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Current Team Slug Racing News

2005 John Clark 50K+ A Smashing Success as Ultramarathon Newcomer Sir Edward Carlson of Colorado Springs, CO takes top title!!!

Killen's Pond For the record & Let it be known to all, John "The Man with a Thousand Nicknames" Clark is not dead. TSI named a race after him because of our genuine affection for the great bald-headed midnight overhand bowler. While it's upsetting that he wouldn't bother to appear for a race named after him (and he did have a good excuse --- fell drunkly off a mechanical bull and his wife couldn't catch him), it is good to know he is planning on making a guest appearance at the TSI Fattest Butt 50K+ on New Year's Day. That gives me time to train for our head-to-head reunion rumble. Back to today though! Today is the reason i'm still a runner. A real Old-tyme Ultra of epic proportion. It was a Hum-Dinger. The cast of characters were eclectic, kind & warm, and Athletic. Winning in his debut ultramarathon and too fresh to yet earn a Slugname was Edward Carlson of Colorado Springs, CO. He smoked the LONG (34 mile) course with a s-weet 5:49. Fresh off the Redeye (as he says; planes, trains, and automobiles --- not to mention buses --- direct from Colorado), absolutely ignoring family, friends, and my own personal advice not to try this thing, he methodically moved quietly through the forested footpath. He showed up at the aid stations focused and showed a lot of courage in what we all know can very well be an escalation of physical discomfort, beyond which most folks in their daily routines never encounter. Not to be outdone, and closing quickly in the final miles was the Strong and well-prepared Gloria Allie from Alexandria, VA. These two put on a nice show for the rookies in the event. Gloria caught and passed Ed at the marathon distance, but he recovered to pull away for the top spot by 11 minutes. For his performance Ed not only took the JC50k crown, but also was named President of the Rocky Mt. Slugs! All hail the King!

The Bronze went to Justin "The Animal" Jones, Team Slug's extraordinary Mud-runner, Hill-Climber, and Ultra-Endurance-Athlete who ran a nice steady race in preparation for some serious fall marathoning. A sub-3:30 at Baltimore is not out of the question for this young cub. Just minutes behind him came one of the First State's Finest, Mrs Margie Hughes, TSI's absolute favorite Trail Dawg, who ran an outstanding and obviously disciplined pace seeming to grow stronger as the event wore on. She may have done some real damage at 50 miles! She also had that happy, glowing smile and shared kind words/running wisdom all day that seemed to keep all the runners, and RD motivated. Sam Louie was next finisher in line. He shared the lead with Ed through the first 4 hours, before succumbing to the hills and building heat. Still he proved the importance of positive attitude and determination and earned the Slug Shirt for his efforts.

The Lone Star Team of Peter Bennett & Yen Nguyen, both of Houston, Texas also proved a terrific combination as they spent the day at the lake proving that ultramarathon running can be fun. I may have met a kinder, gentler man than Peter; or a sweeter lady than Yen sometime in my past 44 years. But honestly, I can't remember when. These two were born to be Slugs! Their hearts were filled with joy and their spirits soared. What an incredible opportunity to meet them and share a beautiful day. While it is highly unusual for a runner to earn a Slug name after one event, these two are going to get one. And soon!

The Crazy Horse Award winner on this day, in Team Slug's more mature years (now giving away Pretty Ugly CD's rather than Ale, was the Most Honorable Ultra Sage, Mr. Russell Cheney from Torrance, California. In finishing his 203rd marathon/ultra on this day he brought a reverence to the event that only such a worthy and fine human being & seasoned ultrarunner could. Kindly he shared thoughts, ideas, and " the wisdom of all unknown" with a willing and wanting classroom of young and not-so-young students of life, chasers of dreams, and lovers of running through the deep, dark forest for hours at a time. What a tremendous privilege to welcome him into Team Slug.

Friends, this was a perfect day! A perfect running day; and a great day to be alive, breathing and sharing time on this glorious planet. Let me assure you the Team Slug State of Mind rolls on, and will continue to encourage anyone/everyone to set goals, pursue their passions, and challenge any obstacle in their paths. Today these folks proved that dreams can come true, and i was privileged to share a seat in the front row. These folks left with Slug Shirts & Trinkets; but more importantly they left with friendships that will never grow old, and memories that Can NOT be found anywhere, but in the company of like-minded souls.

Happy Trails & Keep Runnin'
The Hitman

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Final Results-----Central Delaware-----Oct 1, 2005
1. Edward Carlson, CO 5:49
2. Gloria Allie, VA 6:00
3. Justin Jones, WV 6:13
4. Margie Hughes, DE 6:18
5. Sam Louie, CA 6:56
6. Yen Nguyen, TX 7:31
7. Peter Bennett, TX 7:31
8. Russell Cheney, CA 8:45
9. Flatfoot Freddie, GA 10:00
10. The Hitman, FL 10:00

Killen's PondKillen's Pond

Killen's PondKillen's Pond

Killen's PondKillen's Pond

Killen's PondKillen's Pond