Summary: A little bit of Fuffy fun.
Timeline: Post Season 7
Rating: NC17
Pairing: F/B
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and whoever else owns them. I make no profit from this.

I watch the water tumble down her back, trickling over her lightly bronzed skin as she runs a hand through her damp hair. I don't think she knows how beautiful she is, how effortless that beauty is. When I see her like this I wonder where all that pain and rage has gone, because it isn't there anymore and all I see is beauty.

Post apocalypse and we're relaxing poolside in LA – a swanky pad courtesy of Angel and crew - a million miles from where we came. The dust settled and the gang and the new slayers drifted apart; taking some time off before we group back up and plan what we're going to do next. Faith stayed with me and Dawn and I'm glad she did.

I can't stop looking at her as she pulls herself from the pool, all power and grace. Spinning to sit on the edge, Faith flips her hair so it sprays Dawn with water. They both laugh and I find myself struck by Faith's smile as I watch from across the way. Her smile is bold and bright, with added dimples that make her look kinda cute under all that hotness.

We're not close, but we're closer. We're not officially friends, but we're closer to that than we've ever really been. And this is nice. Being with her and not fighting is nice. Being able to watch her as she lets the pool-water dribble between her breasts in her tiny bikini is. . .well, that's kinda more than nice. I guess it's the making-me-tingle-nice that I've always tried to avoid feeling around her.

I can't avoid it now.

She's beautiful and I want her.

I want to make her mine. I want to take her dancing and show the world she's mine. I want to take her to my bed and touch all the places that are mine. I want her to know she's mine. . .but we're still tiptoeing around friendship so that might take a while.

It's time that I can do. I can wait. As we creep towards the inevitable I can control myself long enough not to just peel her out of her wet bikini and lick my way all over her strong body. I won't rush over there and take her face in my hands, and kiss her so fully she'll moan and sigh for me until she has no choice but to lay back and let me show her whose property she is. That can wait. One day I'll have her trembling under my touch, but it won't be today.

“Hey, B,” Faith says, startling me and making me spill my drink a little as she walks my way, “wanna help me out here with the sun lotion? Don't wanna be turning into old mother wrinkle.”

“C-cant Dawn?” I stutter a little like a complete nerd, trying to place my drink down and not notice just how close her extremely un-wrinkled self now is.

“She's sleeping again,” Faith tells me, handing me the bottle of lotion.

She mounts the lounger next to mine and pushes her long dark hair to the side as she lays on her front, ready and waiting for me to act. I swallow hard and clumsily move to sit on the side of her lounger. It almost tips it over and she chuckles.

“Just sit on my ass, princess. Ain't like we haven't gotten closer than that fighting,” she says, all nonchalant confidence.

I swallow again, sure that she must have heard it; she doesn't say anything.

Steadily I position myself tentatively on the lounger above her, almost but not quite resting on her scantily clad rear. A rear that has teased me for years in my dreams; swaying and backing into me when I dream that we're dancing together again. It always ends with my hands on her butt and her tongue in my mouth, and then I'd wake up all sweaty and angry at myself for giving in. She wins every time and I'm always happy to let her. At first it would get me pissed; I didn't want Faith winning in my dreams. Now. . .I let it happen. I'm happy to let it happen.

She wriggles under me a little to get more comfortable and I nearly drop the bottle. Yeah, I'm smooth. It's kinda slippery but not as slippery as I'm quickly becoming as I finally rest down on her firm butt.

Oh. My. God. My groin is attached to Faith's ass and I've forgotten how to breathe.

“You take any longer getting down to it we're both gonna fry,” she says, a hoarse chuckle making her move against me.

I squeeze the bottle and it makes a rude noise just loud enough to cover my tiny moan as she jerks up against me from the sudden coldness on her back. It's not my fault she's making me all kinds of hot here.

“Damn, that's cold,” she mumbles.

Right now I feel anything but cold. Maybe I should squirt this stuff in my bikini bottoms; that might cool me down. But no, 'cause that's gross.

“This ok?” I ask, rubbing in the lotion without trying to touch too much.

“Don't forget my shoulders,” she says.

I let my hands run over her a little more, rubbing up and over her shoulders as I bite my lower lip. I'm glad Dawn's busy snoring away over the other side of the pool otherwise I'd be so busted.

Faith's skin is so soft, and I can feel her muscles tensing a little as I drift over them. I hear her sigh just slightly and I grit my teeth; she's enjoying this and it's only getting me more worked up. Without thinking too much about it - running on instinct I guess – I slowly pull at the cord keeping Faith's bikini top together. I let it fall away as my hands posses her back fully; sweeping over her more confidently as I feel her reacting for me.

She's breathing a little quicker and I realize that I am too. My fingers creep lower every time I rub over her, hitting the top of her bottoms, so close to her ass and my already wet pussy. I wanna rip her bottoms off and feel her against me. Flip her over and take her the way I've always guiltily dreamed of doing. I knew this was a bad idea.

