The Wedding

Summary: A little cheesy one shot, in which a wedding day brings two slayers together.
Timeline: Post Season 7
Rating: NC17
Pairing: F/B
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and whoever else owns them. I make no profit from this.

I’ve never been a big fan of weddings. My view on them has been somewhat warped given the fact my parents gave up so easily on their marriage. And I can’t say I’ve been around healthy amounts of normal relationships. My own are testament to that. I seemed to have had a ‘thing’ for Mr. Wrong. Quite a few Mr. Wrongs, then a close call with a Miss Wrong; that should maybe have been so right, but was spoiled before it began.

I guess that’s why I feel kind of out in the dark today. The gang are all blustering around me; Dawn just got her hair caught in the zipper of her dress and I swear she nearly passed out with hyperventilating, and Willow just flew headlong across the bed as she struggled to balance on one foot, doing her best to squeeze her other foot into a gaudy pink shoe.

I want to feel happy, and giddy, like they do. . .but I can’t seem to bring myself to smile and mean it.

“Buffy, you need to hurry up and put that on,” Willow tells me as she points to the large mess of pink in my hand.

The dress isn’t that bad for a bridesmaid dress I suppose, but it could be better. Xander’s soon to be wife isn’t completely devoid of fashion sense, but her favourite colour is just a little too bright for me. Especially right now. Black would probably be too bright for me right now.

Ok, much sombreness going on with me, that’s obvious. What isn’t obvious is the real reason why. Not to anybody else anyway.

I think they’re all telling themselves that I’m just missing the ‘good old days’. Yunno, the days when our teachers would try to eat us, and Halloween parties took on a whole new meaning, my vampire lover decided post-coital smoking wasn’t as satisfying as killing my friends, being made invisible, having my best friend try to end the world because her girlfriend got shot with a bullet meant for me. Those good old days.

Yeah, I’m not missing them much. At least not in the way they think. I still slay, I’m just not so much on the front line now. Giles said I deserved a break, and I probably did. I took a vacation; not long, just two weeks in Rome, seeing the sites with Dawn. When we came back all the organizing had been done. All the places for our new ‘slayer family’ to stay had been found and I was going to get to choose where I went between staying in LA, or going with Giles and most of the others to Cleveland.

I opted for Cleveland of course. That’s where Willow and Xander were going, and they’re my family as much as Dawn is. There was nothing for me in LA. Angel was there of course, but that ship had long since sailed, and though he’ll always be a dear friend. . .that’s all there is left between us.

So, off we went to scope out more Hellmouth happenings. It wasn’t until I stepped into the car for the trip to the airport that I thought about Faith. I thought about her and stopped dead in my tracks. I didn’t know where she was going, or what she was going to do. I’d been so busy being swept along with everybody else that it just hadn’t entered my mind.

I bent down and caught Giles’ eye as he arranged himself in his seat. “Is Faith coming?” I asked.

He seemed a little surprised by my question, as did everybody else. I waited for an answer, but it didn’t come from the gang, it came right from Faith.

She strolled up to the car, all black denim and tumbling long hair, and she smiled. “I’m staying here, blondie,” Faith said, her accent oozing brazenly over her lips. “Somebody’s gotta look out for the big guy.” Faith nodded towards the hotel door where Angel stood cloaked in the shadows.

I smiled a little. Maybe it was a false smile. It certainly wasn’t one of those cute half smiles I do so well.

I’d just suddenly realised that I wasn’t quite ready to be whisked away from Faith. I didn’t know why exactly; we’d never been the best of friends, and that one chaste kiss we had shared so long ago wasn’t a reason to want to get with the cling-age.

I nodded and looked at her once more. Just letting my eyes drink her in; every last drop, before stepping into the car and closing the door. I told myself not to look back as we drove away, but I did. I turned and looked to see her digging her hands into her pockets, watching us leave.

She looked sad. Alone. And I suddenly felt sad and alone.

I really had no reason to feel alone with Dawn half sitting on my lap as five of us struggled for space in the car. Granted, it was a huge car, but for some reason none of us seemed to fit. Maybe we’d all grown into odd shapes over the last few weeks, months even.

