One Day I'll Find You

Chapter Six

The weekend arrived quickly, which Buffy was grateful for as she hoped that seeing Tru would stop her thinking about Faith. Stop the insistent babble of her brain as it told her she was crazy for even contemplating seeing more of Tru. She'd decided she wasn't going to listen to her brain any more, she would work on instinct. Luckily her instincts were currently leading her onto the bus that would take her to LA.

Buffy wasn't a fan of buses, but as she didn't have her own car she had to make do. Her mom was back in Sunnydale now, but asking to borrow her car for the weekend was just asking for a headache. There was no way she'd just let her take it, even if she was a good driver. It had been hard enough getting out of dinner plans her mom had tried to wrangle Buffy into for Saturday. She'd been able to come up with an excuse however, and Giles had bought the same story. As far as they knew she was visiting Cordelia and Angel.

Her mother had been a little worried about her seeing Angel, but Buffy assured her they were just friends, and that there would never be anything more than that between them. She tried to convince her it was also work related. It worked despite the fact Dawn rolled her eyes through the whole conversation as she lingered near by. Dawn knew Buffy wasn't going to LA for anybody but Tru. Though Buffy had tried not to talk about it with her sister she'd been left with no choice but to let her in on the secret. Little sisters could be evil, and Dawn was the most evil of all.

Thankfully Dawn promised not to say anything as long as Buffy allowed her to borrow the clothes she'd left behind at the house. Buffy didn't mind too much; she'd left those clothes behind after all, so they weren't her favourites. The things she'd never let Dawn within reaching distance of were all safely tucked away in her wardrobe back at her dorm.

The journey to LA was slow going as the bus idled its way through the Saturday traffic. It finally pulled into the station on time, the breaks screeching it to a halt at 6pm.

Buffy glanced out of the windows hoping to see Tru, but an old lady was bustling her down the aisle so she had to grab her bag and move quickly before she got jabbed with a walking cane. She felt a little hot and sticky after sitting on the bus; the day was warm and humid, and the air-conditioning hadn't done much more than give her a dry throat. Her legs needed a good stretch, and she desperately wanted a nice cold drink.

A child of about six kept backing into her as she tried to walk down the aisle, his snotty nose dripping onto his lip as he looked up and grinned.

“Ugh!” Buffy said under her breath, pulling a face that only made his grin wider.

His parents were rather large, and squeezing between the seats was obviously a difficult manoeuvre so it was taking some time.

Eventually she reached the doors and felt the heat of the day wash over her. It seemed cooler on the bus and that was saying something.

“Kids these days. . .no respect for their elders,” the old lady muttered as Buffy was practically shoved from the bus by her.

“Hey!” Buffy yelped as her foot felt the prod of a misplaced cane. “That was my foot.”

The old lady kept walking and continued muttering as Buffy hopped to the side, glaring and feeling just a little pissed off. Next time she'd make sure her seat was at the front so she could jump off as soon as they stopped.

“Good trip?” somebody asked from behind her, a sensual chuckle making it obvious who it was.

“Tru,” Buffy said as she turned around, “please tell me you have a car so we don't have to get another bus to get to your place.”

Tru laughed and nodded and Buffy couldn't help but smile. The whole ordeal of travelling on a bus seemed to float away as she gazed at the girl before her. The trip had most definitely been worth it.

“We can stop at mine first, then if you're hungry we can eat out, or check out what's on at the movies. Whatever you want,” Tru said, her smile warming Buffy more than the heat of the sun.

“I can't think much past a cold drink and being able to wash my hands and face,” Buffy replied, feeling gross and sweaty still.

Taking the bag from Buffy, Tru nodded and dug in the pocket of her jeans for her car keys. Buffy wasn't used to people carrying her stuff for her – not when they all knew she was far from incapable of carrying things no matter how heavy. But Tru didn't know about her being a slayer, and it was a sweet gesture. She smiled softly at Tru and walked beside her through the small car park.

They reached a shiny black car that looked like it had sped off the set of Starsky and Hutch. It didn't seem to have much of a back seat and only had two doors. It looked kinda sexy and seemed to suit Tru perfectly as she was wearing dark jeans and a small black sleeveless tee shirt. Her silver bangles and hoop earrings ensured the look wasn't too butch, and all in all Buffy had to say it had her feeling all kinds of tingly. There were hints of Faith about Tru, but she was different enough for Buffy to be able to feel somewhat comfortable being so attracted to her.

