Something Sweet

Chapter Thirteen

It didn’t take them long to unshackle Faith and carefully carry her to the backseat of Giles’ car. She was drifting in and out of consciousness, but the pain in her ribs was causing her the most problems it seemed. Buffy placed her softly into the seat, and then she slid in next to her. Xander jumped in on the other side, and they were pretty much set to get the hell out of there.

Buffy laid a blanket over Faith and settled her into a comfortable position; leaning the murmuring girl into her and placing her arm around her slumped shoulders. She wanted Faith to be as close to her as she could without causing any more discomfort.

As far as they could tell, Faith hadn’t been seriously injured, but she was terribly bruised from the beating she must have received. There was a large lump on the back of her head, no doubt causing some kind of concussion. Buffy had looked for wounds that would produce a lot of bleeding, but she couldn’t find any. She just hoped there was nothing wrong internally.

“Well, let’s head to LA and the nearest hospital.” Giles didn’t wait for replies or objections as he pulled away, following Angel’s car.

“Buffy?” Faith was waking up again, calling out softly.

“I’m right here,” Buffy reassured as she gave the younger girl a little squeeze, ensuring that she knew just how close she was.

“Where are we?” Faith asked as she opened her drowsy eyes and looked up at Buffy

She wasn’t sure quite what was going on. She was aware that Buffy was with her, and that she was safe, but her mind couldn’t focus. All she could really grab onto was the feel of Buffy beside her, and the fact that it was her that had rescued her. That she had kissed her and told her something important. Faith buried her head further into the other girl’s neck as she realised what it was.

“B,” she sighed. She wanted to tell her how she felt, but she could feel herself falling back into the dark place she had been resting in once again. “I. . .” Faith didn’t manage to finish what she wanted to say.

“Shh, it’s ok, baby. Just relax, you’re safe now.” Buffy kissed Faith on her head and settled back into the seat with her, pulling the blanket over them both.

She could see Xander out of the corner of her eye. He was dying to say something, or ask something, but he was obviously biting his lip. She couldn’t blame him for being curious about what was going on. Xander, Giles, and Angel had not said anything about the little display she had put on for them when she had kissed Faith in front of them.

She didn’t need the hassle of demands for explanations right now. Buffy was just so relieved that they had been able to get Faith back in relatively one piece. It had been easier than she had thought it would be, but Buffy wasn’t going to dwell on it. She could ask Faith about her captors once she had recovered a little more.

“Buffy, I just wanna say,” Xander cleared his throat and turned his body towards the two slayers.

“Xander, if you’re going to disapprove or get pissed that I didn’t tell you, don’t bother. I don’t need that right now,” Buffy said, aware that she had snapped, but she was tried. Emotionally more than anything. It had been a long day of torment and anguish for her.

“I wasn’t gonna say anything like that,” Xander smiled and kept his voice down as Faith shifted her arm under the blanket. “I just. . .I dunno, I just wanted you to know I’m always here for you. That I’ll always be your friend, no matter what.” He kept smiling at Buffy, noticing that her eyes were shimmering in the dull light of the car. He had just wanted Buffy to know for sure that whatever was going on, he would be there by her side.

“Thank you.” Buffy looked over at Giles and hoped he would feel the same. Something told her that he would support her and Faith, as long as they were careful, and didn’t allow their relationship to distract them.

As the darkness gave way slightly to the more frequent patches of light from the street lamps lining the road, Buffy could feel the pull of sleep tugging at her resolve to stay awake and watch over Faith. She didn’t want to be asleep if the other girl came to. She wanted to be there to look in her eyes, and to kiss her and hold her. She shook her head and opened the window a little, letting the breeze freshen her up.

Willow was dozing in the front seat, and Xander had his eyes closed when, after a few minutes, Faith began to stir again. Instantly Buffy was aware that she had opened her beautiful brown eyes. She glanced down to find the injured slayer looking up at her, adoration glinting in her almond eyes.