I know I felt odd. I felt strange. Here we were embarking on a new life, leaving behind the big hole in the ground that had been my ‘old life’ for the past few years. We had lost people. Xander’s loss seemed to be the greatest. Anya was his rock, and now he was floating free and so sad and lost. Willow had lost Kennedy as they’d decided to part ways. It was mutual. They just couldn’t see a future together and I think deep down, Willow would always love Tara no matter what. Dawn had lost some of her new friends and she was trying hard to deal with that.

And me. . .I had lost a lot more than I thought I had to begin with. There was Spike; the champion who had laid down his life. . .err, un-life for us all. I had loved him, but it wasn’t what he’d wanted. It wasn’t being in love. Wasn’t passion and need and longing like he had for me. I had thought it was all that at one point, but I had been wrong. I’d been very wrong.

There was my home, and my memories of my Mom. It still makes me cry, why wouldn’t it? She was everything to me since Dad left. She was always there, even when she was being all refuse-to-understand-Mom, and I was being runaway-girl. I knew she loved me completely, and I always felt that, no matter what. No matter how lost I felt or how hard things got with the slaying and all that comes with it, Mom was my angel, and I was leaving her even further behind now. Forever it felt like.

So we were sat in an uncomfortable silence all the way to Cleveland; each of us dealing with our own memories and demons. And I was trying to understand why I suddenly felt a billion light years away from Faith, and why it made me want to panic and run back.

There had been a time we could have been friends, and as I’ve mentioned. . .there could even have been a little more. Then all hell broke loose and she went to the mayor, and well. . .some things we just can’t explain. Some things just happen, no matter how much we will them not to. No matter how much you wish it didn’t have to be that way. She followed what she thought was her only path. Thankfully, she found the right path again, fighting next to me.

I’ll never forget the night we kissed, though. It was nothing really. Just two girls high on slaying and on each other. It wasn’t like I’d been crushing on her. . .much.

We’d finished with some wicked slayage and found ourselves headed for the Bronze. She was all hyped up and wanting to dance and I was happy to follow in her captivating shadow. It felt good to let my hair down. Things with Angel had been a pain after he came back all mood-tastic from whatever dimension he’d been in, and it wasn’t looking up. Faith was like a dangerous breath of air blowing through me.

The Bronze had only just begun to fill up and Faith had taken me by the hand to the bar. She ordered drinks, getting them free somehow from the barman who couldn’t keep his eyes off her. It made me a little jealous, and not because I liked the barman.

As I tried to figure out what I was thinking and feeling, she tugged me to a quiet spot to sit. We crashed down onto the worn cushions and she took a drink through the green straw sticking out of her glass. I watched her lips as they wrapped around the thin plastic, sucking up the refreshing liquid. She grinned as she did it, looking straight at me.

I blushed. And before I knew what was happening her lips were on mine and we were kissing. She had her hand laying softly on my cheek as her mouth moved slowly over mine. I was just about to kiss back but the music pounded and Faith smirked. Then she was gone from my lips and pulling me up to the dance floor.

I always wondered what would have happened under different circumstances. What would have happened if Angel hadn’t turned up and made us go do the slayer-thing. Would we have gone further? I really don’t know. I doubt I was ready for that. Faith was a handful back then and I don’t think I would have known how to take hold and not get thrown from her and trampled on. Yunno, like at the rodeo.

Before we were able to find out, things went bad.

When she’d turned up to help with The First, I was all kinds of indifferent. Trying to hold her back. Keeping busy with the girls and with what we were facing. I didn’t let the thought of her linger in my mind for too long. It would have distracted me. Faith is nothing if not a huge implement of distraction. But I was glad she was there. Grateful even.

I didn’t really get the chance to tell her before I was being bundled off to Rome, then packaged off to Cleveland. I had so much I wanted to say. All I was left with was a last look at her as the car turned the corner, leaving her standing outside Angel’s hotel, watching us disappear from her life.

I thought it would be ok. I imagined I would forget the colour of her eyes on that day. How they sparkled in the low LA sunlight; the dark brown highlighted by flecks of gold as she smiled at me. How her hand effortlessly moved through her hair. And her lips; always somewhere in my mind, soft and sensual and pleading to be kissed. I couldn’t shake her.

