One Day I'll Find You

Chapter Seventeen

“Hmm, that was good,” Buffy murmured sleepily as she stretched out her muscles before draping herself back over Tru.

“If I could think straight I’d agree with words more emphatic than good, but I think you practically killed me,” Tru said with a chuckle.

The sheet was tangled at their feet, bodies slick and sticking to each other as the late morning sun crept through the window to bathe them in its warmth. Buffy hadn’t planned on having morning-sex with Tru, but they’d been too tired to do anything the night before, and waking up next to a sexy body pushed up against her had made it impossible for Buffy to ignore the tingle it caused.

They’d started kissing, practically still asleep, and one thing lead to another, which lead to more. Two hours later and they were both grinning dreamily. Buffy snuggled closer to Tru – her leg flung over her as Tru lay sprawled out on her back – enjoying the sensations that Tru’s fingers and body had left behind. They’d tumbled and rolled around, slipping and sliding and enjoying each other until they’d both come noisily several times.

Though Buffy had held back with her strength, she’d managed to make Tru practically scream out her name in pleasure; using her fingers more skilfully than she’d dared to imagine she could. It had made Buffy’s chest swell with pride, as well as some other things she wasn’t quite prepared to think about yet. And Tru hadn’t let Buffy down when it came to giving back either; Buffy felt wonderfully fulfilled. Tru had sent her to new heights more than once, and though Faith had crept into her mind at the most inappropriate times, she’d done her best just to concentrate on the girl she was with. It had worked for the most part, and Buffy was happy with her progress on that front.

“So are we staying here all day, or do you want to go out, do some shopping? Sightseeing? Eating?” Tru asked, lazily stroking a hand over the thigh draped over her.

Buffy’s belly rumbled at the mention of food and they both chuckled lightly.

“I’d love to just stay here,” Buffy answered, knowing it was true. She was happy to stay naked with Tru in her bed. “But maybe we could go out for a late breakfast and then come back.”

Lifting her head to look down at Tru, Buffy couldn’t help but smile. She’d never felt so comfortable with anybody in this way before. Though Buffy was all kinds of sweaty and damp in places it would normally feel quite uncomfortable to be sweaty and damp for too long, she didn’t mind at all. Her blonde hair was messy and she knew it must have looked quite a sight, but she didn’t care. Tru’s hair was also all mussed, and her skin was sticky, but it felt good instead of gross. It all just felt good. And it was because of Tru. . .definitely not the almost unreal likeness she had to Faith.

Something about Tru made Buffy feel at ease. She felt comfortable with this, and comfortable with the way she was beginning to feel. Looking deep into Tru’s eyes, Buffy knew she could easily fall for her – it would just be a case of letting go – if it weren’t for the fact that Faith still lingered in the back of her mind. She knew she had to dislodge Faith from that spot, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

“Maybe breakfast can wait a little longer,” Buffy suggested, leaning in to kiss Tru on the lips.

She shifted her weight slightly, moving her leg so it wasn’t in the way of her hand as she trailed it down. Down over breasts she’d nibbled and sucked on, over the soft tummy that she’d licked and kissed, down to the place Tru was still wet, still wanting.

As her fingers dipped between swollen folds she coated them in Tru’s juices, slipping over her and smiling at the soft moan she was rewarded with. Sliding slowly over Tru, Buffy licked her lips; she wanted to taste what she could feel on her fingers but she didn’t feel confident enough yet to try things out with her tongue. The thought of doing it made her even wetter than before, but she was too nervous about doing it badly, especially after Tru had done an amazing job at it herself.

“Oh god, you’re insatiable. . .but it’s good,” Tru mumbled as Buffy’s fingertips met Tru’s clit in a teasing dance; not hard enough to bring her to orgasm, but just hard enough to feel good.

“And you’re sexy,” Buffy purred into Tru’s ear, kissing her way over it and down to her throat.

Feeling Tru lift her hips up in search of more pressure, Buffy relented a little, circling her fingers over her girlfriend. She sucked on Tru’s neck, feeling the quivers that went through her and wishing she was brave enough to do what she really wanted. It had been so good to feel Tru’s tongue on her pussy. So good to have it buried inside her, worshiping her. Buffy didn’t think she’d felt anything quite as good before in her whole life.

