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10 November 2005: Sorry, I haven't updated for so long, I've been busy. Season 8 is now into it's 2nd episode. That '70s Show, season 3 DVD will be released on November 15, 2005. Other than that, not much news.

21 May 2005: Season 7 is now over, and Fox has renewed That '70s Show for an 8th season this fall! The only downside is Eric and Kelso are only going to be guest stars. Oh well, when fall comes around we'll see what they've come up with.

20 April 2005: That '70s Show Season 2 DVD is now available as of yesterday! I got my copy and it has all kinds of special features including commentaries for select episodes. Season Three will be released November 2005. Visit the DVD page for more. New episodes return April 27th, a week from today, so hang in there!

5 April 2005:There isn't much news lately. The next new episode won't be airing till 27 April, so we have a while to wait. Anyways, the 2nd Season DVD will be available 19 April!

9 February 2005: It is confirmed, an eighth season of That '70s Show will be happening! The Fox Broadcasting Co. has ordered an eighth season, it was announced by Gail Berman, President, Entertainment. "THAT '70s SHOW is one of the strongest comedies on television," said Executive Producer Tom Werner. "I am thrilled that this outstanding ensemble is returning next season. After all, it's only 1979." Also, That '70s Show - Season Two DVD will be released on April 19th! Go to the all new DVD Info page for info & pics! And lastly, don't miss the new episode airing tonight at 8pm on Fox!

7 January 2005: Welcome to the new year everyone! I've added the theme song for season 4 (which is still being used in the episodes) in the backgrond of this page, I thought I should put the more recent one on the site. I also made it available for you to download. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link. I've recently heard that if they even had an eighth season of the show, that Topher Grace and Ashton Kutcher wouldn't be involved, and without them (especially Topher) the show would be nothing, so I'm guessing that this will the final season, but remember it's not for sure yet. Even if it is the final season, I mean, hey, the show can't go on forever. I made this really cool image map thing for the characters page, so now you can click on a face and it gives you a character description. Go check it out! I also got some neat newspaper ads and put them in the image gallery. That's about it.

22 December 2004: Hey everyone! It's almost Christmas! Remember That '70s Show is now on DVD so it would make a great Holiday gift (just a thought). Well I added another episode for season seven, and that's about it. Happy Holidays!

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