You Pull The Strings

Chapter Sixteen

The gentle humming of the complication of medical mastery that Faith was attached to floated into the bleak room, mingling with the soft sighs of the blonde slayer currently lifting her body for the touch of the girl above her.

Faith looked down into the shimmering green of Buffy’s eyes, eyes that were revealing more than her need, more than her desire and lust. They revealed Buffy’s adoration of Faith. The specks of light dancing in her tearful gaze showing Faith her love and her hope.

Faith could wait no longer. She pushed her hand down, further into Buffy’s panties, causing the sheet to fall away a little. Faith let out a quiet sigh as she felt the tender lips of Buffy’s pussy. She sighed deeply, realising that Buffy was completely clean shaven. Soft and fragile in her exposure. Naked for her touch.

Slipping a finger into the already swollen and delicate folds of the other girl, Faith held her breath. She had dreamed of this moment for so long, and now it was real. It was like everything bad that had happened had no place in her mind. Like she could feel her slate being wiped clean to some extent. Buffy was wiping it clean, helping her overcome more than her own self doubt.

No matter why or what, or anything else that tried its hardest to steal the moment, Faith had this. She had intimacy with the girl she loved.

“B, are you sure?” Faith just needed to be positive she wasn’t forcing Buffy into something.

“Yes. Are you?” Buffy whispered into the quiet of the space enveloping them.

Faith nodded, kissing Buffy tenderly as she slid her fingers between the folds of Buffy’s sex, slowly, taking her time to imprint the feeling on her heart. Buffy whimpered, biting on her lower lip and gazing deep into Faith’s eyes as she reached the source of her arousal, spreading the slick offering over her finger and up over the clit that was erect and waiting for her.

Faith smiled at the thought of Buffy, of Buffy’s wet pussy waiting for her. She smiled, then felt her whole body becoming lighter, like she was floating on the wave of desire and love she felt.

Taking her time, Faith began to glide her finger gently over the other girl’s clit. Buffy was already moaning in approval, her hips twitching like she wanted more but was afraid to ask. Faith didn’t want to rush anything, as she was too caught up in the sensation; in the haze of being the only one that Buffy was thinking about. The only one in her world right then.

“Faith,” Buffy moaned.

They looked deep into one another’s eyes as Faith circled the little bundle of nerves under the pressure of her fingertip. She could feel Buffy trembling slightly as she reacted to the touch, her body twitching in little displays of tension.

“B. . .are you ok?” Faith studied Buffy’s face, searching for signs of regret or the need to stop what was happening.

“I’m ok. Just a little nervous.” Buffy smiled coyly up at Faith. “You’re just so beautiful, so perfect, and I don’t wanna disappoint you,” she confessed.

Faith thought it best not to protest about how far from perfect she felt. “Buffy, you’re not gonna disappoint me. You’re everything I ever wanted, and more. I just don’t want you to feel pressured into anything. I. . .” She recalled the feeling of Buffy fucking her, knowing that if Buffy felt the same - like she said she did - then she wasn’t going to feel anything but need. “I just want it to feel good for you.”

“It does feel good.” Buffy’s breath quivered out with her words, her pussy spilling its sweet liquid out onto Faith’s fingers. “You feel good. God. . .I wanted this so much. I wanted you. I’m just so sorry I nearly screwed it up,” Buffy said softly, cupping Faith’s face with her hand as the brunette slowed the movement in her panties.

“I know, baby. We can start this again. I just. . .can we talk about things. . .after?” Faith asked as she began tugging Buffy’s pants and panties down, wanting to give Buffy as much as she could despite her weakness and the current possibility of somebody walking in on them.

Nothing else mattered to Faith. She needed this more than anything. She needed to show Buffy what she felt for her. She needed her to wriggle just enough to free herself from the material in the way of Faith’s goal.

“Ok,” Buffy replied, lifting her ass, her clothing lost under the covering of the sheet.

Faith wasted no more time in exploring the wet pussy her fingers wanted intimate knowledge of. She rubbed her hand over Buffy’s mound, causing her to buck her hips into the touch. She then slipped her fingers back into the slick folds, groaning at just how soft Buffy was. How wet and perfect she was.

Suckling on the throbbing pulse at Buffy’s neck, Faith slipped over her clit once more, being less hesitant and wanting nothing more than to watch Buffy coming for her. She felt her own heart pounding in rhythm with Buffy’s, flicking over the hard nub, feeling herself fall deeper in love as Buffy spread her legs for her, enticing Faith to go further down, further down the path of losing themselves in one another.

Faith guided her fingers, painfully slow, towards Buffy’s dripping hole, noticing her own sex dripping just as much as Buffy soaked her with the arousal seeping from her entrance. She wanted so much to travel the short distance down to taste Buffy. To fuck her and drink from her at the same time, but she wasn’t ready for that right now. Neither of them were.

