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1) Indian food Recipes   Indian curry recipes:  INDIAN RECIPE COLLECTION - Easy to cook Indian dishes, Indian food recipes, fat free Indian recipes, Indian snacks, vegetarian recipes, meaning of Indian spices....

2)Mumbai Masala : authentic Mumbai style food

3)food Complete Guide to Indian Food and this page is about vegetarian food

4) Cooking Marvel :Ultimate vegetarian recipes

5)Vegetarian Recipes from : Not only does India have a dazzling array of fresh vegetables, each region has its own style of cooking them! This makes for mind-boggling variety.

6)Sify bawarchi 

7) Chennai on line : see Veg side dishes

8) Complimentary Recipes from taradalal

9) : In this site, you will find a large collection of Indian vegetarian recipes, (mostly south Indian style). Click on any of the categories on the left to go to the recipes.

10) veg dishes from

11)North and South Indian vegetarian dishes' recipes

12)Indian Recipes: We bring you a large collection of Indian vegetarian recipes. The collection consists of variety of rotis, raitas, mixed veg. and much more. The recipes are sorted alphabetically. Browse through the section to find the guide to the real taste of Indian cuisine.

13)The recipes are given in simple, easy to follow terms. The original names of the dishes are retained for the ethnic flavor. Different vegetables and spices go by different names in India and the US..both the Indian and the American names are given separated by a slash(/).

14)From recipe khazana : please select varieties under 'vegetarian'

15)Very beautiful web site from Poornima for wonderful recipes

16) Indian Vegetarian recipes in ayurvedic cooking (here you get free epic stories, massage guidance, wall papers, mantras, meditation classes , etc of Indian Hindu culture absolutely free)

17) Indian vegetarian recipes a lot

18)Vegetarian dishes from

19)For Naivedya items and Chaaturmaasya vrata recipes (No onion and garlic recipes)

20)Indian Recipes for Vegetarian Cooking (with Immediate recalculation of ingredient amounts and cooking times with change in the number of people)

21)South Indian Recipes by Bhooma Pattabiraman

22)Indian Recipes Collection

23)Indian Vegetable Recipes from

24)Indian food : Vegetarian from

25)Indian Vegetarian food from

26)Menu Card of Indian recipes

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