Judy advertised herself, using beauty, charm, and wit to impress everyone with her presence and entertain them. Before the night was over, she would make sure they all remembered her. In an actress’ business, good roles were often tied to who you knew. Judy prided herself on her ability to make an impact on others.


She politely listened to Takahama-san discuss his latest music video accomplishment while she thought about her current movie shoot. The filming was about 75 percent complete, but the cast was on holiday break until January third. Naturally, Judy had flown to Japan so their young son, Michael, and she could spend time with Claude. Of course, back home in America, the big holiday was Christmas— today. Here, Christmas was festive but it was treated more like a precursor to the serious holiday partying of New Year’s. Michael wasn’t taking the change well, because he would miss most of the American celebration by being in Japan and the two of them would be flying back to the movie shooting location on the second day of Shogatsu— meaning the boy would miss much of the Japanese New Year celebrations, too. It couldn’t be helped.


Yamada-san made a lame joke and Judy laughed politely. Claude verbally stepped in to tell another joke. Judy hung on her husband’s arm, proudly. When he finished with the punch line, the group laughed merrily. Judy playfully scolded Claude because the joke had been heavily laced with male/male sexual innuendo. It had been an amusing joke, but it reminded Judy of the way Claude watched that guitarist. Something would have to be done, she decided.


Her husband was a big, healthy man. He was also attractive and unbelievably sexy, in her opinion. Judy understood his appetites and since the two of them were often apart, they had made a deal: each of them was allowed to take a lover. They had agreed to keep their affairs discreet, but Judy was beginning to think her darling husband was a little too distracted over his latest . . . playmate.


“Judy, I’m going to go get a drink at the bar. Would you like another?”


“Thank you darling, I would.” Judy turned more than necessary to hand him her empty glass. Sure enough, the long-haired guitarist was leaning against the bar. Claude gave her a happy smile, as if he was trotting off to do her bidding. In reality, he was serving himself. Judy started forming a plan. No boy-musician was going to come between her and her husband.


She smiled widely, as she made her resolution: by the time her plane left Japan in the New Year, Claude Winchester was going to remember exactly who he had married and just what she was capable of. There was a lull in the group conversation and Judy took advantage of it. With a flip of her hand brushing through her wavy hair and a flash of her eyes, she launched into an anecdote about herself, re-capturing her audience.



The evening went on and as the party drew to a close, Judy kept a possessive hold on her husband’s arm. She knew what he was like. Something would come up and he would claim he had ‘urgent business’ to take care of right away. Well, she wasn’t going to stand for it tonight. She had ‘urgent’ plans of her own.


It wasn’t much of a surprise when Shindou-san and his writer-boyfriend approached, looking intently at Claude. Privately, Judy thought Yuki-san would make a fine actor. His good looks and brooding charm alone would win him parts as a leading man— even if the man couldn’t act. Those thoughts weren’t important, however; his news was.


“K-san, Ryuichi stashed my brother somewhere with his rabbit. Shuichi told me you have a tracking device to find the rabbit. I want it.”


“A signal locator is a delicate piece of equipment. I have been trained in how to use it, so I’ll have to come with you to help,” Claude counter-suggested. “Judy, I have to—“


“Claude, darling, you are not going anywhere with them,” Judy purred. “You promised me that we would spend time together and it’s going to be tonight.” She confidently tossed her hair over her shoulder. She smiled dangerously at her husband, daring him to challenge her. He didn’t fall for the tears-bit, the way Ark, her chief bodyguard, did. She had to use brains against her husband and not just feminine wiles. She watched Claude closely as she opened the little black, beaded clutch-purse that matched her evening gown. His eyes tracked her movements as if she was a snake under a charm and any false move might break the spell. He knew as well as she did you could fit a .22 pistol in a pretty little purse like this one.


Judy’s followers reacted to the tension with silence and polite excuses to leave. The party was breaking up, anyway. She absently bid them good night and watched her husband, whose battle reflexes looked taut. Dear Claude; he could be stubborn in the face of every kind of danger. He started to make an appeal, saying, “It won’t take long-- “


Even the little singer, Shindou-san, saw the danger in her eyes and scuttled away with a squeak, pulling Yuki-san with him.