I was fooling myself to think I could.

It baffled me of course. Ok, so I’d had a tiny. . .or not so tiny crush on her when she first showed up in Sunnydale. And I couldn’t deny that she was way hot when she came back to help us fight the good fight. I have eyes and I’m not completely stupid. Everybody was in awe of her. I fought it, but some of my old feelings came back, and she turned my head again.

Me; straight Buffy, good Buffy, Buffy who boinks the un-dead. . .is now lusting after a girl that once tried to ruin her life. I’m lusting and she’s. . .well, she’s not here. Faith is doing her thing with Angel. Not in a having-sex-with-him way. I mean she’s working for him, and doing all kinds of good so I hear. At least she’d better not be having sex with him.

I don’t want to think about that. I mean, it’s just too weird. He was my. . .and I want her to be my. . .

“Buffy?” I sense a hand waving in front of my face. “Buffy, come on, we have like five minutes,” Dawn yells in my ear.

“Ok, ok,” I yell back, complying as I change into the big-pink-blob dress.

I haven’t heard from Faith in just over a year, and I miss her more than I thought was possible.

“Is this thing even on the right way?” Willow asks as she looks down at her own dress.

The pink clashes terribly with her hair, and she looks about ready to cry. I smile at her and nod and wonder just how we got here; dressing for Xander’s wedding.

Well, that one isn’t too difficult. He met another woman. Well, I say woman when I really mean demon. Yep, he has a way of attracting them I guess. She’s sweet though, and looks human, when she isn’t half cat. Long story.

They met through the slaying, of course. She tried to bite him and he was instantly smitten. Thankfully we didn’t have to cut her head off or anything so he got a lucky break there. She’s great to have around too. She’s not Anya, and Xander will always have a place for the vengeance demon in his heart, but you can see the love he has for Amarice in his eyes. They’re well suited and she makes him smile again. It’s been a whirlwind romance and now, just a month after meeting, their going to tie the big knot thing.

It kind of makes me jealous I guess. I want to be happy. Truly happy, not just borderline happy. I have my friends, and Giles who’s like my father more than ever now. I have Dawn, though her teenage years are really starting to grate. There are slayers all around me who look up to me and I feel something for each one of them. But the slayer I feel most for is far away, and there’s nothing I could ever do or say to let her know how much my heart yearns for her right now.

Ya see. . .the lusting came first, but then came the thinking. I thought about everything we’d been through together. I thought about all the looks, and the touches and everything that was just under the surface. Just under the skin. It had always been there, and now I could see it. She had loved me, and I’d ran screaming from it. I’d ignored it, denied it, confused it for something else, but now I could see it as clear as the sad look on my face reflecting in the mirror. She’d fallen hard for me, and I was always falling for her.

Falling, but hating it instead of embracing it.

I wanted to embrace it now, before it got too late. Before chance ceased to take our side again. How do you pick up the phone and tell somebody that, though? I can’t. I wouldn’t know where to start. . .so I keep it inside and hope she can feel me longing for her.

I’m not holding out much hope. We were both always so bad at the signal thing.

I take a deep breath and make my way with the others out to the cars. It’s all so romantic and fairytale like. And I smile fully and genuinely when I see the bride all decked out in white, ready and waiting for us to follow her down the aisle, her tail thankfully hidden out of sight. We take our places and hear the music strum out of the organ of the little church.

I never knew demons could get married in churches, but then. . .I’m not big on wedding etiquette.

I grasp my little posy of flowers, hoping I don’t get attacked by bees, and walk slowly in through the old wooden doors. The guest list is light on actual guests. Amarice has a few friends, mainly of the demons-dressed-as-humans variety, and Xander has us, and the slayers, and a few work-colleagues. It’s cosy, and smiley, and. . .oh my God, there’s Faith.

I drop my flowers and step on the back of Willow’s dress. She makes a muffled yelp as she’s jerked back a little, but she regains her composure and yanks her train out from underneath my foot. I fumble for my flowers and avoid all eye contact with Faith who is sat on one of the benches, behind everybody else. Like she got there late, or just thought it would be funny to stick out like a sore thumb; clad in black when everybody else looks like Crayola just threw up on them.

