New Beginnings, Old Enemies

Chapter Sixteen

A rush of wind blew through the two slayers as they kissed deeply. As they felt themselves plummeting into each other; letting go of the safe ground they had stood firm on. Buffy broke away to catch her breath and still her heart. She looked up into Faith’s dark and intense eyes, and stopped herself from looking away as she would normally do. Her hand moved to touch Faith’s soft cheek, holding it gently as she allowed herself to feel. To feel with her whole heart the compelling desire and adoration she could sense coming from the girl before her.

Fighting back the urge to push it away this time, Buffy instead allowed it to seep into her, through her wet skin, through her bones, into the deepest parts of her. She felt more tears spring to her eyes as it swept her up. As the love she felt was finally allowed to break free and fly with Faith.

Gazing at Faith as the rain ran over her skin, Buffy brushed her thumb over the soft bristle of an eyebrow. She half sobbed and half laughed, the mix of emotions inside her throwing her into a spin. It was too much and not enough. Never enough. She had always wanted so much from Faith, though doubted its truth which caused her to ignore it. She had doubted Faith and her ability to give, so had pushed Faith into proving her right.

But she hadn’t been right. Buffy could see it now. She could feel it all over.

Faith rested her hands on Buffy’s shoulders, her lips tingling from their kiss. Every inch of her hoping Buffy wouldn’t run. Faith had stopped running herself. She knew what she wanted and knew what she needed. It was palpable. She needed Buffy to love her the way she loved Buffy. She’d never said the words to herself before; never dared think of them or dwell on the feeling for fear of being abandoned because of it. Faith hadn’t trusted her heart and its decision to crave Buffy, but she couldn’t deny it now. She couldn’t fear now; the time for being afraid had long since passed.

Faith closed her eyes as Buffy whispered her thumb over her eyebrow, swooning under the soft caress, but she opened them suddenly as a loud crash angered the air beside them. They both looked to the right and almost fell back as they saw what appeared to be the hulking cliff that they had begun their journey from.

It had risen out of nowhere.

“What the fuck?” Faith gasped, noticing the dry cave not far from them.

Buffy jumped as lightning struck too close for comfort. She didn’t like feeling as if they were being lead into a trap, but they had to get out of the storm. She looked from the imposing cliff face towards Faith, and Faith it seemed was thinking along the same lines.

“Come on,” Faith instructed, getting to her feet and holding out her hand for Buffy.

Buffy took it, and set off running the short distance with Faith. She kept a grip of Faith’s hand, not willing to let go now she had finally given herself permission to touch and hold. She wouldn’t let go, and she wanted more.

As soon as they entered the small cave Buffy freed herself from the restraints she had been buckling under. She whirled Faith to face her and brought their lips together, greedily kissing and sucking as Faith pulled her close. Buffy wanted to taste every taste, treasure every stroke of Faith’s tongue and nibble of her teeth. She had denied this for so long, and her desire was running amok through her veins.

Buffy pushed Faith up against the nearest wall, keeping their lips firmly pressed together as her tongue slipped over Faith’s. She moaned as Faith delved deeper, hungrily exploring her mouth as she wrapped her arms around her waist. Buffy felt herself melt into every curve of the other girl, needing the contact. She pushed her hand under the soggy cloth covering Faith’s stomach and her fingers burned with the sensation of silk warm skin on them.

She wanted Faith. No doubt about it, she desired her lustfully, and as Faith slipped her hands to the small of Buffy’s back, under her shirt. . .she knew it was ok. Buffy knew they could take from each other unconditionally. They could cling and crave and give into each other; take and give back. She stepped into the whirlpool.

Buffy bit gently on Faith’s fleshy bottom lip, earning her a groan that stirred the fire within her even more. She slid her hand further under Faith’s top, wanting to know her flesh. She needed her skin. Without asking permission, sure that it wasn’t necessary, Buffy began to tug on Faith’s shirt. Pulling it up as it peeled its way from Faith, she broke their kiss. Buffy threw the garment to the floor beside them and buried her nose into the crook of Faith’s neck, teasing and sucking with her lips.