“Claude, give him what he needs,” Judy told him. “The party is ending and I want you to come home with me.” She stated her desires very clearly and casually pulled lipstick from her purse. As added incentive for being a good boy, she pursed her lips, re-applied her lip color and gave her husband a little mock-kiss. She scanned Claude alertly with her eyes, and let the tube of make-up fall into her open purse. She held the open clutch-purse with her fingertips touching the barrel of her lady-like pistol. Judy could almost hear the gears turn in her husband’s head. To help him make up his mind, Judy grabbed him by the tie and reeled him in close. “I’m warning you, Claude Winchester.”


She had to give him credit. He continued to try to get away. “I’ll be back in ten—” With the hand not holding his tie, Judy made a swift move, grabbing her .22 and setting it against her husband’s head. Her little purse and its contents hit the floor with a clatter. Claude laughed, disregarding his peril. She would shoot him if necessary. It would give him one hell of a headache, but it would effectively prevent him from running off on Christmas. “Now, Judy—”  


As if scolding her son rather than her husband, Judy said calmly, “I’ll count to five, Claude. You may *say* ten minutes, but I know you. If I let you go, it might be ten hours. One . . . ” Claude sighed and produced an electronic gizmo from his pocket, holding it out to Yuki-san, who took it. Judy smiled and released her husband’s tie, but she did not put her gun away. “That’s better,” she said happily. “Now, Claude, let’s go home.” She continued to point her gun at him. “Ark! My purse,” she called. Ark, her devoted bodyguard, came trotting out of the background where he had been watching her. She paid little attention as Ark got down on his knees and scooped up the spilled contents of her purse for her. She knew K might make a move at the least sign of her weakness. She smiled ferally. Keeping her gun steady, she said, “Ark, disarm my husband and have the car brought to the front doors. Then get our coats.”


“Yes, Judy-sama,” Ark said. Watching Claude carefully, her bodyguard disarmed her husband, removing Claude’s favorite magnum from its resting place in its holster on Claude’s shoulder rig. Ark took both Claude’s gun and Judy’s purse and scurried away to do her bidding. He was wonderfully obedient. Even Rage had remarked on several occasions about how well-trained Ark was. Judy smiled at his retreating back in possessive pride. It was like seeing a dog properly fetching the paper.


“Now, darling,” Judy said to Claude, “be good and lead the way.” She made certain her gun never wavered. Gesturing with a gun was an amateurish move and her husband had taught her better than that. Claude walked toward the coat room and Judy held her gun a bit lower, to be less conspicuous. People still cleared out of her path when they saw the .22 and she smiled at them, brightly, as if it was just a little game, or a scene being acted out. In a way, it *was* a game— one both of them enjoyed. They both loved challenges, so they constantly challenged each other. She was determined to win tonight’s game.


Claude was coming home with her. She was not going to let him go anywhere again until she knew her husband was not going to be distracted by that young guitarist anymore. She was married to Claude and wouldn’t want it any other way. She knew Claude loved her, too. He just needed a little reminder tonight. She wasn’t going to allow a mistress to get between their marriage vows. A mistress— whether male or female— had to know his place, too. If Claude didn’t start behaving, she thought she may have to speak with Nakano-san, herself.


Two more of Judy’s bodyguards waited in the foyer and they fell into step, flanking Claude to either side. Ark laid Judy’s fur coat over her shoulders and handed Claude’s trench coat to him. “The car is just outside, Judy-sama,” Ark told her.


“Good. Come along, Claude,” she called. This may be Japan, but Judy was used to ‘ladies first.’ With the two guards and Ark keeping Claude in line, she unworriedly climbed into the car. Claude followed her in and appeared willing enough. Once the doors were shut and the car was moving, Judy put up her gun, slipping it into the pocket of her warm fur coat and adjusting her arms into the sleeves. The drive took most of an hour to reach their suburban home and the couple exchanged small talk about the party while they rode.