Her brain wanted her to move down and replace her fingers with her mouth, but she couldn’t. Instead, she just imagined what it would be like. Buffy imagined how silky it would feel against her lips, how soft, wet, hot. She imagined her tongue sliding inside Tru and drinking her juices as she came.

Just as Buffy almost found the courage to move her kisses and sucking down to where she really wanted to have her mouth, Tru bucked up against her, coming as Buffy skilfully fingered her clit.

“Oh, Buffy,” Tru called out, her body shuddering as she came.

Buffy unlatched her mouth from Tru’s throat, looking down at her face and loving the way Tru’s lips parted as she gasped for air. How her brow creased slightly and her nostrils flared. Buffy didn’t want to stop making her come; happy to just watch Tru’s reaction and wonder if Faith would look as hot in the same circumstance.

Trying to shake that thought from her head, Buffy kissed Tru hard, plunging her fingers into her to prolong her orgasm; almost coming herself as she felt Tru’s pussy clench tight to her digits.

“Come again, Tru,” Buffy instructed, whispering into Tru’s ear in a way she’d discovered the other girl loved.

Sliding her fingers into Tru and using her thumb to stroke over her now ultra-sensitive clit, Buffy brought her to orgasm again quickly.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Buffy groaned as she felt the warmth of Tru’s come gush over her fingers. “I wanna feel that on my tongue, and all over my lips.”

“Jesus, Buffy,” Tru moaned in response, her body stiffening as her orgasm continued to roll through her, taking her breath away.

Her hands gripped hard to Buffy as she rode out the wave of pleasure, every muscle taut, every heartbeat reverberating against Buffy as she pressed close to her to bring their mouths together once more.

Once Tru flopped back – a limp mess from both her last two orgasms and the previous two hours of exploring they’d been enjoying – she ran her hand through Buffy’s hair, the most beautiful smile on her face as her brown eyes burned their way into Buffy.

She looked like she wanted to say something, but instead Tru just kept looking at her. Buffy could see something in her eyes, however. Something deeper than she’d seen before. She had an idea what Tru wanted to say, and she felt the same. They were starting to develop feelings for each other; as insane as that seemed so soon, there was definitely something there. Definitely something that Buffy wasn’t ready to claim or point out yet.

Giving Tru a sweet smile, Buffy leaned down and kissed her softly, once on the lips, then on the forehead.

“And now I really am starving,” Buffy said, slipping her fingers from Tru and doing her best not to ask to be fucked right back. She knew if they were to continue they’d never get up, and things might get said that neither of them were quiet ready for. “We seriously need to get breakfast.”

Tru ran her hand over Buffy’s thigh, fingertips trying to wander between them. “But what about. . .”

Buffy was tempted, but they could wait until later, when they’d both cooled off a little. . .before things got too intense.

“You can make me come later,” Buffy told Tru, brushing her fingers over Tru’s naked torso, touching everywhere but her breasts. “We’ve got all tonight.”

“No getting called away?” Tru asked with a sly smile.

“Nope,” Buffy replied, mentally crossing her fingers and toes. “So how about we go get food - for the day - and come right back here to eat pizza and watch movies and. . .fuck.”

Buffy’s own thoughts and words were shocking her a little. Never before had she been this girl; the girl who wanted to do nothing but stay naked with somebody until they were both too tired and sore to move. She’d never just wanted to spend the day having sex, not even with Angel – not even if she’d been able to. Maybe she’d always been waiting for this. For a girl. For a girl that made her feel sexy and comfortable, and ready.

“If you want to,” Buffy added a little more shyly as Tru raised a very Faith-like eyebrow.

“It sounds like the perfect day,” Tru replied, taking Buffy by surprise by flipping her over and giving her a good, solid kiss on the lips.

Her mouth lingered on Buffy’s; lush lips making Buffy melt for their touch as she hummed in appreciation of having Tru’s body pressing into her own. All those times with boys, with their rough skin and hard bodies, heavy arms and legs, and stubble that left her feeling chafed just didn’t compare. She just couldn’t deny that this was better. Hotter. More satisfying.

“Yunno, you kinda surprised me this morning,” Tru said as she pulled her lips away, causing Buffy to pout a little. “I know this is still all new for you so I wasn’t expecting this so soon.”