Faith began to breathe heavily, her body pleading for Buffy’s touch. She had yearned for it longer than she knew and she wasn’t about to deter the inevitable now by asking if it was wise, or too rushed. She moaned deep in the back of her throat as she felt Buffy’s tongue flick over her heated skin as she descended to her collar bone.

Faith wrapped her hands in Buffy’s dripping hair, her chest heaving as Buffy reached around to unclasp her bra. Before she knew it, it joined her top on the floor and Buffy was kissing over her breasts; taking her time to cover every inch of the skin there, and driving Faith crazy with lust.

Buffy kissed her way to one of Faith’s dusky nipples, loving the way she tasted. Her tongue mopping up the rain water from her skin as she went. She rested her hands on Faith’s small hips and felt her own pussy growing wet as she placed her lips around an erect nipple and sucked.

She teased it with her lips and her tongue, her hand moving up to feel the fullness of the other breast within it. Squeezing as she sucked harder, hearing Faith almost whimper for her. Buffy didn’t know what she was doing, she had never been with a girl, but it felt good. It felt right. Judging by Faith’s rapid breathing she was working Faith up just as much as she was working herself up.

The night of their dream, Buffy hadn’t been sure if it was real or not. The sensation of touching Faith so intimately and making her come overwhelmed her with a thirst for more. This time she knew it was for real, and she was going to savour every delicious second. Faith was a masterpiece of beauty to her, and she wanted to respect that in full. Buffy’s long hidden and previously detested fantasies finally found absolution.

She caressed her way over Faith’s chest, feeling the flutter of her heart against her lips, then moving on to tease and suck the other appetizingly hard nipple. Her hands moved down, sure in their quest. Faith’s stomach muscles twitched and jumped at the touches, then she was finally at the barrier and unzipping Faith from her pants.

Faith groaned, closing her eyes and resting her head back against the cooling wall behind. She placed her hands on Buffy’s shoulders, allowing the other girl complete control as she tormented Faith’s skin with delicate hands. She licked her lips as fingers unzipped, and agonizingly slowly dipped into her pants.

Buffy pushed down and brushed her fingertips over Faith’s already soaked panties; soaked with arousal more than rain water. She sighed heavily and leaned into Faith, delighting in the heat escaping from her as she brought their lips together again. She trailed her fingers enticingly over the fabric, feeling the slick patch of excitement growing damper. Faith kissed her open mouthed and wantonly. Her tongue playing with Buffy’s provocatively; promising of things to come.

Buffy groaned at the thought and breathed hard with need.

She reclaimed her lips from Faith’s, trailing wet kisses over her jaw and neck as she whispered, “I want you.”

Buffy hadn’t meant for her voice to shake, but it had. Breathing close to Faith, every inhalation making her wish she could smell her scent, Buffy found herself shaking with desire in a way she had never done before, alone or with another.

Faith replied by digging her short nails into Buffy’s back and pressing her closer. She wanted Buffy’s fingers to slip under the thin fabric. Needing her to touch her and to make her whole. She pushed against her hand, rolling her hips forward.

Buffy smiled blissfully into Faith’s neck as she felt the soft swell of her heated pussy against her hand. She could spend an entire day just poised at this point; need and warmth enveloping them up and trapping them together as she stroked soft and teasing oaths of pleasure over Faith. Today wasn’t the day for that, however, so Buffy removed her hand and began to tug Faith’s pants and panties down. She wanted Faith naked for her. Stripped of everything so she could see the true Faith. The Faith she now knew she had always been in love with.

Faith stepped from her clothes, ready to give herself to Buffy unreservedly. This wasn’t about control, or who went first, or who was on top. This was about something so deep within them both, something that they had overlooked in the past, or chose not to see. Now it was exposed and free.

