Santa's Last Stand

Summary: Buffy and Faith bond over Xmas.
Timeline: Post Season 7
Rating: NC17
Pairing: F/B
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and whoever else owns them. I make no profit from this.

Buffy flapped at her collar, trying to cool herself down as the warm night hung stickily around her shoulders and eased under her clothes. She couldn’t believe it was still so hot at this time of year. Not even California stayed as muggy in the middle of winter. There had to be some kind of heat wave going on, or maybe Florida was just slipping into a hell dimension. Judging by the amount of demonic activity they’d found in their new home just outside the city limits of Miami, Buffy wouldn’t have been surprised.

They’d dispatched a big handful of new slayers – including Kennedy as Willow had broken up with her not long after the fall of Sunnydale - to Cleveland to deal with the small hellmouth there, but while searching for possible bad guy hotspots, Giles had discovered that Miami was rife with demons. The vampires were a little scarce around these parts, but all manner of horned, winged, oozing and hulking demon types seemed to take a shine to the area.

Deciding it was best to let the newer slayers handle the tamer area around Cleveland under Giles’ supervision, the main gang had settled themselves where they knew they could make the most difference. Demons were known to be much tougher opponents than vampires - especially in such large numbers - so Buffy had ensured only the best stayed with her.

Her slaying partner grumbled beside her as they attempted to do their duty without sulking about the fact they felt like they’d drawn the short straw.

“Yunno, I’m beginning to think Cleveland was the better option. I got a call earlier from Kennedy and they’re living it up there. . .having a huge fucking Christmas Eve party while we’re wandering around this old crap hole,” Faith whined, scuffing her boots on the dusty tarmac as she walked beside Buffy.

Buffy nodded, her arms hanging limply at her sides as they drifted slowly through the old fairground that had clearly been closed for a very long time.

“It’s not like we have much of a choice,” Buffy responded with a shrug. “This demon is dangerous and tonight’s probably his big night. If he’s here we’ll find him.”

“I dunno, B,” Faith said. “Maybe the guy here’s just a bum in a Santa suit and Giles got his wires crossed, or that damn fucktard. . .”

A dark figure scurried across the path a good few hundred feet in front of them and both slayers dropped instinctively into defensive stances, their sensitive senses twitching out into the darkness.

“Was that him?” Buffy asked, reaching for the large knife she had holstered to her thigh.

“No clue, B,” she replied. “Can’t see shit in this place.”

The only light they had to see by was the light of the moon as its small crescent shaped slither hung in the black sky. They were pretty far from any built up areas, wandering through the abandoned fairground on a probable hope that their demon was using it to hide in. Giles had been a little shaky on the details, his information coming from a Fruktat demon from the area, with dubious intentions.

Faith had insisted on calling the strange fellow a “fucktard demon” when he’d called round, and Buffy was beginning to think he’d led them into a trap as revenge.

“If it’s our guy then at least we know what to do,” Buffy said with a nod, glancing over at Faith as they began to stroll further down the path.

To their left and right were rusting old fairground rides. Most of them had parts missing or were so dilapidated it was hard to tell what they had been to begin with. A collapsing carousel here, a pile of burnt out bumper cars there. The place was a hazard, and they were wandering through it in the pitch black with nothing much but each other to keep them safe. Of course, being slayers gave them a big advantage - in pretty much everything - but they were still a little wary.

“If we find him can I ask for the shit load of presents he never gave me as a kid?” Faith asked with a dimpled grin.

“Faith,” Buffy said, stopping so she could place her hand on Faith’s shoulder comfortingly, “I hate to be the one to break it to you. . .but he’s not the real Santa Clause. He’s a demon that just happens to look like Santa.”

“Yeah, sure. . .that’s what they all say,” Faith huffed. “I got a pretty good look at him the other night and it was him, I swear. A little older, maybe way dirtier. . .possibly an alcoholic that speaks some kinda demon language, but it was him, and I owe him some payback.” She smacked her fist into her palm and Buffy chuckled, tugging her forwards so they could continue their search.

Things had been pretty good between them since the demise of Sunnydale. They’d reached some kind of understanding not long before the big fight, agreeing that the past had been a fucked up place and that it was best being left in the past. They weren’t exactly the best of friends and they still squabbled, always rubbing each other up the wrong way, but they were good now. Or as good as could be. Faith was more settled, though still a pain in Buffy’s backside, and Buffy. . .well, she’d tried her best to understand Faith, and learned to live with her rather than hope to change her.