I almost walk right into the back of Willow as the bride stops moving. I sneak a look past all the pink to see what the hold up is, but realise this is where we’re meant to stop. Of course, now there’s the whole going off to stand where you’re meant to stand. . .and I can’t for the life of me remember where that is right now.

Dawn tugs on my elbow and leads me to the left. I’m tripping over my dress and her dress and I risk a little look up at Faith. She’s just grinning like a Cheshire cat that got the deeds to a cream factory and I can’t help but think she looks beautiful. Her hair is all sleek and straight and she looks radiant. She’s not in tatty old denim; she’s wearing leather. I could tell that much at first glance. Faith always looked good in tight leather pants.

I look away and swear not to look up again.

I don’t know how I get through the service but I do. It was sweet, and there were vows and blah, blah. . .did I mention I wasn’t a fan of weddings? Now we’re climbing into cars and carriages and making our way to celebrate. This part of the wedding I can handle. Especially as I really need a drink right now.

The wedding party and guests all clamber into the reception room, with its dimmed lights and cheesy but necessary travelling disco tucked in the corner. The place is nice. Nothing grand, but nothing too shabby. I scan the room, but I see no sign of Faith. I’m beginning to think she was an apparition.

“Hey, Dawn,” I call to my sister, getting closer so I don’t have to shout above the bustle and the building noise of the music now beginning. “You didn’t. . .happen to see. . .” I struggle to say the word and can’t.

Faith; I had whispered it so many times lately on the crest of a yearning, self-induced orgasm. It seemed I couldn’t say it out loud, however.

“If you’re looking for Faith, she’s right over there,” Dawn says, pointing.

I raise my eyebrow and wonder if she’s read my mind, but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t learned that particular skill amongst all the ones Willow has taught her. At least I hope she hasn’t, because as I turn to look at Faith I’m floored by just how gorgeous she’s looking.

Faith smiles at me as if she knows I was looking for her, and I have the courtesy to smile back. That cute half smile that I know makes me look all adorable and stuff. Hey, if it works don’t fix it right? Or something like that.

I walk over to her, because I’m done playing indifferent. I think she can sense it. Maybe that’s why she’s here.

I stop close to her and she carries on leaning against the bar that isn’t currently being used. Her eyes haven’t left me for a second and I feel kind of exposed under her gaze. Kind of silly in my pink froufrou dress as she enthrals the room in her black leather pants and tight black top. Not trashy tight, but sexy. Faith is all about the sexy.

“Hey, B,” she says casually. Dark eyes wrapping around mine.

“Hey,” I say back, so shyly I surprise myself.

I feel like I’m 17 again. I feel like I’ve never had sex. Never kissed. Never loved. And with her eyes penetrating my own, I really feel like I’ve never truly done any of those things before in my life.

“I’d say the pink suits you but um. . .it looks like you stepped into the pink triangle and came out with more than a flesh wound,” Faith says, chuckling huskily.

“Huh?” Sometimes Faith just confuses me, even when I think she can’t possibly do it anymore.

“Never mind, girlfriend. You look good,” she tells me, her eyes sparkling in the dim disco lights.

I blush. I can’t help it. I’m so past the whole blushing stage when it comes to life, but Faith. . .well, she has a way of getting to me. Like right to me. Deeper than anybody else ever could.

We pause for a moment. I’m trying to avoid her eyes and she’s trying to look into mine. I want to say something. I want to tell her I miss her. I want to tell her I’ve been thinking about her. I want to tell her about all the nights I’ve lowered myself into a sensual vat of longing as I’ve made myself come over and over thinking about her lips on me, her touch, her body.

I opt for, “Why are you here?” she frowns a little and I instantly get why. “No, I mean, not that you shouldn’t be, I just. . .”

“I got an invite from Xander,” she says, nodding towards Xander who is busy strutting his funky stuff on the dance floor.

“Oh,” I say, wishing it had been more than that. Thinking that maybe my burning for her had caused the sudden arrival in Cleveland. “I’m glad you came,” I say honestly.

