New Beginnings, Old Enemies

Chapter Twenty One

Buffy trotted down the stairs after Faith, watching her small backside and feeling the urge to slap it. She was grateful nobody else had followed them. After all, how hard could it be for two slayers to find a book on their own?

“Um, B,” Faith said, her eyebrow arching playfully as she turned to face Buffy. “You don’t think maybe two slayers is overkill for fetching a book? I mean, I know you like me but I’m pretty sure all I’m likely to get is a few paper cuts,” she chuckled.

“You never know,” Buffy said, keeping a straight face. “These books of Giles’ can be tricky. I mean, that last one went all crazy on us and sucked us into weirdsville,” she pointed out.

“B. . .that was you,” Faith grinned, stopping in the middle of the shadowy basement.

“Hey,” Buffy exclaimed with a pout, “how was I to know? Anyway, I’m here as backup so get looking, and no making us disappear this time.”

“Again, I point out that it was you last time, B,” Faith said, pointing at Buffy. “If anybody needs backup it’s you.”

They stood facing each other, the room a quiet hush of fresh cobwebs and dusty shelves. The floorboards creaked above them as chairs were shuffled about in, and furious book reading was indulged in.

“Take that back before I kick your ass,” Buffy said slowly, her eyes roaming Faith, watching and waiting.

Faith licked her lips, studying every movement of Buffy’s eyes. “You think you could take me?”

Buffy smiled, a little half smile full of challenge and temptation. She walked steadily towards Faith, every step echoing off the dull concrete of the walls, a little sway to her hips that a thousand vampires had seen but few had told the tale about. She looked around, gauging the size of the room, the space for movement, the objects and furniture that could get in the way or be utilized. Faith was doing the exact same thing; two slayers who knew how to stalk, how to bait, when to move.

“I’m sure I could try,” Buffy said, almost a whisper to Faith’s ears.

They stepped closer to each other, the heavy footfalls of boots chiming their intent. Close enough to hit, to grab, to touch. Buffy stalked Faith’s face with her eyes, admiring and seeking, allowing herself to feel.

“How are you feeling?” Buffy asked softly. “How’s your head?” She reached out to Faith, gently stroking over the disappearing bruise on her forehead with her thumb.

Faith blinked, momentarily taken aback. She wasn’t used to Buffy caring, not like this. Not without recrimination or consequences.

“It’s ok,” Faith answered, unsure quite how to respond.

A mist of awkwardness descended over them and Buffy pulled her hand back, pushing a lock of blonde hair from her eyes as she searched for something to say that wasn’t way out of their comfort zones. It was one thing wanting somebody, and having in the heat of the moment sex with them, but quite another trying to be open and kind when there had only been barriers and harsh words before.

“You look good,” Buffy said, her heart open and her defences down.

“You coming onto me, Buffy?” Faith asked, a small smirk drifting over her lips.

Buffy laughed quietly and shook her head, smiling at Faith as she stood before her relaxed and unthreatening. Buffy wasn’t sure if she’d ever viewed Faith as unthreatening, but she was glad she could see it now. Faith, for all her darkness, her violence and intimidating depths, was without a doubt a vision of majestic beauty. Buffy allowed herself to see. To truly see beyond the façade and the beliefs she’d held of her.

“Yeah, I am,” Buffy replied, her voice gentle and truthful as she gazed into Faith’s eyes.

Faith smiled, unable to restrain it behind her need to be safe. She closed the distance between them, waiting for any sign to step back. Burning through the awkward mist, she leaned into Buffy, letting Buffy’s scent crash over her as she breathed in. Buffy closed her eyes and did the same; swimming in the heavy aroma of the other girl. They didn’t reach out, didn’t quite touch. Standing impossibly close, just feeling the need and the overwhelming burn to be that bit closer, they drank each other in. Like a fight without movement or sound, the slayers tested each other’s limits.