“Nice car,” Buffy commented as Tru unlocked the passenger side and opened the door for her.

“1971 Camaro,” Tru said as she held the door open as Buffy slid into the leather seat. “My dad fixes old cars up, and this was a birthday present.”

She closed the door and walked around the front of the car to the other side, Buffy watching her every step as she pulled on her seatbelt.

Tru placed Buffy's bag in the back seat and settled into her own, fishing around in the glove compartment for some sleek black sunglasses before clicking her seatbelt in to place. Buffy couldn't take her eyes off her, just basking in the effortless beauty of the girl. She realised she probably looked like a total dork, but she couldn't help herself.

“Sorry I couldn't pick you up from Sunnydale, Buffy,” Tru said before they pulled out. “Rehearsals all day and the director's being an ass.”

“It's ok, I wouldn't expect you to,” Buffy assured.

“Maybe next time,” Tru said with a smile as she turned toward Buffy, placing her arm over the back of her seat so she could look through the rear window to pull out of the parking space.

Watching Tru – still unable to take her eyes off her - Buffy decided not to tell her that she wasn't ready for people back home to know about her yet and that picking her up probably wasn't the best idea. Buffy didn't want to cause any uncomfortable tension other than what she was already barely containing.

Tru seemed so at ease and it was making Buffy want to feel at ease too. Her nerves about the day were slowly dissipating as they made their way to Tru's apartment, but she was still edgy.

They arrived fairly quickly and made their way up the stairs, chatting about nothing important as they became acquainted with each other again. It was all a little surreal to Buffy, but she was trying not to dwell on that. If she thought about how her life had taken this sudden turn she'd find all those nerves and doubts come rushing back and she didn't want that to happen. It was best not to think about the fact she'd just dumped her boyfriend to start dating a girl – a girl who looked like somebody who had hurt her deeply. Wondering exactly how she'd gone so quickly from being the person she had been, to the person now walking into a potential girlfriend's apartment made her dizzy. It was best not to think, and just let go for once.

“You can get cleaned up a little in the bathroom if you want,” Tru said, as she pulled off her sunglasses and threw them down with her keys onto a coffee table.

She handed Buffy her bag and Buffy thanked her.

The apartment wasn't big, but it was nicely decorated and furnished. The room they'd walked into from the stairwell was one big open plan space. The kitchen was to their right and they were stood in the living room area. Beyond the couch and TV was a large bed near a big window that looked out onto the street below. It looked cosy and there were pink and purple cushions strewn all over the couch and the bed.

Buffy liked it, though looking over at the bed made her stomach flutter a little.

“I'll just wash my face and check my foot for broken bones,” Buffy said, turning from the bed to Tru.

Tru chuckled and pointed her in the way of the bathroom.

It was larger than Buffy thought it would be and she glanced around as she closed the door. There was a large tub as well as a shower and she couldn't help but let her mind wander into naughty territory. The tub was definitely big enough for two, and she had a nice image of the two of them in amongst a plethora of bubbles. She couldn't imagine lounging around in a tub full of bubbles with Faith, but she could see that happening with Tru.

Trailing a fingertip along the side of the tub, Buffy tried to think of how Faith would look in it with her, but the image just wouldn't come. No, Faith was more of a shower girl in her head; hot, steamy sex against the tiles rather than in amongst a bunch of girly bubbles. Both thoughts crammed their way into her mind and she had to sit down on the toilet for a second in order to collect herself.

She had to stop thinking of Faith that way. It wasn't fair to Tru.

Taking a deep breath, Buffy managed to push away the image of Faith taking her up against the tiles. She stored it away in her brain and locked it there as she finally made her way to the sink to clean the grime of the bus off.

When she left the bathroom she was greeted with an ice cold bottle of coke. Just what she needed for her parched throat and the steamy thoughts still bumping around in her mind.

“I like your tub, it's roomy,” Buffy blurted as she took the bottle of coke from Tru.

“Thanks,” Tru responded, raising an eyebrow.

“Sorry,” Buffy said, looking up a little through her eyelashes, a cute smile on her lips. “I was just thinking. . .bubbles and. . .probably better not to say.”