While they chatted about inconsequential things, Judy put her brain to work. When Claude was doing his job, he often stayed in his Tokyo city apartment. It was more convenient for Bad Luck’s manager to be close at hand when trouble struck so he could take care of any damage control as soon as possible.  Before the apartment, Claude had been known to sleep in his office because he didn’t want to leave the city for one circumstance or another. Now, Judy was beginning to reconsider the wisdom of allowing him to rent the place. It didn’t matter so much when Judy was out of the country, because the housekeeper, Miss Ryusaki, kept things in order at the house. However, if Judy wanted to force her husband to come home in the evenings, the apartment was too convenient for him. It had to go.


As the car pulled into the driveway, Ark began ordering the perimeter security around the house. Claude held the front door open for Judy. She loved it when he played the gallant, but it wasn’t going to completely get him off the hook, either. This situation was too serious and she had inadvertently let it go too far. Judy could only blame herself for being wrapped up in her career and not paying a little more attention.


As they came in the front door, the nanny was waiting for them. Ms. Hiranuma bowed saying, “Welcome home, Mrs. Winchester. Mr. Winchester!” She said the last with surprise in her tone. It made Judy realize again how very often she and her husband had to be apart. Judy wondered what sort of fetters were going to work best on her delinquent darling from here on out. That apartment would only be one step. “Michael went to bed at nine o’clock without a problem. Can I be of further service tonight?” Hiranuma asked politely.


“No, thank you, Ms. Hiranuma,” Judy told her. “Good night.” The woman bowed again and echoed ‘good night’ to her employers. She left the foyer and Judy could hear her steady, sedate movement as she walked into the foyer and climbed the stairs to her quarters, near Michael’s room. Claude helped Judy with her coat, still being gallant. She smiled back at him, wondering if he suspected what was coming. Her husband wasn’t stupid, but in her experience, men in general did not see emotional storms on the horizon. They only noticed the storm when it hit them full in the face. Judy was going to rain all over Claude’s parade. She decided to soften him up, first.


Taking off her shoes and putting on slippers, Judy said, “Claude, would you like a beer? I think I’m going to have a glass of wine. Let’s sit in living room together.”


He tucked their coats away and shut the closet doors, saying, “Maybe I should just call—” Claude pulled his cell phone from his pocket and Judy snatched it out of his hand.


Holding the phone as if it was a knife and she was threatening her husband with it, she gave Claude a menacing look. “You are not to touch this phone or any other electronic communication device for the rest of the night.” She tossed the phone behind her, discarding it. It hit the wall behind her and clattered to the floor, sounding like more than one piece when it fell. Then, Judy grabbed Claude’s tie and pulled it to bring his head to her level. “It’s Christmas, damnit! Stop doing your job.”


Claude looked surprised for a moment and then he laughed and swept her into his arms. She snuggled against him with a soft sigh. There wasn’t any other man like her Claude, she thought. “Alright, Judy. I’ll have a glass of wine with you. Should we watch a movie, too? Something . . . sexy?” he asked, with a suggestive leer.


Judy pulled away from his embrace, laughed and waved one hand in a shooing motion. “Go ahead and set up a movie while I get drinks.” She gave him a big, toothy smile to encourage him. They stepped into the hallway together; Claude turned right and headed for the living room while she kept straight ahead and went into the kitchen. She wanted time to be intimate with her husband, but she intended to lay out the new rules first . . .


Judy flipped on the light switch and pulled a bottle of wine from the small rack of bottles next to the kitchen cupboards. She hummed to herself as she located and used the wine-opening tool on a bottle of Ravenswood Red Zinfandel.   It was a California wine they both enjoyed and a personal favorite for her, in particular. She poured two glasses and closed the bottle with a temporary cork, leaving it on the counter. Pausing a moment, she wondered if she should locate some handcuffs to make her husband more . . . pliant. He might pay more attention to her words and the new rules if she didn’t allow him anything else. With a shrug, she decided to test him first. If her husband didn’t pay attention the first time, then the kid gloves would come off and she would play dirty. Resolved, Judy carried the glasses through the dining room and into the living room where Claude waited.


