Chapter Eight

When I open my eyes to greet the morning I’m instantly dazed in happiness as I feel Faith pressed against me as I lay on my back. One of Faith’s arms is under my head with the other thrown over me, and a leg is nestled between mine. All the skin on skin action is certainly a nice way to wake. There’s no way I’m going to wear clothes to bed again if I’m sharing with Faith. This feels far too good.

I smile through my yawn and stretch myself out a little, causing Faith to shuffle around. As she moves I feel a trickle of drool slide from her mouth to my shoulder but I can’t seem to find it in me to be grossed out in any way. She’s too adorable, all sleepy as she gets her arm tangled in the sheet when she tries to lift her hand to push her tousled hair from her eyes.

Helping her out, I free Faith’s hand from the sheet and she runs it through her hair, smoothing the curls down as she blinks her eyes open.

“Morning,” I say, still smiling as I get my first look at her beautiful brown eyes for the day.

“Mmm, slept good,” she yawns.

I can’t help but kiss her nose as she cuddles closer to me. She’s holding me tighter now, her fingers stroking over my skin. I think I want to stay here for the rest of the day, all drowsy and wrapped in Faith’s scent and limbs. Maybe I could yell for breakfast to be brought up for us so we don’t have to move. It would be a perfect idea expect for the fact whoever caught us like this would probably drop my scrumptious breakfast to the floor in shock.

“Yunno, you’re kinda comfy, B,” Faith chuckles. “Never really been the cuddle type but I just wanna keep hold of you.”

Her voice is all husky and low, the words slurring out as she closes her eyes again. They made me smile from the inside out, which is kind of weird; I don’t think my insides have ever smiled before.

“Can’t say I’ve ever liked the snuggling much,” I admit softly. “I guess you’re making me like all kinds of new things, though.”

We both laugh gently; the feeling of Faith chuckling against me reminding me that she’s so much more than just a snuggle-buddy. Of course, it helps that her lips are now brushing over my neck. I couldn’t possibly not think about just what Faith could be to me while her lips are touching me like that.

I relax into the sensation of Faith’s lips and let out a small moan. I hadn’t meant to, it just slipped from my grasp with all the tingles her mouth is making as she sucks softly at me.

“You like that?” she asks, the burr to her voice sending a shiver through me.

I sigh and nod, my hands gliding up over her smooth back as she shifts position a little so she’s hovering over me, her leg still between mine.

“I like everything you do,” I say, feeling my body charging up everywhere that Faith’s touching.

Looking up into her eyes I feel myself being completely taken in by her. It’s like I’m spinning into one of those whirly portal things, but I don’t feel dizzy anymore, just happy to let myself go.

Faith smiles adorably and leans down to capture my lips with hers. I was expecting soft and slow in our sleepy state, but almost right away we’re kissing all gung-ho with our tongues sliding and dancing. I guess we’ve waited long enough to do this properly so a little bit of morning haze isn’t going to stand in the way of raging hormones.

As Faith holds herself over me I run my hand from her back to her side, my palm mapping the smoothness of her skin as I go back and forth from her hip to the soft curve of her breast. Faith moans into my mouth when my thumb brushes her breast a little more boldly. The delicate feel of it practically makes me whimper as I come close to checking out her girliness. Before I can fully appreciate Faith’s tempting breast hovering so close to my fingers, she moves away. Without warning she’s between my legs and kissing down my neck to my chest.

“Faith,” I murmur as her warm mouth brushes over my already flushed skin, lips closing in on one of my hard nipples.

She smiles against me and I lift a hand to entwine my fingers in her soft hair, holding her head gently to me as she teases feather light kisses over my nipple. I react instantly, my hips raising just enough to bump into Faith, bringing us together. I need her. I really, really need her.

“I want you moaning for me, B,” Faith says between lightly pulling at my nipple with her lips. “And coming hard for me.”