She had to. . .they shared a house.

When Buffy, Willow, Xander and Dawn had agreed to move to Florida, Buffy had asked Faith to go with them. She knew she could do with having a ‘real’ slayer on hand, and despite their history and differences she’d been sure they could work together again without either of them going nuts. Xander had got his own small apartment, but the four girls had decided to pool their resources and rent a large house between them. It wasn’t grand or wonderfully furnished, but it was just right for their needs and in a great area just a short drive away from all the demon hotspots they could manage.

So far things were going smoothly, and the slaying kept them busy at night while they tried to earn some kind of living during the day. Giles was helping Dawn get through college, Buffy chose the easy option of working in a diner, Willow was carrying on her education but tutoring on the side, and Faith used some of Xander’s trade connections and got a job working on building sites with him. Buffy wasn’t certain what Faith did, but she always looked cute in her little yellow hard-hat.

“So,” Faith said, breaking the sudden silence, “how’s Bug?”

Buffy shook her head and chuckled. “His name’s Bud, and he’s. . .fine,” she replied.

Bud was Buffy’s current boyfriend, or at least she guessed that’s what he was. They didn’t talk much beyond what was necessary. He was good to go out with now and then. He liked treating Buffy to dinner and movies and walks in the park and she was happy to go along with it, thankful that he didn’t seem to be made of evil parts or be involved in secret underground associations that would make him go all screwy.

He was nice. . .but he wasn’t ‘it’. He wasn’t the one that made Buffy’s knees go weak and body tremble with just the sound of their voice or the brush of their hand. He was handsome and charming, and the sex wasn’t terrible, but Buffy had trouble focusing on him when they had it. There always seemed to be something, or rather someone, on her mind that stopped the relationship being more than what it was. She’d tried to ignore it and do her best to stick with him, but it wasn’t getting any easier.

“Just fine?” Faith asked, raising her eyebrow. “You’ve been dating the guy for over a month, aren’t you all loved up yet?”

Buffy thought about it as they walked around the back of a crumbling funhouse. She definitely wasn’t loved up. Not in the least. There were no tingles in the heart department when it came to Bud. She wondered if that’s why she liked him and kept with it. . .because it was easy. There were no complications beyond the ones in her own head.

“Love is overrated,” Buffy replied, fiddling with the sharp knife in her grasp. “He’s just nice to be with. It’s easy. . .and he’s really good looking so that helps.”

“Sure,” Faith said with a nod, “I can see why you’d be with the guy, what with him being so. . .ok, I really don’t get what you see in him, but if you wanna waste your time on a guy like that it’s your business,” she shrugged, quickening her pace a little as they covered every inch of the fairground.

Buffy didn’t know why Faith seemed so bothered about it. Faith herself hadn’t plunged into getting a boyfriend and she didn’t bring guys home. There was the one time Buffy had seen her dancing just a little too close to a girl in a club before disappearing with her for an hour, but she put that down to coincidence, or disbelieved it because of her own ignorance, depending on what day it was. She had no real basis to think Faith was into girls, despite the flirting she did with her when she was in one of her bored moods, and despite the drunken almost thing that had happened between them both a few nights ago. She most definitely didn’t seem to be into guys at the minute either, however. And that included Bud. Faith just didn’t seem to like him at all.

“Ok, Faith,” Buffy exclaimed, coming to a halt in the middle of the path and turning to face the other slayer. “I really don’t know what your problem is with him, but whatever it is can you please keep it to yourself? I don’t need the. . .”

A large shape lunged from the darkness at the two slayers, glowing eyes shining brightly as it swooped up and over their heads. They both ducked, trying to get a good look at their assailant. It was moving too quick, but Buffy was sure she could see a red coat flapping in the wind. It turned a few feet above them and swooped again.

“Shit,” Faith yelped as it almost got close enough to strike.

She threw herself at Buffy, grabbing her and pushing her down to the ground into a cluster of dishevelled bushes. Buffy’s knife got knocked from her hand and they lay still as their foe flew by, laughing into the night. It was out of sight before they could blink, leaving them crumpled on the floor together.

“Did that thing just say ‘ho, ho, ho’?” Faith asked, her lungs pulling in excited gasps of air.

“Sounded like,” Buffy responded, her eyes glaring up into the dark sky but seeing nothing.

Silence descended and the beast - or whatever it was - didn’t return.

“That was a close one,” Faith said, her eyes settling on Buffy now that they were apparently safe.

