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30 12"x12" diffusor panels. 120 frame sides, 30 back plates, and 300 well depth slats. All sanded, glued, and stained by hand. Not to mention the 390 hardboard well dividers, which were sanded on the facing ends and painted on all visible sides twice or more. The wood hemlock.

My Dad bought all the materials as a Christmas present, and helped me cut them utilizing his shop. This took four 8 hour days alone. He laughed as I loaded the roughly finished pieces into my pickup and said, "Son, you work is only beginning. You don't know how much work you have ahead of you." Well, I didn't at the time, but he was right. It took 7 weeks, and more than 250 hours to finish the job.

In the process of all this work, I became a little dissolusioned. I doubted that they would do much if anything. I kept thinking to myself, "This must be what separates an obsession from a hobby." "They better work, or a very large fire will ensue."

To say that this was a tremedous pain in the ass would be a gross understatement. I wish I had taken more pictures of this process. It's easily forgotten though considering the tremendous improvement they render. I thought I had a grasp on the key ingredients of good sound, and especially imaging. I thought I had experienced them. I was wrong. These panels have completely transformed my system. They improved the sound in every way, not just imaging. They allow the equipment to perform unimpeded, and my component decisions are now justified. To those who haven't tried room treatment, do it. It is amazing how much the room interacts with the music. I had no idea.