I can safely say she’ll get both if this continues, and I have no intention of stopping her now. My groan of approval makes Faith grin into my breast as she lays fully on top of me, resting her weight down so we’re pressed together. Perfect lips move to my other breast and nipple, sucking it into her hot mouth and causing a flood between my legs.

Her mouth is sucking and tongue flicking as I let my free hand roam down to Faith’s sexy ass, fingers squeezing at her as she pushes into me. We both sigh out, and I’m betting it would feel even better without our panties on. . .and that’s saying something ‘cause it feels fucking incredible as it is. The unmistakable feel of her pussy pushing into me is pretty much all I need to start whimpering for more.

“I want you, Faith,” I say breathlessly. “I want all of you.”

Flicking her tongue over my incredibly hard nipple Faith looks up at me through her long eyelashes. I almost come from the look she’s giving me, but I just about manage to hold off.

“You can have me,” she assures, licking and kissing her way downwards. “Just as soon as I’m done fucking you senseless.”

I shudder just a little as Faith’s tongue reaches the top of my panties. I miss her warmth and her pussy trying to fit snugly into mine, but all new thoughts are crashing through my mind now as I think about where she’s going. I should stop her from continuing because I really want to be doing something to her, but I’m quickly turning to jello. Unless I pull her to me and flip her over to have my wicked way with her I’m pretty much stuck here with the prospect of having Faith go down on me. Which is a pretty nice prospect, so flipping her over might have to wait.

“God you smell good, B,” Faith practically purrs, her fingers tripping over my solid little nipples as they move down.

My hand is still in Faith’s hair enjoying its lush texture, my other hand already gripping the sheet beside me as she heats me up all over. I’m so wet for her it’s almost embarrassing and she may have to work hard at not drowning if she plans to venture into it. It makes me wonder if she’s half as wet and all I can picture is her pussy and my tongue, and my tongue sliding into her pussy. I’m pretty sure I’ve never thought about the other person that much before with the prospect of having oral sex performed on me. Usually I’m so happy my partner is going to do it I’m just laying back and crossing my fingers, hoping they won’t screw it up. With Faith. . .I’m not just thinking about my needs and desires, I’m thinking about her and wanting to do the same for her. It’s definitely a new one for me. I almost want to ask her to turn around so we can do this together, but I’m already blushing at just the thought.

“Can I eat your pussy, B?” Faith asks me huskily, her eyes looking up at me from between my legs.

I can feel her fingers gripping the waist of my panties, eager to pull them down and off. I’m so ready for this. For her.

“Can I eat yours?” I respond, wondering how my voice got so low and sexy, and just how I’d managed to say the words without turning seven shades of red.

Faith’s pupils go wide, her lips curling into a delicious grin. I can almost sense that her pussy just started running like a river for me and I want in it. I want to cover myself in her, taste her and fuck her until all she can do is whimper my name. . .but I’m guessing somebody in power somewhere hates me because I’m sure I can hear footsteps approaching the door.

“No, no, no,” I groan, hoping I’m wrong.

“What?” Faith asks, her words muffled as she drops kisses over my soaked panties.

“Door,” I manage to squeak out, my mind in a spin as I feel Faith’s lips pressing more firmly over me.

“Huh?” comes Faith’s distracted response as she loses herself to just how wet I am for her.

She moans into me, pushing her face into my pussy and making me press against her. Two more seconds of that and I’m gonna come panties or not, and whoever is right at the door is going to get one hell of a surprise.

I push Faith’s head away from me with the hand in her hair, but she resists, a little whimper coming from her as she tries to get her lips back to my pussy.

“Faith,” I say quietly, trying to get her attention.

“Come on, B. . .just wanna. . .”

I push again, a little harder as feet stop shuffling and halt at the door. “Faith, there’s. . .”

A loud knock startles us both and I sit up, shoving Faith again, a little too hard as she goes tumbling out of the bed.

“What the hell, B?” Faith groans as one leg remains up on the bed tangled in the sheet, the rest of her laying sprawled on the floor.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper to Faith, then more loudly address whoever it is that disturbed us. “Hold on, won’t be a minute,” I yell.

