One Day I'll Find You

Chapter Twenty Two

Little by little Buffy found herself slipping into the heady, reckless desire Faith was creating. Her resolve no longer seemed justifiable, her resistance just an idea far out of reach. She’d always wanted Faith and here she was, half naked on her lap, her body ready and primed for Buffy. How could she deny Faith, or herself?

With a ball of anger inside herself that Buffy knew would only expand, she brushed her fingertips over Faith’s panties as Faith dug her fingernails into her shoulder. Buffy had never touched Faith this intimately before. They’d never been this close to it, and now that they were she wanted it all. Her conscience be damned, she was going to take Faith just the way she’d dreamed about. So what if this was insane, if she wasn’t single, if Faith was drunk. . .a raw need possessed her the like of which she’d never experienced before.

Feeling completely unlike herself, unable to deter herself from taking this road, Buffy withdrew her hand from under Faith’s skirt, enjoying the soft whimper of helpless need from Faith as she gripped Buffy tightly.

“Buffy, come on! You. . .”

Buffy didn’t allow Faith to say anything further; bringing both her hands up to grab Faith’s head and luxuriate in the tumble of dark hair over her fingers, she brought Faith’s mouth to her own. She kissed Faith with abandon, their lips bruising and tongues seeking, instantly teasing and tasting. She clearly heard them both moan when Faith’s hands also held Buffy’s head just where she wanted it, and the room became filled with gasping breaths and the wet smack of hunger.

Their insatiable kissing brought Faith closer to Buffy on the chair, making her spread her legs wider. Buffy groaned and pulled back; just able to look down between them. Pushed up further because of her position, Faith’s skirt now no longer hid her panties. They were tiny, black, and most definitely moist.

“Jesus, Faith,” Buffy said with a lusty sigh as she yanked Faith’s lips back for more.

She couldn’t get enough of Faith’s mouth, lips tingling and tongues darting in and out. Buffy had never been much of a fan of this kind of – what she would call ‘porno-kissing’, but it felt so good with Faith. In fact she felt it right the way through her. Every nerve was alive, every sense honed to this space, this act. There was nothing in her mind right then other than Faith and what she wanted to do to her.

Dropping her hands to Faith’s shoulders, she slid her palms down, knowing exactly where she was going and feeling Faith tightening all over as she got there.

Two full breasts in her hands, Buffy felt their weight, their softness and the limits of their pleasure for Faith has she squeezed and pressed. She wasn’t being gentle, but there was no anger behind her touches, just unadulterated need.

“Fuck,” Faith hissed, her body trying to get impossibly close, hips rolling as she claimed Buffy’s desire as her own.

The way Faith was moving and the way her muscles jumped and stiffened depending on what Buffy did was incredibly sexy. Buffy found herself drowning in that sexiness. Revelling in it; happily letting it engulf her and whisper to her the things she needed to hear.

She couldn’t quite believe this was happening and that she was taking what she wanted, but there was no way she could stop now.

Pulling her mouth from Faith’s, Buffy descended on her breasts before even a hint of fear or trepidation attempted to implant itself in her mind. She surrounded a dusky nipple with her mouth, tugging with her lips, and sucking until Faith was practically trembling on her lap. Hands still grabbing and kneading, she went from nipple to nipple and back, indulging and suckling for all she was worth. She was dizzy with desire and pressed her cheeks against Faith’s breasts, alternating between them, needing to feel the soft skin and imprint the knowledge of their smoothness on her own. She was quickly becoming infatuated with Faith’s scent and the taste of her skin; there was nothing but her need to have, to know, to burn it all deep inside her. She’d never been like this; never had this hunger. Not even with Tru.

As Buffy’s lips continued to suck and tug, tongue flicking and teeth scraping at the solid peaks craving her attentions, Faith slid her hands into Buffy’s hair and held her firm. It wasn’t until Faith tugged slightly, making a nipple plop from her mouth, that Buffy got the message that Faith was trying to gain some semblance of control.

“Holy crap, Buffy,” Faith said with a shudder; Buffy’s hands still upon the breasts she quickly decided were utterly glorious. “If you keep doing that. . .I’m gonna come.”

