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Brown, Gibson, Mann, Raines and Tompkins Family History in Blythewood/Doko (Richland/Fairfield, Counties), South Carolina: 1800s-2000s

Brown, Gibson, Mann, Raines and Tompkins

Family History

in Blythewood/Doko (Richland/Fairfield, Counties), South Carolina

1.0 Welcome. This is a family history web page for the Brown, Gibson, Mann, Raines, Tompkins Families in Blythewood/Doko (Richland/Fairfield, Counties), South Carolina. The editors are anyone that wants to volunteer. Those who have volunteered so far are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Descendants of Joseph Brown (1774-1850s)

Joseph Brown was born between 1764 and 1774 in Virginia. He moved to Richland/Fairfield County, South Carolina. He is said to have had two brothers, Daniel Brown, who also settled in South Carolina and William, who settled in North Carolina. Joseph married Margaret Tompkins (Brown). They had at least one child, Alexander "Alex" Russell Brown, born in Fairfield/Richland County in 1815 and died there in 1902. They may have had another son named Frank.

Descendants of Alex Brown (1815-1902)

Alex Brown, the son of Joe and Margaret Brown, married Mary Elizabeth Raines (b. 1815) in 1833 in Fairfield County. Mary Elizabeth Raines was the daughter of Anthony Raines (1774-1853) and Elizabeth (Wilson) Raines, the former being one of the nine children of John Raines (1748-1819) and Anora (Burge) Raines, and the latter being one of the ten children of the Revolutionary War soldier James Wilson (1752-1836) and Mary Perry (Wilson) (d. 1818). Alex and Elizabeth lived out their lives in and near Blythewood, South Carolina, which is on the border between Richland and Fairfield Counties. They had sixteen children between 1834 and 1860:

Lenora Brown (b.1834), married James or Tom Brown and died in Arkansas.
Peter Brown (1835-1865), killed in Civil War.
John William “Billy/Bill” Brown (1836-1917)
Elizabeth Brown (b. 1837)
Anthony S. Brown (1840-1893)
John L. Brown (b. 1843), died in infancy.
Margaret Brown (b. 1845)
Francis “Frank” Elmo Brown (1846-1913), married DeLaney Muse.
Jemima “Mime” E. Brown (b. 1849)), married Daniel H. Brown.
Charlotte Brown (b. 1851), married William Axon, and is buried Zion Methodist Church, Blythewood.
Sarah “Sallie” Brown (b.1852), married Samuel Lauhon then Henry Stuart.
James Alexander Brown (1854-1917), married Julia Rimer.
Emma Brown (b. 1858), married Ben Rhoden, and is buried at Wagner, S.C.
Harriet Brown (b. 1856/1860), married Andrew Goza, and is buried at Wagner, S.C.
Abigail Brown, married John Neeley.
Mary Brown
Daniel H. Brown (b. 1849), according to Lee Brown.

"Billy" Brown: Third Child of Alex Brown

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Billy Brown V3.2.1 John William “Billy” Brown (1836-1917). Billy was the third child and second son of Alexander “Alex” Russell Brown (b. 1815) and Elizabeth Raines (b. 1815). Billy was born in Blythewood (called Doko until 1880). He was the third of sixteen children. Billy married Mary Lavinia Keturah (Kitura) “Kitty” Gibson (Brown) (1844-1925) on December 15, 1859. Billy and Kitty Brown had twelve children. Billy and Kitty are buried in the Sandy Level Baptist church yard, Blythewood, South Carolina.
Billy Brown and others br-1 This was taken in the early 1880s. Left to right is “Kitty” Gibson Brown (1844-1925), her husband, Billy Brown, one of Billy's siters (Elizabeth, b. 1837 or Margaret, b. 1845), then Anthony S. Brown (1840-1893), who was the fifth child of Alex and Elizabeth Brown. He was a Confederate veteran. To the right of Anthony was his first wife, Emma Ardella Boyle Brown (1856-1885? 1890?), then Frank Brown, one of Anthony and Emma Brown's six children. Frank became a lawyer in Columbia. After Emma died, Anthony married Elizabeth Sims. Anthony is buried at Zion Methodist Church, Blythewood
Kitty Brown V3.3.1 Lavinia Keturah “Kitty” Gibson (Brown) (1844-1925), the middle standing person. Kitty was born in Blythewood, the fourth of six children of Humphrey Gibson (b. 1810) and Elizabeth Mann (Gibson) (b. 1813). Humphrey was said to be a professor at Furman University. It was also said that the Gibsons were French Huguenots and the Manns originated in Holland. Both Humphrey and Elizabeth Mann Gibson were born in and lived out their lives in Fairfield/Richland County. Kitty’s sister, Lenora Gibson, married Robert Jennings, who served in the South Carolina state legislature and was state treasurer. Kitty Gibson married Billy Brown in 1859. They had twelve children between 1860 and 1884. This picture was taken about 1918. Those in it are, sitting, left to right: Edmunds Hogan (1911-1940) in dirty bare feet and overalls, Lottie Troublefield, who was a mongoloid, Hazel Hogan (b. 1914), Claude Hogan (1909-1950), and Hugh Hogan (b. 1917), who is sitting in front of Hazel. Standing, left to right,: Rosy Hogan (b. 1908), Lavinia Keturah Gibson Brown and Hazel Troublefield. Taken under the China Berry tree near Claude Hogan’s model T at the Greenswamp Road, Sumter, South Carolina home of Claude Hogan and family. There is symmetry in the picture: the three older girls standing, the two older boys on the outside, the two younger girls on the inside, the youngest boy in front. The picture was probably taken by Mac Troublefield, whose second wife was Liz Jones Troublefield.. Lottie and Hazel Troublefield were Mac’s children by his first wife. Liz Jones Troublefield was the sister of Annie Jones, who was the wife of Claude Hogan. Claude was the son of Eugene and Elizabeth Jane (Brown) Hogan and grandson of Kitty Brown. Elizabeth Jane Brown Hogan was Kitty’s third child. Rosy, Edmunds, Hazel and Hugh Hogan were the great grandchildren of Kitty Brown. They called her “Great Grandmammy Brown.”