“It’s ok, it’s just me,” Willow shouts back through the door. “Just came to tell you Giles needs to speak to you before we go.”

I forgot they’re all going to the Mall this morning.

“Ok, we’ll be down in a second,” I tell her.

She moves away from the door and I hear her skipping down the steps. Falling back to the bed I let out a deep breath. “That was close,” I mumble.

“Yeah, well you woulda been closer if you’d ignored her and let me finish the job,” Faith gripes from her position on the floor. It wasn’t quite what I’d meant but it’s half right at least. “And what is it with her anyway? Her fucking gay-dar screwy or something, making her catch girls out when they’re trying to get their naughty on?”

I chuckle and peer over the edge of the mattress. Faith is tangled in the sheet and struggling to get free while her foot jiggles around on the bed.

“I doubt she has any idea about us getting naughty, Faith,” I say, probably trying to convince myself as much as anything. I sit upright again to stop the blood rushing to my head and making me doubt myself. “She just has terrible timing. And so does Giles for that matter. . .but I’d better go see what he wants.”

Faith groans into the rug and her foot goes limp. Gripping the side of the mattress once more, I look over the edge.

“Little help here maybe?” Faith mutters, waving her hand in the air in submission.

* * *

Once I’d gotten Faith untangled from the sheet and avoided all flirtatious and tempting looks, touches, kisses and. . .everything else Faith seems to do to me without thinking, we got hastily dressed and freshened up in the bathroom – separately - before bounding downstairs.

Giles is waiting impatiently by the front door, glancing at his watch. I tell him I’m sorry as Faith breezes past, wearing my very tiny shorts and her tatty old tee shirt again; it’s all kinds of distracting, especially as she didn’t seem to think she had time to put a bra on. I manage to pull my eyes back to look suitably apologetic to Giles and he starts telling me about how long they’ll be and that it’s just me, Faith and Spike left in the house.

“Remember that Spike’s still chained up, so he’ll need feeding at some point,” Giles reminds me. “And don’t leave the telephone ringing, it could be an emergency.”

I nod and wait for him to leave so I can get back to Faith. The minibus is packed full of potentials all squirming around and arguing and I can see Willow grimacing in the front seat. I’m sure her eyes look a little darker than they should be but who can blame her? If she goes a little evil and turns some of them into chickens I think I’d bake her a cake with the eggs.

“There’s just one more thing before I go, Buffy,” Giles tells me. “We’ve found something out about the axe you found and it’s extremely interesting and promising news. We’ll fill you in on it as soon as we get back. Maybe you should also prepare yourself for a little outing later. . .the information could lead us to something that needs investigating.”

I nod and am about to ask more about it, but a yelp from the minibus gets his attention and we see Andrew almost falling out of the window as he waves Giles over.

“Can we go, Mr. Giles?” he shouts. “The girls are getting a little grabby.”

Giles shakes his head and tells me we’ll talk about things later when he gets back. As soon as I watch the minibus turn the corner with them all safely aboard I close the front door and head towards the clattering I can hear in the kitchen.

Leaning against the partition leading from the dining room to the kitchen, I watch Faith as she rummages through the cupboards. The bottom of her shorts ride up perfectly as she reaches up to grab something from a high shelf. Her legs are gorgeous, and they lead up to a gorgeous ass, which makes her gorgeous tiny hips look just right and her gorgeous. . .I shake my head, trying to stem the flow of drool threatening to make me look like a giant dork.

“Looking for something?” I ask as Faith busies herself glaring into the cupboards.

“Wicked hungry, B,” she says by way of explanation.

I saunter towards her slowly, my gaze never leaving the firm curve of her backside.

“I’m hungry too,” I say slowly.

“Maybe there’s some bread someplace to go with the peanut. . .”

Faith doesn’t get the rest of her sentence out as I slide up behind her, pressing close.

“I think I’d rather eat you,” I inform her, gliding my hands up over her small hips.

