You Pull The Strings

Chapter Four

Buffy sighed as Faith slowly slid her hand down her stomach, pinching on her hard nipple with the other, trailing feather light kisses from the blonde girl’s neck to her collarbone as water from the showerhead cascaded down Faith’s back.

Faith felt the compact muscles jump as her fingertips grazed down the toned stomach. She could sense the other girl’s arousal. She could hear it in the soft moans and rapid breathing. She could smell it above the sweet scent of the soap and shampoo, and she wanted to feel it on her fingers and taste it with her tongue.

As her palm cupped a soft breast, her mouth moved lower towards the other one, wanting the succulent, tight pink nipple between her lips. She reached the small slither of blonde pubic hair with her hand and watched as Buffy spread her legs further open for her. Faith’s middle finger eased its way into the top of the silky folds and. . .

“Aww, fuck,” Faith mumbled as the alarm at the side of her bed screamed in her ear, until she knocked it flying through the air. It ended up embedded at the other end of the room, in the wall.

She yawned and stretched her strong limbs out, brushing her rigid nipples against the rough bed sheet. Faith moaned; her dreams of Buffy having aroused her in her sleep. She was wet, her pussy hot and tingling to be touched. She could smell how turned on she was in her naked state, and it wasn’t helping, as she had noticed when she had been with Buffy that they had a surprisingly similar smell. Probably a slayer thing, Faith mused.

The thought certainly wasn’t helping. She pushed a hand under the covers and down across her flat stomach, her hips already reacting to the contact. She slipped her fingers over her engorged clit and down into her folds, gathering the moisture there and spreading it over herself.

Faith squeezed her supple breast with her left hand and pinched on her nipple, rolling it almost painfully between her finger and thumb. She swirled the fingers of her right hand over her sensitive clit, arching into the touch, imagining it was Buffy caressing her and taking her quickly to a much needed climax.

Her skilful fingertips flicked over herself in the sticky sweet fluid now flowing freely from her. She guided her left hand down to her pussy hole, spread her legs wide and quickly pushed two fingers up inside herself, feeling her orgasm building at the thought of Buffy inside her, thrusting her fingers in and out.

Faith bucked her hips up, breathing Buffy’s name out into the silence of the motel room as she fucked herself hard and fast. Filling and stretching her tight passage, and spilling come all over her bed sheets.

“Fuck. Buffy,” Faith moaned loudly. “Oh fuck, yeah.” Faith came as she spooned her fingers up deep inside her dripping hole, rubbing up onto her G spot as she pushed down hard on her clit.

Her hips fell back to the bed and she slipped her fingers from her convulsing sex, feeling her hot juice ooze out as her trembling slowly stilled. She sucked in the stifling air of the small room and ran a sticky hand through her dark tresses.

“Fuck, now I need a shower.”

* * *

Faith removed her hands from the pockets of her low slung black jeans, and entered the Sunnydale high library. She wondered why the hell nobody ever stopped her just wandering into the school, but she wasn’t complaining. The less confrontation the better, unless it was with something she was allowed to kill.

She looked around as she let the doors swing shut behind her. She assessed the area ahead for danger - a habit of a slayer - and sauntered over to the table located on top of the hellmouth, in the middle of the almost empty room. Xander sat alone at the desk, flicking through a comic book. She could hear Giles shuffling around in his office, but there was nobody else there. It wasn’t the end of the school day yet, so the others were probably in class, she guessed that maybe Xander had a study hour that he was wasting on the X-men.

“Hey, Xan. What’s happening?” Faith sauntered her way towards her captivated and drooling audience.

“Err, nothing. Not a thing. Zip, nada, nothing going on here,” Xander rambled, looking caught in the proverbial headlights.

“Okaaay,” Faith said, raising a puzzled eyebrow.

She wanted to find out if Buffy had said anything in the morning meeting about her funny turn the previous night. She realised she should have actually gotten out of bed earlier and attended the meeting, but she hated mornings. And to be frank, they kinda hated her.

She lent on the desk in front of Xander, giving him more than a great view of her cleavage. Her tight tee shirt scooped low in front, and bending over was practically showing her assets to the world, but mainly to the guy in front of her. His eyes went wide as he sat looking like he was about to explode.

“So, what gives with the panicking, school boy?” she asked, grinning at him and watching as he practically tried to bury himself into his seat, his body tense and agitated.

“Panic? No. . .no panicking here. Just me sat. . .here. . .oh God,” he groaned and slouched down into his chair, a look of pain crossing his face.

“You’re too fucking easy, X,” Faith said chuckling at his stricken state, knowing she now had him wrapped around her little finger.

The brunette sat down in the chair opposite him and lifted her heavy boots up onto the table. She wasn’t quite sure how to subtly ask if Buffy was all right that morning, because she just didn’t do subtle.

“You gonna give me something I want, Xander?” she asked, then licked her full red lips.

“Gonna what? You. . .what!?” He looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

“No need to break out in a sweat, X. I just wanted to know what went down this morning.” Faith removed her denim jacket and stretched out her arms, causing her tee shirt to lift and show her toned stomach off.