“Yeah. . .to think, it almost had us getting all dirty and bruised. But wait, we are dirty and bruised, and that’s your fault, not its,” Buffy huffed, yet made no motion to move or get up.

Faith was laying on her in-between the bushes, her body having fallen between Buffy’s thighs.

“Sorry, didn’t have much time to think with it coming at my head like that,” Faith explained, also staying just where she was. “I was thinking more about saving our lives than keeping your butt clean.”

“How gentlemanly of you, Faith,” Buffy remarked with a chuckle.

“Gentlemanly?” Faith asked disbelievingly. “Have you looked at me like. . .ever, B?”

“Of course,” Buffy replied, glancing down but trying not to stare at Faith’s obvious cleavage.

“I’m all woman, B. Inside and out,” she clarified with a predatory grin, not that Buffy couldn’t see that for herself.

“I’m well aware of that, F,” Buffy pointed out, still gazing down Faith’s top. “I mean, not that I’ve thought about the inside girliness. . .I’m not. . .”

Buffy pulled her eyes away from Faith’s breasts but suddenly was very aware that they were pushing against her, all soft and warm over her own. A little too close for comfort given the fact they were both just wearing thin tops.

“You’re not what, B?” Faith asked huskily, slipping her tongue out over her lower lip as Buffy watched, suddenly feeling all kinds of uneasy.

“I’m not. . .like that,” Buffy replied, wondering if she was being as convincing as she hoped.

The truth was, Buffy wasn’t sure what she was like when it came to Faith. She couldn’t quite completely deny to herself that Faith had always instilled some strange feelings within her. There was no doubt she had always thought Faith was attractive and sexy, but Buffy had tried not to notice too much. Noticing only got her thinking, and thinking usually led to confusion; confusion that had the habit of leading to some rather naughty thoughts about Faith. Ok, so she was in fact pretty sure she regarded Faith with more than friendship in mind, but it was out of the question. There was no way she was going to ‘go there’ with Faith.

Faith was just. . .she was too. . .it just wouldn’t work, regardless of how much Buffy had begun to think of it lately. Anyway, she was with Bud, so she couldn’t.

“You ok there, Twinkie?” Faith asked, grinning down at Buffy.

Slamming her eyelids shut to stop herself staring at Faith’s breasts or looking into her deep dark eyes, Buffy nodded. It wasn’t everyday she got to have Faith laying between her legs, pressing close to her. They tended to get into all kinds of positions while sparring, and that was always distracting enough. . .but right now it seemed different. Buffy could almost feel the tension rolling from Faith through her. And it wasn’t ‘slayer tension’; it was more. A lot more.

“Maybe we should get up,” Buffy said quietly, her voice nothing more than a little squeak compared to Faith’s right now.

Faith didn’t move and Buffy made the mistake of looking at her. She was gazing down at her, her pupils wide, even for the darkness that shrouded them. Faith looked stunning in the slight sparkle of moonlight, her hair falling in lush waves around them as her eyes melted every part of Buffy she’d thought was frozen in time. Something was going unsaid between them once again. Something important. Life changing.

It’s how it had always been. They’d get close, then just when it was clear that the next step should be taken, one of them screwed up and it all went to shit. They’d been back and forth along that same road since the beginning, only in recent months had it seemed like things were finally going forwards instead of constantly sliding back. But they hadn’t taken the step they needed. Once Buffy had started dating Bud it had put an end to any kind of stepping. Buffy had wanted to kick herself for being weak and choosing the easy option. . .but she hadn’t thought she’d had much choice.

Buffy had ignored the idea of being with Faith, thinking it was best to just keep things steady, keep the boat from rocking. And Faith certainly hadn’t been pushing things towards anything more intimate, except maybe with the flirting and the hints, and the touches and. . .Buffy suddenly realised Faith had been making it all too clear she was interested. She had been pushing, Buffy just hadn’t been willing to see it. She’d had a choice, and had made the wrong one.

“You sure you’re ok, B?” Faith asked, her weight lifting from Buffy just a little. “Did you hit your head or something? You’re kinda spazzing out.”

“No. . .my head’s fine,” Buffy replied vaguely, her hand moving up to rest on Faith’s lower back.

Faith looked at Buffy with a puzzled expression, her eyebrows clearly showing her confusion. She didn’t move any further away however, which could only be a good thing. Buffy quite liked having Faith snugly situated between her thighs. It didn’t seem wrong. . .well, maybe a little, but there was no doubt it felt kind of good. Kind of tingly. In fact, lots of tingly.