Buffy threw the pants to the pile and stepped back between Faith’s legs, her eyes devouring every inch of flesh on display. She bit her lip and felt her pupils expanding as she studied every mark and every muscle. Every plane and every curve. The need to tell Faith she was amazing stole the wind from her sails a little, but as Faith pulled her close she once again became swept up in her thirst to have her.

Not content on being the only one naked, needing to have Buffy in the same way, Faith took the opportunity to pull on Buffy’s top. She added it, and the sodden bra to the pile.

They kissed again, devouring each other without haste. Seeking out one another’s tongues as Faith swept her hands over Buffy’s back, holding her close. Their skin scorched each other where it met, tantalizing and begging for more. Faith blazed a trail with her fingers over Buffy, urging her into the fire. She kissed her hard and spun them so Buffy now had her back to the harsh wall.

Buffy’s hands came up between them, but she wasn’t pushing Faith off, she was taking Faith’s heavy breasts within them and toying exquisitely with her nipples. Fingers pinching and pulling as Faith moaned into Buffy’s mouth. She could feel her arousal seeping unrestricted to the insides of her thighs, as her lips sucked and kissed down Buffy’s neck.

Dreams and fantasies just didn’t come close to the real thing. To the very real feeling of Buffy creating a ball of excited tension inside her, as they explored each other. Faith breathed hot air over Buffy’s breast as she flicked her tongue out over the solid little nipple. Buffy moaned Faith’s name quietly, and Faith closed her eyes and sucked on Buffy, thinking the moaning was the sexiest sound she had ever heard. She wanted to hear more.

Her fingers sought out Buffy’s pants, undoing them with no objections. She tugged down and Buffy responded by helping, wiggling out of the wet material of her pants and panties and kicking them towards the other clothes.

Faith took no time to bring them both back together, closing the distance between them, and falling into a deep kiss. Buffy sighed as she felt Faith fully against her, for the first time not in battle. Her skin was flushed, heating Buffy up along with it as she wrapped around Faith, needing to feel her all over. Her pussy was poised over Faith’s as the taller girl stooped a little to resume the breathtaking possession of her breasts.

Buffy moaned Faith’s name again, unable to find any other word in her head as Faith pushed against her. She could feel Faith’s dripping mound on her own now as they clung, naked and desperate for each other. It wasn’t enough contact. Buffy wanted more. She pushed Faith backwards, stepping away from the cool chill of the wall, moving her mouth back to Faith’s as she encouraged her to lie down. Faith didn’t protest.

She lay back on the pile of damp clothes, bringing Buffy down with her into her arms, between her legs. They both sighed loudly as they made contact, quivering and quenching their thirst for one another.

“Buffy,” Faith murmured into blonde hair as Buffy’s pussy slipped languorously over her own.

Any other words were lost as she wrapped her arms around the girl above her and rocked her hips up for even more connection. Hot skin, soft and delicate. Powerful muscles, holding back yet holding on. She felt Buffy’s warm breath on her neck as they moved together slowly. Buffy kissed her lightly over her skin and Faith brought her knees up, spreading herself for the other girl; craving to feel more as Buffy dripped into her.

They fell into an alluring rhythm as their bodies sought salvation. Faith’s heart was beating like a drum into Buffy’s, whisking her up into a maddening haze. Faith’s body felt incredible underneath her. Every bit of Faith. Every movement and soft rake of nails across her back. Buffy could feel the slick evidence of Faith’s need coating her with every push of her hips forwards. Lifting herself slightly, Buffy slipped her pussy fully over Faith’s, bumping their clits together and causing them both to moan out into the echoey cavern.

She had never felt something so intimate; so sensual and seductive as their pussies stroked wetly over one another. Buffy could feel herself climbing the heights she knew Faith would take her to. Her clit was swollen and throbbing for Faith. Her pussy hot and dripping; more aroused than she’d ever been. She wasn’t prepared for the avalanche of sensation she was being bombarded with, but it felt amazing.