Her husband stood in front of the entertainment center, adjusting the stereo and forwarding the DVD player past movie previews and such. The opening score for one of her favorite movies came up and Judy was pleasantly surprised Claude had chosen to watch “Bonnie and Clyde”. Maybe her husband wasn’t ignoring her as much as he seemed to be?


Claude turned and smiled at her as she set the wine on the table before the couch. The living room was dark except for a single standing lamp next to the couch. The room was warm, though, leading Judy to believe Ms. Hiranuma had been watching TV in here until they’d come home. If the nanny hadn’t been in here, the room would have been close to the same temperature as the outdoors. Japanese were positively moronic about ignoring modern heating methods, in Judy’s opinion. [1]


Claude looked like he knew he had gained brownie points for the movie choice when he came and sat on the couch. Just then, Judy had a sneaking suspicion Claude was still going to try sneaking off to work. Step one: prevention; she draped her body over his chest, linking her arms around him and snuggling close. She thought his aftershave smelled pleasantly minty. After a couple of seconds, Claude’s arm came around her shoulders and she sighed. That hesitation proved his reluctance. It pissed her off.


“Claude, darling?”


“Yes, dear?”


“I have a few things to say to you tonight.” Judy moved swiftly, straddling her husband’s lap. Thank god for evening dresses with long leg-slits. The slippers fell off her feet, though. She ignored them. In this position, Judy pinned Claude’s thighs together with her legs and rested her butt on his knees. She placed her hands on the front of his shoulders, commanding his full attention. He looked at her consideringly, with a wary look in his eye.


“I don’t want you to be with Nakano any more,” she told him firmly. Claude raised an eyebrow, as if this was completely unexpected. “I’m serious, Claude. We agreed to allow each other a lover, but I’m not blind. I saw you watching him. I won’t let it go on like this!” She held her left hand in front of her husband’s face and pointed to her wedding ring. “Remember this, Claude? You gave it to *me*! You married *me*, not some guitarist! I can’t stand the way that man distracts you!”


The expressions on Claude’s face flickered through a variety of emotions and seemed to settle on pleased. He took Judy’s left hand, trapping it in his hands and holding it between them. “You’re jealous,” he said. He sounded amused and Judy moved to slap his face with her right hand, but Claude caught it and held both her hands. He looked into her face and said, “He’s not my lover.”


Judy narrowed her eyes, assessing him. It had the ring of truth, but she couldn’t deny the way he had watched Nakano at the Christmas party. “But you were,” Judy added. Claude shrugged and gave her a sheepish look. It was a definitive admission of guilt, Judy thought. She felt vindicated for her reaction. Whatever the two men had had between them was over and she was glad, but she was also a little dismayed the young man had apparently been the one to end things. Why else would Claude continue to watch him like that?


Judy pressed her current winning advantage. “Get rid of your apartment. The housekeeper greeted you like a stranger, Claude. You haven’t been here at all while I’ve been gone, have you?” He shook his head, ‘no’. “No more apartment,” Judy decreed. “In March, when the film shooting is over, I’m taking a break. I will expect you to come home— HERE— in the evening.  Every evening,” she emphasized, threateningly.


Claude let go of her hands and his slid his hands up her thighs and hips. He didn’t answer her. She knew it was a purposeful distraction, but when he pulled her close, she fitted her body against him, willingly. The placement of their bodies set Judy’s cleavage at just-beneath Claude’s eye-level. She happily let her husband feel her up. He found her sexy and it made her happy to feel feminine and wanted by someone who knew her well. Public lust and female movie stars went hand in hand, but there was a big difference between strangers lusting after her portrayal of a character’s image and being truly loved by someone who could accept all her actual faults. She put a hand on Claude’s head and tipped his chin up. It broke his eye contact with her boobs, but she lowered her mouth down to his and kissed him. When he broke the kiss, he focused more kisses along the scoop-neck of her gown, licking her breasts. She had to admit; the feeling of his mouth and tongue over sensitive flesh was turning her on.


“Claude . . . ” Time for the clincher, she thought.




