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2005 JFK 50
50 miles of fun with Slug-Doug

z Saturday, November 19, 2005

24degrees 430am Boonesboro MD ED Complex.After A Pre Race brief ing by race director Mike S and a last minute bathroom stop we walked to the start 445am main st Boonesboro 5am we started about 200 of the 975 plus my mind 200 slugs! I was right at home.lots of slug girls and guys of course the air was fresh crisp and the girls smelled good and looked good also armed with our walmart dis flashlights.we marched up hill to the trail head with our power bars and waterbottles.units were formed people starting pair ing up I found myself behind a asian lady Maria long black hair and smelled like a spring flower I truly knew this was the spot for me the slug that I am these features would deliver a finish with time to daybreak came 645 700am we seen a couple hunters and we started looking each other over I was with Jenna from Ohio Babe! and Maria from New Jersey Babe! I was set a finish was in the bag we ran the flats down hills and walked the hills ate and drank all the way.the day was perfect the support at every aid station was above excellent ! we all enjoyed each others company,as the sun started going down it got cool again the later aid stations had hot soup .Iwould have give JFK 50 miler an A plus and a must do every year I did Harrisburg 26.2 on sun 11/13/05 then JFK 50 on sat 11/19/05 I was not leaving Hagerstown without that medal! came across a young lady heading into 38mile aid station called 38 special young blue eyed gal irish skin blonde hair with a tube top on and mini skirt!! and a pair of trail shoes I said to her wow never seen a girl run a 50 miler with a mini skirt!!! she said it allows me to breathe down there blown away by that one Iknew Maria and I were finishing its was that type of day people opened up to each other this happens in these ultra events! the tow path continued and we made it to the end way before 5pm cut off then we had around 8 miles of rolling blacktop then we rolled into the finish 630pm 13 1/2 hours a true slug time and still had a 1/2 hour before the shutdown which was 7pm so readers thats the report on the JFK 50 miler 2005

z Signing Off

Doug "The Mudstomper" Bartocci TSI; NY Correspondent