“Are you into me, B?” Faith asked abruptly, surprising Buffy.

Buffy didn’t have a come back. If she said no that would be lying, but saying yes could land her in deep water she had no way of knowing how to deal with. She couldn’t be sure Faith liked her as much as she thought, and if she did Buffy still had no idea how to handle it. Anything more than a tentative friendship with Faith was a scary prospect. Faith was a lot of woman, and Buffy had never been quite this close to even a little bit of woman, not including her own ‘little woman’ as she sometimes liked to call it.

“Um,” she mumbled as Faith smirked and once again licked her lips.

It was terribly distracting and definitely brought lots of attention to Faith’s lips, which were pretty attention grabbing without any help.

“Wow,” Faith exclaimed, her smirk turning into a genuine smile, “I didn’t. . .I mean. . .if you are that’s cool. I think you’re pretty fucking hot yourself,” she told her.

“You do?” Buffy responded, her own cute half-smile making an appearance.

“Of course,” Faith said with a nod, “I got eyes, Blondie. You’ve always pinged my radar.”

“Radar?” Buffy questioned, wondering if maybe she should stop the conversation before it went too far.

“Yeah, Twinkie. . .and I don’t mean the gay one, just the one that tells me you’re a cutie,” she chuckled, undoubtedly noticing that Buffy was getting a little flustered.

Buffy was certain she wasn’t blushing from the compliment, even though her cheeks felt hot. Most of her felt hot with Faith all pressed against her, however. Like a full body blush. . .just for Faith.

They dropped into silence for a few moments, neither girl making a move to get up. Buffy’s hand was still against Faith’s back, her fingers playing with the hem of her shirt. She thought maybe she should ask what they were doing, but that seemed like a definite way to cause the nice feelings to go away. And having Faith so close was all kinds of nice. It was nice with cherries on top. Nice with cherries and cream, and maybe even chocolate syrup. Of course, now Buffy had thought about it, she realised it would be even nicer to eat those direct from Faith’s stomach. She was sure they at least had some chocolate syrup at home; they could start with that.

Faith finally broke the silence, letting out a barely controlled sigh as Buffy’s fingertips brushed against the skin of her back. “Yunno, I kinda thought that kiss the other night was just a drunken fluke thing,” Faith said softly, her eyes trying their best to melt Buffy’s insides.

Buffy wasn’t opposed to the melting right now, but then she blinked and thought about what Faith had just said. “Kiss?” she questioned. She couldn’t remember any kissing.

She remembered drunkenness, and maybe some teasing, but kissing seemed like something she would definitely recall. How could she forget Faith kissage?

“The other night. . .you came in and your paws were all over me,” Faith informed her, raising an eyebrow.

“Oops,” Buffy said, biting her lip. She couldn’t really recall much after coming home from being out with Bud. She wasn’t normally a drinker.

“Kinda threw me for a loop, but I wasn’t complaining,” Faith assured. “Was a real nice first kiss, B.” Her dark eyes travelled over Buffy, making her shudder.

“First?” Buffy responded, noticing that her fingers were now making their way completely under Faith’s shirt, touching soft warm skin as they both seemed to choose not to say anything about it. “There was more than one?” she asked as small chunks of memory began to come back.

“Not yet,” Faith replied, her dimples playing mischievously over her cheeks as she smiled down at Buffy.

* * *

Three nights ago. . .

Buffy clambered through the front door, clattering into the hallway table as she threw her keys down, watching as they slid off the end to the floor. Her legs seemed far too wobbly to be standing, and going to bed was definitely looking like the best option. It was either that or raid the fridge for munchies.

“B?” Faith called from the living room. “That you? ‘Cause if it’s not, whatever demon you are. . .you’re headed for a world of pain. It just took a fucking hour to get this thing set up, ain’t no way you’re gonna wreck it.”

Faith rounded the corner, making Buffy’s night take a turn for the better.

Her night out with Bud had been pretty uneventful, as always. He was a decent guy, but the word dull fitted him like a glove. Like a glove, shoes, hat and scarf in fact. He’d wanted to continue the night back at his apartment, but Buffy had been feeling less and less inclined to be intimate with him recently. She just didn’t want to be that close, or that naked with the guy anymore. In her inebriated state she was bold enough to realise why. It was all to do with Faith.

The other slayer had crawled under her skin again; like a parasite, but much more attractive and appealing, and less hairy and scratchy. Or at least she hoped.

“Hey,” Buffy said, waving to indicate she wasn’t a rampaging demon. . .just in case Faith couldn’t tell.