Tru raised her eyebrow even further and Buffy had the urge to stroke her fingertips over it. She didn't of course, not wanting to look like a complete idiot.

She looked away from Tru only to find her eyes drifting back to the plush bed that made her butterflies go crazy. Slamming her eyes shut and telling herself to get a grip before opening them again, Buffy blushed a little and found a comfy looking spot on the couch to drop into. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She was acting like a horny teenager, unable to think of anything but getting the girl she liked naked. It wasn't what she was used to and it was unnerving.

“So,” Buffy said quickly before Tru could ask more about what she'd been thinking, “I'm starved and would love some of that delicious pizza. Would we be able to eat there again?”

Buffy hoped that giving her stomach something other than the butterflies to munch on might help her to stop thinking like a sex-starved horn dog.

“Sounds like a plan,” Tru responded as she took a seat next to Buffy, placing her own bottle down on the coffee table in front of them and pulling her cellphone off it.

She was close to Buffy and those butterflies just wouldn't stop bothering her.

“I'll give Luigi a call and tell him to keep a table,” Tru explained as she flipped open her cellphone.

“Great,” Buffy practically mumbled as she found herself wanting to shuffle closer to Tru.

The air seemed to grow hotter as Tru talked to Luigi as she leaned back into the sofa cushions beside Buffy. She kept throwing in the odd Italian word and Buffy was finding it incredibly sexy.

Her bottle of coke forgotten about after a few swigs, Buffy placed it on the table beside Tru's. She turned towards her a little way – leaning back against the sofa also - and looked into her dark eyes as they sparkled her way. Tru wasn't done talking to Luigi, but Buffy decided the only way for her to move past the nerves and the overwhelming need to touch Tru. . .was to actually touch her. She had to take control of what she was feeling.

Eyes still fixed on Tru's, Buffy placed her hand on her thigh, just letting it rest there as she felt tingles shoot over her fingers. Tru smiled gently, her free hand moving to stroke softly up Buffy's arm. Buffy felt tingles there too and she did her best to enjoy them rather than be scared by them.

It wasn't so different than being close to a guy for the first time after all – apart from the fact it was totally different, and intriguingly much hotter.

With a few more final words in Italian Tru flipped her phone shut and placed it beside her. Buffy knew she should probably say something; at least explain why she'd suddenly started fondling Tru's leg, but words failed her as she found herself drowning in Tru's beautiful eyes as they leaned towards each other.

Her heart beginning to pound in her chest, Buffy's lips yielded to Tru's instantly. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the softness of Tru's lips as they moved over her own. It wasn't long before a gentle hand cupped her face and they were kissing more fully. Buffy sighed quietly as Tru's tongue slid over and around her own. She squeezed the thigh still under her fingers and her stomach flipped with the little moan that escaped Tru.

There would be no going out for pizza if they continued, and Buffy wasn't sure she was ready for them to get to that place together yet. Still, the kissing was good, very good.

Pulling away to catch her breath a little, Buffy licked her lips, tasting cherry lip balm and heat. “You're making me not want pizza, and that's unheard of,” Buffy said a bit breathlessly.

“So is that a good thing?” Tru chuckled, moving her hand down from Buffy's cheek to rest on her hip.

“Yes and no,” Buffy said coyly, her fingers making small circles on Tru's leg, not noticing that her hand was moving more between them to the inside of her thigh. “More kissing like that – which was all kinds of wow again – and I'm gonna start rumbling in the tummy area. And that's definitely not of the good. It'll probably scare you off, and I don't want that.”

Tru's tongue slipped slowly over her bottom lip into the deep cleft as she gazed at Buffy – a simple motion that made Buffy's insides squirm excitedly.

“I'm not gonna be scared off so easily, Buffy,” Tru said, her voice deeper and more throaty. “But we're definitely not going for pizza if your hand doesn't stop moving up the inside of my thigh like that.”

Her brown eyes travelled down to where Buffy was stroking her softly between her legs, and Buffy's followed suit. She had only noticed how close to feeling Tru up she was now that she was looking at her own fingers inching their way north.

“I'm sorry,” Buffy said, flustered.

She pulled her hand away and looked suitably stricken.

