You're Like The Sun In A Rainstorm

Chapter Two

Faith’s pov

She was so just checking me out, man. I couldn’t have missed that if I’d have even tried. I’m thinking that maybe she knows how obvious she was too. Like she really is tired of just hiding the fact we dig each other. I gotta say, I’m all for it. There’s no way I’m gonna let this pass.

I get a quick wash and stuff, brush my teeth, attempt to tame my hair a little and I’m good to go. If Buffy can look that cute and pretty first thing in the morning, I gotta make sure I’m up to standard too. Not that I think she’d complain when I have my ass and tits out. She’s too busy ogling.

I walk back into the room and her eyes are instantly all over me. I crawl back onto the bed and don’t bother with the sheets. It’s too damn hot, and I’m loving the way Buffy is finding it impossible not to keep taking a look at me. Maybe I’m being a little cruel, but I want her to start knowing that it’s fine by me if she wants to look, or do more than that.

“You not a little hot there, B?”

I can feel the heat coming off her from here and ya never know, maybe I can get her to lose some layers too. I’d love to see that tiny little figure of hers all naked.

“I’m ok. Not all of us are as uninhibited as you, Faith,” she points out.

Ok, so her tee shirt and shorts aren’t moving, yet anyway.

“We’re both girls here, so I’m not thinking I have anything you ain’t seen before, girlfriend,” I say.

It’s true, but she’s still doing a crappy job at hiding the fact she wants to sample the goodies.

“Yeah, well. . .you obviously don’t have any worries on the looks front,” Buffy says, and I’m wondering if that’s another compliment, “but I’m not so confident.”

And why the hell not? Fuck, I really think she has no idea how attractive she is sometimes.

“You don’t have to worry about that, B. You have one cute and hot little bod, so don’t be so down on yourself,” I tell her, smiling all sweet at her.

She’s blushing a tad, and I love that I did that.

“You think so?” she says shyly.

Her shy smile is gonna be the death of me one of these days. I’ll be thinking about it walking along and wham, I’ll get hit by a fucking truck or something.

“Yeah, I think so,” I tell her honestly, after looking her up and down as she’s sitting up in bed, so she gets that I made an informed judgement. Not that I haven’t looked her up, down, sideways and all around countless times before.

“Thanks,” she says all sweet-like and looking down, and I wanna wrap her around me and kiss the hell out of her.

There’s a knock on the door that stops me just grabbing hold of her, though. Room service. I ordered us some popsicles like B asked, and some sodas and potato chips. The healthy life of a slayer. It’s the best.

Buffy gets up to answer the door and I watch her every move, and she knows it. There’s a bit of a strut going on there I’m sure. Thanking the guy in her bad Italian accent, Buffy closes the door and puts the stuff on the small cabinet between our double beds. I dive right in by grabbing a cold drink.

“I’m gonna go freshen up,” she says, and makes her way into the bathroom with my eyes clinging to her sweet little ass.

By the time she comes back out I’ve eaten my popsicle and am happily munching on hers. She has to know by now that leaving food around me like that is just asking for it to disappear. Hey, I haven’t touched the chips yet. That’s an improvement at least.

“Faith. . .I can’t believe you did that. I really wanted that,” she pouts.

Yeah, that’s not all she wants, and I’m gonna force it out of her.

“Guess you’re just gonna have to come and get it then, B,” I tell her, winking.

It’s been so long since we’ve been able to tease each other like this. I missed it so much.

“I’m not fighting with you for my popsicle, F. Hand it over.”

She’s standing at the foot of my bed with her hands on her hips, doing her best to look me in the eye and nowhere else.

She’s doing a pretty good job too. I mean, I’m lying back on my pillows slightly propped up against the headboard. My legs are a little spread, my right one bent at the knee, and if I weren’t wearing panties I’d want paying for the show. There ya go, her eyes just swept over me and took it in, and I can see that her fucking pupils are huge from here.

“Like I said, Twinkie. If you want it, come and get it,” I grin.

I didn’t even attempt to hide the double meaning in it. I think she gets it too from my raised eyebrow.

I’m gonna try something out on her and hope she goes along with it. Something tells me from the hungry look in her pretty green eyes that she’s ready to take a step beyond any kind of teasing we’ve done in the past. It’s time to move things up and take a chance.

