Season One

1. August 23, 1998: That '70s Pilot

Eric's parents give him their old Vista Cruiser station wagon, and, against his dad's orders, Eric takes his five friends out of town to a Todd Rundgren concert. On the way, the battery dies, and they're forced to give up two tickets to get a replacement.

2. August 30, 1998: Eric's Birthday

Eric knows that his mom's planning a surprise birthday party for him, and he wants no part of it. Donna obsesses about buying Eric the perfect present. Kelso falls for Eric's sister Laurie who's home from college. And Red drags Kitty away from the party, so the kids can have some privacy but Kitty can't stop imagining all the dreadful things that could be happening while she's away.

3. September 6, 1998: Streaking

When Gerald Ford comes to Point Place on a whistle-stop tour, Hyde, Kelso, Eric and Fez decide to make a statement by streaking. Red's chosen to ask the President a question at the town meeting. Donna's mortified when her dad wants her to wear an American flag jump-suit.

4. September 20, 1998: Battle of the Sexists

Relations are strained between Donna and Eric when she keeps beating him at one-on-one and other games. Jackie warns Donna that Eric will never be her boyfriend if she doesn't let him win. Red spends all his time around the house fixing things that aren't broken.

5. September 27, 1998: Eric's Burger Job

Eric hates his new job at the local burger joint, but he doesn't want his dad to think he's a quitter. When Donna tells the gang that her parents will be away for the weekend and she'll be alone with her little sister, Eric completely misses the message she's trying to send him.

6. October 25, 1998: The Keg

When the kids find a keg in the middle of the road, they decide to throw a party at a deserted house and charge admission. Eric goes off in search of a tap and returns just as Bob, Red and a couple of police officers are arriving to break up the party.

7. November 8, 1998: That Disco Episode

When the friends decide to go to a disco in Kenosha, Hyde, who can't dance, gets a few lessons from Kitty. Hyde surprises Donna by asking her to dance, and Fez and Jackie surprise everyone when they take over the dance floor with their 'Saturday Night Fever' moves.

8. November 15, 1998: Drive In

Donna and Eric are extremely nervous about their plans to go to a drive-in movie together. The Erdmans, Fez's host family, want him to stop listening to rock music which they think is evil. Kitty takes a quiz in Cosmo and learns that there's no spontaneity in her marriage.

9. November 22, 1998: Thanksgiving

Eric's sister Laurie brings her friend Kate home for Thanksgiving and Kate stirs up trouble when she comes on to Eric and kisses him. The family sits down to Thanksgiving dinner and realizes that no one remembered to pick up Grandma.

10. November 29, 1998: Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Kitty's resolve to quit smoking weakens when her mother-in-law comes for a visit. Eric has to entertain his grandmother, so his friends try unsuccessfully to help him with his term paper that's due the next day.

11. December 6, 1998: Eric's Buddy

Eric has a great time hanging out with his chemistry lab partner Buddy and riding around in Buddy's red Trans-AM until Buddy makes a pass at him. Red's not sure he is cut out to be an appliance salesman.

12. December 13, 1998: The Best Christmas Ever

Eric gets permission to have a Christmas party in the basement. Red gives Eric money to buy the family Christmas tree, but the guys chop down a tree on the interstate and keep the money for beer. And Hyde wants to buy a special Christmas gift for Donna.

13. January 17, 1999: Ski Trip

The gang's planning a ski trip to Jackie's dad's cabin, but when Jackie learns that Kelso's been making out with another girl behind the gym, he's no longer invited.

14. January 24, 1999: Stolen Car

Red takes away the Vista Cruiser when Eric gets a scratch on it. Kelso's cousin loans him a car, so the guys have some wheels, but soon they're pulled over by the police and taken to jail for possession of a stolen car.

15. February 7, 1999: That Wrestling Show

Kitty's urging, Red (accompanied by Bob) goes with Eric and his friends to a pro wrestling match where Eric meets his idol Rocky Johnson.

16. February 14, 1999: First Date

Eric takes Donna to dinner at the Vineyard for their first date and plans to ask her to be his girlfriend. Hyde, who's not going down without a fight, shows up at the restaurant to plead his case with Donna.

17. February 21, 1999: The Pill

Jackie thinks she's pregnant, and Kelso thinks his life is over. After she hears about Jackie's problems, Donna decides to go on the pill.

18. February 28, 1999: Career Day

For Career Day at school, Eric goes to the hospital with Kitty, Kelso goes to his dad's office, and Hyde and Fez get a bizarre introduction to the food service industry.

19. March 7, 1999: Prom Night

Jackie's upset, even though she broke up with Michael, that he's taking someone else to the prom; Hyde, who actually feels sorry for Jackie, asks her to be his date. And Eric decides to rent a motel room for prom night.

20. March 14, 1999: A New Hope

The four guys go to see Star Wars, and they all love it, but Kelso's instantly obsessed. David, a former schoolmate, is back in town, and Eric's worried that he's spending way too much time with Donna. Laurie's home from college, and she's so bored that she hits on Kelso.

21. June 14, 1999: Water Tower

The gang climbs the water tower, and Kelso paints a pot leaf on it, but falls off and lands in the hospital. Without their seeing him, Eric accidentally walks in on his parents while they're having sex. He freaks out and begins acting so strangely that Kitty thinks he's on drugs.

22. June 21, 1999: Punk Chick

Eric's awkward attempts to get to second base with Donna make her thoroughly uncomfortable. And Chrissy, a punk chick, roars into town on her Vespa and steals Hyde's heart. She's dark, obnoxious, dangerously paranoid and Hyde's dream girl.

23. July 12, 1999: Grandma's Dead

Eric's driving his grandmother home after a tension-filled visit. He tells her it wouldn't kill her to be nicer to his parents, and she keels over dead. Eric's guilt-ridden, and Donna suggests he talk to his dad about how he feels. Instead he goes drinking with the guys and gets a black eye in a bar fight.

24. July 19, 1999: Hyde Moves In

When Hyde's mom takes off with a trucker and leaves Hyde home alone without even money for food, Eric tells his parents that he's worried about his friend. Red and Kitty go to Hyde's to check out the situation, and it's clear to Kitty that Hyde needs their help. It's a hard sell, but Kitty convinces Red to let Hyde move in with them.

25. July 26, 1999: The Good Son

Hyde, now living with the Forman family, does everything possible to be a good 'son.' Eric's upset, because Hyde is clearly getting preferential treatment from his parents. Bull, Red's old army buddy, comes back to town and offers Red a job with his hot tub company, but Red and Kitty are shocked when they learn later that Bull and his wife are swingers.

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