That '70s Show - Episode Guide - Season Seven

Season Seven

154. September 8, 2004 Time Is On My Side

After Red presses him to come up with a plan for his life, Eric decides he's going to take a year off and just hang out. Bob has to choose between Pam and Midge. The gang searches the woods for Donna's engagement ring.

155. September 15, 2004 Let's Spend The Night Together

Hyde meets his real father - and he's black. Donna and Eric attend a feminist rally. Kelso awaits the birth of his baby.

156. September 22, 2004 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Eric tries his hand at vandalism. Unable to find a job that he wants, Red buys a muffler shop. Kelso's new daughter gives him a new respect for women - one that he's trying to find a loophole around.

157. September 29, 2004 Beast of Burden

Red's muffler shop opens. Hyde has to choose between working for Red or for his father. Fez gets his dream job at a beauty parlor.

158. October 6, 2004 It's Only Rock and Roll

Kitty realizes there isn't anyone left at home for her to take care of and decides to focus on bettering herself, while Eric decides he wants to be an artist and sends a sketch to The Art Institute of Pomona. At his first day of work, Hyde discovers the dress code is business and gets into a dispute. Meanwhile, Kelso attempts to be a respectable man and gives Fez his Playboy collection.

159. November 3, 2004 Rip This Joint

When Eric encourages the gang to pull a prank on a crazy neighbor, their fun comes to a screeching halt and Eric is left to fend for himself. Meanwhile, when Kitty takes a Cosmo quiz, she learns that she has low self-esteem and must throw a "coming out" party for herself. The party is all fun and games until Bob accuses Midge of flirting with William Barnett.

160. November 10, 2004 Mother's Little Helper

When Danielle, a hot new client at the local beauty salon, gets a shampoo from Fez, she finds comfort in more than just his wash-rinse-repeat skills. But the situation takes a hairy turn when Fez faces some stiff competition from Kelso, whose new tactic of being the silent type seems to be working well with the ladies. Meanwhile, Kitty devises a plan to encourage Red to heat up their private life.

161. November 17th, 2004 Angie

The gang meets Hyde's sister for the first time but she is not as nice as she seems. Hyde discovers her ambitious side when she starts a war with him for control of their father's company. Meanwhile, while shampooing Kitty's hair, Fez learns that Eric is addicted to roller disco -- and that addiction isn't pretty.

162. November 24, 2004 You Can't Always Get What You Want

Kitty is upset when she discovers the kids have plans of their own for Thanksgiving dinner. Red ultimately guilts Eric into giving up his Styx concert tickets to stay home for the holiday. Meanwhile, Hyde prepares for the grand opening of his dad's record store and ends up clashing over business decisions with his new half sister.

163. December 1, 2004 Surprise, Surprise

Hyde is upset when he discovers his new sister, Angie, has started dating Kelso. Meanwhile, Donna agrees to help out Red's failing muffler shop by plugging his calendar on her radio station, but she's appalled when she discovers it's full of scantily clad greaser girls.

164. December 14, 2004 Winter

Kelso mistakes donated gifts left at the precinct for discarded toys, and gives them to the gang to enjoy. Meanwhile, Kitty's nemesis informs Kitty that she is taking over as The Women of Park Place Christmas Event Chair after last year's infamous "punch incident." At the event, Kitty panics when she learns that the donated toys - her only area of responsibility - are missing, putting Christmas in jeopardy. Hyde's refusal to accompany Jackie to the Christmas event makes her feel that he is not ready to grow up.

165. January 5, 2005 Don't Lie To Me

When Jackie returns Donna's wedding shoes, she runs into Stacy Wanamaker, a popular girl with the perfect life. In an effort to impress Stacy, Jackie says she's engaged to Fez, who happens to be a foreign prince. But Jackie takes the lie too far and all the wedding drama drives her to confront Hyde about their future together. Meanwhile, Hyde and Eric devise a plan to get Angie to break up with Kelso.

166. January 12, 2005 Can't You Hear Me Knocking

When Kelso calls the White House to warn them about a Russian death ray, the guys become paranoid that the Feds are spying on them. So they decide to smoke all of their incriminating evidence, but the plan backfires when it leads to even more conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, Donna brings Jackie to her karate class and things get steamy when Red takes Kitty ice fishing.

