You Pull The Strings

Chapter Seven

“You are really starting to piss me off, B,” Faith breathed harshly into Buffy’s ear. “You just don’t wanna hear the truth do ya?” She pushed harder into Buffy.

Faith’s breasts were pressed up against Buffy’s back and she could feel her nipples hardening, the line between violence and sex blurring as it usually did for her when she fought. Heat was spreading over Faith where she was in contact with Buffy, and she knew Buffy would be feeling the same.

She could smell Buffy’s adrenaline soaked sweat as she panted against Faith, and time seemed to slow to a stop as she inhaled the scent in. It assaulted her nostrils, and she was certain, within the mixture of their fragrances there was a hint of something else that she could smell. Arousal. It clouded Faith’s brain, pondering if it was Buffy’s arousal or her own.

“You have no idea what happened, B.” Faith’s voice was gruff and husky, and she knew that’s how it usually sounded when she was incredibly turned on.

“I might have if you’d have fucking told me, F.” Buffy suddenly took advantage of Faith’s distraction and pushed herself off the wall, taking the younger girl by surprise.

Faith stumbled back, giving Buffy the opportunity to turn around and face her, but she quickly regained her balance and flung her body back into the smaller girl, pinning her to the wall once more. Faith’s face was inches away from Buffy’s and she had her hands holding her wrists above her head. Her body was pressed up against Buffy, with her thigh shoved between her legs. They glared at each other, taking short, heavy breaths.

Faith looked down, right into Buffy’s glistening green eyes. The two slayers were both shaking with barely restrained, passionate fury. Mystical energy was almost sparking between them as they both pushed against each other, fighting for the upper hand. Faith wasn’t about to back down now, and the fact that she was sure that she could catch the tang of Buffy’s arousal as she bucked against her, did nothing to encourage her to let go. Faith grinned wickedly, unable to stop her instincts from taking over.

“What the fuck are you grinning at, psycho?” Buffy said through gritted teeth. “And. . .oh yeah, get the hell off me!” Buffy struggled in Faith’s grasp.

She was only managing to rub herself against Faith in her struggle; grinding her hips into Faith’s thigh in an effort to move her. Faith had the advantage. She could better push against Buffy and hold her wrists from her position leaning into the hard surface of the wall. She could feel the power of Buffy’s thigh between her own and she wanted to moan at what it was doing to her. Buffy was pushing against her in such a way that it was causing a lot of friction right on her crotch. Right into her now aroused pussy.

Faith could tell she was getting wet, even in the haze of her anger and pain. Buffy was turning her on, and it didn’t help that Buffy’s breasts were heaving into her own, the little hard nipples dancing over hers. She wanted to rip Buffy’s top off, along with her own, to feel their sweat soaked flesh sliding together as they battled.

She realised it was pretty fucked up, but the combination of adrenaline, slayer lust, and pure desire for the other girl was getting her all hot and horny. She tried to regain control of herself and tightened her grip on Buffy’s arms.

“I’m not gonna let go until you calm down, Buffy,” she said firmly.

Buffy wriggled violently again, but again just pushed them closer together. Faith could definitely smell that Buffy was wet now, just like she was. They were practically writhing against each other.

“Calm down? After what you did?” Buffy bucked into Faith and the brunette groaned slightly at the contact. “Faith, what are you doing, trying to rape me again?” Buffy had a self-righteous and smug look on her face.

Faith growled deep in the back of her throat. She would never do such a thing to Buffy, and she was well aware that Buffy knew that all too well deep inside, but she was deflecting, ignoring her attraction to Faith again. Faith was pretty sure Buffy was just about willing to believe anything if it meant not accepting what she felt for her. Buffy just didn’t want to entertain any other explanation.

The subtle reactions she was now getting from Buffy - as she increased the pressure of her thigh into the older girl’s crotch - spoke volumes, however. Buffy wanted her all right. Faith could see it and feel it, and she could smell it. It was obviously angering Buffy even more, so Faith thought she might as well call her on it. She was sick of playing games. As much as she loved Buffy, she was infuriating.

Faith glanced down at Buffy’s neck and the expanse of silky looking flesh that brought her attention down to her cleavage. She watched a bead of sweat trickle from Buffy’s throat, envying it as it slowly made its way down between her creamy white, soft breasts. Faith wanted to lean down and lick it from Buffy’s skin. She wanted to kiss at every drop of salty essence oozing from Buffy. And she didn’t just mean her fresh, enticing perspiration.

“You getting a little hot there, girlfriend? A little wet?” Faith asked as she rubbed her body into Buffy, not only causing Buffy to practically hump her leg, but also moving them so they were touching just about everywhere else.

Faith had her lips close to Buffy’s ear now and could feel the other girl’s own hot breath rushing out over her. She was tingling from the thrill of the struggle and the heat of both their arousal, and she knew it wasn’t just her that felt it.

* * *

“You, bitch, Faith. Let me go,” Buffy whispered threateningly.

Faith moved her face around to Buffy’s, their lips almost touching as their piercing eyes locked onto each other.

“You don’t want me to let go. You want me to fuck you, B. I can smell it.” Faith’s husky voice purred out as she rubbed her thigh into Buffy’s hot pussy, sliding it up into her.

Buffy moaned reluctantly at the connection, but she wasn’t giving in. If anything it made her angrier, and she pushed herself and Faith away from the wall with all her strength, ducking from Faith’s grasp and slamming her fist hard into her already bruised jaw.

She lashed out again, but Faith regained her composure and blocked the punch, she span and kicked Buffy in the ribs. Buffy faltered but managed to grab hold of the younger girl as their flailing arms locked in combat. They stood staring each other down, chests taking in rapid breaths, nostrils flared and eyes looking wild and hungry.

“Why did you do it, Faith? Why did you do that to me?” Buffy implored, sounding more upset now than angry. She was once again on the verge of tears.

“You think that it was all me. That I took advantage of you and had my way. Hell, why not? I mean, that’s what I do right? I use people. I fuck em and dump em, so why should you believe any different,” Faith replied, shaking her head. She didn’t want to beg Buffy to believe her.

Faith was too proud to struggle to change Buffy’s mind on something she had obviously already decided on. Too proud, and also too upset at the thought that the Buffy could think she was capable of doing what she had been accused of.

“Well, you have treated me to more than my fair share of ‘Faith Did Sunnydale’ stories.” Buffy’s voice was hoarse and giving away her emotion.

“Yeah, I never said I was a fucking saint. But rape? That’s pretty much what you’re accusing me of, B, and you’re just so ready to believe it. I mean. . .is it what your dreams have been telling you, or just Willow?” Faith tried to shift position to get her arms out of the clinch she was in with Buffy, but to no avail.

“Faith. . .what am I supposed to think? You threatened my best friend, terrified her, and you said nothing to me about what happened when I was here with you. Who am I supposed to believe?” Buffy looked deep into Faith’s enigmatic eyes.

“Well, it sure isn’t gonna be me is it, Buffy?” Faith could tell that much from the sombre look in her counterpart’s gaze. “I mean, why the fuck would you believe somebody who’s in love with you!” Faith spat out, hardly realising what she had said, the anger inside her once again boiling over and taking control of her brain.

She whipped her hands away from Buffy, pushing her forcibly out of the way before she had time to react and stop her. Faith jumped over the bed and ran as fast as she could out of the room, not looking behind to watch Buffy’s reaction to what she had just said. Feeling that all hope was lost, and that her fellow slayer would never listen to her side of the story.

Buffy would never reach deep within herself to find the truth, because as usual. . .she was just too scared of it.



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