“I wasn't complaining, Buffy,” Tru pointed out, reaching for Buffy's hand and taking it in her own to rest on her leg. “It's just kinda. . .distracting if we're planning to go out. That's probably my fault for thinking of you the way I have, though.”

Buffy furrowed her brow a little and scorned herself for allowing her hand to wander. Then she wondered what Tru had meant exactly.

“Thinking of me how?” she asked, pretty sure what the answer would be but feeling compelled to ask anyway.

It was probably not a good idea and would only make her more horny, but her mouth had opened and said the words before her brain could stop her.

Glancing away and then back to Buffy, her thumb stroking over Buffy's hand, Tru let a little grin slip out before answering. “Thinking of you with your hands on me, and mine on you. . .with nothing in-between us.”

Buffy swallowed harder than she'd meant to.

“Nothing in-between us?” she repeated, her body way ahead of her mind as it began to become more aroused.

“Like clothes for instance,” Tru clarified, smiling.

Buffy couldn't resist allowing her gaze to wander over Tru's body, imagining her naked. “I thought that's what you meant,” she said, getting carried away on what she was feeling.

This was all too soon, though. Too quick.

“I've. . .been thinking about it too,” Buffy confessed, “but it's. . .”

“Too soon,” Tru finished for her. “I know, Buffy. I wouldn't ever make you feel uncomfortable. I'm not making you feel uncomfortable am I?” she asked, looking a little worried.

“God no!” Buffy assured. “Well actually yes, but not in a bad way.”

“Is there such a thing as good-uncomfortable?” Tru asked, edging away a little.

Buffy didn't want her to edge away. She wanted Tru sat on her lap, lips on hers and getting more acquainted with each other's skin; but those were scary thoughts, even if they were currently her only thoughts.

“It's more like. . .feeling way-out-of-my-depth-uncomfortable, but that's because of me, not you. Well actually it is you, but in a good way,” Buffy said, sliding her fingers through Tru's on her lap, hoping she hadn't confused the hell out of her.

“I understand, Buffy. We don't have to rush anything,” Tru said softly, her brown eyes so full of warmth that Buffy had trouble not just staring into them.

“Thank you,” Buffy said, dropping her eyes to their hands before she found herself drowning in brown.

She felt suddenly shy again, her brain catching up with her body as it became aware of all the feelings rushing through her. She wanted to touch and kiss Tru, but it was all so different and new. She had to remember her morals and that she didn't sleep with people so early on, or even want to. Though that wasn't so completely true, she wasn't ready to accept it wasn't.

“How about we go for that pizza,” Tru said with a smile, letting go of Buffy's hand and getting ready to stand.

“Sounds good to me,” Buffy responded, “but first. . .”

She gently cupped Tru's face with her hand and kissed her enough to reassure her that she was definitely more than still interested. Buffy didn't want Tru getting the wrong idea.

As they parted, Tru sighed softly. Buffy could feel the tension rolling off her. The desire under the sweet demeanour. It was kind of sexy and Buffy felt her stomach twist in anticipation. When she was ready. . .they were in for one hell of a ride.

They made their way to eat, the tension laying low as they enjoyed the meal and each other's company. Buffy felt completely at ease with Tru, smiling and laughing and just being herself. . .without all the slayer parts of course. She didn't plan on telling Tru about being a slayer for now. It was nice to be seen as more than that. Tru didn't want to be with her because she was some kind of super-hero, she just wanted to be with her because she was Buffy; just a little blonde from California.

After the meal they had a slow walk to catch a late movie. Buffy found it entirely natural to reach out and take Tru's hand in hers, and Tru was happy to comply. It was nice and though a few people glanced their way, she didn't care. Tru was an extremely attractive girl, and Buffy was proud to be walking hand in hand with her even if it did make her slightly nervous as they stood in line for the movie as a few boys pointed and made rude gestures. They ignored them mostly, though Buffy stuck her tongue out at them just before giving Tru a peck on the lips before they went in.

During the film Buffy tried to keep close to Tru. She couldn't help herself, and the fact it was a horror film gave her a pretty good excuse. Of course, horror films didn't scare her – she'd seen it all before for real – but Tru didn't have to know that.

“You ok?” Tru whispered as Buffy jumped at a gruesome scene.