She accepts my smile and offers me one of her own. A smile I don’t think I’ve seen before. It isn’t cocky, or sexy. . .it’s just a sweet smile that I would die for to see again.

“And I’m glad I came too,” Faith says quietly, breaking the silence once more. “I’ve been thinking about you, us. . .the gang,” she says rapidly, covering what she really means.

I feel it. That spark. The air around us heating up and swirling around like it wants us to relent. To give in and take what we need. It’s more real now than it’s ever been. Stronger. Completely unavoidable.

We smile at each other again and start to chuckle. I don’t know why we’re laughing and I doubt she does, but it feels so nice, and then I have to take a moment to catch my breath at her flawless beauty.

“You wanna get a drink and sit down?” she asks.

I nod and she starts to move towards the bar that’s serving. It takes one second. One blink. One beat of my heart to decide to slip my hand into Faith’s, and to my relief she takes it; curling her fingers around mine as we move through the small crowd of revellers.

Her hand is warm and safe. Her skin soft against mine, despite the years of slaying and wielding heavy weapons.

She orders our drinks and leads me out of the way to a slightly quieter area. I pull a chair close to hers and take a long swig of beer. I would have preferred something a little more girly than a bottle of beer, but it’s cold and I feel the need for the calming influence of alcohol right now so I’m not about to complain.

“It’s been a while huh?” she says after chugging down half her bottle.

“Too long,” I say, unguarded.

My eyes are locked on hers and the world melts away. She smiles that smile again and my heart melts right along with it. A moment or two passes and I’m basking in her gorgeousness, and she’s letting her eyes wander over me, like she needs to remind herself how I look. I don’t mind. I’m hers.

Her lips suddenly curl into a grin and she plucks a straw out from her inside pocket, telling me she got them from the bar. She plops one in my beer and in hers, then she picks up her bottle and promptly wraps her lips around the plastic of the straw. She sucks slowly, her eyes fixed on me, just like so long ago.

I don’t blush this time, but the effect is the same. I instantly want to be the straw. I want her lips on me.

She places the bottle back down and leans forward slightly. Just a fraction. Just enough to give me an unmistakable sign. She obviously doesn’t want to push too far and get it wrong so is leaving it up to me. I understand. It’s down to me this time.

I think about looking around to see who’s watching, but really. . .I couldn’t care less. I’m beyond caring.

I lift my hand to her cheek and softly brush my fingers over her skin, then cup her face gently. My thumb brushes over the corner of her mouth and her eyes grow dark and intense. I could drown in them, but instead I choose to lean forwards and bring our lips together.

I kiss her slowly but surely and she yields to me; her lips sliding over mine like a feather-light breeze. It’s deliciously intoxicating and I immediately want more. Flicking the tip of my tongue over her full bottom lip, I initiate something deeper. Faith doesn’t disappoint. She glides her tongue over mine, opening her mouth so we can kiss fully.

I can taste beer, but mostly I can just taste Faith. She moves a hand up to my neck, her fingers brushing over my jaw as she holds me to her so we can kiss to the extreme. Our tongues dance over each other as our lips press firmer. She sucks and I whimper, I nibble and she groans.

I’m heating up in all the places I want Faith touching and kissing, but this isn’t the place. I know it’s not the place because I can hear Dawn saying something to me as she prods at my back.

I untangle my tongue from Faith’s and try to catch my breath.

“Buffy,” Dawn shouts over the din of the music. “Can’t you do that somewhere else? Or like. . .later? People are starting to drool.” She indicates the crowd of men, and the odd slayer or two nearby who seem to be having trouble closing their mouths.

Faith starts to chuckle and I can’t help but join in. Dawn looks devastated, but at least she isn’t blowing it out of proportion. I think she had to have known about my long-time feelings for Faith. She’s my sister after all, and she’s a snoop with it.

I nod and tell her we’ll behave. It’s so not what I want to do, but this is Xander’s night, and he’s busy having a whale of a time showing his moves to Amarice on the dance floor.