“Come on, B. It’s real nice and cold.” I take a small bite out of the freezing ice, licking my lips as she just stands and watches.

I think it’s finally getting through to her that I’m not giving it up without her working for it. And I’m about to see how far she’ll dare to go.

Buffy’s pov

What is she doing? Trying to kill me? I’m hot enough without her lying there all sexy and looking like she wants to eat me as much as my damn popsicle. If only she didn’t have that thong on. Jesus, if she didn’t I think I’d faint.

She looks so good right now. It helps that she’s not actually wearing much at all, but it’s more the look on her face. She knows she looks good and is getting me interested. I’ve seen that look before, on the dance floor at the Bronze before I’d get all up my own ass and run from her to Angel. God, how the hell did she put up with me throwing out so many mixed signals?

There’s a challenge in her grin too. I don’t know what she’s got up her sleeve, ok so she’s not wearing a shirt and clearly doesn’t have sleeves, but I know she’s about to do something to test me. As she lies back against the headboard with her firm body kinda calling me forwards I catch the glint in her eye.

She nibbles a bite from the orange popsicle currently threatening to melt in the stifling heat of the room. Then she takes the small bite out of her mouth and places it on her toned and tanned stomach, just above her delicious little belly button.

“We can always share, B. But I’d hurry up before it melts.” She points at the small chunk of orange on her stomach. “Go ahead and take your share.”

Ok, that’s just cruel.

I don’t know what to do. I want to, I really do, but I guess I’m still a little scared. Damn, it’s beginning to melt already. There’s a tiny trickle of orange making its way down towards her belly button. I wanna lick it up. I wanna taste her skin with it. Is that me breathing really heavy? She looks. . .oh fuck it. I’m not gonna run from this. If she wants to play then I’m not gonna back down like I would have done in the past.

I slowly get up onto the bed at the bottom and her eyes go a little wide before she regains the hold of her badass persona again, and the grin comes back. Although now she’s breathing a little heavier too.

I crawl towards her on the bed, breaking eye contact as I look down at the offering resting on her. I’m so close to her bare skin, and her breasts. Her nipples are hard and they look so tasty, but I’m here for the melting ice. It’s moving up and down with every respiration she takes, and it’s definitely moving quicker than it was a couple of seconds ago. I’m close enough to smell the heat from her skin and it’s intoxicating. I’m not sure if I’m about to jump over the wall without looking to see what’s on the other side, but I can’t back down now.

I’ve come this far, I may as well go for it. I place a leg between hers, straddling her left thigh but not quite touching her. I tuck my hair behind my ear, and moving my right hand to the left side of her on the bed, I lower my head towards her. I can’t breathe but I don’t care. If I’m going to do this, then I’m going to do it right and enjoy it.

I slip my tongue out and capture the trail of orange that was threatening to pool into Faith’s belly button, slowly licking my way up the couple of inches to the chunk of ice just waiting for me. I can taste orange, but I can also taste her skin, and it’s delicious. I’m almost positive she shuddered a little as soon as I made contact. I know I did.

Taking the ice between my lips I suck it up into my mouth, ensuring I’m doing a good job at cleaning her lightly muscled abdomen as I swallow the cool respite for my burning body. I lick at her stomach, probably a little more than I really need to, but her skin is just so sweet against my lips and my tongue, and so soft.

“I think you got it all, B,” she says quietly.

Her voice is so husky and sexy right now. I feel like I just got kissed all over by it.

“Just making sure, F.”

I lick her one last time, dipping into her cute little belly button and tasting the tang of her salty sweat before I sit back slightly and wait for the next move to this game.

Faith’s pupils are huge and her nostrils are slightly flared, like the moment she’s about to slay, or we’re about to spar. She’s all passion and fire inside and it’s all staring me right in the face as I look at her. I’m so horny, if she were to lift her leg a little way so I was sat on it I’d probably come all over her.

“Want more?” she asks.

Do I want more? I want all of it, and I’m not talking about the fucking popsicle. I nod. She smiles.

The beautiful brunette currently lying before me with still far too many clothes on if you ask me, is now placing another bite, right on her breast for Christ sakes. Just above her right nipple that looks so much like it’s straining for my mouth to take it. And she knows and I know, it’s going to melt just enough so that I’m going to end up having to lick her nipple clean. What am I doing?