It sounded quite likely given her breathlessness and the way her body was tensing and trembling, just on the verge of release. And as hot as the thought was of Faith coming right then and there without Buffy even touching her pussy, Buffy didn’t want it to be over that quickly. She had a feeling, niggling and festering in the back of her mind, that once Faith did come. . .she wouldn’t stick around for anything more.

“Sorry,” Buffy apologised quietly, gliding her fingers down across Faith’s stomach to give her boobs a rest. “They’re just so. . .nice.”

She almost blushed with her confession, but as she looked up into Faith’s eyes, she knew she didn’t need to feel embarrassed. Faith’s pupils were huge, and the brown of her eyes was a swirling canvas of chocolate flecked with gold. All she could see was how much Faith wanted her and it made Buffy lose the last of her guilty fear.

Bringing their lips back together, kissing a little slower this time - every touch of their tongues together stoking the fire between them – Buffy let desire take her hand. The longing she’d always had for Faith roared through her and she let it lead her. She wanted to make Faith come. She wanted to see it and feel it and be the reason Faith frayed at the edges until all the hurt and anger fell away. Until the past was a distant memory that didn’t matter; didn’t taint them with its ugliness.

Barely recognising her own voice Buffy whispered, “I wanna fuck you,” against Faith’s skin as she moved her mouth to kiss at her neck. “I don’t wanna think, I just want to feel.”

“Do it,” Faith encourage raggedly, half a plea and half a command.

Before Buffy could convince herself out of it, before she could find the awareness or courage to stop and think, to stop and breathe, she lifted Faith as she stood from the chair. Faith got the idea and hooked her legs around Buffy’s waist and held on tightly. Her lips still attached to Faith’s neck, Buffy moved them towards her bed, groaning as she felt Faith’s slick need against her stomach through her tee shirt. A shudder almost had her stumbling with Faith, but she managed to get them to their destination, dropping Faith down to the mattress with little ceremony.

Faith grinned up at her, leaning sloppily back on her elbows on the bed. Deciding to ignore, once again, how drunk Faith appeared to be, Buffy tugged off her own tee shirt and threw it behind her. Her judgment was clouded but she knew Faith wanted this so it wasn’t as if she was taking advantage. It wasn’t as if Faith hadn’t asked for this, begged for this. They both knew it was an inevitability that they’d finally come together in this way, regardless of the chaos it would cause. Chaos Buffy pushed from her thoughts.

Just in her panties now as she stood at the foot of the bed in front of Faith, Buffy enjoyed Faith’s gaze as it travelled eagerly over her, fuelling her ardour even more. She too couldn’t stop looking at Faith, letting every inch of her burn into her retinas; letting every inch of her mark her within. Faith’s strong shoulders, her breasts, the flat stomach, scar. The scar.

Buffy blinked and felt a tightness in her chest that wasn’t entirely pleasant. She’d put that scar there. She had to ignore it, as she was ignoring everything else right now.

She tore her eyes away from it and leaned down between Faith’s legs, tugging at her boots, yanking them off and letting them drop to the floor. An almost oppressive silence filled the space between them but she made Faith gasp ever so slightly in surprise as she pulled her down the bed a little way. If possible, Faith’s eyes got even darker and Buffy felt her stomach flipping and tightening at the thought of what she wanted to do to Faith. What she was about to do.

Still drinking in the sight of Faith’s tight muscles and lightly tanned skin, Buffy lowered herself onto the mattress on her knees and ran her hands up Faith’s thighs, noting the silky smooth skin and parting Faith’s legs a little further. She licked her lips and felt her heart pounding so viciously she was afraid she might just drop dead before ever getting the chance to touch Faith properly.

They looked deep into each other as Buffy’s fingernails tripped over hard muscles until she reached the tiny skirt Faith was barely wearing anymore. She pushed the material all the way up, as far as it would go, and without hesitation tugged at the panties beneath. Faith’s lips were slightly parted and - almost coyly - she bit on her lower one as she lifted her hips to help Buffy slide the damp material down.

With a swift tug the panties were gone and Buffy tried to ignore the pulsing between her own thighs long enough to continue. She pushed at Faith’s legs to arrange them back where they’d been – spread before her – and lowered herself further onto the bed. She was shaking and hot, her heart beating treble time and her stomach a fluttering mess. She almost wanted Faith to say something that would ruin the moment because this was too intense. Too real.

But Faith didn’t speak. Unusually, she kept her mouth shut and let Buffy lead them down this treacherous path.