“Hey,” Buffy spoke quietly so she wouldn’t wake anybody that was asleep, that didn’t include Giles of course, or at least she hoped he hadn’t drifted off.

“Hey.” Faith’s voice was thick and husky in her weary state. She still managed a little smile for Buffy though, with her dimples dancing across her cheeks as the older girl lifted a hand to brush away a dark lock of hair from her brow.

“Are you back with us yet?” Buffy hoped she was.

“I’m always with ya, B.” She reached up, brushing her thumb lightly over the blonde girl’s naturally pouty lips.

She was so happy to be in her arms. More so than she could even describe. Lying on that cold floor of the barn, being randomly kicked and beaten on had tested her. She hadn’t been sure if she’d ever see Buffy again. Although deep inside she knew that Buffy would do everything she could to find her and get her back, she had just felt so lost without her.

“Thank you,” Faith croaked, pulling herself up to meet the lips she had longed for, for so long in the past.

Their lips lightly touched, just whispering over each other as both girls moved as close as they could. Slipping her hand back below the cover of the blanket, Faith melted under the delicate caress. She brought her right hand down to the hem of Buffy’s top and worked her fingers under the restrictive material. She wanted to touch the warm skin of the other girl. Feel the tingle it would cause in her fingertips.

Buffy shuddered a little as Faith made contact with her stomach, lightly swirling her fingers over the taught muscle there. Both girls were lost in lips and the feeling of safety they brought about in one another. Their tongues carefully swept around in order to taste and feel as much as possible just from the kiss, that was more romantic than anything else.

Buffy could feel herself becoming aroused despite the intention of the kiss, and the situation, but she didn’t want to pull away. Faith was just too good a kisser to break their mouths apart. Even though Faith was now trailing her hand up the inside of her top, there was no way she was going to stop her. The blanket covered any evidence of movement anyway, so she relaxed as Faith slowly inched closer to her breast.

The silky fabric of her bra only caused the roaming hand of the younger girl to search further in her quest to touch Buffy more intimately. Using her strength to stretch the elastic holding Buffy’s bra tight, Faith flexed her fingers and gained easy entry under the black satin. Buffy moaned quietly as the warm palm cupped her breast, grazing over her hard nipple.

She realised she should pull away from Faith, not only because of the fact they were sat in a car with three other people, but mostly because of Faith’s recent ordeal and injuries. The sensation of having the brunette’s tongue in her mouth and hand squeezing her firm breast was clouding her judgment, and any hope of encouraging Faith to stop blew out of the window.

And to be fair, she was more than enjoying the fondling. Faith’s fingers and thumb were currently stroking, teasing, pulling and pleasuring her breast and nipple in every way possible, and she felt tiny jolts of electricity streak across her clit with every touch. The pleasure could almost have been called painful with the amount of need it was causing.

Faith wanted to feel as close to Buffy as she could. Wrapped up under the blanket with her, the blonde girl’s left hand teasing just at the point Faith’s tee shirt met her waist; Faith could almost believe they were somewhere else completely. Listening to the soft wet sounds of their tongues dancing over each other, and the sensation of the hard little nipple under her fingertips, Faith knew she was feeling a hell of a lot better than she had been five minutes previously.

She noticed that she was getting wet from just softly leaning into Buffy, gliding her fingers over her breast, and kissing in a sweet dance of sensuality. Maybe it was the after effects of the adrenaline that had been coursing through her veins since she was captured. Maybe it was the fact that Buffy had told her she loved her. Or maybe it was just because she couldn’t get enough of the older girl. Whatever it was making her feel the way she was, Faith only knew one thing for sure. She wanted Buffy.

* * *

Having been denied the consummation of their blossoming relationship by Willow’s untimely interruption, right now, she wanted nothing more than to touch every part of Buffy, with her hands and lips. She wanted to feel her skin against hers, hot and smooth, and melting into her. She didn’t want to miss any opportunity to get close to Buffy again, especially as Buffy wasn’t pushing her away or protesting about the fact they were far from alone.