“How do you feel about another child?” It was a serious issue Judy had been considering. She thought it might be nice to have another. She sincerely wanted Claude’s opinion. However, it didn’t really matter which way her husband decided. Whether or not he wanted another child was something she wanted an answer to, but more than that, she waited for the *way* Claude answered her question . . . His reasoning would help her learn the answer to her real question.


He stopped moving and picked his head up from her chest. Claude looked into her eyes, blinking. “A . . . Another one? Judy?”


She laughed. “I’m not pregnant, but Michael is lonely.”


“He’s nine years old. Wouldn’t it have been better to think about a second child . . . before?”


“I’m healthy. Women are having children much later in life than age 32!”


“You’re 36,” Claude said. Judy tried to slap him again, but he held onto her hands. She struggled for a moment and settled on giving him a dirty look.


Modifying her expression to show determination, Judy said defensively, “I could have another. Since I’ll be taking a break in March, I thought . . . it wouldn’t be a bad time for conception.” She grinned and leaned forward to kiss him again.


With his hands holding hers and the whole conglomeration of their hands pressed into her chest, he held her back. “I thought one child was enough,” Claude said, uncertainly.


Judy sat up and Claude let go of her hands. It was disheartening how Claude was resisting her. The movie played in the background. While the main characters robbed a store, Judy began to consider the possibility her husband had really fallen in love with a man nearly half his age. “There are good reasons to have another,” Judy pointed out, briskly. “As I said, Michael is lonely. A sibling would help his socialization. There’s the government bonus, too.” [2]


Claude scowled. “You’re not telling me why *you* want a baby. When you had Michael, you were worried about the effects on your career. Aren’t you concerned about that anymore?”


“Of course I am, but I think I can weather it.”


“When the baby is born, you’ll go right back to work.”


“Why not?” Judy didn’t see any reason not to. She was hoping a temporary absence from films would raise the demand for her presence.


“What if a part you want comes up while you’re pregnant?” Claude was being very serious, and Judy appreciated it, but his concern seemed back-handed. He wasn’t addressing the issue, really, nor was he telling her how he felt about another baby. Still . . . there were a couple of manuscripts floating around Hollywood Judy would like to jump at, if given the chance. Judy thought about what she would do if one of those parts were offered to her. If she was pregnant, she would have to forgo the role, which would be . . . unfortunate, but she would be alright with it if her husband was going to support her pregnancy. Judy didn’t want to commit to being pregnant if Claude was going to keep living and acting like a bachelor.


When he brought up career issues, it sounded to her like he was avoiding her feelings. If he was avoiding *her*, she was not going to make it easy for him to break away. She would cause a one-woman sea of destruction in retribution. She wondered what it would take to force him to reveal himself?


“Judy, why are you bringing this up? What made you decide you wanted another child?”


“You made me consider it, Claude. My career is very important to me, but so is my family.” Judy knew her eyes were turning angry. “I don’t want you sleeping with J-pop guitarists. I don’t want you keeping a mistress on the side— male or female. I don’t want you to be away every night. I want you with me!”


“Are you telling me you didn’t take any lovers in America?”


Judy didn’t answer his question. Instead, she said, “I’m saying I don’t want you to be unfaithful to me anymore! I know we agreed, but . . . I hated seeing you watch him,” Judy admitted. Tears leaked from her eyes and they weren’t the sort she had called up at will. These came up unexpectedly and trickled down her cheeks. “Damn you! Claude . . .” She slapped at his chest.


He pulled her into a hug, embracing her with an initial, welcoming squeeze. “Judy—”


“You’re not getting away from me, Claude! Now or ever! I won’t allow it. You—


“Foolish woman! Whoever said I wanted to get away from you? You’re strong and beautiful, the mother of my son, sexy, and tolerant . . . I don’t regret marrying you and I do not plan to end our marriage, either! Don’t put words in my mouth. Listen— I admit I was lovers with Hiro, but not for very long. Do you know why?”


Judy sniffled, trying to control her emotions. “Why?” She asked, petulantly.


“He knew he came after you and Michael in my life.” Judy took in his words and felt heartened. Against her husband’s broad chest, she smiled in triumph. Claude was still hers. “It’s hard on me when you’re gone all the time,” Claude said, with exasperation. “A man needs lovin’!”