167. February 9, 2005 Street Fighting Man

When Donna gets tickets to the Packers game, Eric convinces the gang they should punt one ticket to his dad. Red is thrilled until he causes the guys to get thrown out of the game for unsportsmanlike behavior. Meanwhile, Kitty stays home and watches the game with Bob, and Jackie is still tackling emotional issues with Hyde.

168. February 16, 2005 It's All Over Now

When a hot new intern, Sara (Eliza Dushku), starts working at the radio station with Donna, all of the guys go nuts. But when Sara poses in a bikini to gain exposure for the station, Donna refuses and gets fired. Meanwhile, Jackie wants to reconcile with Hyde, but is too afraid she'll get hurt.

169. February 23, 2005 On With The Show

When Jackie gets her own public access show, she's thrilled to finally be getting the attention she deserves. Unfortunately, when the cameras turn on, she freezes up. Meanwhile, Eric meets his new mentor, then discovers his mentor lives with his parents.

170. March 2, 2005 Down The Road Apiece

A Jack Kerouac-inspired Eric hits the road to discover life outside of Point Place while Leo ends up coming to Eric's rescue throughout the "journey." Meanwhile, Jackie and Hyde, left alone when the rest of the gang goes searching for Eric, share a reunion kiss.

171. March 9, 2005 Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')

Brooke lets Kelso baby-sit their daughter, and when the baby won't stop crying, Kelso thinks he's an unfit father. But when Kelso runs out for diapers and leaves the baby in the hands of Eric and Donna, things go terribly awry. Meanwhile, Kitty and Red go to a car show and their relationship gets tested.

172. March 23, 2005 Who's Been Sleeping Here

When Kelso picks his daughter Betsy's godparents, he chooses Hyde and Jackie over Eric and Donna, causing some tension in the group. Meanwhile, a thief keeps breaking into the record shop and the culprit turns out to be quite a surprise.

173. March 30, 2005 Gimme Shelter

On Jackie's graduation day, Eric realizes that he's spent the last year doing nothing, so he tries his hand as a chiropractor. But he snaps out of it when he almost cripples Donna. Meanwhile, Fez and Kelso go apartment hunting.

174. April 27, 2005 2120 So. Michigan Avenue

When Eric receives his transcripts from Pt. Place High, he realizes that in order to officially graduate he has to take a P.E. class over the summer. But Eric's nerves get tested when he finds out Casey Kelso is the gym coach. Meanwhile, Kelso and Fez move into their new apartment and battle over control of the bigger room.

175. May 4, 2005 2000 Light Years From Home

When Eric discovers his parents have spent all of his college savings, he must find a way to finance the next four years. He decides to visit to his old high school guidance counselor, who advises him to take a teaching job in a Third World country to make some money. But when Eric tells Donna and his parents about his plan to move to Africa, they are totally shocked. Meanwhile, Kelso tries to break up with Angie.

176. May 11, 2005 Take It Or Leave It

Donna schemes to change Eric's mind about his trip to Africa by trying to make him jealous, while Jackie tells Hyde she'll turn down a TV job in Chicago if he says they have a future together. The son of Red's Navy buddy Charlie comes for the weekend and the gang is instantly put off by his lack of life experience. Distraught about their lady problems, Eric and Hyde are thrilled to discover Charlie's father owns a local beer warehouse. After a night of debauchery, a tipsy Eric goes to work things out with Donna, but Hyde may be too late for Jackie.

177. May 18, 2005 Short & Curlies/Til The Next Goodbye (Full Hour Season Finale)

Eric's final preparations for his Africa trip include getting vaccinated and having one last 360 with the guys. Their time reminiscing is cut short when Red uncovers what they've been doing in the basement all these years and gives the gang a healthy tongue-lashing. Eric's grand exit to the airport with Donna falls apart in typical fashion when the Vista Cruiser won't start. Meanwhile, Jackie finds herself stranded in Point Place avoiding Hyde, until she convinces Kelso to drive her to Chicago.

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