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Welcome to the Links section of Mega Man's Land. To keep the lists organized, the different types of websites have been put into different categories.

Mega Man Pages

Basically these are the general pages that are Mega Man only, or have very little non Mega Man features.

Fan Creations

This section provides a list of websites that have many features created by Mega Man fans, like comics.

Character sites

This section lists websites that feature a Mega Man character as the main attraction (For example: Cutman. A site that has some information about Mega Man, but mostly has to do with Cutman).

This section will feature links tosites that have very little to do with Mega Man, or have some Mega Man features or related to Mega Man in some way.

Official Mega Man websites

Offcial Mega Man sites. From the series creators, as well as other companies that have licensed Mega Man.