The evening drags. Or at least that’s how it feels. I want to go somewhere quiet with Faith to talk to her, and to kiss her plenty more, but she’s happy to hold me close to her while we stand and talk to others, or when we dance. It’s nice. Really nice to have Faith so close. In fact. . .she just won’t let go of me and I love it. I’ve never liked being possessed, but this is different. Like I said, I’m hers, and it feels right to be in her arms no matter how many stares we get.

The night is about done and we wave Xander and his new wife off as they head out for their honeymoon. I sigh, worried that I’ll lose Faith’s body against mine, knowing I’ll have to make my way home with the others. She whispers in my ear that she’s booked into a small hotel near by. She tells me I’m welcome to stay.

I look over at Dawn and go to say “I can’t”, but I feel a hand on my arm and look to my left to see Willow smiling knowingly at me.

“I’ll take Dawn home and explain it to her, Buffy. Go work things out,” Willow says, and I smile.

She’s a wonderful friend. The best any girl could hope for.

I slip out of the remnants of the party with Faith and she takes my hand as we walk the short distance to her hotel. I look over at her as we walk and just bask in her. I don’t ever want to let go of her hand, and then I remember she’s only here for the wedding. Tomorrow she could be gone, and I’d be left with just the longing again.

I stop her before we reach our destination, the soft street lamp illuminating us, making Faith’s hair shimmer as she moves.

“You ok? We don’t have to. . .” she starts to say, but I stop her with a soft kiss.

I think I love her even more for allowing me room to back out.

“I’m just worried,” I confess.

“What about?” she furrows her brow and looks at me intently, sending small shivers up and down my spine.

“This,” I lift our clasped hands up and she frowns again. “I. . .” I will the words out, knowing it can’t go unsaid again. Not now. Not ever again. “I don’t think I’ll want to let go if we do this.”

She brushes a stray strand of blonde from my eyes and caresses my cheek with the back of her fingers. I close my eyes at the touch, but open them again when she speaks; her voice soft, almost quivering as she tries to find the words.

“I don’t plan on letting go this time, B. Not if that’s ok with you,” she practically whispers.

It’s exactly what I want to hear. I can feel what she feels. I know how her heart burns for me the way mine does for her, and this is the chance we’re finally going to take.

We make it to her room without much fuss, without too many words. She closes the door and I stand awkwardly for a moment, removing my painful shoes as she locks it. I hear her key-card hit the small desk behind me and then her arms are around me, pulling me to her so my back is snuggled into her.

I sigh as her lips find my neck; my stomach twisting into a tight knot. Faith’s hot breath blows over me, tickling and arousing all at once. I can’t believe we waited so long for this. All I want is her. She kisses to my ear, soft, full lips warming me up all over.

“I want you, B,” she says so huskily I almost come right there.

“I’m yours,” I whisper, kicking myself for giving it up so easily, but knowing I had no choice.

I feel her smile against my skin and before I know it she’s unzipped my dress and is pulling it off over my head. I grin, feeling completely content with the fact Faith isn’t going to tread on egg shells around me now. She wants and she’s going to take, and I am so willing to give.

As my pink monstrosity hits the floor she wraps her arms back around me from behind. I can feel the cool leather on my burning skin, but the main sensation is coming from Faith’s hands that are now roaming freely over my stomach and sides as she kisses my neck once again. I already love her touch. She knows what her fingers are doing and I’m in no position to stop her. I wouldn’t want to if I could.

Her fingers move to my bra, the tips slipping under it slightly; teasing me just enough to get me to moan. Faith softly sucks at just the right place on my neck and one of her hands deftly unclasps the interfering bra without hesitation. She removes it and throws it to the side. I bite my lip, anticipating her hands to be on my boobs as soon as possible, but she surprises me. I feel wet kisses trailing down my back, then she flicks her tongue out in the curve of my spine, just before she hits the top of my panties.

I moan again as her hands are resting on my hips and beginning to ease my underwear down. She’s going to get me naked and I haven’t even turned around yet. I feel completely under her spell.

Faith’s kissing and licking along my spine, making me shiver in the dull moonlight filtering into the room. I feel more stripped than just being devoid of my clothing makes me feel. I step out of my panties and her hands glide back up my legs, up over my thighs to rest on my hips once more. She’s got to be able to smell how turned on I am, because I’m soaked for her. So ready for her.