“Fuck, you make a lot of noise for a little person,” Faith exclaimed, looking behind Buffy and out of the front door.

“I’m not little,” Buffy huffed, following Faith’s gaze out into the open. “And what are we looking at?”

Faith wrinkled her brow, turning back to Buffy as she closed the front door.

“Trying to figure out where ya dumped your honey,” Faith replied with a chuckle.

“Oh. . .I came home without him,” she said, suddenly feeling a little awkward. She wondered if Faith could tell she’d left him for the night because she couldn’t stop thinking about her. “He was slobbering over me and I wasn’t in the mood.”

“Sounds real romantic, B,” Faith smirked, turning to enter the living room.

Buffy looked to the stairs and back to Faith, deciding sleep could wait. She hadn’t seen much of Faith in the past few days and she’d missed her. It surprised her quite how much.

As she entered the living room Buffy instantly realised something was different. When she’d left that evening there certainly hadn’t been a Christmas tree adorned with bright baubles and lights sat in the corner of the room.

“I thought we weren’t having a tree this year,” Buffy said, taking in the rest of the decorations strewn around the room. “On account of everybody being. . .depressed.”

It had been a tough year, and they’d lost people they loved. They’d all just assumed rather than actually decided that Christmas wasn’t going to be quite as Christmassy as usual.

“Thought it would be a good idea, yunno. . .to help us not be depressed,” Faith explained, smiling just a little shyly.

Buffy didn’t think she’d ever seen Faith smile quite in that way before. She’d seen every kind of smile, from cute to sexy, ‘hello’ to ‘I know how to show you a good time’, but there had always been a distinct lack of shy from Faith. It made Buffy want to hug her, and in her less than sober state, that’s what she decided she would do.

Walking uneasily towards Faith she smiled openly and told her, “It looks great, Faith. It’s beautiful. Everything is.”

Before Faith had time to react Buffy’s arms were around her. She leaned into the taller girl, wrapping her up as best she could, just holding in a way she never had. It certainly beat the clinches they’d shared whilst sparring or fighting.

“No need to get all sappy, B,” Faith chuckled, her hands coming to rest on Buffy’s shoulders awkwardly.

“I’m not,” Buffy assured.

She rested her head on Faith’s shoulder, a happy smile drifting over her lips as she asked any of the Gods who were listening to keep Faith from backing away.

“Sure you’re not, Princess. You normally go around squeezing me half to death for nothing,” Faith joked sarcastically.

“Maybe I should,” Buffy responded, her words muffled as she snuck her nose closer to Faith’s neck, her body limp against her strong frame. “Not to death though, obviously,” she added.

Faith finally relented and allowed her hands to slide down Buffy’s back so she could hold her too. It was still a little awkward, but the soft touch of Faith’s hands had made a little moan sound escape from Buffy’s mouth. They stood in silence, the lights from the tree twinkling their colours over them, glints of blue, red and green showering them as they stood toe to toe, body to body.

Buffy breathed in deeply, the soft scent of Faith’s skin and the sharp tang of her perfume filling her lungs. She could tell Faith had been working hard that day, out in the winter sun, getting hot and sticky as she toiled in her hard-hat. It wasn’t grotesque man-sweat smell; it was rich and kind of sexy. Or at least. . .Buffy had just decided it was sexy. The image of Faith getting all work-dirty in her little yellow hat certainly helped with the idea of it being sexy. She could see the hat out of the corner of her eye, and she grinned.

“Put your hat on, Faith,” Buffy prompted softly, leaning back to look at the other girl.

“My hat? Why? You plannin’ on hitting me in the head?” Faith questioned, her face the picture of puzzlement.

“Of course I’m not gonna hit you in the head, silly,” Buffy laughed, pulling away and hitting Faith on the arm instead. “Oops, sorry,” she added as Faith rubbed her now obviously sore arm and glared at her.

“Maybe you should get some coffee, or just go to bed, B. You’re kinda hammered,” Faith pointed out as Buffy stumbled over to grab the hat from the table near by.

“If there are hammers around you should wear this,” Buffy said, thrusting the construction worker’s helmet towards Faith, not paying too much attention to what she was saying.

“I’m not gonna. . .”

Buffy tripped on the rug by the dining room chair Faith had stood on to put the star on the tree. She barrelled into the other girl, sending her crashing to the seat with Buffy tumbling onto her. In order to keep her balance, Faith pulled Buffy right onto her lap, effectively making Buffy straddle her as she sat. They were lucky the dining room chairs were made of sturdy stuff.

