Have A Little Faith

Chapter Seven

They paid and made their way back to the library. Buffy was fidgeting again beside Faith, looking like she didn’t know what to do with her hands as she continuously took them in and out of her pockets then fiddled with her bag, played with her hair, adjusted her pants.

“You ok there, girlfriend?” Faith looked over at Buffy, sensing some kind of struggle going on inside her friend.

“Me? Yeah. . .well, um, no. Can I hold your hand?” Buffy blurted out, looking up coyly at Faith.

“You wanna hold my hand?” The younger girl stopped and raised one perfectly shaped eyebrow. She hadn’t expected such a request. Not in the slightest.

She was wondering if at some point in the night she had slipped into some kind of topsy-turvy dimension where everything she knew to be normal had gone off on a road trip and left her behind to deal with the mix up that was her life. She was becoming more convinced that something was definitely wrong now, and that the appeal from the older girl to hold her hand was a facet of whatever it was that was going on. So because she didn’t want to antagonise Buffy or upset her in any way, Faith agreed.

She reached down and entwined her fingers with Buffy’s, doing her level best not to get distracted by the hot tingles dancing over her palm. Strangely, it felt entirely natural to be holding Buffy hand, like they had been doing it forever.

“Better?” she asked, encouraging Buffy to walk closer to her, which she did.

“Thank you, Faith.” Buffy squeezed the hand grasped in hers, and smiled gratefully.

It didn’t take them long to get back to the library, but once again the two slayers had hardly spoken, and it was almost surreal how they were just strolling along the street hand in hand. Faith had never been the kind of girl to do such a thing, but somehow it felt comfortable, nice even. Great in fact, as she allowed herself to lower some of her walls.

She liked the way people watched them as they passed, whispering under their breaths at the shameless display. Faith felt nothing but pride. . .to just be in Buffy’s company let alone to be walking alongside her looking like they were more than just friends, but like lovers.

The thought caused a shiver to run down Faith’s spine, joining the tingles that Buffy was causing without even trying. She would like nothing more than to be Buffy’s lover. To be known as Buffy’s lover. Whispered about and envied, but not caring because it was so good. She shook her head to stop herself thinking about something that she was still certain would never really happen.

The two slayers boldly made their way the short distance they needed to go without hindrance, despite the handful of people staring at them. It wasn’t exactly a usual sight in Sunnydale; two very attractive girls acting as if they wanted the world to know they were giving each other a good time every night. Most guys would undoubtedly be extremely jealous, and their muffled voices backed that very fact up. Faith ignored them and Buffy didn’t seem to notice.

Faith realised as they approached the school that it probably wasn’t fair on the other girl to allow the intimate contact to continue. Even though it had been at Buffy’s request she knew she normally wouldn’t put on such a show of unabashed affection for another girl. Especially not somebody that was comfortable and open about their own sexuality. Somebody that looked like the very meaning of the word sex.

“Hey, we’d better. . .let go.” Faith tried to untangle her fingers from Buffy’s grip.

“Oh, Ok.” Buffy reluctantly let go, as if doing so was actually painful for her. Then she pouted and turned her sad eyes ahead.

Faith told herself to be strong and not just reach out again to catch Buffy’s hand in her firm grip. It was just too risky for Buffy, and she didn’t want to piss her off by having the school think she was doing the nasty with her.

They reached the doors of the library and entered. As they did so Faith noticed that Buffy tensed up, her muscles flexing slightly in a subtle defensive gesture. She had also slowed right down; delaying the talk with Giles Faith supposed.

They pushed through the heavy doors, making their way into the book sanctuary that the scoobies knew better than most other areas of the building. The library wasn’t big - certainly for the size of the school - and it wasn’t really heavy in the book department either; most of them being old and for reference only. It wasn’t a place many students spent their free time. Well, apart from Willow maybe.

Giles was still perched at his cluttered desk in the middle of the room. He had a mask of concentration on his face and only noticed the two girls when Faith cleared her throat for attention.

“Oh, you startled me,” he yelped as he looked up at the slayers. Muttering under his breath he chided himself, “I must be more vigilant. . .silly old sod.”