Buffy was still shaking like a leaf, her chest rising and falling in rapid breaths. The green of her eyes glistening with emotion. The soft whisper of Faith’s name on her lips as she became swept up in the teasing touches of her fellow slayer’s loving caress.

“Faith,” Buffy’s voice was thick with need, her eyes closing as she gave herself up to Faith, “I need you to. . .I want you. . .” Buffy whimpered, unable to finish the sentence, showing Faith what she wanted rather than saying it.

Buffy placed her hand on Faith’s arm, pushing on it a little, down and towards her, leaving no doubt that she wanted Faith’s fingers inside her. That she wanted to bridge that last gap, and give something to Faith that she obviously held in high esteem given her lack of sexual partners.

“Fuck, Buffy. . .this is so good.” Faith couldn’t think of words more meaningful or intellectual to describe the feeling, her mind was working on the primal desire to be one with the person she cared for most in the world. The girl she owed her life to, in so many more ways than one.

Faith entered Buffy with her finger, pushing it inside as Buffy lifted her hips to accept it, her legs open and demanding that she plunge deeper. Faith shifted her weight a little, moving so she could delve into the depths of the girl below her. So she could make her feel as much of her as possible.

“Oh yes, don’t stop, Faith.” Buffy gripped onto Faith’s body as she arched into the sensations being pulled from her.

“I’m not gonna stop, baby. I’ll never stop loving you.” Faith began to thrust her finger in and out of Buffy, the wet slapping sound music to her heightened slayer hearing.

The room was now bathed in the heady aroma of their combined arousal. It warmed to the heat between them, and it accepted the soft cries of the blonde girl being fucked ever so gently by Faith.

Faith kissed her way over Buffy’s collarbones, across the top of her chest, nudging the bra out of the way and placing wet lips over a hard nipple. She sucked and teased, tasting the fresh sweetness of Buffy’s skin, the distinct flavour of her perspiration on her breasts. She could feel wet trials of salt splashing down onto Buffy, and she realised they were emanating from herself. She was crying for the love of the girl below her.

“Faith. . .baby.” Buffy pulled Faith’s face up to hers, kissing her gently on the mouth, then tasting the tears that fell, taking them from Faith’s skin as she too began to display the intensity of the moment through her tears.

Both girls held tight to one another, open and vulnerable beyond what either of them could have imagined. Faith closed her eyes, resting her head against Buffy’s as she thrust faster and deeper into her, adding a second finger to her tight pussy.

Buffy lifted her hips to meet the now deep and hard thrusts of Faith’s fingers, calling out as quietly as she could. Calling out how close she was to the edge. How good Faith was making her feel. How full and free.

“Faith, oh God. . .oh, baby. I wanna come for you. I wanna come with your fingers inside me.” Buffy started to tremble with more than nerves as her whole body called out for Faith; reacted for Faith and what she was doing.

Faith pushed deep into Buffy, curling her fingers up to graze over the smooth surface inside, groaning herself at Buffy’s instant response. Buffy threw her head back, an almost wild cry bursting from her as she rode Faith’s fingers with abandon. Her body slick with sweat, writhing underneath Faith, coiling in its eagerness to release her offering to her.

She couldn’t tear her eyes from Buffy, the older slayer’s complete ecstasy enthralling her; urging her to give more. To draw out the feelings she was instilling in her. Faith swirled her thumb up to join in the soaked warmth of Buffy’s pink little pussy, flicking it over her clit rapidly in time with her fingers. Sliding in and out of her tight hole as it burst forth its wet essence for her. She could hardly breathe for the ache in her chest as she let everything but her love for Buffy go, as she pushed all her hopes and fears to one side to just savour the purity of being inside the one she loved. Being held. Being accepted. Being wanted and needed by the owner of her deepest most secret emotions.

“Buffy,” Faith murmured as she plunged her fingers into the blonde girl. Her tears began to fall again, raining down on Buffy in a rare moment of total unity.

Buffy opened her eyes and looked at Faith as she tensed, her orgasm hitting her with the depth of Faith’s fingers inside her, the pressure of the thumb on her clit. The sheer amount of love and desire spinning them both up into a web they would never break free of, no matter what circumstances battled to part them. They were more than just slayer’s together. As Buffy opened her mouth to let the loud reassurance of complete pleasure out they were everything they could possibly be together.

“Oh, Faith. Fuck!” Buffy continued to moan as Faith plunged her fingers in and out of her slick hole as she came.

Faith felt the gush of warm come coat her fingers as it spurted over her, covering her in its hot and sticky delight. She didn’t want to stop. She was too deep inside the other girl, feeling the pulsing of her silken walls gripping onto her fingers, quivering for her to continue.