“Then come to me.” Judy tipped her head up, grabbed her husband’s hair, and forced their lips to meet. She kissed him, fiercely, as if she would pour herself down his throat. Their tongues met, tasting each other as they ignited one another’s passion. Judy pushed on Claude’s shoulder rig, slipping it off his right shoulder. Her husband moved for her, shifting to allow her to get rid of the rig altogether. They had to break the kiss so Judy could toss the leather away from them, so it wouldn’t be in the way.


Claude’s large, competent hands moved over her body, caressing her form and reaching under her dress. Judy broke their kiss this time. With a lascivious smile, she pulled the dress up over her head and flung it aside, letting the gown pool on the floor. Claude’s eyes rounded eagerly as he ogled her with lusty, masculine appreciation. She sat on his lap in lacy, sexy, black lingerie and she knew she looked good. It was gratifying to see her husband so struck by her appearance, too. He wasted very little time in burying his face in her mostly-bared cleavage.


She squealed when Claude unexpectedly stood, lifting her up in his arms. Reflexively, Judy wrapped her arms around her husband’s head and her legs around his torso for balance. “The living room isn’t the place for this,” Claude said in a low, sexy voice.


“Feeling shy, darling?”


“I don’t want to be interrupted,” Claude corrected, carrying her out of the room. They left the TV and the light on, but Judy was hardly concerned. She laid her head over Claude’s hair and clung to him with her left hand, using the right to comb her fingers through all that long, blonde hair. She reached for the tie keeping his hair back and tore it out, stretching her arm to pull the tie free from the end of his ponytail. “Ow,” he complained.


“Baby,” she teased. She tucked the tie into Claude’s shirt breast pocket and threaded her fingers back into her husband’s hair.


“We don’t need one.” Claude had taken her into the hall and now he began climbing the steps to the second floor.


“Huh?” Judy’s hand paused in her husband’s hair and she had to re-focus her thoughts.


“We don’t need another baby. If you were thinking of it because of me, forget it. You and Michael are enough. If you had had better reasons, you would have told me.”


“Maybe,” Judy said, coyly. Claude laughed. He kicked open the door to their bedroom and used his elbow to turn on the light. The curtains onto the deck had all been opened— probably a well-meaning gesture to let in the day’s sunshine. However, having all the doors and windows bared to the outside made for a frigidly cold room in a Japanese-style house. “Oh, my god, it’s like a freezer in here!” Judy exclaimed.


Claude chuckled. “I’ll warm you up!”


Judy laughed. It was cliché, perhaps, but very true. Claude knew exactly how to make her hot. He threw her onto the bed and walked over to the far wall to close the curtains on the large glass doors. While his back was turned, Judy posed on the bed. Claude paused as if something outside had caught his attention. “Darling, don’t keep me waiting,” Judy said with exasperation. What did it take to make that man have eyes only for her? Enough was enough!


“Judy, it looks like there’s a security—” Two gunshots were fired and Claude strode across the room, toward the door.


“Damnit, Claude! There’s always a security problem, a breach in the defenses, an emergency at work— Well, not tonight!” Judy gathered herself in a crouch and threw herself off the bed, tackling her husband. She might not be strong, but she could knock Claude off balance! He caught her around the waist and stumbled into the wall. Judy kicked his knee solidly, and he dropped to the floor. She didn’t want to hurt his groin tonight. He grunted and let go of her when he fell. Now, Judy stood over her husband and yelled, “We hire security teams to take care of the security. Let them do their jobs! You, get into bed!”


Claude picked himself up, gingerly testing weight on his knee. “Judy, honey—


Judy seized hair hanging on either side of his face and kissed him. “Bed,” she repeated. She backed up, dragging him by the hair to make certain he would obey her. Then she pushed him onto the bed. He rolled onto his back and she sat over him; groin to groin. She worked her hands over his shirt, unfastening the buttons. If she didn’t get his shirt off now, then it would tangle in the handcuffs— if she had to use them. “Claude, don’t you want me?” She asked him saucily. “Don’t I . . . interest you anymore?” She batted her eyelashes at him and his face went a little slack. Leaning forward, so he had a good view of her cleavage, she asked, “Aren’t you just . . . a little bit tempted?”