Faith lightly licks her way back up my spine, flicking her tongue out as she goes, and I swear I never knew my back was so sensitive. It’s getting me all kinds of hot. I’m standing naked in her room now, my arms by my sides as I sway with sensation.

“You’re beautiful,” she says softly, her breath blowing over my ear again, her hands brushing over my stomach as she stands behind me once more.

“Faith, I. . .” I want to tell her I need to feel her skin on mine. I need to tell her how much I want her against me, but my words are lost as fingers slip over my nipples.

With both hands Faith rubs her fingers over my nipples, getting them achingly hard for her. Pleading for her mouth. She teases them and pulls them a little and I moan her name. She has no idea what she’s doing to me. I’m unravelling. Tumbling head first in love with her and everything she’s doing to me.

I just about pull myself together enough to think about turning around so I can kiss her, but I’m left whimpering as one hand moves lower and strong fingers slip between my wet folds. She leans down and kisses my shoulder as my hands move back to clutch at her thighs. I shudder as her fingers glide over my clit to the juiciest part of me. She gathers my hot arousal on her fingers and slides back up, a delicately light touch over my clit as she works me up even more.

“Faith,” I hiss, my lungs hungry for more air.

Faith circles the tip of her finger over my clit and I start to feel my knees go weak. I’ve never been a go-weak-at-the-knees kinda girl. This is new. Well, duh. . .the whole girl-thing is definitely new, but it’s much more than that. This is all about Faith and what she can do to me with just a look, let alone what she can do to me with her fingers in my pussy.

“I need you,” I implore, knowing she won’t let me down. Not this time.

“I need you too,” she says, almost too quiet for me to hear, but just loud enough to fill my eyes with tears.

I turn then, needing to taste her lips again. Wanting to feel her tongue wet against mine. She groans into my mouth and I wrap my arms around her neck, keeping me pressed against her. It isn’t enough though; I have to have her skin. I have to see, and touch, and know.

I tug at her jacket, pushing it off over her shoulders. She doesn’t stop me so I continue to her top. We’re kissing and I’m trying to pull it up, but it’s really not going to work unless I can force my lips away from hers. I just about manage to and she’s chuckling as I struggle with the tight fabric. She finally relents and pulls it off over her head. My hands are working on her bra instantly. I don’t care how desperate I look. I am desperate. I’ve wanted her for so long, and hell. . .have I mentioned she’s fucking gorgeous?

She’s like sex personified. Like, if somebody was to try to work out what sexy was. . .I’d just point them in the direction of Faith.

Faith catches my grin and kisses it softly as her bra joins her top on the floor. I waste no time in moving to her pants, but I’m momentarily distracted by her “oh my God” amazing breasts. I just take a second to look, then I kiss over her jaw and down to her neck and one hand takes the pleasure cruise up her toned stomach to her chest. I get a little nervous for about two seconds, then my palm brushes over her dusky nipple and we both groan at the contact.

Oh yeah, I could get used to this. This is like. . .heaven tenfold. She’s so soft and her nipples are so hard for me. I wanna take them in my mouth and tease them, like I’m doing with my fingers but with my tongue instead. I decide to head south with my kisses, but before I reach my destination I feel obligated to let out a girly squeal as Faith lifts me up, wrapping my legs around her, and carries me to the bed.

Faith plonks me on the end of the big double bed, and I look up at her wide-eyed. She looks wild and hungry and I feel moisture running to my inner thigh. She licks her lips and I sit, legs spread on the edge of the bed, leaning back on my hands. Her eyes ravage every inch of my body and I shudder. Then she unzips her pants and pulls them down along with her panties.

I bite my lip enough to bruise it as she reveals every inch of herself to me. I thought I wanted her before, but now I want her even more. I’ve never wanted anybody or anything as much. She captivates me. I’m struck by her sensual beauty and I love her with every piece of me.

She moves closer to me and I have the sense to feel my clit throb with desire. I’m expecting her to push me further up the bed, but she surprises me again by kneeling in front of me, between my legs as they dangle over the edge. I don’t move, waiting for her to show me the way. Waiting for her to finish just looking at me. I start to feel a little shy, being on display and all, but that disappears as soon as she leans up to kiss me softly.