Buffy felt the faint tickle of Faith’s dark hair against her cheek as Faith leaned closer. She could sense the heat of her skin, almost feel the softness of her lips as she shifted a little and their noses touched. So close to giving in. To having what was rightfully theirs.

They were both breathing heavier in anticipation, deep, shuddering breaths as the world faded, leaving only them. Only this moment. This moment in their own reality.

“I wanna kiss you, B,” Faith whispered across Buffy’s lips, causing them both to sigh inside.

“I want you to,” Buffy assured, lifting her head just a little, just enough for their lips to delicately touch.

Faith closed her eyes, immersing herself in the warm sensation Buffy was pulling her into, her lips tasting the softness on offer. She parted her lips and they kissed tenderly, testing for objections. The warm slide of their mouths grew more confident and Faith lifted her hand up into Buffy’s hair, letting it flow over her fingers as she kissed Buffy deeper.

She responded – without hesitation – her lips open for Faith, their tongues meeting in a sweet greeting of wet warmth. Buffy moved her hands up to rest on Faith’s shoulders, fingers disappearing into thick curls of dark brown. Kissing more fully, letting go of the safety net and tumbling into each other, they sighed as their lips and tongues did their duelling.

Buffy moaned, deep and needy from within, as Faith pressed her body closer. She wrapped her arms around Faith, needing to feel her heat, her softness, the desire flowing from her. Faith slipped a hand under Buffy’s jacket, finding exposed flesh at her back with the halter top she was wearing. Pulling her lips away from Faith Buffy took a much needed breather, her skin tingling where Faith’s fingers brushed over it.

She looked deep into Faith’s dark eyes, charting every gold fleck within them as Faith brought both hands to her back. She felt the heat from Faith’s palms burn through her. The strength in her fingers whisper promises over her as her brown eyes devoured her.

“God you’re hot,” Buffy blurted, wishing the words had stayed in her head. She didn’t want to reveal quite how much of a limp mess Faith could leave her just yet.

A lascivious smile caused Faith’s dimples to enchant Buffy and she realised the effect Faith had on her was obvious now, without her having to spell it out.

Faith moistened her lips and dipped her head towards Buffy’s ear, breathing over it heatedly. She kissed the sensitive area just below it and spoke quietly, her voice husky and drenched in desire. “And you’re beautiful, B. I want you more every second you’re near me. I want you here. Right now.” She kissed along Buffy’s jaw and down to her neck. “I want you needing me. Wet for me.”

Buffy groaned, her pulse quickening as Faith sucked gently on her. “I’m already that,” she confessed breathlessly, unable to lie. She could feel her panties growing damper by the second.

She couldn’t think of another person that had done that to her with just a kiss. Buffy had thought she knew desire, but this was a whole new level she’d never reached before. This was Faith overwhelming her senses, pulling at every fibre of her body, calling to the very basic, primeval need of her sexuality.

Buffy pulled Faith back to her lips, placing her hands either side of her face, needing to kiss her until they couldn’t breathe any longer.

They kissed, hungry and eager. Tongues delving and lips bruising as Faith pushed Buffy back until her rear hit the edge of a desk. Buffy felt the rumble of Faith’s moan as she slid backwards onto the surface, sitting on the low desk as her leg lifted to wrap over Faith’s hip. Faith’s hands slipped to Buffy’s waist, holding her there, thumbs scorching heated patterns over her skin where her top rode up.

Buffy’s fingers tangled into silky brunette, and she yearned for more contact. More skin. Her ass was close enough to the edge of the desk to keep her pressed against Faith and she rocked her hips just a little, their sighs drifting into each other’s mouths as Faith pushed back. A hand found its way under Buffy’s shirt, blazing a trail up to her bra. Faith’s searching fingers enveloped her breast and her thumb grazed over Buffy’s hard nipple.