“Jesus, Buffy. You’re fucking amazing.” She grinned as Buffy did the same, her hips keeping their rhythm with Faith’s hand.

“Faith, you. . .you’re amazing, and I’m gonna. . .I’m gonna come again,” Buffy sighed deeply as she arched her back, her right hand gripping onto the headboard behind her as she fucked Faith’s fingers, taking them in as far as she could.

Faith was lost to the scene, her mind on nothing but Buffy. On nothing but the warmth encasing her as she shoved another digit inside Buffy’s dripping hole, spreading her open with three fingers as she claimed her tight cunt as her own, the thick come allowing her to twist her fingers inside, rubbing up against the most sensitive parts of the other slayer. She filled the wet cavern before her, watching as Buffy lost all control, her legs open, her hips slamming up into Faith, her teeth hard against her lip as she fought not to scream.

“Oh, baby,” Buffy moaned and began panting.

“I’m right here.” Faith brought her lips down to Buffy’s ear, suckling and breathing hard as she did everything to control her own need as she concentrated on Buffy

“Tell me. . .” Buffy panted, doing her best not to speak too loudly, but her obvious attempts failing. “Tell me what you want me to do to you,” Buffy implored, gasping as Faith thrust harder using her weight behind her hand.

“Fuck. . .Buffy, what don’t I want you to do to me?” Faith wasn’t sure what Buffy wanted her to say, but from the wild look in her eyes she had an idea. “I want you to fuck me, B. I want you deep inside me, like I am in you right now. I want your tongue in my pussy, eating me and sucking on me. I wanna watch as you swallow my come, smiling ‘cause you love it so much,” she groaned at her own words. “Jesus, Buffy. . .I just want to feel you love me.” Faith whispered the last words into Buffy’s ear as she increased the pressure on her clit, rubbing over it so Buffy was unable to stay still as she shook.

“Faith. Oh, Faith,” Buffy called out, sure to catch the attention of more than just the girl she was coming for. “I do love you. I love you, Faith.” Buffy screamed her orgasm out into the small room, her body crashing back down to the bed. She held Faith’s hand inside her, closing her legs to trap the fingers where they were.

Faith looked down as sighing sounds drifted from Buffy’s lips. She leant forwards and captured the lips with her own, almost tasting the amount of pleasure she had just given the girl. They kissed affectionately, the desire making way for something deeper and richer, something both of them were so obviously feeling.

Faith removed her hand reluctantly from the warm depths of the girl she loved, and a smile broke out on Buffy’s lips. Faith felt it and pulled away, laying more to Buffy’s side, resting as she felt the tug of her injured body remind her that she was meant to be recuperating.

“You ok?” Faith asked huskily, and quietly.

“Yeah, I’m ok. I’m. . .a little sore, but ok,” Buffy replied as she continued to smile gently at Faith.

“Sore? Did I hurt you? Shit, I’m sorry.” Faith sat up; ignoring the tug of the machine she was attached to. She couldn’t believe that she had screwed up again and hurt Buffy.

“Hey. . .I didn’t mean it like that.” Buffy eased Faith back down to the bed, pulling the sheet up around them both. “I’m just. . .not very experienced I guess, but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it. God, you heard me right?” Buffy blushed a little.

“Yeah, I heard you. . .along with half the hospital. Geez, Buffy, if I’d known you were gonna bring the roof down I’d have gagged ya.” She smiled at her fellow slayer as she wrapped her arms around her, promising herself to go a little easier on the small blonde next time. “B? Is there gonna be a next time?” She just had to be sure before jumping to conclusions once again.

“After that? You’d better believe it.” The smirk on her face said it all. “Besides, I want this to work. Us to work. I have a little confession that I want to. . .well, I want to tell you what I’ve been through the last couple of days and what was going on. But I just have to let you know right now that you were right,” Buffy said softly. “When we were fighting in your motel room. . .I wanted you. I wanted you so bad it scared me, because I didn’t know the truth then. We really have a lot to talk about, a lot to get through and over; but I meant it when I asked you to never leave me. I don’t wanna lose you again, Faith. I don’t want anything to come between us again. Ever.” She brushed a thick dark lock of Faith’s hair out of the way before leaning in to kiss her.

Faith closed her eyes, feeling more than the kiss. More than hope and reassurance in the sweet smell of sex lingering on her fingers, the memory of Buffy’s eyes as she came, and the words of love that were knocking on the walls around her heart seeking entry. Gaining entry despite the distant voice in the back of her mind telling her how much of a fool she was. How dirty and disgusting and unworthy she was.

For now, Faith wasn’t listening. All she could hear were the soft breaths of the girl in her arms. That. . .and the sound of footsteps rushing down the hall outside her room.



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