Faith is looking a little unsure now I think too. Probably doubting that I’ll go so far, but I’m not about to just turn away from the opportunity of doing exactly what I’ve been thinking about so much since the minute I woke up to find her topless.

I tear my eyes away from hers once again and hover over her chest. She’s practically holding her breath in anticipation, and I’m allowing mine to heat the ice up just that little bit more so it trickles over the erect nipple just below it. I take the chunk of ice in my mouth and quickly rid it from her skin so I can set about cleaning off her perfect breast.

I lick at the spot she had placed it, and she’s definitely getting really turned on by this. I look at her as she watches me, before I turn my attention back to what I was about to do. I sweep my tongue up over her breast, from the bottom to the top, right over her dark little nub. She fucking groaned. It was fairly quiet, but I heard it. And now I’m so wet I can feel it in my shorts.

Faith groaned for me. I want her to do it again. I need her to. So I lick at her nipple again and this time, I place my lips around it and suck lightly. Oh God, it’s so stiff and delectable and she groaned a little louder this time. I glance up to find her beautiful dark eyes almost shut, as she tries to watch what I’m doing. I take more of her into my mouth, sucking on her harder as she kinda pushes towards me.

I love this game. I wanna see if it goes where I want it to go, so I move away from her again and I’m positive she just stopped herself from whimpering at the loss of my mouth on her.

I want more of that popsicle, on more of her. I point at it as it drips down her fingers.

“You gonna share more of that?” I raise an eyebrow to match her own.

“Sure. . .if that’s what you want,” she says, the words rolling from her lips.

It’s really a question she’s asking me now instead of a challenge, ‘cause I’m pretty sure we both know what’s coming next. Maybe it’s a slayer link deal, but I just know we’re thinking the same thing.

Faith takes another bite and looking right in my eyes, she places it in the general area of her groin. I drown in the impossible depths of her deep dark eyes for a second as I pluck up the courage to see exactly where the ice is. I take a shaky breath, and neither of us are grinning now, as it’s gone way past that stage. I let my gaze travel down her fit young body to where she placed the ice.

It’s right on her mound, placed precariously on her underwear.

I just look at it as it begins to melt a lot quicker than it had anywhere else. I’m not even questioning now whether or not we should be doing this, because I’m so turned on, and I know Faith is too. I don’t hesitate to move myself down slightly. I’m between her legs and I’m feeling my whole body tingling in anticipation.

I glance up her body and she’s looking down at me with fire in her eyes, golden flecks dancing in rich chocolate. I lick my lips, placing my hands either side of her hips, closing the distance between us. She opens her legs a little as I get close enough to catch the scent of her arousal. She smells so good, and my clit is throbbing with need as I feel my shorts getting damper and damper.

I take a deep breath, full of her, and I lower my face to take the ice between my lips, swallowing it down. She quivered under me as soon as I made contact, and I can’t hold back now at all. I open my mouth wide and suck at her orange juice and arousal soaked panties, right on her sweet little pussy. I don’t stop as she throws what remains of the popsicle to the floor, pushing her fingers into my hair and raising her hips to meet my hungry mouth as she moans out into the humid room.

“Buffy.” She breathes out my name and she sounds so hot, and so. . .so fuckable.

I shift a little lower to try to drink in Faith’s essence as it’s so obviously pouring from her. I move my mouth over her as she arches up into me, her respiration rate noticeably increasing. I suck the gorgeous slayer’s pussy juice through her panties, and feel like I could get drunk on the rich intoxicating taste of her.

Faith tastes amazing but it isn’t enough. I want her. I want her now or I’m liable to explode and take out half the country we’ve found ourselves in. I run my tongue across her hot centre, feeling her pussy lips through the thin fabric of her thong, and I guess she really is thinking the same thing I am.

“Fuck, B,” she moans, then leans down and grabs hold of my shoulders, pulling me up towards her mouth, crashing our lips together as we both groan into each other.

Faith’s pov

I couldn’t take much more of her teasing without kissing her first. As much as I was enjoying her sucking on my wet panties I wanted to taste her. I’ve thought about it for so long, just kissing her, and she feels amazing against my lips.