Faith began to move her moist kisses down across Buffy’s jaw and onwards to her slender neck. Nibbling and sucking lightly at her pulse point and up, close to her ear, where she knew the sound of her hot breath would turn Buffy on even more than she obviously was already.

Buffy sighed as Faith sucked on her earlobe, pulling it into her mouth and teasing it. The heavy breathing of her counterpart, blowing shiver inducing air over her, served to increase her arousal and the damp feeling between her legs.

She could feel Faith’s breasts brushing up against her and she wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch, to move Faith’s top out of the way and take one of her gloriously delectable nipples in her mouth. The thought alone was sending bolts of excitement through her, stopping abruptly at her evidently wet pussy. She groaned softly under Faith’s expert fingers.

Faith pulled back to look into Buffy’s eyes, keeping her hand moving over her breast under the blanket. Her own eyes were dark pools of desire and need. Need. . .to know for sure Buffy was right there with her, feeling the same, and wanting the same. Buffy could tell that’s what Faith was thinking. She could practically feel it emanating from her. Her desire and love mingled to make one hell of a tidal wave of emotion and affection.

Buffy smiled almost shyly at Faith, feeling herself blush under the intense gaze of the girl she had fallen so in love with. Her hand crept under Faith’s tight tee shirt, brushing up over her flat stomach, towards her ribs. She leant down, kissing the succulent lips before her, as she ignored any worry about their present circumstance at the prospect of her first real touch of the dark beauty’s breasts.

Faith pushed her lips harder against Buffy’s, encouraging the movement of her hand. Until that was, the blonde slayer hit a particularly bruised rib. Faith jerked away a little, taking in a sharp breath.

“Shit, I’m sorry,” Buffy apologised, instantly feeling bad for getting carried away.

“What’s goin on?” Xander slurred sleepily as he woke at the noise Faith had made in her pain.

He turned his gaze to notice the two slayers sitting extremely close. The blanket that covered them both had slipped, revealing the fact that Faith’s hand was under Buffy’s shirt, on her breast. He felt a stirring in his pants and quickly averted his eyes. He had thought the sounds he had been hearing were in his dreams.

Buffy looked over at the blushing boy, not realising what exactly he was blushing for with her concern for her fellow slayer. She pulled her own hand from its snug hideaway in Faith’s tee shirt, and gently stroked her fingers through her thick dark tussle of hair, watching for the pain in her eyes to subside.

“Are you ok?” She kept her hand embedded in the soft tangle of brunette.

“Yeah, it's just my ribs. They fucking took turns to use me as a damn football.” Faith noticed the distressed look on Buffy’s face, so leaned up slightly in her discomfort, to touch her lips to Buffy‘s, reassuring her that she really wasn’t that badly injured, considering.

“Jesus, Faith, what did they do to you?” Buffy asked, just barely registering the fact that Faith had moved her right hand down a tad, so now it was resting on her bare stomach, rather than her chest. “There was so much blood when they took you. Where did that come from?” Now that Faith was pretty much fully awake, she wanted to know what had happened.

“It wasn’t mine.” Faith could see the pain in Buffy’s eyes at the memory of discovering that she had been kidnapped. “One of the stupid morons shot one of their own. I got out of the way of the gun too quick for him to realise, and he pulled the trigger. I didn’t have time to call out to ya, though, ‘cause when I ducked for cover they grabbed me. Knocked me out cold with some real heavy fucking lead bar or something,” Faith explained.

Buffy removed her hand from Faith’s hair and placed it on the solid thigh of the other girl.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t get to you in time, Faith. I. . .God, I thought all that blood was yours.” A stray tear tumbled from Buffy’s grasp as she pulled Faith into a soft embrace. Apparently not that soft though, as Faith winced again.

Buffy resisted the urge to keep hold of Faith, and settled instead for kissing her quickly and replacing her hand under the blanket on top of the injured girl’s thigh.