“You’re beautiful!” Claude said. With his shirt flopping, he rolled her over so she was on her back and he had the dominant position. He shook off his shirt, leaving his chest bare. Judy ran her fingers up his muscled torso and gently scratched him with her fingernails, trailing her hands down his body. He shuddered slightly. Judy knew Claude was aroused, now. She transferred her hands to his back and he hovered over her, kissing and licking her body.


Claude felt her breasts again, then he focused on unlocking the front clasp of her bra. He had it undone in no time.  As soon as Judy’s breasts spilled loose, Claude’s mouth was on them, sucking gently and teasing the nipples. “Oh, Claude,” Judy gasped. She dug her fingernails into her husband’s back a little. She had missed this. She liked the way he used his mouth on her body. She was already warmed by his kisses and a passionate warmth was building between her legs.


Claude glanced up at her face and met her eyes. They smiled at each other and his left hand moved down her body and reached into her panties. He laid his warm hand over her pussy, cupping her crotch without moving to actually stimulate her. She made a protesting sound and thrust her hips a little, encouraging him to continue. An instant later, Claude simultaneously sucked her nipple into his mouth and plunged his fingers inside her. She moaned with pleasure.


The phone rang. What was worse, her bastard husband stopped what he was doing and reached for it! That was too much! Rather than scream at him, she let him get the phone. She threw her un-clasped bra to the floor and rolled to her bedstand to fetch her handcuffs.


“Hello? Yes. …” Claude’s back was to Judy, as he sat on the edge of the bed with the phone in his right hand. Perfect, she thought. She quietly opened and readied the ‘cuffs. “Okay. No, my cell is out of commission. I’m—”  Kneeling beside her husband, Judy slapped one cuff around Claude’s left wrist as he gestured with it and she quickly connected the second cuff to the railing-like brass headboard. He might have fought or pulled away if he hadn’t been distracted. As it was, Claude startled and gave her a surprised look over his shoulder. She looked back at him smugly and raised one eyebrow in challenge. Into the phone, he said, “No, sorry. No, I’m not going to be able to tonight. Okay. Tomorrow. Good night.” Claude hung up the phone, then swung his legs onto the bed again. “You’re one tough lady,” he told her. He had kind of a laughing, self-chagrined pride in his tone when he said it.


Judy slapped him, hard. “Now listen to me, you son of a bitch! I told you: no phones tonight. You have no excuse for leaving me frustrated like this! I will do whatever it takes to make you give *me* your attention!” Deflating, Judy asked him, “Do I bore you? Is your boy-toy all you can think about?? He doesn’t have tits for you to play with!” Judy jiggled, to show hers off. She trailed fingers over the edges of her underwear like a hand-model, accentuating the prize.


Claude reached out to touch her and she backed away, just out of range. “You know, I think you need to be punished. If I masturbate right here on the bed, where you can’t touch me, what will you do?”


“Judy! I want to touch you! Please?”


“Hmph. Only when it’s convenient to you, huh? Well, you can sit back and watch, mister!” Judy stripped off her panties, leaving her only in black, lace-topped thigh-high hose. She knew Claude liked the look. Taking her time, she propped her shoulders against the upper railing of the bed’s foot-board and stretched both arms out to reach her groin. Shu pulled her legs up so her husband couldn’t touch her, then spread her knees to masturbate. She put two fingers of her left hand inside her body and with the fingers of her right hand, she rubbed her clitoris. She watched her husband. “Wouldn’t you like some of this, Claude? Haven’t you missed me at all?”


“Judy! Come here. You’re so hot and sexy! Let me give you what I’ve got. Please?” Judy smirked and let him suffer some more. He groaned in frustrated defeat and used his free hand to get into his pants. He had some trouble removing his belt one-handed, and he cursed a bit, but he managed. He freed his cock from his pants and began stroking himself. He was huge and ready, and Judy was hungry for him. Claude watched her with an equal hunger in his eyes, too. “Judy?” He moaned.