We’re sliding our tongues against each other, sucking and biting. I have my hands buried in her soft silky hair as hers cup my face. It’s wild and wanton, but that’s because we’ve spent years wanting this. I have to have her in the biggest way, and I’m certain now that Buffy feels just the same. She would never have gone as far as she did with our little game if she didn’t. I know that much about her.

I don’t think she’s gonna plan on stopping this from happening right now. I can feel her hips pushing against mine as she tries to relieve some of her frustration. Fuck, I want to feel her right against me. Skin on skin. Grabbing the bottom of her top, I stop and look into her dazzling eyes.

She lifts herself up slightly so I can remove her top, throwing it God knows where as I look at her perfect little breasts.

I flip her over, straddling her, and she looks a little shocked, but she looks more turned on than anything. I waste no time in kissing my way down her neck to her chest. Her hands are in my hair, encouraging me. Trailing wet kisses over her breasts I finally make my way to her left nipple. It’s all stiff and sweet girlie pink. Doesn’t fucking surprise me.

I’m sucking on her, and she’s breathing hard for me, getting me hotter than hell, and she tastes so good. I wanna rip her shorts off and get her pussy sliding against mine, but I’m guessing that might be a little extreme to just rip them off her. So instead I trail a hand down her side as I move to her other breast with my mouth.

Feeling confident that she isn’t gonna bolt, I keep my fingers moving down to her shorts and move up to kiss her again. I’m at her waistband, toying with the material. Sliding the tips of my fingers underneath them, just enjoying the thought that I’m about to get Buffy naked for me. And I’m not fucking dreaming like all the times before, ‘cause she wants me too.

I start to pull downward and her cute little butt lifts up for me. I move back as I pull her shorts down with me, off over her legs. I just sit back and look at her, just lying there, naked, and waiting for me. I can smell how horny she is. Fuck, I can see how horny she is. Her almost hairless little pussy is so wet, and I want it against mine right now.

Moving forward, I place myself between her thighs and I’m just about to lean into her and kiss her.

“Wait, Faith. Aren’t you forgetting something?” She searches my eyes with hers and I have no idea what the hell to say. “You’re unusually more overdressed than I am right now,” she smiles and starts tugging at my panties.

I’ve got Buffy Summers naked beneath me and doing her best to pull my underwear off. I don’t think I could possibly want her more right now. I give her a hand and just rip them from me, because I need her against me so bad.

She pulls me down on top of her and we start kissing hungrily again. Pushing into each other. Her breasts are sliding against mine, nipples hard against each other, as I rub my dripping pussy into hers. I’m feeling just how wet she is all over me. Sliding her hot cunt up into me. Her hips rising to meet mine.

It’s driving me crazy and I know I’m holding back.

“Jesus, Buffy. I wanna fuck you so much,” I practically growl.

She’s grabbing onto me. Her hands stroking up and down my back and clutching my ass, to push me more into her as we both moan in our need. Fucking each other’s pussies with our own.

“Faith. . .stop holding back. Take me,” she says and I lean back enough just to look in her eyes. How the fuck did she know I was doing my best not to go too fast? “I need you, Faith. God, I need you now. Touch me. Fuck me,” she pleads almost.

I had no idea she could be so fucking sexy, but her saying that to me. . .well, I’m hoping the bed’s gonna hold out.

She takes hold of my hand and leads it down between us. I look down as my fingers brush across the short hair of her pink little pussy, then slide them into her wet folds. I can feel she’s fucking soaked as I swirl a fingertip over her hard little clit. I move to her side slightly, placing her right leg between mine, lightly rubbing her clit, and getting her arching up into my hand as she searches for more pressure.

“Oh, God,” she moans and she’s back grabbing at my shoulders, holding me close. “Fuck, Faith. . .I want you inside me. Put your fingers in me.”

I don’t waste any time in doing exactly that. I want inside her hot pussy more than anything. I slide a finger down lower and dip it into her hole, spreading her glistening juices all over her. Just when she thinks I’m not gonna go any further and keep teasing her, I slip my finger up into her slick entrance. God I love that sound.