Faith allowed one hand to glide down Buffy’s back, delighting in the soft, slow movements of the other girl, yet desiring more. Faith had never been a slow kind of girl. She’d never known this. It felt like making love, and definitely not fucking. She had thought it would scare the hell out of her if that ever happened, but it wasn’t scaring her. It was Buffy, and Faith adored every touch and kiss, and soft wet slip across her soaked pussy.

She scraped her nails across Buffy’s firm backside and pushed up as Buffy pushed down, opening them both up for more as their slippery lips spread and oozed their juices all over one another.

“Oh, Faith,” Buffy sighed breathlessly, pushing up a little to hover over Faith, leaving them still connected in all the right places.

Buffy felt overwhelmed. She was shaking inside and out, feeling Faith quivering just the same. She looked into Faith’s eyes and felt safe for the first time in a long time. Heavy tears splashed down onto Faith and Buffy closed her eyes, willing them to stop. She hadn’t meant to cry, but her heart was bursting.

A soft hand brushed over Buffy’s cheek, fingers gently pushing back her damp hair as she tried to calm herself.

“B, no more crying,” Faith said, almost whispering.

Buffy tried to find the words to put everything right. To turn back all that had gone before. All the bad. All the wrong and the stupid.

“I couldn’t love you then,” Buffy said shakily, almost too quiet to hear, not making complete sense even to herself. She knew what she meant, she knew what her heart was saying, but she couldn’t form the words.

Faith felt her heart soaring with Buffy’s words. She knew what they meant. She felt what they meant.

“Shh,” Faith said softly. “No more pain.”

Faith moved to the side and rolled Buffy under her, switching their positions so she could show Buffy how much she felt for her. She just knew it was the right thing to do. No more hurting and denying. No more holding back with fear, and regrets of the past.

She kissed Buffy fully. Sweeping her tongue into her mouth and receiving a soft groan of approval as she took over. She placed herself between Buffy’s legs and brought them together again. Faith’s soft breasts pushed into Buffy’s as her wet pussy slotted back into its position over her. They gasped with the resumed contact and Faith rolled her hips forwards, spreading herself over Buffy.

“Fuck,” Faith sighed, unable to hold back her pleasure at having Buffy hot and moist all over her. “You feel so good.”

Buffy smiled coyly, looking up into Faith’s impossibly dark eyes and lifting a leg over the younger girl, effectively holding her closer. Faith leaned down, still holding herself up a little on her elbow, bringing their lips together in a long sensual kiss. Keeping Buffy distracted with her tongue, Faith moved a hand between them. She needed to touch.

Her fingers brushed over the short sliver of hair covering Buffy’s mound and Buffy broke her mouth free from the kiss, she bit her lower lip as she waited for Faith to explore her and make her her own.

Buffy gasped slightly as Faith’s fingers snuck into her pussy. She closed her eyes and gripped onto the girl above, feeling like it was the first touch she’d ever experienced. Faith gently pushed her fingers down, towards her dripping hole, slicking her fingers with the juices there before letting them explore around her clit.

Buffy shuddered and Faith breathed hard and fast, her heart pounding as she discovered parts of Buffy she thought she never would. Her fingers were coated in Buffy, touching her hard clit softly yet relentlessly.

“Oh, God,” Buffy moaned in pleasure, feeling her body relinquishing to Faith. “Faith,” she groaned, trying to catch her attention.

Faith continued to slip her fingers over Buffy; pressing a little harder as she became completely enthralled with the soft silky feeling of Buffy’s swollen clit against her fingertips. She had never felt anything quiet so erotic as the sensation of making Buffy quiver and moan for her as she stroked over her. It was intoxicating.

“Faith,” Buffy said again, a little more clearly this time, though she was finding it incredibly difficult to find her voice under the deliciously delicate onslaught on her clit.

Buffy brought a hand up to Faith’s face, coaxing the younger girl to focus on her as she fought with all her will not to shake.

“Faith, wait,” she said softly, her breathing ragged and trembling.



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