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Hi, i'm around 23 years old and this is my poor homepage.

In case you've been wondering how many digits of Pi (π) we know today, the number is: digits have been calculated until today! But you can calculate more than 250 millions with QuickPi on a PC on some hours, or up to 16 millions on 3-4 minutes or 1.000.000 at some seconds! You can find QuickPi at the links below. If you want more than 2 billions! you can download Pi234c from the links below.

This stupid page is new so many things are missing, but it will be updated frequently......

Do you know anything about Gothic Chess? It's a Chess variation. But really you have to start playing this game. It's amazing and in my eyes it seems almost equal at playing-quality with Chess. Visit for an introduction. If you know Chess you can learn to play it in 40 seconds. Do it now! But be careful. You will stick with it!
Here is my page about Gothic Chess:

Do you know the game NIM? You can download clicking here my simple program that plays NIM game perfectly!

CLICK HERE to go to my page about FIFA WORLD CUP!

If you like board games or even not, you should download and register the AMAZING program ZILLIONS-OF-GAMES which is a magical program.
With it you can play around 400-500 already created games like Chess, 30+ variations of Chess,Backgammon,GO, GOmoku, 4-in a line,Reversi and an huge number of other games. But the MOST IMPORTANT THING is that with ZILLIONS-OF-GAMES you can create you own game WHATEVER is this, with incredible ease and Zillion's powerful engine will be able to play it, strong enough for giving you a real challenge. Whatever game you can think, with whatever images, you can programme it (easy even for beginners) and play it, against the computer or against another human! With the unregistered version you can play only 40-50 game variants and you can't play your own games. So register it (only 30$) to unleash it's power!
Click here to go to the Zillions web page.

Click here to go to my page that have some games for download. These are games that i modified from already existing one's.........

If you want to play live, many (20-30 different types) interesting games against strong opponents from all around the world in a very friendly environment, and with very interesting discussion forums, you should definitely go to these 2 sites:
and .
After an easy registration you can immediately start playing games for free. The free accounts have many limitations at both sites, such as the total number of started games can't be above 20. If you want unlimited number of games, you should pay some money to register and have as many games as you want. How much money? The prices are ridiculous! 16 Euro for 6 months at Brainking and 35$ for life-time membership at Cowplay only!!! So you should register at both sites!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some ridiculous Fortran and other programs!
General programs! (Fractals,Astronomy...)
The best Reversi programs!
Great Annotated Chess Games - Easy to use! (Unzip the file and open the games.htm)