“So were there only four all along? Because that’s how many we just came across,” Buffy asked and looked over to notice Giles listening, and glancing up occasionally to view the two Slayers in the rear-view mirror. No doubt he was more than interested in exactly what the Council had been up to.

“There were seven, that I know of. They dumped the guy they shot, then I busted up another two in a struggle when they were chaining me to the wall. I was kinda out of it a lot so I don’t know if there were more backing them up or what. I guess there wasn’t if you only came up against four. The guys I beat on to get free. . .I guess they had to dump them too.” Faith’s eyes turned distant and sullen at the realisation she had possibly killed two humans.

She didn’t like the idea of killing anything but what she had been chosen to. Even though the slayer lust inside her had been screaming at her to attack, and kill, she had done her best not to go too far. Risking her own safety in the process. She knew Buffy would look at her differently if she’d gone crazy and lost her control, and she didn’t even want to entertain the prospect of losing her.

Buffy tried not to dwell on the fact she had also possibly killed. They hadn’t stuck around long enough to check on the injuries of the council henchmen, in case more came to back them up.

“Hey, it's ok. We both had to act, to get you free. They captured you, Faith. Against your will, with guns, and violence, and really crappy looking suits. We did what we had to.” Stroking her fingers over Faith’s thigh, Buffy tried her best to convey her reassurance with the soothing contact.

“Yeah, still doesn’t make me feel too great though,” Faith muttered.

“I know,” Buffy said quietly.

Within the warm confines of the small car, Buffy could practically feel the beat of Faith’s heart as she sat drowning in the gentle gaze of her dark eyes. There were sparks dancing over them both with the knowledge that they shared something so deep with their slayer bond, and now the bond of their hearts in love.

Xander could almost see the charge that existed between them. Any doubt he might have had about the truth of their feelings vanished. He sat back, closing his eyes once more to give the chosen two some privacy. Although, he knew for sure, if any interesting noises began to drift his way again, he’d be doing his best not to be noticed watching.

Buffy rested more of her weight on the car seat as she settled back with Faith in her arms. They were getting closer to the loud hum of LA, and a hospital to get Faith properly checked over. The blow to her head had evidently been severe, so even though she knew her counterpart would bitch about being treated like a cripple, doctors were needed to make sure she hadn’t lost any important brain cells.

“I like that,” Faith whispered huskily into Buffy’s ear, instantly bringing her aroused state back to her attention.

“You like what?” Buffy spoke softly too, as not to disturb Xander once again.

“What you’re doing with your hand.” The brunette’s lips were so close to the Buffy’s ear, she could feel their heat, sending her into a whirl, remembering what they had felt like on her breasts. “Touching me. It's nice.” A hushed sigh escaped Faith.

The brunette closed her eyes, heavy breaths shuddering in and out as her ribs creaked under the strain of the swelling. She truly did like Buffy touching her. It was sweet more than sexual, and she wasn’t even embarrassed to admit it to herself, despite her tough-girl image.

Buffy suddenly realised what it was the younger girl was talking about. She had her hand back under Faith’s top, and was busy absentmindedly stroking the firm stomach within her reach.

She smiled at how comfortable they both were with contact of a more intimate and suggestive nature. She could imagine spending hours just doing simple things, like running her hands through the soft dark hair of the other slayer, or massaging her shoulders, or swirling circles on her lean back as she lay on her front watching TV or something.

She couldn’t wait for the moment they could make love, but even just being able to do what she was as they made their way deeper into LA, was like snatching a slice of heaven from the hell around them. The two girls snuggled down into the blanket, heating each other’s bodies with their need for one another. Hoping that they could eventually escape the constant threats to their relationship.

The prospect of a night filled with love and languorous displays of affection, was one that Buffy couldn’t wait to get round to. She really hoped Faith wasn’t too injured and took a while to heal. She needed to feel her close to her, wet for her, coming for her.

Buffy shivered, knowing it would happen soon, and Faith squeezed tighter, claiming yet another piece of her heart.



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