Buffy unlocked her lips from Faith’s, sucking in a sharp gasp of air as Faith sent jolts of lightning from her nipple to her center. She felt her pussy quivering for her. Needing her fingers, her tongue. Just needing Faith in a way she’d never needed anybody.

She was breathing hard and heavy, such great desire hidden away and finally able to be free taking them both by surprise. Without thinking, without stopping, without a thought to the world around them Buffy caught Faith’s free hand in hers and pushed it down. She inched it under the loose waistband of her pants and let go as Faith continued.

“B,” Faith began, her lungs clawing for air as they kissed with every ounce of their surrender, “are you sure?” If it had been anybody else she wouldn’t have stopped for one fraction of a second to ask, but this was Buffy. . .her dream. Her hope.

Between passion fuelled kisses Buffy replied “Are you?” asking her own question as her questing fingers made short work of Faith’s belt buckle and buttons.

Faith groaned, stilted breaths distracting them both as Buffy hovered her fingers dangerously close to Faith’s pussy, resting them just above her tiny black panties. She crashed her mouth back to Buffy’s in answer, her fingers dipping into her cotton underwear and seeking out the source of Buffy’s heat.

“Oh, God,” Buffy breathed out, her head tilting back as she arched into Faith’s touch.

Faith drifted her fingers over Buffy’s pussy, spreading her juices all over them as she discovered just how turned on she was. She slipped up over her clit, the slick-wet sound of need taking away any hope of self-control. Her fingertips brushed deftly over Buffy, causing her to shudder and moan. She’d forgotten where Buffy’s hand was until eager fingers slid in-between her folds, gathering her arousal to smear it over her clit as Buffy circled it and teased it.

“Fuck,” Faith groaned, nuzzling into Buffy’s neck as they clung to one another.

Buffy smiled into Faith’s hair, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the sensation of feeling Faith wet and swollen for her. It wasn’t like touching herself; it was a whole different feeling. Faith’s sighs and reactions were due to Buffy’s fingers, moving, slipping, teasing Faith just right, and she loved the sensation it gave her. It made her impossibly wet, her insides burning passionately from touching and being touched. From touching Faith and having Faith be the one to make her moan and tremble and crave the climax she could give her.

It was impossibly perfect.

Faith pushed against Buffy’s fingers, her whole body yearning and crying out for release from the hands of the girl she craved more than anything in the world. They both circled their fingers around swollen, hard clits, grasping at each other with their free hands. Faith could feel Buffy getting close already, her slim body trembling as Faith flicked and rubbed her fingertips faster and harder. Little strangled noises escaped Buffy despite them both trying not to make a sound.

She began to breathe out Faith’s name on every panted breath, her fingers curling deliciously around Faith’s clit, pulling her to the edge with her.

“I love it when you say my name like that,” Faith groaned, her body moving with Buffy.

Just as Faith felt Buffy about to spiral into her climax she heard a loud scraping noise above them, and footsteps. . .headed to the stairway door.

“Shit,” Faith mumbled through gritted teeth.

They looked at each other, eyes wide, listening as the footsteps grew closer.

“Oh, God. Oh, God,” Buffy repeated over again, panicking as she slid her fingers from Faith’s panties and dropped down to the floor.

Faith pulled her hand away from Buffy, quickly fastening her pants and belt as they tried to straighten themselves out. They leapt further apart as the door swung open, illuminating the shadowy basement with the light from the shop.

“Everything ok down there?” Giles called from the top of the steps.

“Yep,” Buffy replied, her voice shaking a little, “just having trouble trying to find the right book, but. . .oh, here it is,” she called up after quickly scanning the nearest bookshelf.

“Wonderful,” Giles exclaimed cheerily. “Could you bring it right up, we’re almost onto something rather important. I’m also going to need an in-depth report of your time in the alternate dimension, right away. I think something is amiss.” He shuffled away, leaving the door open.