So softly I can barely feel it on my lips, yet I feel it right through my entire being.

She smiles against my lips and I smile with her, unable to do anything but. She’s making me feel incredible. She’s making me feel more loved than I ever have been.

I want to tell her, but I don’t want to distract her as she moves her kisses to my breasts. I lean my head back and moan, getting wetter and wetter as Faith starts to suck on my nipples; teasing and nibbling on each one in turn. I push my hips up, looking for contact, needing her against me, and she gets the message. She moves lower and my mind just about explodes with sensation as her lips hit my pussy.

She kisses un-intrusively at first. Those wonderful lips just brushing over me. She breathes in deeply and I hear her almost growl. It sends a jolt right through me and I start dripping all over the bed for her. One touch and I swear I’m gonna come. I have Faith between my legs, naked, sexy, lips on my pussy and I’m about to die right now it feels so good.

It begins to feel unimaginably even better as she gives me a full opened mouthed kiss right on the source of all my wetness; right over my dripping hole. She sucks and groans and I feel my hips move up to meet her. I can’t help it, I’ve gotta have her take me.

I move one arm and tangle my fingers into her hair as I lean back on my elbow. She looks up and smiles at me as I watch her, then her tongue dips right into me.

“Oh, fuck,” I sigh breathlessly. I hadn’t meant to, I’m not the swearing kind of girl but she’s driving me crazy here.

Her tongue delves deeper and my eyes flutter closed. She slips in and out of me exquisitely slowly, her tongue pushing deeper every time. I can feel myself so close to the edge already. I moan out her name and she moans into my pussy. I mourn the loss of her tongue for a moment but then feel it lapping at my clit. I begin to see stars as she works it over me, slipping over and around, then taking my clit between her lips and sucking.

“Faith,” is about all I can say right now, but it’s enough.

She flicks over my clit until I’m shaking for her, then just when I think I’m about to crash over the edge, she dives into me again. Faith’s tongue stiff and hard inside me, wiggling around and fucking me. I think I scream but I’m not sure, I can’t think past the moaning and the calling Faith’s name as she fucks me as deep as she can with her tongue. And oh boy, she’s got a really long tongue.

My hand grasps at her and she brushes over my clit with her fingers.

“Oh, fuck, Faith,” I call out into the heat of the room.

She laps at me inside as I start to come hard for her. My whole body is shaking and I just know I’m drowning her down there. She doesn’t seem to mind because her tongue is still deep inside me, drawing out every last drop of my orgasm as I cling to it.

I finally crash back down, moaning blissfully as she begins to lick and kiss my soaked pussy. I can’t think straight. I can barely feel my legs, but I know for sure I need her in my arms right now.

Tugging at her shoulders, Faith gets the idea and moves out from between my legs with the most wonderful smile on her lips. I feel my heart bursting and pull her to me. We scoot up the bed, which mainly involves her pulling me with her because yunno. . .my legs are still numb. I sigh happily and she chuckles.

“What?” I ask, all coy like.

“You’re adorable, that’s all,” she says, and I blush a little.

I wish she couldn’t make me blush so easily, but I have a feeling she’ll always have that power over me. I wrap my arms around her and pull her in for a deep kiss, flicking my tongue out over hers in a promise of things to come. I may not have dined at the lesbian table before, but I’m pretty sure I’ll do ok. I smirk and slip my leg under hers, pulling her between my legs.

Suddenly I’m a whole lot more aroused than I was before, and that’s gotta be some kind of anomaly because I was fucking bursting just before. I had no idea it would feel so good to have Faith between my legs, though. Pressed up against me, her pussy dripping delightfully all over mine. I squeeze her deliciously tight ass and she slips over me just a little.

She groans even louder than me, then looks deep into my eyes. I can see her heart through the dark brown and I want to keep it safe forever.

“B,” she starts, but it’s not necessary for her to tell me.

“I know, I feel it,” I tell her, holding her impossibly close.

I place my hands on the sides of her face and kiss her with all the love I feel for her. I know she feels it. I know she understands my heart is hers as much as my body.

It always has been, and always will.

The End



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