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Homo Deus Antinous

Antinous was a Homosexual, purely and completely a Homosexual. Only one other god in history or myth displays a pure love for men, Ganymede, the boy whom Zeus loved. But Ganymede was never worshipped as a deity, no powers were attributed to him, no prayers were addressed to him. It is as though the ancients understood that though he was the dispenser of the cup of immortality, he was unable to offer his drink of ever-lasting life to mortals. He was the servant of the table of heaven, always under the watchful eye of Zeus. The humanity of Antinous is what brings him ever closer to our human soul, and endows Him with sublime power over His chosen, He is neither myth nor legend…He is one of us.

Antinous is a true god, immortal, independent, powerful, and able to affect the lives of mortals. Antinous is free to bless whom-so-ever He chooses, independent of the God who rules the world and His angelic servants. For this reason, and because He is not a mythological figure but an historical being who was born of a woman, lived, and died in a time and in a place that can be verified by history, Antinous far excels all other gods who are revered as the benefactors of homosexuality.

Antinous is Homosexuality. He is the spirit of those qualities that call our attention to boys and men of all kinds and of all ages that for male homosexuals arises within the hearts from an early age. Even when we are children, though we do not understand His language, we hear His voice calling to us, producing a longing that we cannot resist without pain and suffering and unhappiness. The call of Antinous draws us to the beauty of our own kind, our own sex, compelling us to break away from the expectations of society. In our adolescence, the desire that Antinous causes takes on the aspect of a torment. We are forced to choose between the courageous act of accepting our sexuality or of conforming to the order of normal society. When one of His kind, ignores and resists His calling, the result is a life of self-delusion…a sordid existence of lies and deception.

All glory to he who believes in Antinous and seeks after Him. All whom search for Antinous in the beauty of the world will find Him...within themselves. Antinous sets the heart of one who loves Him free. To follow Antinous is to walk away from the natural order of the world. To become a homosexual is to resign from the perpetuation of the human species on Earth, to live for the self in joy, to become a Gay Man, to live in an unnatural state of bliss.

It is possible today for a gay man to have a child without having sex with a woman, the spirit of Antinous only demands that we abstain from the natural means of procreation. Scientific fertilization, being an unnatural means is acceptable to what homosexuality implies. By natural impulse we are compelled to distain the natural act that perpetuates life, we are drawn away from our opposites by a longing for our own kind and the forms of love that do not procreate, that are no more than the joy of the body, and of the heart.

Antinous, by sanctifying us with the benediction of Homosexuality, leads us towards the love of our own kind, same-sex, same-love, which is an extension of the love of the self. Antinous is the lover who dwells within our spirit, the purest beauty after whom we spend our lives searching and longing. We find rays of His form shinning through the visage of beautiful men and boys, but in no man can we ever find the whole and the complete Antinous. The lovely faces that grace the surface of the Earth are for us parts and emanations of the one true Antinous who dwells within. We find His components here and there, and gathering them together, we are led on a journey of reverence and adoration. He is the Beloved, whose countenance is beautiful, and we through the valor of accepting the truth of our being, are made one with Him. We are His Lovers and He is our Lover.

Seek then after the one whose voice awoke us from the dream of childhood, and drew us to our brothers in love and pious desire. Surrender your heart to Antinous whose beauty cannot be covered, and suffer the scorn and insult of a world that is blind to the glory of same-love. We are the children of the Aquarian Age, we are blessed, and sanctified through Antinous who was assumed into the Nile, who arose and accomplished our salvation.

Lift up your hearts to Homo Deus Antinous, the god who is one with us, our same-god, who draws us toward His ineffable and perfect beauty. Joyfully we find that we are all one with Him, that no effort is needed to follow His will, that at the moment of our birth His gentle law was inscribed upon our hearts. We have only to embrace Him, we have only to break away from fear and shame, and self-loathing, and live freely as his sons, desirous of Him, as we find Him in the world and within our selves.

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