She placed her hand over Buffy's and held it, giving it a squeeze that made Buffy smile.

“I am now,” Buffy replied.

After eating far too much popcorn and spending the rest of the film trying to jostle it out of her teeth with her tongue, Buffy decided the best part was just getting to cling to Tru. It had been a long time since she'd been able to comfortably play the girly part with somebody. Not to say she was all butch and manly any other time, but people always expected her to be different. To be stronger. She was a girl who liked pink and being taken to the movies and looked after, even if she was super strong and had seen more gross things than anybody would ever want to see; it was nice that Tru was happy for her to be clingy and girly. She'd tried to be that with Riley on occasion, but it had never felt right. In fact, nothing really had felt right with him.

It was late by the time they got back to Tru's apartment, though there were still a few people out and about, enjoying the warm night as they had a good time. Up on the fourth floor of the six floor apartment building, the noise from the street below was muffled; just a quiet buzz in the background. It was soon drowned out as Tru switched some music on and they collapsed onto the couch, sharing a bottle of wine.

Buffy sighed happily as she took a drink and then placed her glass on the coffee table. She sank back into the sofa and its cushions, watching Tru do the same.

“I had a nice night, thank you,” Buffy said as she pulled her feet up onto the couch and faced Tru.

“Me too, Buffy.”

Tru placed her arm over the back of the couch close to Buffy, and Buffy had the urge to scoot forward so she was closer. She was hesitant, however; not wanting to be too forward even though she felt relaxed enough to be.

“You look uncomfortable again,” Tru said, her voice soft and reassuring though she looked a bit nervous herself.

“I'm sorry,” Buffy said, leaning over to take another gulp of wine, placing it back on the table and deciding to just let go a little more. “I just. . .feel like I want to be closer to you, and I guess I'm worried I'll be too forward, or that I'll do something wrong.”

“Buffy,” Tru said, the gentleness to her tone obvious as she took Buffy's hands in her own, “I'm ok with anything you do. I like you a whole lot. I don't wanna freak you out but I like you a whole lot more than I've liked anybody at this stage so. . .”

Buffy moved forwards quickly and kissed Tru. Her forward momentum caused Tru to lean back a little way so Buffy was practically resting on her. She'd heard all she needed to. She felt ok with taking a few risks, and she seriously just wanted those gorgeous lips on hers again.

It wasn't long before the kissing became full on making out, and Buffy was enjoying it immensely. She was between Tru's legs, but not quite in a lascivious way. There was just enough distance between them to avoid possible rubbing up against each other as they kissed soft and slow. Her hands were at Tru's sides, holding her but feeling the ever increasing need to let them wander. Tru's hands were less restricted, travelling from Buffy's neck to her shoulders, and sometimes into her hair; it was heating Buffy up to no end.

A small moan escaped Buffy as Tru's tongue flicked over and around her own, making her stomach tense and her body slide up a gear. They kissed open and heated, needing more air in their lungs and breathing quicker, the small distance between them decreasing every second.

“I could stay right here and kiss you all night,” Buffy sighed as Tru broke away from her mouth so they could both catch their breaths.

She didn't go far, moving her lips only as far as Buffy's jaw and neck.

“I totally agree,” Tru responded, her full lips leaving warm trails over Buffy's throat.

Buffy shuddered as she felt Tru sucking slightly, her head tilting to the side to give her more room to explore. Her neck was a sensitive spot, and Tru was making her giddy with desire.

“Mmm, that's good,” Buffy said, her voice low and breathy.

She could feel herself edging towards wanting more and her hands – she suddenly realised – were already reacting. One of her hands had dropped to the hem of Tru's tee shirt, and was slipping casually underneath, seeking out the skin she wanted to touch.

Tru chuckled deep in her throat as Buffy's fingers slowly moved upwards under the material and Buffy stopped, pulling her head back to look into Tru's eyes.

“Not good?” Buffy asked, unsure whether she should continue.

“Definitely good, if it's what you want to do,” Tru replied, always trying to be considerate.

Buffy smiled and kept her eyes locked on Tru's as she pushed her hand just a little higher, feeling Tru's soft skin as she stopped just under her ribs.

Tru chuckled again and bit her lip, and Buffy realised what the problem was.

“Ticklish?” Buffy asked, looking up through her eyelashes.