“This?” Buffy questioned with a small smirk.

She knew what Tru was getting at – they’d only been together a short time, and Buffy wasn’t exactly used to being with a girl. But it felt right to Buffy. She wasn’t sure how she could explain why, and she didn’t want to look too deep into it. She’d never considered herself a sure thing, or easy, or a slave to her desire, but when she was with Tru all she could think about was being intimate with her. It was the same with Faith – more so in fact, which had scared the hell out of her in the past. She couldn’t define it, and was too tired of fighting with herself to delay the inevitable.

It didn’t really matter if she was all over Tru now, or months down the line when they’d been together longer, she knew what she wanted and wasn’t about to waste time waiting. She wasn’t about to run in fear like she had done with Faith.

“Spending days in bed together just. . .wearing each other out,” Tru continued with a chuckle. “I thought it would take longer to get to this point. Hell, I normally take longer to get to this point.”

They both chuckled then, letting the day wash over them as they lay tangled together in messy sheets.

“I guess it just feels right,” Buffy said by way of explanation, loving the way Tru’s eyes sparkled at her words.

“It does,” Tru responded, leaning down for another kiss.

They shared a minute or two of lazy smooches before Tru finally pulled away again, running a hand through her messy, brown hair. Her breasts were smooshed a little into Buffy’s and Buffy knew if they didn’t move soon, there would be hands disappearing between them, and fingers searching and plunging, and they’d never get breakfast.

“We should go out now so we can get back quicker,” Buffy suggested, following Tru’s hand up into her hair and pushing the dark locks to the side so she could see Tru’s face unhindered.

“I like the way you think. Do you wanna use the shower first?”

“How about we use it together?” Buffy asked, once again shocked at her own forwardness.

With a big smile Tru pushed her way fully off Buffy. “I’ll go start it running,” she said as she grabbed her robe from a nearby chair and made her way to the bathroom.

Buffy instantly missed her skin, her scent, and lips that she could kiss anytime without worrying about when they might fight next, or argue, or try to kill each other. She watched Tru disappear into the bathroom, a silly grin on her face that she refused to feel subconscious about. There was no way she was going to let Faith spoil what she’d found with Tru just because they were identical sisters and it was a bit weird.

Ok, very weird, but she was trying to ignore that part.

“This isn’t a bad thing,” Buffy said to herself as she heard the shower start to run in the other room.

Swinging her legs out of bed, she looked around for something to throw on, finding nothing to hand that would make much of a difference to being naked anyway. She supposed it didn’t matter if she strolled in there in the buff, as Tru had seen all she had to offer anyway, and visa versa.

Letting her mind wander to the great sex they’d just had, Buffy lifted her fingers to her nose, still feeling the slight stickiness from being inside Tru. Her nipples hardened on instinct as she immersed herself in the scent that came along with the stickiness, closing her eyes and letting herself imagine what it would be like when she finally went that far with Tru. When she breached that final hurdle.

Checking to make sure Tru wasn’t yet coming out of the bathroom – guessing she was probably using the toilet – Buffy brought her fingers to her lips, brushing over them before slipping two of them into her mouth. She tasted just the tips but it was enough. Her clit twitched and breath hitched as she allowed herself to become familiar with the slightly salty tang that was Tru’s come.

She made an mmm sound and flicked her tongue over her fingertips. There wasn’t a single taste bud on her tongue that didn’t want more of that and Buffy decided there was no time like the present to go get more. She felt wild in her desire and free to explore it. Pulling her fingers from her mouth she stood, no longer caring that she was completely naked, and began walking towards the bathroom. As Tru pulled the door open and grinned broadly at Buffy’s approach, a faint buzzing sound caught their attention.

“Oh no, no, no, no,” Buffy groaned. “Just no.”

Tru just shook her head with a chuckle and shrugged her shoulders.

“You should get that,” she said, nodding towards Buffy’s bag, and the vibrating phone within it. “But at least join me for a little while after you take it,” she added, letting her robe slide off her shoulders and to the floor as she turned to head into the shower.

A good look at naked Tru-backside and Buffy felt like taking her phone and flinging it out of the window. She didn’t want this day spoiled, and she didn’t want her weekend cut short once again. She wanted desperately to follow that sexy backside into the bathroom, for groping, and hot sex against the cold tiles. All she wanted to do was bury her face into Tru’s pussy and go to town, whether or not she’d be any good at it. Buffy wanted to learn to be good at it, and she wanted it now.