“Fuck, B,” Faith says in a husky whisper, “I can fucking smell how turned on you are.”

I freeze, my hands stopping in the middle of her back as I tense up. I should jump off and run away in tears because she's found me out, but I don't. I wait for her to let me know what she feels – what she thinks.

“It's getting me wet,” she says even lower and sexier.

A soft whimper tumbles from my lips and I close my eyes, just feeling the beautiful woman under me buzzing with as much need as me. I concentrate and take a deep breath and realize I can smell her too. . .and her scent is so not gonna help in my resolve not to fuck her right here and now. That doesn't mean I can't push it a little, though; push aside the bullshit so we both know where we're headed.

Yeah, I'm feeling bold all of a sudden. It probably has something to do with the fact Faith is subtly rubbing her ass up into my pussy. I guess she wants me just as much, or is just really horny. I'll take either.

“Faith,” I begin, trying not to let my voice shake. It does shake when she starts to turn around, her hands lifting me with ease until she's back between my legs – only this time facing me. “I. . .” I try to continue.

The words rebel and leave my mind as her hands softly stroke at my sides and I realize I'm now straddling her, intimate parts to intimate parts. I blush.

“You want me?” she asks, her eyes dark and penetrating, hands soft and sure.

She knew what I was going to say, so I nod. “Then take me, B. It's mutual,” she says, a small grin making her look sure, yet somehow just a little vulnerable.

I can't resist. How can I resist when she's right there in front of me, all hotness and naked skin with a bikini top that's falling off and almost showing me exactly what I want to see.

Trying to steady my breathing but noticing she's not doing too well at breathing all calm either, I slide my fingers up her sides, eyes locked on hers. They reach the material of the top and slip under it. My clit is throbbing; begging me to rub up against her as I get wetter and wetter. I can tell she feels the same. She's holding herself back.

She licks her luscious lips as I lean down, getting closer to kissing her. I can feel her hot breath blowing over me, the heat of her skin, her scent driving me wild. My fingers trip over the swell of her breast as I hold myself up on my other hand, and her stomach tenses. She's mine. I can see it in her eyes. All mine for the taking.

I push further up with my hand and a firm little nipple reacts instantly to my touch. She feels so good and my slow and soft touch is completely unraveling her – I can see that much easily. Hell, I can feel it under me as she fights not to pull me hard against her. Maybe I want her pulling me hard against her, though; I've fantasized about it enough.

So close to kissing her lips now. So close I can feel her chest against mine and it makes us both moan. Just a little further. My lips brushing against hers, mouths already open in their need for air, barely kissing but letting go of everything.

“Argh! Giant dinosaur and cabbage!” Dawn yells from across the pool.

I hear a crash and a squeal and instantly I'm trying to back away from Faith as she tries to see what's going on at the same time.

Falling in a heap to the side of the lounger I watch as Faith jumps up and drops into an instinctive battle stance, her bikini top falling to the floor, leaving me drooling at her breasts and trying – but failing - to concentrate on whatever the hell is going on.

“Get up, B,” Faith says a little shakily, arousal still dripping from her voice. I notice her bikini bottoms look a little darker between her legs and give in trying to get up; it's no use, I'm a trembling mess of desire. “You get its left side and I'll get its. . .wait, where the fuck is the dinosaur, Dawn?” she yells.

“Huh, what?” Dawn says groggily as she pulls herself up from behind the lounger she'd obviously rolled off in her sleep. “Sorry, was dreaming.”

I slap my hand against my head and groan as I lay on the floor, and Faith drops her hands to the side. She looks wound up; probably just as wound up as me.

“That wasn't funny,” Faith grumbles.

She then looks down at me, her body so tense I could probably bounce stuff off her stomach without her even noticing. It's kinda sexy.

Looking from me to Dawn, Faith seems to come to a decision. I'm beyond decisions, my lips and body still tingling and making me gaga from how close I'd been to her.

“You maybe wanna. . .go inside?” Faith asks, her eyes so dark you'd swear the sun wasn't blazing down on us in the way it is.

I think about it for like. . .half a second. “Yeah,” I say, offering my hand so she can pull me up.

She pulls and I stumble into her, body on fire with the need to feel her. I glance over at Dawn but she's already passed out again; she's under the shade of an umbrella so she'll be ok. I let Faith lead me from the poolside and into my room, holding her hand all the way.

I'm already hers, so I'm going to make her mine. I'm going to make her mine until she's screaming my name and trembling in the way she makes me tremble from just a look.

We get into my room and she pushes me up against the door as soon as it closes, pressing against me, all powerful, half naked, sexy and. . .I think I just came a little.

“I'm gonna fuck you so good you won't be able to walk straight for a week,” Faith tells me before licking and kissing my neck and making me feel like my legs have turned to Jello.

Ok, so maybe I'm the one who'll be doing most of the screaming. Right now I don't care; I just want her. I always did. We kiss hard and hungry and before long we're on my bed; naked, sweating, moaning and coming hard for each other over and over.

I make her mine. All mine. And she lets me.

The End



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