There’s no way I can just let this morning go without being with her, not after the way we woke up and the way she got me dripping for her.

“That so?” she asks looking over her shoulder at me.

“Yep,” I say matter-of-factly.

My nose nuzzles into Faith’s neck through her thick hair, taking up every drop of scent I can. I let my fingers lightly grasp at her hip with one hand as the other drifts forwards, around to her stomach, following the flow of her bird tattoo. She leans her head to the side so I can nudge her hair a little out of the way and kiss soft skin, my fingers leaving a hot trail over her as I move them down to the top of her shorts. I don’t stop like she’s probably expecting – and to be honest it’s kind of shocking to me too - tripping over the material keeping her barely covered.

Fingers slowly sneaking over the swell of her pussy through the shorts, we both sigh quietly as I hold her intimately. Faith’s hips move ever so slightly forwards, letting me know how much she wants me to touch her and to rid us both of the material keeping my fingers from exploring.

I feel her start to twist round in my arms, probably wanting to take control or at least do something other than just stand there while I feel her up. I don’t want her to move just yet, though. I’m happy taking my time to touch her as if she’s mine. Keeping Faith still as I press her gently into the counter, holding her in front of me as my body fits close to hers, I let my other hand move towards her breasts. My mind is on meltdown already with the heat coming from her crotch under my palm, so I may as well go for a full blowout by getting a hand full of her boob too.

The soft swell of her braless breast slips into my hand as I glide it upwards under her shirt, causing both of us to start breathing much heavier. My fingers are moving over her pussy with a mind of their own, stroking over Faith through her shorts. I can’t quite believe I’m being so bold, and here in the kitchen too, but I guess I have my limits like everybody else. When shove comes to push I know when to let my guard down and take what I want, and I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want Faith right at this moment.

“I wanna fuck you, Faith,” I whisper across her neck.

“Yeah? You got a funny way of showing it, B,” Faith jokes with a grin as she arches against me.

I smile and flick my tongue out over her, tasting the salt of her skin. It almost makes me dizzy thinking about her taste and what other tastes I can get from her. There’s just one thing on my mind and I can’t shake it free. It might involve diving headlong into the scary part of the girl-on-girl stuff, but nobody could ever accuse me of not being up for a challenge. I’ve always taken on the scary stuff and won, and now that I’m not running scared from Faith I want to experience her fully, wetly, deeply.

Without warning I move my hand from being on top of the shorts to being inside them, pushing into Faith’s panties as her hand shoots up to disappear into my hair, holding me against her neck. I don’t wanna rush past all these slow parts to get to what I want just yet. I’m quite happy to keep my hand on Faith’s breast with my fingers circling her hard nipple, as I - almost shyly - dip in between her folds.

We both groan as I make first contact, slipping easily over her, letting her arousal coat my fingers. Faith is already soaked, dripping out onto my fingers as I glide them back and forth, teasing over her swollen clit. It feels kind of weird, but damn sexy at the same time. I’ve never imagined what another girl would feel like until Faith, and I have to admit it’s all kinds of a turn on. She’s the same as me but totally different. Her lips are smaller but her clit bigger, which I’m glad about. . .at least I won’t go missing it and leave her frustrated. That would be embarrassing.

“Jesus, B,” she hisses as I circle around her sensitive clit softly. “You really wanna do this here?”

Right now I couldn’t care where we are, I don’t want to stop, not again. I kiss upwards to Faith’s ear, my lips brushing over it as I whisper, “We can go back upstairs if you want, but either way I’m going to have you coming all over my tongue.”

Faith groans deep in the back of her throat and before I can react to hold her still she spins in my arms and kisses me deeply. My hands get jolted from their positions and I’m forced to rest them back on her hips as our tongues slip out to meet each other, twisting and plunging as I get giddy with how good a kisser Faith is. It’s deep and hungry and making my eyes roll back as we grab at each other, pressing and pushing our bodies as close as possible in a battle neither of us want to back down from.

