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When Colin Powell was introduced to America on television during the Gulf War, I noticed the DWYSYWD  banner on the wall behind his desk.  When questioned about its meaning, the reply he gave actually summed up what I was learning in business classes, seminars, and workshops.  As years have passed, this credo has stayed with me.  The topic has obvious great meaning as it continues to be studied by many and put into practice by those who recognize it's potential value.  

This philosophy helps me to focus on getting good information from others while keeping them informed and promoting teamwork that considers a common goal.

The Basics:

The prescription for credibility is simple: 

DWYSYWD - Do What You Say You Will Do 

It is far more important to walk the talk than simply talk the talk!

DYSYWD in the world of leadership and managing people leads to DWWSWWD.  

The question then becomes,  "Are We Doing What We Say We Will Do?"  

WE  demonstrates a focus on the needs and beliefs of others on the team.  I truly believe that this is the largest single factor to becoming and actually being a credible leader.  

A credible leader learns how to discover and communicate shared values and visions that can form a common ground.  This happens simply by finding the unity among diverse backgrounds, interests, points of view, and beliefs.

                                                                                                                                         Tom Lyon