Buffy’s mouth was practically watering now as she lingered close to her goal, taking in the sight of Faith naked – practically – before her. Her strong legs were bent and parted enough for Buffy to see Faith’s arousal and she wanted to taste. She so badly wanted to taste, to delve into the heat, to drown in the scent that was making her light-headed; a slight case of nerves stalled her forward momentum.

She paused with her hands resting on the bed either side of Faith’s hip, trying to hold herself together.

“I’ve never done this,” Buffy confessed quietly, the breathless and deep cadence to her voice visibly making Faith shudder.

Faith, resting on her elbows as she watched Buffy, seemed to stop breathing for a second.

Looking from between her thighs up to Buffy, Faith asked, “You mean you’ve never. . .gone down on Tru?”

Buffy shook her head no, feeling a subtle blush creep up her neck.

Faith blew out a loud breath and fell back to the mattress, her hands going to her head as she lay before Buffy.

“I’ve done other things just not. . .this,” Buffy declared, staying low between Faith’s legs, wishing she hadn’t said anything at all now. She really wanted to do this with Faith. She only wanted to do this with Faith she realised – which was probably why she’d never attempted it on Tru.

“B, you don’t have to do that,” Faith said, sounding tired now – probably due to the booze. “Just use your fing. . .”

Faith let out a gasp as Buffy decided to swallow her fear and get them past this barrier. Brushing a thumb over Faith’s wet pussy, letting it slip between the folds, she placed her hands on the insides of Faith’s thighs. Holding her open and feeling a gush of arousal between her own legs, she enjoyed the very first touch. Settling herself into a comfortable position, Buffy slid her fingers over Faith; tentatively pushing up over Faith’s clit, then bringing her fingers down either side of it.

She drank in the sight and it made her feel things she’d never felt – never even knew existed. Faith was wet, open, and needing her desperately if the quick breaths and slight movement of her hips was anything to go by.

She could have studied Faith for hours, just touching her lightly and marvelling in the way she felt against her fingertips, but there would be no more making her wait; Buffy leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on Faith’s inner thigh, just shy of where Faith needed her. Then, trying to concentrate past the fluttering inside her chest and stomach, Buffy placed another kiss, this time over Faith’s engorged clit. The kiss made Faith gasp out an expletive and Buffy gently sucked, taking in insanely soft flesh and an incredibly sensual taste between her lips.

“Oh, fuck,” Faith moaned, causing Buffy to moan right back, the vibration making them both shudder.

Feeling the frantic need within Faith, Buffy flicked out her tongue then licked Faith fully; letting her juices coat every taste bud and her soft, pink flesh tantalise Buffy into being bolder with every stroke. It was clear where Faith needed her most, as every time Buffy pressed her tongue against Faith’s clit, Faith nearly shot off the bed with a heady moan. But Buffy didn’t want this to end too quickly, and she took her time, exploring Faith, letting her lips and tongue know this place as only a lover could.

Placing a hand on Faith’s tight stomach so she could feel every tensing ripple of muscle, she held Faith firmly at the hip with the other and fully spoiled herself with indulgence. She may have been new at this, but she’d wanted this for longer than she’d even known herself. Her body had wanted this, did want this; and though she hated to admit it, so did her heart.

“You taste amazing,” Buffy murmured into Faith, enjoying not only Faith’s pussy but also the sounds she made above her.

Every moan and gasp worked its way inside Buffy, snaking around her in ways she wished Faith couldn’t. In places she’d tried to keep Faith out of.

“Jesus, B,” Faith groaned, trying to lift her hips into Buffy’s face for more direct pressure. “You’re driving me crazy here.”

Buffy couldn’t help but smirk a little as she swirled her tongue around, enjoying the trembles that clearly indicated Faith badly needed to come. Somehow she doubted Faith was used to waiting for what she needed, and any minute now Buffy knew the tables would turn. Or Faith would snap. Or. . .

“I need you to fuck me!” Faith demanded, their eyes snagging on each other over Faith’s undulating body.

Watching Faith for a moment with her tongue still lightly circling the sensitive clit, Buffy allowed herself to see the fire inside Faith that had always scared her. It didn’t scare her now.

