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The Booty Rumble; Or, Monsoon Madness in the First State ...

2009 Booty Rumble Race photos are available at: 2009 Booty Rumble

Weather forecast this morning was for scattered showers and breezy conditions, and temps near 80 degrees ... much nicer than the searing summer temps from last year. At the starting line, all seemed well with eleven starters prepared to challenge the Slug Course. Fifteen minutes after the starters disappeared into the dense, forested, pond trail the first thunder rumbled into the park. Quickly followed by lightning and torrential rain, this year's event appeared to be ending prematurely. However, these "Are" Slugs, and a little thunder, a lot of lightning, and several inches of rain were not going to stop them from accomplishing their goals. Ranger Rick ducked for cover, and not one of da' Slugs left the course.

A.J.Johnson, a repeat Slug-Champion led the way on the 50K course, enjoying close encounters with a very large snake, and at least two bolts of lightning. Another repeat Slugger, Tom Curtis, representing the U.S. Air Force with pride followed close behind, and grabbed second place. First-time ultrarunner Robert Duff, proud VT Alum and Close Friend of the Pokey-Bear herself, snagged third in a dual with Semi-Pro Boxer Ryan Setlock. Mr. Setlock brought a protege to complete the course, however his buddy Geno vapor-locked about 22 miles into the torrential downpour. He was last seen duck-walking on Route 1, headed North to Philly. His last words were, "I'll be bach!!!"

Kathy Gonzales, of Egg Harbor Township, NJ, in her first-ever Ultra-Run won the Women's title by hanging in, and holding on to a 7:09. Her perseverance should not be underestimated, and watching her struggle in was a joy, and the reason Team Slug still exists.

On the 25K side the Grand-Poobah was out for a little stroll, and back-stroked through the rising waters in 2:19. Heather Valachovik drove in from Vermont to win the Women's 25K title. Special thanks to the Murphy family for sharing their newborn Zoe. We enjoyed visiting with them, and look forward to seeing Mother Meredith back at an Ultra real soon. Happy Father's Day to E.J....his Very First :)

Friends this was a good one, with heavy rains continuing for over six consecutive hours. Weatherman say, central DE got about 3 inches of rain today ... seemed much more than that. Everything was Wet. Even Uncle Sam's finest poncho couldn't keep me dry. We've had a LOT of good Slug runs, but None any Better than Today ... See ya in OCT ...
RD: Pokey Asst RD: A.J.Johnson

TSI's Booty Rumble
Kent County, Delaware
June 20th, 2009

50K Results

1. A.J.Johnson NJ M 4:53:00
2. Tom Curtis PA M 5:17:00
3. Robert Duff DE M 5:35:00
4. Ryan Setlock PA M 5:39:00
5. Steve Tursi NY M 6:51:00
6. Kathy Gonzales NJ F 7:09:00

25K Results

1. Derek Hills MD M 2:19:00
2. Gino Shemansik PA M 2:26:00
3. E.J.Murphy PA M 2:52:00
4. Heather Valachovik VT F 4:00:00
5. Amanda Bundek DE F