“No,” Tru replied, shaking her head as she held her breath.

Buffy didn't believe her and wiggled her fingers.

Instantly Tru began squirming and laughing, and Buffy knew right away that she was correct in her assumption. She moved her other hand under her shirt and tickled Tru furiously as they both giggled and squirmed. Buffy made sure to hold back her strength - she didn't want to hurt Tru after all – but that soon became her downfall when Tru retaliated by tickling back.

“No, no, no tickling Buffy,” Buffy cried as she laughed.

“Oh, so tickling me is fine,” Tru said with a grin. “I see how it is.”

She tickled more feverishly and Buffy tried to jerk away. Pretty soon they were a tangled mess on the couch with Tru hovering over Buffy, getting Buffy to beg her to stop.

“Ok, no more,” Buffy pleaded, tears in her eyes. “I'm gonna pee if you keep doing that.”

Tru stopped instantly and grinned down at Buffy, their hands still under each other's shirts and the heat between them almost unbearable.

“You don't play fair,” Buffy whined as Tru moved her hands again, causing Buffy to wriggle slightly again.

“I'm not tickling you now,” Tru pointed out, leaning down and kissing Buffy passionately.

They both groaned, Tru's position between Buffy's legs as she lay back on the sofa making the kiss more fevered and hungry. Buffy's right hand skirted further up Tru's top, hitting the bottom of her bra as she became bolder than she'd planned. She sighed as Tru sucked on her bottom lip, and felt the desperate need to pull her down on top of her so they were pressed completely against each other. Still being nervous about being with another girl held her back.

Tru released Buffy's lip and placed kisses over her chin and down to her throat once again. Buffy brushed her thumb up over Tru's bra, feeling the edge of the material. She let out a shaky breath, and then another one when she realised Tru's hand was also dangerously close to her chest.

“This ok?” Tru asked, kissing a little further down towards Buffy's collar bone.

“Yeah. . .this is good,” Buffy said breathlessly, her leg moving up a little way to hold Tru between her thighs.

She could feel her panties getting wet, each kiss and soft brush of Tru's fingers teasing her into wanting more. The heat and the intensity between them was overwhelming and beginning to scare her, but she was sure she could keep some level of control. She wasn't going to sleep with Tru - not yet. It was too soon, and this was just making out. There was no harm in just making out. . .even if it was getting her incredibly turned on.

Tru made her way back up to Buffy's lips, their tongues slipping easily into each other's mouths as Tru finally rested a little more weight on her. The contact made them both moan and Buffy's hand slid further up Tru's top where it moved a little more round to the side. She felt the sleek material of Tru's bra, and then the gentle curve of her full breast through it.

Her body flushed, hot arousal seeping into her panties as her fingers touched Tru tentatively. She wanted to unclasp the bra and feel her fully; her fingertips desperately wanting to feel nothing but skin, and search out her hard nipple. The sheer force of desire shocked Buffy to her senses a little, and she pulled her hand back.

“Whoa,” Buffy said, her voice trembling, “getting a little carried away.”

Tru looked down at her, her eyes dark and full of barely controlled lust.

“I didn't mean to push too far,” Tru said, lifting herself off Buffy a little way.

“You didn't,” Buffy clarified. “I did.”

They sat up, untangling from each other as they caught their breaths and rearranged their clothing.

As they sat facing each other on the couch; Buffy could barely hold herself back. All she wanted to do was take Tru into her arms and kiss her until their clothes fell off and they were left naked against each other. Not tonight, though. Buffy wasn't ready to be naked with another girl yet, as much as she'd been thinking about it. She was scared of doing it wrong. Scared of making a mistake and hurting Tru, both physically and emotionally.

Buffy excused herself to go to the bathroom, leaving Tru looking flustered as she sat finishing her drink on the sofa. She knew it wasn't fair to leave her hanging, but Buffy had to take a step back.

Letting out a nervous breath as she leaned against the closed bathroom door, Buffy ran a hand through her slightly tangled hair. She felt like Tru had pulled on the threads holding her together, making her spin round in a dizzy spiral. There was no doubt she wanted to be with Tru, but even if her body was screaming go, her mind was yelling stop.

She had to decide which one was louder. And then decide if she should follow its instructions.



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