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Matrix Falling Code Emulator Information

The purpose of this page is to provide an ACCURATE description of what's happening with regards to the falling code. Short but Sweet!

Just a warning though, any modem users... This was my first time making animated GIF files, and due to the quality of the pictures I wanted, the files are HUGE for anyone NOT on broadband. Sorry about any inconviences! I wanted to make it as detailed as possible...


We have a NEW BETA Screensaver. This one is still in the making but shows more promise then any other screensaver regarding the matrix to date.
All or most of this webpage will be sent there eventually as well also, so start updating your links!!!
Here's the link! Matrix Trilogy Screensaver Page!

This one has the ability to save and load presets, change colors, has real glow, sound, and incoming characters, as well as the Deja Vu effect the XTX matrix had.

NOTE: This site will not be updated anymore, please go to: New Matrix Page

Matrix Trilogy Screensaver, Version 2 Please send any suggestions, comments, etc.. to I'd be more then happy to reply, and take suggestions as how to make this thing better. There are still things we have yet to do, like color changing, etc.. But this one is capable of SO much more that it's not even funny.
I hope you're all as excited as I am!

Anyway, Let's jump right into this!

Fundimental Matrix Code "Theory"

Grid Info
Tracer Info
Green falling Code

Special Options

Trace Code Bursts
Location Finding
DeJa Vu
Matrix Hacking

Matrix Crash?

External links and other things.

First and Foremost:
If you look at this site, please just take a moment and check this out:
Kiki Software This company was the one that helped me get the concept of the XTC Matrix screensaver a reality. He's for hire and a very capable and efficient programmer. If you want a programming project done, he's the guy. Very very good at what he does :)
Other ScreenSaver Downloads
These are all screensavers that I've been downloading and have downloaded and also suggestions from people as to what they think should be there as well.


We've just re-written the whole screensaver again, and this time I think it's just about perfect. It has the fading in thing that makes it look a WHOLE lot smoother which I have recieved some complaints about. It also reallocates the font sizes so that anyone who had a problem before with the font being too big and it was leaving artifacts, this should take care of it.

XTC Matrix Final!

The Movie
Here is a small video, so you can see the Fading effect, the Diffuse Glow effect, and the general falling properties of the code.
The Font
The Unclipped Font *for those of you with the nasty clipping errors
This is the font I made to be used however you wish to use it. It's not from the cover of the matrix box, so much as it is the Katakana code itself.
NEW!!! XTCMatrix.
This is the closest looking screensaver I've seen yet. It's finally finished and it has full implimentation and an installer as well :)
The All of the Movie Frames from the gif files in screenshot format
The file is about 14 megs... It contains all the stills needed to make the GIF files, so you can see what's happening FRAME by FRAME
The screensaver was written by Vicent Ting. Although you may already have this screensaver, combined with my own font and some settings I have described, it's the closest screensaver there is at the moment.
You have to read the README2.txt file to get the PROPER setup information. This is written by myself, and the settings I accidently stumbled across when I messed with the numbers in the variables screen.
I'm currently working on a project with a programmer to make another screensaver, however this one will be different.
This one is not only going to be accurate, but it's going to have the characters displayed PROPERLY, and they're going to react just like in the movie.
There's also going to be a key input, where you type keys and these above described effects happen realtime.

The closest we have so far:
XTC Matrix Screenshots
The Real thing from the movie:

I've moved all the updates into an Update page, so there are some misc. files there as well.
Update Page
I also have a newer links page with all the links to sites that I go to, as well as people who have been nice enough to help me with this site because for whatever reason it's not being submitted to search engines.
Links! Note: All pictures, screenshots, sound clips, etc... are a copyright of WarnerBrothers and all that other stuff. There are some things that I made but most of the screenshots and files I've made myself. I don't own the Gif files, but the pictures are ones that I've made. Anyway, yeah, I'm not selling them, so if you want to take it, feel free, but don't direct link. If you have your own site, link it from there.

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