Buffy groaned and lifted her hand to her head, instantly regretting it as she caught the scent of Faith’s juices on her fingers. She almost swooned right onto the floor, her mind a frayed tangle of lusty thoughts about Faith and how she wanted to sample every part of her. Taste the delicious musk of her pussy and indulge until Faith was limp and quivering.

“You ok, B?” Faith asked, trying to calm herself and douse her arousal enough to be able to walk and talk.

“Not even close,” Buffy sighed. “I can’t believe we almost let that happen. I mean, I’m not usually like that. I don’t. . .I don’t cheat for a start, and that would have been the second time. That was the second time.” She shook her head, gripping the book in her hand and trying to think pure thoughts.

“I’m sorry, B,” Faith said quietly, looking down, unsure what was happening and what she should say. They’d both been into it for a start, not just her.

“Faith,” Buffy said softly, getting Faith’s attention with a gentle finger beneath her chin. Once she was looking at her she dropped her hand and slipped it into Faith’s. “I’m not blaming you. I pushed this as much as you, if not more. We won’t go back to me blaming you.” She smiled and kissed Faith on her nose, smiling wider as Faith gave her a puzzled look. “I like your nose,” Buffy confessed shyly.

Faith chuckled and squeezed Buffy’s hand. “I shoulda been more restrained though,” Faith said, meaning it as much as she felt it.

Buffy practically burst out laughing, releasing Faith’s hand to clutch her belly. “Coming from you, that’s just too funny,” she giggled.

“Hey, I’ve learned restraint,” Faith said, pouting. “It just doesn’t work around you,” she added, shrugging.

“I know the feeling,” Buffy said, continuing to chuckle. “We’d better go upstairs though, in case they send a search party.”

“Yeah,” Faith agreed, wishing things were just a little simpler.

Buffy stopped as she noticed the slightly dejected look on Faith’s face. She didn’t like to see the disappointment. She loved Faith’s smile. Buffy didn’t want to see it go.

“We’ll get together soon, Faith. I promise,” Buffy assured, standing in front of Faith, her fingers subconsciously drifting up towards her dimpled cheek. “Very soon, ‘cause you’re. . .all kinds of wow.” Buffy grinned from ear to ear. “I’m not going to be able to wait for more of that.”

Faith felt her heart warm at Buffy’s words. She felt warm all over.

“Are you blushing, Faith?” Buffy asked, looking more than a little shocked.

Faith stood tall, digging her hands into the pockets of her jeans, willing her face to cool down. She wasn’t a blusher. Ever.

“You ask that again, B, I’m gonna give your ass the biggest kick it’s ever had,” Faith said, a mock glare landing right on Buffy.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Buffy challenged, squaring up to Faith, getting close to her. Too close if they were going to get out of the basement anytime soon.

“Try me,” Faith retorted, feeling her body jump back to the horny high it was on just a few minutes previously.

Buffy was almost pressed against her as they stared each other down, hands wanting to be free to roam and explore, and bring pleasure.

“I plan on it, Faith,” Buffy said with a sly grin, lifting her fingers to her mouth and placing one between her lips, tasting nothing but Faith on it.

She moaned quietly as she experienced Faith’s sweet taste for the first time. She closed her eyes, her tongue indulging in the sticky essence. Buffy felt her insides melt and she knew she had to have more. She wanted the stunning brunette laid back for her, moaning for her as she licked and sucked on her dripping pussy. It was all she could see. It was a long buried fantasy that had torn her apart in the past. Now it only served to remind her that her panties were very damp and sticky, and that Faith was right there in front of her. . .wanting the same thing.

Buffy removed the finger from her mouth and lurched forward, capturing Faith’s lips with her own as she stood stunned at Buffy’s little display. She kissed Faith passionately, leaving no doubt in either of their minds that they were going to be together. Only impending doom would deter them from their goal now.

“Buffy?” Giles called from upstairs. “We really do need that book, I think the world could be in grave danger.”



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