“Whoa,” Buffy giggled. “Wasn’t meant to happen.”

She set her weight down on Faith, deciding it was safer there than standing, and it was much more comfy than being on the floor on her ass. Faith’s hands rested on Buffy’s hips, holding her steady as she looked up into her eyes. Buffy suddenly felt shy, the deep brown of the other girl’s eyes stripping away some of her drunken boldness. She almost felt like running and hiding, but she’d been doing that for years.

Swallowing down her nervousness, Buffy smiled and plonked the hat on Faith’s head, brushing her dark locks behind her ears so it would sit right. Faith just chuckled as she watched Buffy’s every move, her hands firm on her waist now, keeping her straddling her lap.

“See,” Buffy remarked, “that looks cute, and. . .” she bit her lower lip before continuing, “sexy.”

Faith raised a perfect eyebrow, her dimpled grin clearly showing how intrigued and amused she was. “Yeah?” she asked, her husky voice rolling over Buffy and pulling her closer.

“Oh, yeah,” Buffy assured a little breathlessly, every inch of her body screaming at her to close the gap between them. The clamour was playing hell with her internal censor, and the warning signals about getting too close just couldn’t be heard.

Her hands drifted from their previous perch on Faith’s shoulders, moving towards the soft skin of her neck as she studied Faith’s lips. Lips that were full, beautiful, and so, so tempting. The fingers of Buffy’s right hand slipped round the back of Faith’s neck, sending a shiver through her that Buffy felt from her perch upon her lap.

“Buffy?” Faith said, her tone soft and low, sending an identical shiver through Buffy. “What are you doing?”

Buffy didn’t know what she was doing, but it felt right. In that moment, it felt like it was something she should have done a long time ago. Wriggling a little nearer, her lips inched closer to Faith’s, their hot breaths spilling out over each other in anticipation. She could feel Faith’s fingers gripping her tighter at her waist, years of tension seeping to the surface as both girls licked their lips and closed their eyes.

The soft touch of lips, heated air easing over each other, into each other. They barely moved but it felt like the world had just spun them around and tipped them upside down. Buffy’s mouth brushed softly over Faith’s, kissing her slowly, waiting for her to respond. She could sense the fight going on inside Faith so she pressed her lips a little firmer, reassuring her that it’s what she wanted to do.

Faith’s tongue snuck out and flicked Buffy’s top lip, causing her to groan and grow wet with lust. There was no doubt in her mind about what she wanted from Faith now. The evidence was in her panties. But Faith was still holding back, her lips and tongue not yet giving Buffy what she desired.

“Kiss me, Faith,” Buffy said breathlessly, her fingers tickling over the back of Faith’s neck, mouths still touching softly.

“You’re drunk, B,” Faith replied. “You’ll regret it in the. . .”

“I won’t,” Buffy assured, moving her hands up to cup Faith’s face within them, her thumbs glancing over striking cheekbones.

She brought their mouths together firmer again, kissing hard then sucking gently on Faith’s lush lower lip. Faith groaned and her hands moved up to Buffy’s back, holding her tighter as she gave in and kissed fully. Her lips yielded and possessed, tongue sliding over Buffy’s as their mouths opened to take one another in.

Buffy’s hands once again fell to the softness of the back of Faith’s neck, fingers stroking as she swooned under the soft caress of her tongue as it twirled teasingly around her own. Faith leaned back in the chair, causing Buffy to press against her more fully, the straddling position only serving to turn her on even more. They kissed deeper, more needy, hands beginning to move and want as soft sighs and moans drifted from them both.

With nothing seemingly stopping them, Buffy let herself go to the kiss. To Faith. She’d secretly wanted Faith for more years than she dared to admit, and now they could finally sneak past each other’s defences and get to the good stuff behind. The stuff they’d kept from each other through all the turmoil of their relationship.

As Buffy flicked her tongue over Faith’s, her hands roaming over her shoulders and down towards her chest, Faith tipped her head back just a little too far. Her hard-hat fell to the floor with a loud thud, startling both of them.

“Shit,” Faith hissed, pulling her mouth from Buffy’s.

“No, don’t stop kissing me,” Buffy implored as she placed tender caresses over Faith’s chin and jaw.

Whatever had passed between them, the interruption had halted, at least for Faith. She shook her head and lifted Buffy from her lap as she stood.

“Not tonight, B,” she said softly, her chest rising and falling rapidly. “Not like this.”