Judy stopped what she was doing. Her fingers were sticky, but she didn’t care. She gripped her husband’s pants and pulled them off his legs. Then, she dropped them to the floor. “Come on, Honey,” Claude said. His trapped hand strained against the handcuff. By the way he moved, Judy could tell he wanted to assert himself physically. She knew he wanted to be the one in charge.


“I like to see you helpless, darling,” Judy told him, happily. “I think I’ll keep you like this.” Carefully, she ran the tips of her red-lacquered nails down Claude’s penis, over the underwear covering his balls. He gasped her name. Judy pulled Claude’s underwear off, continuing to scratch him lightly with her nails as she drew the underwear down his legs. Now, they were both nude— except for Claude’s socks and her hose.


Judy straddled her husband’s body and as soon as she settled, Claude rolled her. She hadn’t expected that and now she was beneath him again. He had limited mobility with one hand cuffed to the bed, but he still managed to dominate her. He was hard enough, and she was wet enough that when he pressed his cock against her body, he slipped inside. Despite the ease of entrance, Judy felt Claude moving his hips and maneuvering to get deeper inside, past her inner muscles which held him firmly. Judy raised her knees and pulled them back toward her chest to allow her husband better access. There was a ‘giving’ of muscles and Claude plunged into her body. A wash of relieved tension left her and the feeling of conjunction sped her pulse.


Claude panted a little and kissed her. With a kiss like this one, Judy felt appreciated, if nothing else. She thrust her hips against her husband, urging him to go on. He slid out, slowly, and slammed back into her body. This is just what I needed, Judy thought. She opened her legs wide and squeezed Claude’s butt with both hands, directing his movements. “More!” She cried out. Claude obliged.


Each crash of their bodies brought Judy a heightened awareness of her own flesh and the pleasure coursing through it. Claude thrust into her in an almost-animalistic frenzy and she loved it. The intense sensations built to a point of almost-pain and in a flash, the moment burst in a crescendo of orgasm. She yelled out, as if her body couldn’t hold all of the wondrous feeling and it had to overflow from her throat. Above her, Claude groaned and made one final thrust, pressing himself deep inside of her.


“Mmmm,” Judy cooed. She pulled Claude’s hair so he would bend enough for her to kiss. He was sweaty, but his mouth tasted good to her; it almost always did.


He broke away from the kiss and lowered himself to rest beside her, pillowing his head on her chest. “Mmmm,” he echoed. It couldn’t have been easy for him to keep his balance during sex with only one arm to hold him up. His hair fell across her chest, arm, and shoulder and she ran her fingers through it. Claude closed his eyes to her touch.


“Claude? Do you love me?” Judy asked.


He smiled, but didn’t open his eyes. “Of course. Did you doubt me?”


“Sometimes,” Judy admitted.


Claude opened his blue eyes and raised his head to look at her seriously. “Judy, I will give up on taking a lover, if it’s what you want, but we’re not having a double-standard. You’ll have to give up your lover, too.” Claude paused and Judy thought about it. It was reasonable . . . “Whoever it is,” he added. “Do we have a deal?”


Judy pushed his head back down against her breasts. “Let’s talk about this later, darling.” She smiled. “After all, you’re mine until I decide to unlock the handcuffs!” She laughed. “And you’re grounded!”





[1] Heating in Japan:


[2] Japan's birthrate is among the lowest in the world, with approximately 1.23 children born per couple. For example: The small town of Omama’s population is 22,000. It has an elementary school with 35 students *total* for all six grade levels. Japan has never had strong immigration and as a result, rural areas of Japan are becoming ghost towns. The government offers all kinds of financial incentives to people willing to live outside of major cities or have more than one child.




Author’s Notes: This was written in response to missdeep’s challenge to write a K x Judy fic.


There are two ways to read this: either as a stand-alone piece, or as a supplement to my ABC arc, fitting in beside chapter 27 of “Fast Forward”.


To my beta-readers, Bakayaro-onna and Pato-san: Thank you! This little story is much better for your help. :D