I pull in and out of her, slowly at first, just listening to how wet Buffy is. It’s so sexy. Just pushing up into her with my finger. Sliding it in as deep as I can go. She’s groaning and moving her hips in time with me. I push another finger inside her tight little pink hole.

“Yeah. . .that’s it. Harder, Faith,” she gasps.

I thrust into her and she opens right up to me, spreading her legs and lifting her hips so I can fuck her nice and deep, her moans making me crazy.

Picking up speed I lift myself up above her, resting on my left hand as the fingers of my other hand touch her in a place I never thought I’d get a chance to.

“Do you like that, baby?” I ask, giving her a new nickname as I rub my fingers up inside her and shove them in and out, fucking her.

“Yes. Oh, Faith. . .don’t stop.”

Her pussy is so tight and hot, and so fucking wet, she’s all over my hand.

Pushing another finger up into her I almost come myself as she fucking whimpers real loud. Her pussy is trying to take me deeper, and I’m pounding into her now, banging the headboard off the wall as I stretch her open to me. She’s scratching my back and moaning for me not to stop. I love the way she’s saying my name right now too. I can feel my pussy dripping all over for her. I need her inside me, fucking me at the same time.

“B. . .baby, touch me,” I say all breathy-like.

I slow down on her a little and spread my legs as I’m hanging over her thigh, and she gets the message.

Buffy’s pov

She’s making me feel so good. God, her fingers are amazing. I just hope I can make her feel good too. I’ve never had sex with another woman before, but I know that I want to touch her. I know I wanna feel her around my fingers.

I keep a grip on Faith’s powerful shoulder with one hand as I lift the hand closest to where she needs me, my right hand, up towards her. Her legs are spread for me and it looks so hot. We’re both looking down as I slip my fingers into her, sliding over her clit as she breathes hot and heavy next to my ear.

“That’s it. Fuck, yes,” Faith gasps.

She’s already rolling her hips into my fingers, so I guess she’s pretty worked up. I’m worked up myself. More than I think I have been with anyone.

She keeps her fingers fucking me as I’m drawn towards being inside her. We’re kissing again and I push my middle finger into her hole. It’s so wet and warm, and I know right now I’m gonna want to do this to her so many more times than just this once.

“More, B. I need to feel you really fucking me.”

She’s looking down at me, her eyes slicing right into mine. Our bodies covered in a thin sheen of sweat as we move. I’ve never felt so captivated and turned on.

I shove two more fingers up inside her and she cries out my name. I want her to do that over and over because it’s the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. I discover, as soon as I start to thrust in and out of her, that Faith’s pretty loud when it comes to sex. And my name is being called out every time I slide my fingers up into her particularly deep and hard.

“You’re so good. So good inside me, B. I’ve wanted you inside me for so fucking long,” she says huskily as she flicks her soft, thick hair to one side and I kiss her neck, sucking lightly on her delicious skin.

We’re moving together now. Filling each other’s pussies as we fuck, moaning for one another. Listening to the sound of our wet holes grasping at fingers as we plunge into each other. Pushing in and out, as the heat clings to us, and drips from us. I want her to come all over me. I want her trembling for me and holding me tight.

I want her to fall in love with me, just like I am all over again right now with her, drowning in her beautiful brown eyes. I’m all hers, whether she wants it or not. I can’t help myself. I pull her down and kiss her forcefully, loving her full lips dancing over mine.

Her thumb starts circling my clit as she pounds her fingers in and out of me, filling me so deep inside

“God, Faith. . .that’s good. Oh, yeah,” I cry out.

I can feel everything her fingers are doing to me in my pussy, causing butterflies and sparks, and God knows what low down in my stomach. I’m not gonna last much longer.

I start to rub into Faith’s clit too, and she starts moaning even louder, close to letting me see her come. We both speed up, and I can feel her walls pulling me into her, and she’s getting even wetter. Her hot come beginning to spill out over my hand as I finger her pussy hard and fast.

“Fuck. Buffy,” she calls out. “Oh, yeah. Fuck.”

Faith is trembling over me with my fingers inside her, coming for me with her head resting against mine.

Her come floods out into my hand, hot and sticky and so fucking sexy. She’s never looked so gorgeous as right now, opening up to me. I want to tell her I’m in love with her, I want her to know. But I can’t. . .mainly because she’s fucking me so hard now I can barely think straight.