Faith ran a hand through her hair, her eyes dark and penetrating as she tried not to focus on Buffy.

“But. . .” Buffy began, pouting.

“If we’re meant to do this we will, but not when you’re drunk and I’m horny as hell,” Faith told her.

Buffy furrowed her brow, the twinkling of the tree lights making her a little dizzy now. “You mean. . .kissing me any other time won’t make you horny?”

Faith raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “Just looking at you makes me horny, B,” she clarified.

“So we should just carry on then,” Buffy said, smiling broadly and feeling pleased with her assessment of the situation.

“But you’re still drunk,” Faith pointed out gently, “and you should go to bed. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. . .if you remember,” she added.

Buffy smiled and nodded. She knew Faith was right. They couldn’t take a leap like that if she wasn’t completely sober. It wouldn’t be fair on either of them, not after the history they shared. Plus, the dizziness was quickly becoming an issue and sleeping seemed like a good idea.

“Night, Faith,” Buffy said softly, making her way to the stairs. “I’ll remember, and we’ll talk about it.”

* * *

But she hadn’t remembered; at least not the kiss. Until now.

As the memory flooded back Buffy smiled with how good it felt. She could recall every sensation of Faith’s lips against her own, her tongue soft and sensual, hot and heavy breaths as they’d submitted to each other.

“I remember,” Buffy said quietly as she lay under Faith, the hand not currently stroking over Faith’s lower back brought up to touch her cheek.

She stroked Faith’s cheek softly, just looking into her eyes as she tried to gauge what she was thinking. She couldn’t tell, but her actions didn’t seem to be those of a girl who wasn’t interested in taking things further. Faith wasn’t moving away and her breathing was definitely giving Buffy some clues as to what affect she had on her.

“Guess we should talk then,” Faith said, her voice almost a husky whisper.

“I don’t wanna talk,” Buffy replied. “I want to kiss you again.”

Buffy’s thumb brushed over Faith’s lips, her stomach flipping and flopping as Faith kissed it lightly.

“But what’ll it mean, B?” Faith asked, being unusually reticent.

It told Buffy just how much she meant to Faith. This wasn’t a drunken fumble. . .it was what they’d battled to keep from happening since the beginning. It was wanting and having and not running and fighting.

“It means we’ll stop fighting it, Faith,” Buffy explained, removing her thumb and leaning up to dust her lips over Faith’s.

It didn’t take Faith long to respond this time. She was obviously as ready as Buffy to take the plunge. Pressing her lips to Buffy’s she kissed her with all the need and desire she’d obviously held inside. The world became a blur as their tongues danced and swirled, soft then hard, light then deep.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Faith, holding her tight to her as she used one hand to burn her everywhere she touched. Buffy moaned under her searching fingers, skin tingling and body yearning for more. She’d wanted Faith this way for longer than she could remember. The secret dreams and fantasies she’d had came nowhere close to the sensation of the real thing. Faith was like all her fantasies becoming real at once as she pushed her body into Buffy, their lust for one another outweighing any other thoughts.

“I want you, B,” Faith sighed, her lips travelling over Buffy’s jaw and neck. “Right here and right now.”

Buffy had no resolve left to stop her. She wanted Faith just as much. They’d waited far too long.

Without asking permission or thinking about the consequences Buffy slipped both her hands between them, causing Faith to lift up a little as she reached for her belt buckle and zip.

“I wanna touch you, Faith. I don’t wanna waste anymore time,” Buffy confessed breathlessly. “No talking. No regrets.”

Faith replied with a kiss that made Buffy’s head spin, her mind crashing on the rocks of passion as they gave in to what they’d always wanted and needed. A deep moan broke from Faith as Buffy’s hands pushed her jeans down just enough to give her room to explore. The slow touching and kissing could be done later, right now it was all about fire and need, years of fantasies ignored making their voice heard.

“Fuck,” Faith said with a groan as Buffy’s hand eased into her panties, “you sure?”

“More than ever,” Buffy replied.

She dipped her fingers into Faith’s arousal as she slipped them between her folds, her breath coming in short and heavy sighs as the sensation seeped through all the years of neglecting the truth.

Faith pushed a hand into Buffy’s pants in response, gliding them into her panties and slicking her fingers in her wetness. She raised her hips to the soft touch, letting Faith know how much she wanted her with a gasped moan as fingers slid over her clit. It didn’t take long until they were both panting and pushing against each other, their lips still trying to kiss as moans of pleasure tore through them.

“Come for me, Faith,” Buffy implored, needing to feel it, to know that it was real.

