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Pointless Jealousy

By Aja



Disclaimer: I lay no claim to Gravitation as it does not belong to me and I had no part in its inception.




“I’m hooooome!” Shuichi called loudly. His statement was followed by quieter grunts of effort, a crinkling sound like shopping bags and finally, a heavy metallic-sounding scrape across the floor. The front door swung shut on its own, banging into place.


Eiri’s curiosity intruded on his writing. He had to know what the bratt was doing. He hoped Shuichi wasn’t leaving marks on the floor. Pushing back from his desk, he padded to the door of his office. Standing in the doorframe, he assessed the situation.


Shuichi was sitting on the floor, taking off his shoes the way child would; legs spread like a kewpie doll for balance. Surrounding him were four large bags over-flowing with pink and red objects.


“What is all this shit?” Eiri asked. He moved forward to peer into the bags.


“Valentine goodies!” Shuichi answered happily. Bouncing up from the floor, he enthusiastically wrapped his arms around his lover. A quick squeeze and Shuichi let go of him. “Look, Yuki!” Shuichi produced a heart-shaped metal box and thrust it at Eiri’s face, causing him to instinctively step back. “Cookies!” he crowed. “All this stuff is from fans! Even Fujisaki went home with a bunch of goodies. Isn’t it great?”


Eiri scowled. It was not great. If each one of these gifts represented one fan who was able to get close to his Shuichi . . . he didn’t like the added total. He turned away without a word and headed for the kitchen.


Predictably, Shuichi followed him. “You should have seen the crowd outside of NG today, Yuki! There were all these fans screaming their heads off when we came out of the building! K said it would be good for publicity, you see, and we had bunches of extra bodyguards today because some of the NG artists have had trouble before on Valentine’s Day. So we went out to sign autographs and stuff and—“


Eiri shut the kitchen door in Shuichi’s face but it didn’t faze the kid. He just opened the door and kept yapping. He settled on one of the kitchen chairs and Eiri tried to tune him out as he made tea. He was successful until the words ‘kissed me’ penetrated his mind. “WHAT?”


“Well, there was a big fuss, you know? The guards already had all they could do—“


“You said someone *kissed you*?” Eiri clarified.


Shuichi giggled. “Yeah! It was really unusual for a guy—“


Eiri threw the canister of tea at Shuichi’s head. “Shut up!”


Surprisingly, Shuichi caught the canister with both hands and lowered it from his field of vision. Dropping it onto the table, Shuichi accused him, “You’re jealous!”  


Eiri put both fists on the counter top. He was seeing red and trying to deny to himself he felt the slightest spark of jealousy. Shuichi was *his*. He didn’t need to feel jealous over some stupid, rotten, slobbering, conniving, fanboy who had been able to get close enough to . . .


Eiri closed his eyes as two skinny arms wrapped around him from behind, sneaking inside his un-tucked shirt and sliding over his skin. His fists loosened. Shuichi laid his head against Eiri’s back. He said softly, “You don’t have anything to be jealous about.” He giggled. “Somebody gave me a bottle of chocolate body paint. Wanna try it?”


Turning in the circle of Shuichi’s arms, Eiri leaned over and kissed him. Shuichi responded, clinging to him and drawing a deep breath through his nose in order to prolong their kiss. “Let’s go,” Eiri agreed.





Author’s Note: This was written in response to Silverone / silver_magess’ February drabble challenge. Weighing in ninety-one words over the 500-word limit, I nonetheless submit it as complete. It is incredibly hard for me to keep it short; thus, the challenge. ;D  Special thanks to bakayaro_onna for the beta!