I’m just about aware of the loud rumble of thunder rolling through the humid air outside. Rain is crashing against the glass of the window, and I’m waiting for the lightening to hit because this is just too good.

“Oh, baby,” I scream.

I thought Faith was loud, but I’m screaming for her, drowning out the thunderstorm. I’ve never done that before but she’s taking me to heights I’ve never been.

“You made me come so hard, B. I wanna make you come harder,” she tells me in her sexy drawl, and I just know I’m gonna leave one hell of a wet patch behind. “Come for me.”

I can feel her fingers rubbing up into my G spot and I’m shaking as I call out her name. It feels like a hot wave is crashing through me and I throw my arms around her neck, long dark hair cascading over me as she makes me hers completely.

I feel my come gush out into her hand. “Oh God Faith. Oh, Fuck,” I scream. “Oh, Fuck. . .Oh. . .Fuck.” And I think I’m done now as I collapse to the bed.

I’ve never come so hard in my life. I can feel it running out of me as Faith keeps her fingers buried deep inside my pussy, slowly pushing them in and out as I try to catch my breath.

“Faith, stop. I need to breathe, baby,” I tell her softly.

She slows to a stop but doesn’t pull out of me. I don’t mind because I’m loving the feeling of her fingers inside me. I know she’ll feel me pulsing for her. Because of her.

It’s kinda weird, but I’ve never felt so loved, and I have no idea if Faith even cares about me like that.

“You ok?” she asks, and moves to the right side of me and slips all but one finger out of me.

I’m not used to caring Faith, but I like her.

“I’m fine. I’m. . .” I cup her face with my left hand and just look at her, running my thumb across her sumptuous lips, almost lost for words. “Did that actually happen?” I feel like I’m floating or something.

She smiles so sweetly at me and leans down, brushing her lips so softly over mine I can barely feel them. She wiggles the finger inside me a little and whispers across my lips.

“If it didn’t happen, wouldn’t you be wondering why the hell I have my finger in your pussy?” she grins.

I smile against her luxurious lips.

What I’m wondering was why the hell it took me so long to find out that that’s where I wanted it right from the start.

“I guess the question would come up, Faith. But probably after I had you wiggle it around some more,” I say and we both laugh a little.

And then kiss a little, as the storm outside breaks the heat-wave but doesn’t do anything to cool the heat inside me for this astounding, enigmatic dark beauty.

She slips her finger out of me and brings it up to her mouth, groaning as she licks it clean of my juices. I’m getting quickly turned on again, being so intimate with Faith, with her pressed naked against me, the room smelling of sex, her smelling incredible. I know I’m never going to get enough. I just hope this isn’t a one time thing. Although I have the feeling, even if it is we’re not stopping just yet.

I know I want to taste more of her. Feel her pussy against my tongue and drink in as much of her as I can. I’ve never felt like this about sex before. I’ve never just wanted to do it over and over until I can’t stand up. I need her to know how I feel. “Faith, I’m. . .”

She kisses me to stop me talking.

“Not yet, baby. I want you to be sure. Not just because we just had sex,” she says, and I wonder if she knows I was going to tell her I’ve fallen in love with her “I know what you’re feeling,” she continues, “’cause I feel it too. But. . .we should both be sure.”

Oh my God. Does that mean she’s in love with me too?

I know she doesn’t want me to say it, but I need to know, so I ask. “Are you. . .too?”

“Yeah. . .of course I am,” she says and all I can see are the dimples that I love so much when she smiles.

I reach up and kiss her with as much of what I feel for her in the gesture.

I’m pretty sure I can feel her love for me on her lips. It feels and tastes like a little piece of paradise. And I’m wondering if it’s just me thinking that maybe coming here, to this little piece of paradise was fate finally bringing us together the way we should be.

Whatever the reasons, I’m glad I convinced her to come. No pun intended.

“What are you grinning at, B?”

She’s looking down at me with that cute puzzled expression she does and I love.

But she’s not looking down on me for long as I flip her onto her back.

“I’m grinning because it’s my turn to be on top, F.” It’s gonna be a long day, especially if that rainstorm keeps up, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to entertain each other. . .at least until I can no longer stand up that is. “Kiss me, beautiful.”

The End



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