I eventually decide to get back on track as I break away for air, looking up into Faith’s dark eyes as my hands move to the bottom of her shirt and pull up. Faith doesn’t resist, letting me tug the tee shirt up and over her head. Fired up from the kiss she just gave me I waste no time in getting fully introduced to her amazing breasts, dipping my head down and taking a dusky nipple between my lips and tugging just a little as I suck, my hand filling itself with the other one.

It’s not clear which one of us is moaning more as I take my time moving over her chest, sucking and licking each nipple in turn until Faith pulls me back up to her mouth. I whimper just a little because I was really enjoying myself down there, pulling noises from her that had my clit twitching and throbbing with need.

Faith moves her hands under my shirt, sliding up towards the clasp of my bra, but it’s my turn to do this to her. I don’t want to be distracted by the mind-numbing orgasms she could give me.

“Nuh-uh,” I mumble over Faith’s lips. “My turn.”

Not giving Faith the chance to argue, I move her hands out from under my shirt and place them on my shoulders. My lips graze over her jaw and neck as I go all out and start peeling down her shorts and panties. I wait for protests, but I guess Faith is too worked up to care where we are. I know I am. It’s not like anybody is around to see; everybody’s out, and there’s no way I could stop right now anyway.

My mouth travels over Faith as I push the last of her clothing down and help her step out of them. She’s naked before me and I can’t help but take a few seconds to just stare at her. There’s no hint of shyness about Faith, no sign that’s telling me she’s going to bolt because I’m being a giant perv. She just looks hot, and horny. Her body is glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, breasts full and nipples distractingly erect for me, her pussy barely covered by a thin strip of dark hair, just waiting for me to claim it.

“God, you’re. . .like. . .sexy,” I murmur in a daze.

Faith grins and looks deep into my eyes as they finally lock with hers.

“And I’m all yours,” she says softly, almost too quiet to hear.

It makes me want to kiss her silly, so I do, crashing us back together as we practically feed off one another’s little moans. My fingers slip over her pussy once again as I slide my arm between us, spreading her juices everywhere as she presses against me. I think I could stand here touching Faith like this forever, just enjoying the wetness pouring from her for me. Making her come like this isn’t the way I want to do it, however. I made her a promise –kinda- so I’m going to follow through on it, gladly.

Placing both hands on Faith’s hips I lift her easily upwards and sit her on the counter in front of me, stepping instantly between her legs.

“Fuck, that’s cold,” Faith squeals adorably. “Give a girl some warning next time.”

I look up coyly at Faith through my eyelashes, letting her grin make my insides spin before kissing her quick and hard. I don’t linger at her lips too long, wanting to kiss other places more than I have the right to given my total lack of experience with such things, giving rather than receiving anyway.

“Guess I’ll just have to warm you up,” I say, kissing down over Faith’s chest, sucking on her nipples before going further and reaching her stomach.

“You’re already doing that,” Faith admits with a soft sigh as my lips brush the top of her small patch of dark hair.

I can’t help but smile even though I’m getting nervous as hell with what I’m about to do. There’s no room for nerves when I’m feeling this turned on though, so I quickly banish them to the back of my mind, concentrating on the desire to show Faith how into her I am so she has no doubts, and I have no doubts left to make me keep pushing and pulling and driving us both insane.

Using my hands to gently ease Faith’s legs apart as she perches on the edge of the counter top, I move my head lower as I settle on my knees. Her scent almost makes me pass out with how good it is, the heady mix of musk and heat making me groan. It’s nothing compared to how she looks, all wet and shiny and pink and delicious. I want to take a picture and keep it in my back pocket so I can feel what I’m feeling right now whenever I want. I think my butterflies have grown into mutant sized ones and my mind is on slow-mo, all my basic thoughts and functions broken down to one deep need within me. . .to take Faith into my mouth and suck on every inch of her.

“B,” Faith practically whimpers above me. “Buffy. . .fuck me,” she tells me, not quite a demand and not quite a plea.