With a little stomp of her foot Buffy walked the short distance to her bag and pulled out her phone. Taking a quick glance at the screen she saw that it was her mother calling – if it had been Giles she might have been tempted to switch it off instead of answer, but she couldn’t just ignore her mom. She’d never forgive herself if there was something wrong and she’d been too busy having sexy shenanigans with her secret girlfriend to help.

“What’s wrong?” Buffy asked curtly as soon as she answered.

“Oh, Buffy, thank God you answered,” Joyce said on the other end of the phone, sounding flustered.

Buffy didn’t like the way she sounded and instantly felt bad for answering so severely.

“Is everything ok?”

“I’m in a bind, sweetheart, and I hate to interrupt your shopping trip but I desperately need to ask you a favour.”

Buffy sighed and sat down on the couch, wincing at the cool material against her bare backside. She waited for her mom to continue as she gripped the phone tight in her annoyance.

“I need to come to LA,” Joyce told her. “There’s a problem at the new gallery and they’re insisting I come there today.”

“Can’t somebody else deal with whatever problem it is?” Buffy asked, unsure where her mother was going with this.

“No, they need me there,” Joyce insisted. “That’s not the problem. The problem is Dawn. I can’t leave her here alone because I might be back late and after the last time she was here alone on a Saturday I’d rather not risk it. Mrs Houston from next door hasn’t been the same since – I don’t need another incident like that.”

Buffy sighed once more and rolled her eyes. She remembered something about waffles and a fire crew, and Mrs Houston having palpitations as one of said waffles had flown through the air onto her newly laid lawn.

“You seriously want me to come all the way back just to look after Dawn?” Buffy asked, clearly aggravated. “There’s gotta be somebody else, anybody but me.”

Slumping back into the couch cushions, Buffy felt all the air go out of her lungs. She just wanted to be left alone to live her life, and have a girlfriend, and not have to deal with anything related to Sunnydale and everyone that was in it.

“Well actually I thought I might bring her with me,” Joyce offered. “But I can’t have her under my feet while I’m dealing with whatever catastrophe Eduardo has created. I need you to let her hang out with you and Cordelia for a few hours.”

Buffy blinked and bit her tongue, trying not to swear at her mother because she was pretty sure that kind of thing was frowned upon. She didn’t want Dawn hanging anywhere near her, and she couldn’t exactly tell her mother why. Joyce thought Buffy was visiting Cordelia, for shopping and a weekend of girly stuff. She had no idea about Tru and the other kind of girly stuff that was really going on.

“But mom!” Buffy whined, feeling like she was twelve again and trying to get out of doing the chores.

“Buffy, I wouldn’t ask if I had any other options,” Joyce insisted. “I can’t ask the neighbours to keep an eye on her anymore.”

“That’s because she’s evil.”

“Buffy!” Joyce chastised. “She’s just. . .spirited, and strong-willed.”

“And demonic.”

“I’m setting off in five minutes, Buffy,” Joyce continued, ignoring Buffy’s grumbles. “I’ll call you when we arrive so you can call by the gallery to pick her up. Don’t let me down.”

Buffy was about to protest some more but her mother obviously wasn’t prepared to hear it; she’d put the phone down, leaving Buffy snarling to herself.

Muttering profanities under her breath, Buffy headed towards the bathroom, pushing open the door and stepping into the already steam filled room. She could see Tru’s outline in the shower behind the glass door. Tru was washing her hair; hands pushing soap through it as it tumbled over her shoulders and down her back. She was mostly turned away from Buffy but she could see the side of her boob and the slenderness of her stomach and waist, the pert curve of her butt, the sleek line of her legs as she let the water trickle down them.

Feeling a little less angry but somewhat pervy for just watching Tru shower, Buffy tried not to let the guilt in. She couldn’t be blamed for finding Tru so attractive, or for wanting her. There wasn’t a slither left of her once straight self as she gazed at her girlfriend, and Buffy wanted to be ok with that. Every time they were together it just seemed right, and being ok with it was getting easier and easier.

“Damn, my girlfriend is hot,” Buffy said to herself, continuing to leer as she approached the shower.