Swiping her tongue over Faith’s pussy, as if licking a Popsicle, she stopped and grinned, and felt for the bond between them. The mystical one that Giles wasn’t even sure should exist. The one that spoke of slayers and demons and all things that crawled through the night. That spoke of the yearning between them and the depth they were inside each other.

It was there, just beyond the desire, the pleasure and the deep emotions that warred within. It was there. Buffy swiped again, murmuring her fondness of Faith’s taste and the amount of fluid now flowing from her. Faith was dripping wet now and she shuddered, clearly trying not to breathe too fast, too harsh, too obviously.

When Buffy lowered her face again she drove her tongue into Faith’s hole, filling it as much as she could. Fucking it in a way she just knew Faith wanted.

“Oh, yeah!” Faith exclaimed. “That’s it. Keep your tongue inside me, Buffy.”

Her hips jerked up as Buffy entered her, over and over until Buffy was surrounded by Faith; by thighs, heat, soaked sheets and increasingly loud moans. A hand went to Buffy’s head, fingers slipping into her hair, but not too rough, not too demanding. She allowed Buffy to control this; her tongue engulfed by Faith’s pussy as she pushed it inside and felt her own heart soaring.

She was inside Faith. She was inside a part of her that she could possess. That she could lose herself in. That she had wanted for so, so long.

“Ooooh, Buffy,” Faith sighed, her body on the verge and beginning to climax. “Keep fucking me. Don’t stop.”

Feeling Faith’s walls tighten around her tongue with every hard thrust, Buffy moved her hand and slipped her fingers over the swollen clit just above her nose. Her own pussy twitched with need and she breathed hard into Faith as she fucked her to the limit. She lifted her gaze and watched. Watched the stunning girl in her bed tremble, the muscles tighten, her free hand grabbing at the sheets as she gave herself to Buffy.

It was beautiful. Faith was beautiful as she came.

“Oh, Jesus, fuck!” Faith cried out as she convulsed; her fingers digging into Buffy’s head.

Wet heat flooded into Buffy’s mouth as she thrust into Faith’s tight pussy one last time, deep as she could go with her tongue, licking and wiggling. Her fingers slipped away and she held onto Faith tightly to keep her hips where she needed them; she wanted to drink Faith down. She needed to ride it out with Faith until the last second. Until the very last tremble.

With breathless pants, Faith tugged gently on Buffy’s hair, indicating that she needed her to give her a minute, a pause as she caught her breath. Though she was happy where she was, now kissing and sucking softly at Faith’s pulsing hole, Buffy respected Faith’s desire for her to stop. She lifted her head and Faith’s fingers untangled from her hair, her arm dropping to her side where it lay motionless and as limp as the other arm now was. Watching Faith’s chest bob up and down with every breath, Buffy took her time to stay as close to Faith as she could before Faith did the inevitable and left.

Buffy knew it was coming. She’d known it from the start and went ahead anyway; chaos and cruelty be damned.

Kissing over Faith’s inner thighs and up towards her stomach, she braced herself, both physically and emotionally; her hands either side of Faith, and her heart in her mouth. But Faith didn’t move. As Faith’s breathing evened out and her body clearly relaxed Buffy raised an eyebrow and looked up to Faith’s face.

Faith had apparently passed out.

Unsure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, Buffy moved slowly, crawling up beside Faith on the bed. She kept her gaze on Faith’s closed eyelids and tried to calm her own breathing, her own ardour. The sheets on the bed had already been turned down so it wouldn’t be too difficult to pull them out from under Faith and cover them both, but she really doubted Faith would want that. She’d probably want woken so she could gloat and then go. Fucking and running was Faith’s style, not staying and snuggling up close.

Taking a deep breath and ignoring the niggling doubts and accusations in her mind, the screams of “cheater” and “liar”, Buffy just lay and stared for a while. Her heart had betrayed her and brought her to this place and she watched Faith’s breathing and enjoyed the moment of peace on her face, and the taste of her still on her own lips. She watched as goosebumps rippled in the wake of her hand as she snuck it over Faith’s skin and rested it on the hip furthest from her.

This moment felt surreal; as if she was in a dream. Like a glass about to fall from a table and shatter into a million pieces it swayed and rolled towards the edge. Buffy doubted she could catch it. She’d never been able to before.