“Went down? I. . .” The poor guy was bright red and squirming around in his pants.

“Oh man. . .you so need to lose it,” Faith laughed, meaning his virginity.

He was wound so tight he was in danger of spinning off into another stratosphere and she couldn’t help but laugh. Although, in a way it kind of reminded her of how Buffy could sometimes get. She certainly didn’t want to unwind Xander, but she couldn’t stop thinking about doing it for Buffy.

“I was talking about the meeting, this morning. Was anything said? Did I miss anything?” She reached for the smokes in her jacket, then remembered where she was so sat back and left them where they were.

“Oh right, I knew that,” Xander nodded and smiled weakly. “Err, no you didn’t really miss much. Just something about Buffy having a dream or something, and a flashback that freaked her out. I was a little busy with the jelly donuts at that point.” He looked off into the distance, no doubt thinking of the breakfast of sticky donuts he had partaken in.

“Flashback? What did she say about it? When did she have it?” Faith was wondering if it was anything to do with her strange behaviour the night before.

She was a little worried now. If Buffy was having dreams and flashbacks about her time with no memory, then she would discover what had happened between them. Faith didn’t want Buffy to find out that way. She would at least like the opportunity to talk with her about it first, and let her know with less of a shock.

“Like I said, I wasn’t paying too much attention. She seemed distant though. Like she hadn’t slept well,” he added.

Faith looked over at the library doors, trying to work out if it would be best to get the hell out of there before the rest of the gang came in. She realised she shouldn’t be feeling quite so anxious; after all, it was Buffy that had instigated everything that had happened between them. Although, she also realised that was no excuse, and that she shouldn’t have taken advantage of the situation.

“You ok?” Xander enquired.

“Huh? Yeah, just err. . .did she say anything about the dream she had?” Faith leant forward, frowning.

“Is this a quiz for prize money, or just so I don’t get my head beaten in?” Xander asked with a wary chuckle. He seemed a little scared.

Faith eased back into her chair, doing her best to calm herself down. Her heart was pounding at the prospect of everything blowing up in her face. She sat pondering the reasons why she hadn’t just told Buffy what had happened, avoiding the anguish of being rumbled.

“Ah, Faith, I didn’t hear you come in,” Giles said cheerily as he walked towards the desk with a mug in his hand.

“You know me, G man. Always up for some quality book time.” Faith smiled at Giles.

He had been ok with her since her arrival, trying to include her in the fight against evil, even when the scoobies - including Buffy - had done their best to make her feel unwelcome. She was grateful for his support, and though she didn’t have what you could call a healthy respect for authority, she looked up to him.

“It’s a shame you missed this morning’s meeting, Faith,” Giles said, motioning at Faith. “You may have been able to help us out.” He ordered some books around on the desk, preparing to replace them from wherever they had come.

“Help how?” Faith asked quickly. She was sure the worry would be heard in her voice, but neither of the other occupants of the library said anything or reacted in any way.

“Buffy was unsure if she’d had a slayer dream or not. She didn’t seem comfortable telling us about it, so I was just contemplating whether or not you might have been able to get something more out of her about it,” Giles continued.

“Out of who?” Buffy asked, as she waltzed into the room with Willow in tow.

Faith instantly froze as Buffy immediately captivated her; her silky blonde hair tied up, with loose strands framing her face. She was wearing a short skirt and skimpy top, probably due to the heat of the day, and Faith couldn’t take her eyes off her.

“I was just telling Faith about the meeting this morning,” Giles pointed out, removing his glasses to vigorously sweep his handkerchief over the lenses.

“Oh,” Buffy said quietly and looked over at Faith, quickly looking away again. “It’s ok Giles I. . .I haven’t had anymore flashbacks or anything. I’m sure I was just worried about nothing.” Buffy placed her backpack down on the desk and sat down, doing her best to avoid eye contact with Faith.

“Right, well, keep me up to date, Buffy. If you do have any more incidents like the one you. . .didn’t quite describe this morning, do be sure to inform me about it.” Giles replaced his glasses and set about tidying away the pile of books he’d gathered.

“Will do, Giles. You know me, I’m informo girl,” Buffy chirped.

“I’ll make sure she does, Giles, because a tired Buffy is a grumpy Buffy,” Willow said and smiled enthusiastically, avoiding Faith’s eyes just the way Buffy seemed to be doing.

Faith just sat in silence, speculating about what was going on with Buffy, and with Willow She could tell something had changed but she didn’t know what. Or at least wasn’t sure about it. She wasn’t fooling herself and thinking it had nothing to do with what had happened over the time she had spent alone with Buffy.

For one thing, she knew if Buffy was going to tell anybody about her dreams or worries then it would be her best friend.

What she didn’t know, was if Willow had told Buffy something Faith had asked her not to. She looked over at Willow, ensuring she caught the redhead’s eye. Just as she thought she would Willow looked away quickly, appearing uneasy.

Faith decided she should have a little talk with Willow, as soon as she could.



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