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Saudi Arabia's List of Most Wanted Terrorists

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Saudi Arabia's New Most Wanted  Scorecard  

This page was assembled with the help of many contributors.  If you have information to add to the scorecard or a correction please email me
Dead = 20        Apprehended = 4        At Large = 2
Name  Function  Status  Location
Abdul Aziz Isa Abdul Mohsen Al-Muqrin One of AQ's top commanders in SA.  Involved in the Paul Johnson beheading and numerous attacks in the kingdom. Dead (June 2004) Hell
Rakan Mohsen Muhammad Al-Saikhan Involved in attacks on the USS Cole and the French tanker Limburg Dead (April 2004) Hell
Khaled Ali ibn Ali Haj Chief of Al-Qaida operations in the Gulf  Dead (April 2004) Hell
Abdul Kareem Al-Tahami Al-Majati Internationally well connected, involved in Madrid & Casablanca bombings Dead (April 2005) Hell
Saleh Muhammad Awadallah Al-Alawi Al-Aufi Al-Muqrin's successor - Connected to terror cells in  Germany - Policeman turned terrorist. Dead (August 2005) Hell
Ibrahim Muhammad Abdullah Al-Rayyes  No info available Dead (Dec 2004) Hell
Saud Hamoud Obaid Al-Qutaini Al-Otaibi New head of AQ in Saudi, trained at OBL's camps in Afghanistan in the 90's Dead (April 2005) Hell
Ahmed Abdul Rahman Saqer Al-Fadhli Extremist Saudi policeman, possibly fought in Iraq Dead (April 2004) Hell
Sultan Bajad Saadoun Al-Otaibi  Al-Qaeda Ideologue Dead (Dec 2004) Hell
Abdullah Saud Abu Nayyan Al-Subaie No info available Dead (Jan 2005) Hell
Faisal Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Dakheel Muqrin's top deputy Dead (June 2004) Hell
Faris Ahmed Jamaan Al-Shuwail Al-Zahrani  Extremist cleric Apprehended (Aug 2004) In Custody
Khaled Mubarak Habibullah Al-Qurashi  Former Saudi Navy sailor joined extremist groups Dead (April 2004) Hell
Mansour Muhammad Ahmed Faqeeh No info available Apprehended (Dec 2004) In Custody
Isa Saad Muhammad ibn Aushen Extremist cleric Dead (June 2004) Hell
Taleb Saud Abdullah Al-Taleb No info available At Large Unknown
Mustafa Ibrahim Muhammad Mubaraki Extremist cleric Dead (April 2004) Hell
Abdul Majeed Muhammad Abdullah Al-Munie Extremist cleric Dead (Oct 2004) Hell
Nasser Rashid Nasser Al-Rashed No info available Dead (April 2004) Hell
Bandar Abdul Rahman Abdullah Al-Dakheel No info available Dead (Dec 2004) Hell
Othman Hadi Al-Maqbool Al-Amri Prominent member of the "Awakening Sheikhs" who resist Saudi reforms. Apprehended (June 2004) In Custody
Talal Anbar Ahmed Anbari No info available Dead (April 2004) Hell
Aamir Mohsen Mureef Al-Zaidan Al-Shahri Extremist cleric Dead (Dec 2004) Hell
Abdullah Muhammad Rashid Al-Rashoud  Extremist cleric At Large - Previously reported dead. Unknown
Abdul Rahman Muhammad Muhammad Yazji Spokesman Dead (April 2005) Hell
Hussein Muhammad Al-Haski No info available Apprehended (Aug 2004) In Custody-Belgium

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