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War on Democracy

by John Pilger DVD OUT NOW

The Bolivarian Circles

Bolivarian Circles began appearing in 2000 as community groups studying the Constitution and Venezuelan history. Later, neighboring groups began addressing larger issues such as health and education. Eventually these groups expressed their desire to participate directly in the making of decisions that affect their communities. In 2001, President Chavez responded by calling for the creation of this social organizations as a mechanism for this participation and many of the aforementioned community groups formally became Bolivarian Circles.

Our Goal

our primary goals are to provide and build connections between the Spanish speaking Circles and the English speaking community; create opportunities for personal experiences with Venezuela; and help keep North America informed about the the Bolivarian Revolution. We cooperate with many International Circles to these ends. In keeping with the Circle's vision, we also work within our own communities and with other organizations to effect change in the US by bringing the ideals of the Bolivarian Revolution into our daily lives and sharing them with others.

Bolivarian Circle of Cincinnati

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