Click here for descendants of Billy and Kitty Brown.

"J.A." Brown: Twelfth Child of Alex Brown

The twelfth child of Alex and Elizabeth Raines Brown was James Alexander “J.A” Brown (1854-1917). J.A. married Julia Elizabeth Rimer about 1878. They had fifteen children between 1879 and 1904. They raised their family in the Blythewood area. The children were:

Samuel Elbege Brown (1879-1952)
Emmie Jane Brown (1880-1955)
Margaret Brown (1882-1927)
Franklin William Brown (1883-1961)
James Alexander Brown (b. 1885)
Peter Elmo Brown (1887-1962)
Lenora-Effie Brown 1889-1894)
Claude B. Brown (1891-1937)
Burnie Eugene Brown (1892-1967)
Joseph Ellisor Brown (b. 1894)
Russell Tompkins Brown (b. 1896)
Viola Brown (b. 1898)
Edward Durham Brown (b. 1899)
Bessie Mae Brown (b. 1901)
Charlotte O. Brown (b. 1904)

3.0 bibliography

An Account of the history of some of our nineteenth-and twentiety-century Browns, Hogans and related families is given in the following:
  • Genealogical Information about the Brown and Related Gibson, Raines, Tompkins, Mann, Hogan Families in Blythewood/Doko (Richland/Fairfield, Counties), South Carolina (Silver Spring, Maryland: CWPublishers, 1992, 98pp).
    " Click here " for a downloadable copy of the above.
  • George S. Langford, Sketches about Langfords (College Park, Maryland: 1981), pp. 53-86 (social history of those connected to Emma Faustina Brown, 1879-1930).
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  • Faye Johnson, Fairfield Family Histories (1982) (informatin on Mann family; Elizabeth Mann, b. 1813, married Humphrey Gibson, born in 1810, and became the mother of Lavinia Keturah “Kitty” Gibson Brown, who lived from 1844 to 1925).
  • 4.0 LINKS.

  • (TobyTerrar e-mail)
  • Winnsboro Public Library (Fairfield County).
  • Public Library (Richland County) , 218 McNulty Rd., Blythewood, SC 29016, (803) 691-9806.
  • Blythewood Crankfield Family History .
  • Blythewood Hogan Family History .
  • Fairfield County, South Carolina Genealogy Page .
  • CWPublishers .
  • The Annual Brown Family Reunion takes place at the Blythewood Community Center on Blythewood Road on the first Sunday in October starting at 10:30 a.m. for set-up. Bring your favorite dish and plan to have fun and fellowship. Contact information: Maxime B. Dennis or Barbara Ann Lewis, Reunion President, (803) 754-3246, P.O.B. 574, Blythewood, South Carolina 29016.
  • Click here for The Inn at Woodstock. This is a bed and breakfast located at P.O.B. 476, Hartfield, Virginia, 23071, 1-877-776-9877/1-804-776-9877, It is run by John and Lenora Hoverson. Lenora is the granddaughter of Joe Hogan, who was the sixth child of Gene and Lizzie Hogan.

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