I guess I’ve kept her waiting long enough.

Not stopping to answer or nod I move in closer and take my first taste. The words yummy and oh-fuck-me explode into my brain as I lap at Faith slowly with my tongue, drawing it up from her dripping center to her clit. I never knew it would taste and feel so incredible. Why the hell don’t guys want to do this more often? I have no doubt I’m going to be doing this all the time to Faith from now on. Hell, I might have to keep her permanently naked and attached to my face.

Shaky moans tell me that whatever I’m doing is good for Faith too, which is a relief; I wouldn’t wanna be crap at this and not get the chance to do it as much as possible. Breathing hard into her pussy as she gets wetter and wetter I get a little more sure of myself, circling my tongue around Faith’s hard clit as it peeps out nice and swollen for me.

“Oh, fuck,” Faith gasps as I go from circling to flicking and back again. “Oh, yeah, that’s it.”

Faith’s hand is in my hair and I press firmer against her, pushing her legs up over my shoulders and immersing myself in her wet heat.

“So good,” I mumble, gaining a little whimper just as my lips take in more of her pink flesh as I start to suck.

Holding her solidly against me as she leans back on her free hand, I move my kissing and sucking lower, leaving her clit behind to explore other areas. I get to her opening and tease my tongue over it and around it, dipping inside a little further with each sweep. Faith’s trembling leaves me completely aware of what I’m doing to her, along with the sexy sounds drifting down to me from above. Faith’s deep moans have been replaced by what I can only describe as girly sighs and whimpers as I enter her more fully with my tongue.

Jesus, she feels like fucking heaven around my tongue. I’d tell her but I don’t even think I could manage to talk with my face buried in Faith’s pussy. I don’t hold back as I stiffen my tongue and start fucking her with it, unsure of exactly what I’m doing but left in no doubt about my effect on Faith as she pushes back against me with every plunge.

“Holy shit,” Faith gasps breathlessly as I go deeper and faster, licking up inside her. “Oh fuck, that’s good, Buffy.”

Faith starts to shake and I can tell she’s close, gasped “ohs” and “ahs” making me tremble right along with her.

Wanting her coming all over my tongue as hard as possible I move a hand from her hip and slip my fingers in between her folds, finding her clit throbbing for me as I slide over it firmly.

“Fucking, fuck. Oh, fuck,” Faith cries out not holding back. Thrusting against my face as I thrust back, my tongue as deep as I can get it.

I feel my own pussy quiver as I come unexpectedly when Faith bursts into my mouth, coming hard and long with my tongue wriggling up inside her tight hole.

“Oh, fucking shit, Buffy,” Faith squeals, grasping in my hair with one hand as she breaks a chunk of the kitchen counter off with the other.

I keep buried inside Faith as she pulses around my tongue, her come easing into my mouth, hot and sticky and all kinds of just about the most incredibly erotic and tasty thing I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. She just surpassed chocolate, on all levels, and I think I’m falling in love with her.

“Jesus, B. . .come here,” Faith pants, trying to catch her breath as she encourages me upwards.

I slowly slide my tongue from Faith’s pussy and kiss over her soaked lips, drinking down as much of her as I can before having to get back up from my knees. Her skin is all flushed and shiny and I need it against me. Pulling Faith down from the counter top as soon as I’m standing again, I wrap my arms around her and kiss her deeply. She kisses back just as deep and passionately, her arms completely circling me as she stands, still trembling from her orgasm as I hold her as close as I can.

There’s a part of me, in fact lots of parts of me that never wants to let go. She’s warm and gorgeous and sexy and. . .beautifully, perfectly her. If Faith isn’t into the relationship thing I could be in trouble because I don’t think I want this to end. I like being around her, sleeping with her, the snuggling, and the sex is just beyond mind-blowing already and I know there’s a lot more we could be doing if we weren’t stuck in the kitchen. I really hope there will be more. . .of everything.