Without asking permission she pulled open the shower door and stepped inside, instantly wrapping her arms around her lover and pulling her close.

“Problems at home?” Tru asked, leaning back into Buffy.

“Not exactly,” Buffy answered, “but we’re gonna have some company for a while.”


Tru turned to face Buffy so they were wrapped in each other’s arms. All the skin on skin action temporarily froze Buffy’s brain as she remembered why exactly she’d wanted to shower with Tru in the first place.

“Baby?” Tru pressed, rubbing her nose against Buffy’s with a smile. “What do you mean by company?”

“Dawn,” Buffy told her, placing a quick kiss on the small dimple in Tru’s chin before continuing. “My mom needs me to watch her for a few hours.”

Tru knew about Dawn, and knew that Dawn knew about her, but Buffy hadn’t exactly explained how Dawn knew. She’d done her best not to talk too much about her family and friends as she didn’t want to have to get into the fact she was scared about what would happen if – or when – they all met Tru. But Tru had asked questions, curious to know about Buffy. She’d been keen to hear about her little sister and her mom, and her life in Sunnydale.

“Sorry,” Buffy added with a groan. “My mom is bringing her up to LA with her.”

She buried her face into Tru’s neck, sagging her shoulders and feeling the prospect of all-day sex slip away from them. She hated this sneaking around thing. If her mom had known she was spending the weekend with her girlfriend then she probably wouldn’t have called. But her mom didn’t know she had a girlfriend and just thinking about telling her made Buffy want to fall on the floor in a heap.

“Hey, it’s ok,” Tru said, lifting Buffy’s chin with her finger, her stunning smile making Buffy’s stomach tighten on instinct. “We’ll still have tonight right?”

“Definitely,” Buffy said with a nod, finding herself falling into Tru’s eyes much easier than she should have been comfortable with.

“Then let’s shower, get breakfast, and then go meet your mom.”

Buffy nodded and allowed Tru to pull her fully under the water with her, but then she realised just what she’d said.

“Oh, I should probably go meet her on my own,” Buffy said, hoping Tru wouldn’t get upset. “She doesn’t know about this yet, or me and the. . .yunno, liking girls thing.”

“Ok, so I’ll wait for you to. . .wait, do you need me to not be around when you’re with Dawn?”

“No, we can be together around Dawn, just not my mom,” Buffy reminded. “I will tell her soon just. . .not yet.”

“It’s ok, Buffy,” Tru told her, the slick feel of her body pressed close making Buffy subconsciously run her hands over her. “Tell her in your own time.”

She smiled and it put Buffy at ease, just like it always seemed to do. The situation wasn’t ideal, but at least she wouldn’t have to leave altogether.

Once they’d showered – forgoing any more delicious orgasms – they dressed and made their way out to the diner Tru worked at. Half price pancakes were just too appealing to pass up, even for Buffy. By the time they’d finished and wasted an hour chatting and enjoying the sun as they sat outside, Joyce called, telling Buffy she was almost there. She could hear Dawn complaining in the background and resisted the urge to just drop the phone into her drink. Forcing perkiness, Buffy told her she’d meet them and take Dawn shopping with her and Cordelia. Tru chuckled and kept smiling at Buffy, distracting her as she stroked a hand over her thigh under the table.

“Is it wrong to want to lose your sister down a dark alley?” Buffy asked, blanching a little as she remembered who she was saying that to.

Tru had a sister of course. One she had no choice in losing because she didn’t even know about her. Buffy could choose to be honest and tell her about Faith, but that would land her in a heap of a mess she was trying to stay away from. She’d hold onto that piece of information for as long as she could, regardless of the growing consequences.

“Anyway,” Buffy continued quickly, “I better go meet them.”

She stood and pushed her chair back, missing Tru’s hand on her thigh instantly. Brushing a few crumbs from her lap, she tried not to get too down; they would only have Dawn with them for a few hours and at least they’d have another night together. It was going to be weird being with Tru with Dawn there, however. She was just getting used to being intimate with another girl, and now she’d have Dawn judging them and possibly making lewd comments. There was also the problem of Dawn’s big mouth. She’d have to warn Dawn not to say anything about Faith, or about anything that might make Tru ask questions.

It was going to be a tedious few hours.



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