Anxiously resting her head by Faith’s shoulder and getting as close as she could, she stole as much of Faith’s time and comfort as she could before reality woke up to slap her hard in the face, and before Faith woke up to take her leave. Just a few minutes, Buffy told herself. Just a few.

Her own eyes began to close and she felt the night begin to grab at her but movement against her jolted Buffy fully awake again and she waited for everything to go bang.

“Hey, no sleeping,” Faith said drowsily; sleep or alcohol, Buffy couldn’t tell. Maybe both. “We’re not done.”

Buffy didn’t know what to say so she kept quiet, letting Faith roll onto her side so they were facing each other. Buffy instantly felt like she should halt whatever Faith had planned next because she was clearly far too exhausted, but she didn’t, of course she didn’t. Her body was willing to take whatever it could get. Her body sung out for relief at Faith’s hands.

Clumsily, Faith ran a hand over Buffy’s side until it grabbed her ass and squeezed, lips burning into Buffy’s skin at her collarbone. This was going to be awkward, Buffy could just tell.

“Faith, wait,” she said. “You’re not exactly. . .” She was going to say awake, sober maybe, or able, but she said none of those things as Faith shifted her weight and easily pushed Buffy onto her back.

“Waited long enough,” Faith drawled. “I want you.”

Instantly, Buffy’s body reacted and she sighed as Faith moved between her legs. She was hardly holding herself up but the weight was no problem for Buffy and she accepted it readily as Faith fumbled between them. She seemed to be concentrating hard, trying to do something as she wriggled on top of Buffy.

Her skirt, Buffy realised. Faith was trying to get it off.

Without speaking, still afraid to break this spell, afraid to acknowledge Faith’s less than sober actions, Buffy ran her hands down Faith’s back. She was momentarily distracted as her palms felt muscles twitching under them, the smooth expanse of Faith’s back making her wet her lips; she wanted to lick her way up the entire length of it. But that wasn’t possible right now. This obviously wasn’t the time for luxurious exploration.

Faith mumbled something and growled as she yanked at her skirt.

“Let me,” Buffy offered, hoping the desperation in her voice wasn’t too noticeable.

Their limbs tangled and for a second it looked like things could descend into a farce, but eventually, with heated breaths between them they both managed to rid Faith of her skirt, leaving her completely naked now on top of Buffy. A little more wriggling and Faith tugged Buffy’s panties down, her coordination failing as she almost toppled from the bed. Buffy’s hands at her waist pulled her to safety and back between her legs.

As their bodies came together, all heat, skin and soft, wet places they both moaned and pressed close. Faith’s face disappeared into Buffy’s neck, lips brushing over her and sucking as they practically clung to each other in the faint light. Buffy wanted to see Faith’s eyes, but they were too close and Faith too busy kissing her throat as she began to move slowly against Buffy.

The movement quickly aroused Buffy back to a hundred percent ready and she ran her fingernails down Faith’s back – she was quickly beginning to really, really like Faith’s unbelievably sexy back.

“Buffy,” Faith sighed into her neck as she reacted to the touch, causing Buffy to shiver.

She wasn’t sure what she should do, so she just enjoyed the sensation of Faith all over her and basked in the heat they were creating. It almost seemed like Faith was fighting sleep, but her body pressed a little harder against Buffy’s every time she moved her hips, and it felt amazing.

Buffy took a chance and rolled her hips up into Faith to maximize sensation and both of their breaths caught; wet heat mingled where they pressed intimately together. Buffy could feel Faith’s pussy spreading over her own and she almost wanted to cry with how good it felt. They were so close, fused together as their breaths began to quicken and Faith’s lips travelled up towards Buffy’s mouth.

Heated kissing impassioned their embrace and their bodies found a rhythm that had them both panting and holding tight. This wasn’t how Buffy thought Faith would take her, not at all, it seemed far too intimate. Far too telling.

Whatever Faith’s reasoning, Buffy liked this. She liked feeling overwhelmed by Faith’s weight. Liked the press of Faith’s breasts against her own; nipples hard, sending jolts of pleasure through her when Faith lifted herself up enough to have their nipples scraping across each other. The way Faith’s stomach slid against hers, the way her hips fit between her own seemed almost perfect. They seemed made for this and Buffy’s heart wouldn’t stop pounding against Faith’s as they enjoyed each other’s bodies.