That thought breaks me away from Faith for some much needed air and potentially difficult questions. But any words I wanted to ask are sucked right from me with the way she’s looking at me. My whole body feels like it’s being swept up into Faith as she gazes at me, her chocolate brown eyes full of tenderness and desire, and what I think is more than just a little of the L thing.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking, hoping that we could be on the same page and want the same things. I know we both want the sex, but I have no clue how she’d feel about anything else. I have no clue how I’d really feel about anything else, for that matter. I want this to continue, without a doubt. And I want it to be more than sex, but there’s so much more at stake, to think about, to worry about.

A soft hand brushes the side of my face as Faith gently keeps my eyes locked on hers. We’re both breathing heavily again, and I don’t think it’s from the sex or the prospect of more. It’s something deeper. Surely.

If it is something deeper, then I can’t hold it in. I’ve spent a lifetime holding things in and regretting it.

“Faith,” I say softly, my mind following my body’s lead, “I think I’m fall. . .”

A loud “oomph” sound from behind me breaks my flow and I watch Faith’s eyes go wide. Oh. Crap.

Spinning, keeping Faith protected behind me against the now broken counter, I turn to see Giles and Willow staring just as wide-eyed at Faith and I as we are at them as they clatter into the kitchen from the dining room. A few of the potentials stumble to a stop further back and start giggling and looking highly embarrassed. Not as embarrassed as me I’m betting.

“Giles, I can explain,” I say shakily as Faith hides, naked behind me.

“I’m sure you can, Buffy,” Giles replies, his eyebrows fixed to his receding hairline. “Though I’m willing to bet the obvious is indeed the only explanation needed.”

He clears his throat and tentatively reaches out to the counter closest to him to retrieve what looks like a brown wallet.

“Forgot his wallet,” Willow offers, her voice just barely a squeak. “And the rest of us wanted drinks for the trip back.”

This is very awkward and I’m fully aware that Faith is still naked behind me. I stoop to pick up her shorts and tee shirt only to have her yelp and smack me on the arm.

“Hey, hiding here, B, don’t go blowing my cover,” she says in a hushed tone.

“I think they know you’re there, Faith,” I point out.

“Oh, we definitely saw that,” Willow nods almost excitedly. Kennedy shakes her head in amongst the small pack of staring girls, and once more storms out because of Faith.

“Crap, and I thought I was being all stealthy,” Faith mumbles with a shrug, pulling her tee shirt on over her head and trying to climb into the shorts at the same time as I attempt to shield her from glaring eyeballs.

I could really do with the ground opening up and swallowing me, but I’m not certain that would be much of a better choice given the fact we live on a hellmouth. It would at least be nice for them all to stop staring.

“Ok, the cat’s out of the bag, the game’s up, I’m caught red handed,” I say, loud enough for everyone to hear. “Just in case you missed it, I’m sleeping with Faith. . .in a naked way, with the grunting and the moaning and everything you’re thinking of right now.”

Willow blushes and Giles swipes at his glasses while Faith stumbles up beside me, looking at me like I’ve grown another set of arms.

“You can get the giggling and the talking about it out of your systems now,” I continue, apparently on a roll. “It’s not like it’s a crime. . .I think.” I furrow my brow and glance at Willow. She nods, so at least I know I’m not about to be arrested. “We’re grown up adults and just happened to not be able to find our way to the stairs when we. . .”

“Got a little frisky?” Faith offers, her eyebrow raising in question.

“Exactly,” I respond with a nod. “So, show’s over, folks. Nothing more to see. No more naked Faith. . .at least until I get her upstairs and alone.”

I grab hold of Faith’s hand and lead her through the crowd towards the stairs. I know I’m blushing furiously, and wishing I’d stopped talking about ten minutes ago, but it’s done now. There’s no point in freaking out about this. . .until maybe later, when I realise just how un-secret my little secret is now.

“Oh, great, just rub salt into the wound why don’t you?” comes a pissed off yell from the basement as we leave the scene in shame.



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