Faith flicked her tongue out over Buffy’s neck, kissing and sucking as she moaned her answer. Buffy had no doubt Faith was going to come, they both were, and it was going to be quick and hard.

They matched each other touch for touch, fingers swirling and rubbing in flowing arousal as they began to shudder and grind, fast and firm. Buffy bent her legs at the knee, and held Faith tight between her thighs, bucking up into the fingers that drove powerfully over her swollen pussy. She pressed into Faith, one hand grasping the firm flesh of her backside as the other carried her to orgasm, fingers slipping all over Faith’s hard little clit. Lips parted, lungs greedy for air, both girls shook as they sent each other crashing over the edge.

“Oh fuck,” Buffy cried out, reaching her climax, clinging as she felt Faith’s come gush out over her fingers.

“Shit! Oh yeah, Buffy,” Faith groaned loudly as she came.

Shuddering, she slowed her fingers, easing the come out of Buffy as they settled into one another, attempting to catch their breaths.

“That was. . .” Buffy gasped, “hot.”

Faith chuckled and slumped against her, fingers still planted in Buffy’s sticky pussy. Buffy had no doubt they’d be coming again soon. There would be all kinds of coming, and she’d have to break up with Bud. . .even if Faith didn’t want quite exactly what she did. Somewhere in the back of her mind she was sure Faith wanted what she did, and there was no room in their lives for anybody but each other.

As she noticed a shadow rushing towards them from the sky above, she wished the bad-guys understood that too, so she could at least have a few minutes post-orgasm relaxing time.

Slipping her fingers from Faith and grabbing her around the waist, she rolled her over and reached for the knife that had previously been knocked from her hand.

“What the. . ?” Faith exclaimed.

“Bad Santa,” Buffy said by way of explanation.

As the figure lunged towards them she hurled the knife into the air, it hit handle end first with a clunk. The assailant came crashing to the ground, landing just beside them in a red and white heap.

Faith wrenched her jeans back up as she bounced to her feet, Buffy following quickly behind. Zipping herself back up and buckling her belt Faith prodded at the lump with the toe of her boot.

“Looks like our guy,” she said.

Buffy nodded and bent down to push him over, uncovering his face as the large floppy hood to his coat slipped off.

“Damn,” Faith exclaimed, “it’s the fucktard.”

Buffy sighed and wondered why demons even bothered to plan their pointless traps to get rid of the slayers. They always failed. She slammed the knife into his heart, a gurgled cry filling the now quiet night as he choked on his last breath.

Wiping the blade on the dishevelled Santa costume Buffy shook her head. “I get why he tried to lure us here, out in the middle of nowhere. . .but why the costume?”

Faith shuffled her feet and ran a hand through her hair. “Mighta been my fault,” she confessed. “I was kinda talking to myself when I was slaying one night last week. You were out with Bug and I was kinda pissed.”

Buffy nodded, not bothering to correct Faith on Bud’s name. It didn’t matter now anyway.

“I think I said something about hating Santa, along with some other shit, and that I’d love to get a chance to kick his ass,” Faith continued. “Guess somebody heard and thought they could use it to get us out here.”

Buffy chuckled and felt a little sorry for the demon. He’d picked the wrong year to play Santa.

“So. . .what was the other ‘shit’ you were pissed at?” Buffy asked, crossing her fingers behind her back.

Faith smiled and strolled towards Buffy, not backing down from the question and its implications.

“I was pissed at you, being with your guy,” she told Buffy honestly. “Didn’t want you with him when you should be with me.”

Buffy felt her heart melt at her words, tingles rushing through her as she thought about the possibilities ahead for them now the words were out. Now that she knew Faith wanted more.

“And if I tell you I can be with you now?” Buffy asked, giving Faith the green light.

“Then that’d be the best fucking Christmas present I could ever ask for,” Faith replied softly, reaching out to cup Buffy’s face with her hand.

They smiled and kissed, arms wrapping around each other as they sought out what they both needed.

“Glurg!” came a splutter by their feet, interrupting them once more.

Faith broke away from Buffy and swept her foot out, kicking the gurgling demon in the head, sending it rolling into the bushes.

“I fucking hate Santa,” she growled before taking Buffy back into her arms and making her head spin with a deep kiss.

Buffy couldn’t help but think about all the fun they were going to have together, and she was certain there was a place for a little dress-up fun in which Faith could wear nothing but her hard-hat and an unbuttoned shirt.

It was going to be the best Christmas ever.

The End



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