“Oh god,” Buffy gasped as Faith thrust harder against her; so wet against each other, their clits connecting with every roll of their hips. “Oh, you feel. . .this is. . .”

Faith’s mouth on Buffy’s obstructed her words but she didn’t care as they kissed clumsily, hungrily. They weren’t just moving now they were fucking and Buffy wrapped her legs around Faith in wanton need. She was immersed completely in Faith; the body between her legs, the dark hair tickling over her face as Faith lifted herself to rest her weight on her hands so she could put more behind every thrust.

The wet slide of their skin, of their pussies, tainted the air with the unmistakable scent and sound of sex. The moans they shared grew louder and the moment of release was fast approaching, for both of them.

“Fuck, Buffy,” Faith panted. “So good.”

Buffy took a chance and looked up at Faith as Faith hovered above her. Their gazes caught and the connection was instant, almost frightening, making them both take shuddering breaths. For a moment, for a slice in time between them, they stilled their bodies almost to a stop and just looked.

“There’s so many things I’ve wanted to say to you,” Faith said, a vulnerable quiver to her voice that Buffy had never heard before.

Eyes still locked on one another, Buffy lifted a hand to Faith’s face, touching gently and swallowing hard as a tear dripped onto her cheek from above.

“Faith, I. . .I’m sorry,” Buffy told her softly; she wasn’t certain what she was saying she was sorry for. Maybe everything. Everything that had ever gone wrong between them. Everything she’d been doing to keep them apart.

Her thumb brushed over Faith’s cheek, feeling the tears and wishing they’d never done such bad things to each other to cause them.

“No,” Faith said, breaking the moment of sudden calm. “No, don’t be sorry.”

She kissed Buffy, a deep, sensual, heartbreaking kiss that made Buffy’s chest burn and ache.

Those full lips were soon whispering over Buffy’s jaw, towards her ear, as Faith moved against her once again. The rhythm quickly picked up and Buffy wrapped her arms around Faith and brought her closer to feel every inch of her body against her own. She could feel Faith’s tears on her skin and it wrenched at her, but she couldn’t stop this. She didn’t want to stop this; it almost felt more like they were making love than just having sex.

It felt like Faith was making love to her.

“Don’t let go,” Faith mumbled close to Buffy’s ear. “Don’t let go.”

“I won’t,” Buffy replied, unsure whether they were both sobbing or just shuddering from the oncoming orgasm they were about to share.

Panting and moaning almost drowned out the creaking of the bed as Faith increased the pace, and the mix of sounds made it hard to hear as Faith began to mumble more into Buffy’s neck. The odd word filtered through Buffy’s haze of desire, of bliss. The odd word.

The ones that stood out were the words “need” and “love”, but Buffy wasn’t certain how Faith had said them and before she could dwell on it longer she felt Faith stiffen in her arms.

“Fuck, Buffy,” Faith gasped as she came, taking Buffy along with her.

“Oh god, oh god,” Buffy panted, holding on so tight she could feel her fingernails tearing into Faith’s back.

A warm, wetness spread over her pussy from Faith’s and she felt her muscles tighten further, her body clenching and pussy convulsing as she came hard with the girl in her arms.

This wasn’t just fucking, just sex. This could never be just sex.

“Don’t let go,” Faith mumbled again as her whole body shivered against Buffy.

With a soothing hand through Faith’s hair, Buffy kissed her temple, her eyebrow, the side of her face, everywhere she could reach as the heat cooled, leaving their skin sticky and exposed. Maybe she should have said something, asked Faith if she was ok, but she could feel Faith once again already slipping into dreamland as she relaxed and let her weight rest on Buffy at the final tremor.

Words could, and probably would come tomorrow, when the passion gave way to the inevitable. For now, Buffy would do what Faith had asked. She wouldn’t let go.

Letting Faith find the solace of sleep, Buffy shifted just enough to hook her foot into the sheets and slid them up over both of them. A murmur escaped Faith but she didn’t move or wake so Buffy arranged them so some of Faith’s weight was taken by the mattress, happy to keep her close. To keep them tangled together.

Her own eyelids were heavy, but Buffy kept herself aware just long enough to feel – for once – complete. Faith was in her arms, in her body, in her heart, and with every tender kiss she placed on Faith’s sleeping face. . .she wished for the coming day not to spoil this.

She wished for it all to be ok.



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