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Hey, welcome all That '70s Show fans to my website, and all people alike. I decided to create my
own site for the best show on TV. Here you will find information about the show, the latest news
and updates concerning the show, images, a discussion forum, links, and more. Enjoy browsing
around and thanks for visiting. Also be sure to sign my guestbook before you leave. Remember,
catch new episodes of That '70s Show, every Wednesday night at 8/7 central on FOX! Also check
your local channels for reruns airing. Please come back soon and have a great day!

"Where zen ends, ass kickin' begins!" - Hyde


TV Guide Covers - August 4, 2001 11 September 2006: The show has been over for quite some time now, but I'm not totally done with this site. I updated the DVD page today, that's about all for now, but I will be adding some more this upcoming November - December. Until then, enjoy your '70s Show re-runs, and you can pick up the fifth season on DVD October 17th!

18 May 2006: Well, That '70s Show has come to an end. The finale was a good one, I hope you all enjoyed. Just so you guys know, I will still be updating the site, it's become a hobby and I don't wanna just quit on it now. And for the show, we still have re-runs and there's still four seasons left to be released on DVD. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the end, it's been a great run. I'd like to thank the cast and the creators for making such a great series, I've had a lot of fun watching it over the years. This will always be my favorite show, I grew up with it. That '70s Show: August 23rd, 1998 - May 18th, 2006.

15 May 2006: I made some pretty big changes to the homepage, and I plan on adding cast profiles too. I know, I know - the show is ending, but I still want to work on this site, it's become a hobby. Remember everyone, the final episode of the series airs this Thursday, May 18, at 8/7 central, and is a full hour long. Anyways, until the next update...

12 May 2006: Made some subtle changes, new fonts, minor layout edits, etc. The "Final Goodbye" Special for That '70s Show aired last night on Fox, after the second to last episode ever. It was basically a compilation of flashbacks from previous episodes, a whole slew of cast interviews, and an emotional conclusion where the cast filmed their last episode of the show. It was great, I hope none of you '70s fans missed it. I don't think we'll be able to see it again until season 8 gets released on DVD, so I recorded it on my VCR. Remember, the very last episode of the show airs Thursday, 18 May 2006, at 8/7 central, and is a full hour long. Also, Season 4 is now available on DVD, go get it, it's a good one.

7 May 2006: Sorry for the lack of updates, I just haven't gotten around to it. But I have now updated the DVD page and the Episode guide (which will be sadly the last update I'll ever make on the page, I have every episode on there now). The show is coming to it's end (sadly), and the final episode will air May 18th. The fourth season of That '70s Show will be available though, this Tuesday, May 9th.

25 November 2005: Hey everyone, I just wanted to say I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving and ate lots of food. And remember, That '70s Show Season 3 is now available on DVD. Go to the DVD page for more info.

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Created as a dedication to
That '70s Show on July 18th, 2004.

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That '70s Show
August 23, 1998 - May 18, 2006

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