Faith raised her eyebrow but said nothing. Buffy just stood looking uncomfortable and like she wanted to bolt back out of the doors.

“Hey, G.” Faith moved closer to the desk.

“Is everything ok?” Giles asked, and looked over at Buffy.

Buffy looked out of place suddenly, almost as if she didn’t come into the library every day. As if she didn’t really know who the English guy standing in front of her was. Her body was tense and her eyes were looking everywhere but at Giles. Mostly they roamed over Faith; no matter how much the brunette was trying to ignore it, if Buffy wasn’t staring at the floor or the wall, she was staring at her. Looking Faith over all possessively.

“No. . .I don’t think everything is ok,” Faith replied and furrowed her brow, looking over at Buffy. Giles got the message. He’s a clever man after all.

“Do you want to talk to me. . .in the office, Faith?” he asked, removing his spectacles and doing all he could not to look worried.

“Yeah, that would be good. B, do ya mind?” She knew Buffy wouldn’t say anything to stop her, or at least not the ‘normal’ Buffy.

“Do you. . .have to?” The fidgety blonde looked like she wanted to grab hold of Faith and keep her right where she was.

“I’ll be right back out, Buffy. Promise.” She smiled at Buffy, her one hundred watt, knock-em-dead dimpled smile. Buffy reddened a little and looked away nodding.

The watcher and Faith made their way into the small office behind the counter, closing the door a tad behind them.

“So, Faith. . .what’s the problem? Buffy?” He perched his backside on the small desk, and placed the end of his spectacles in his mouth, obviously nervous about what Faith might say next.

Faith looked around her, attempting to find a way to tell Giles that his slayer had gone a little crazy. As she swept her dark eyes across the clutter of occult ornaments and what not the brunette ran a hand through her waves of hair. She eventually fixed her gaze on the patient man.

“I. . .err, I’m not quite sure how to put this. I mean, I’m new here and I haven’t really known Buffy for that long; although I think the whole ‘slayer thing’ has kinda got me in tune with her or something,” Faith said, trying to find the right phrase to explain. “Anyway, she seems a little. . .she’s. . .acting kinda weird.” The words finally made their way out of her mouth, even if they didn’t quite make sense, or explain what she was thinking.

“You think maybe it has something to do with the bite she received?” Giles asked.

He was smart all right. Faith had no idea how he had got that from her Willow-like babble.

“I dunno, she’s just being really. . .different.” She didn’t want to have to tell him that Buffy was acting like the gayest girl in the parade, on a float of dancing Xena wannabes.

“Different how?” He got up from the desk and began to pace in front of her, thinking as he did so.

“Shit. . .she’s kinda looking at me different.” Faith didn’t know why she was having such a hard time just coming out and saying that Buffy was acting like she wanted nothing more than a good seeing to by her.

Maybe because she wanted that very thing to happen, and it might give her away if she stood and drooled at the idea. She felt suddenly uncomfortable. So unlike her because normally she didn’t care who knew how insatiable she was, how she loved sex, fucking, getting down and dirty, ripping Buffy’s clothes off and spreading her legs and. . .Her mind was now a blur of lewd images of her and the blonde girl.

“Faith?” Giles stopped and was frowning at her, waiting for her to tell him what was wrong. “What exactly do you mean?”

Faith let out a sigh and looked the watcher in the eye. He was there for Buffy, to protect her and help her. He was the one who could find out if there was something wrong, and he would know how to fix it; although Faith wasn’t quite sure if that was a good thing. She liked the way Buffy had been openly showing her interest in her.

“Look, I might be the one that’s going crazy here, I dunno, but she’s acting like she. . .like she’s really horny or something.” Well, that pretty much summed it up.

“I see. Are you sure?” He replaced his glasses. They had a huge thumbprint on one of the lenses.

He didn’t seem to notice, which was not a regular thing for him to do. Giles was always cleaning his lenses so Faith had an idea that maybe what she had said had embarrassed him a tad. An ultra horny Buffy probably wasn’t something he wanted to think about.

“Have you, err, asked her about it?” He moved towards the door and looked out through the crack at Buffy.

“No. . .I didn’t know if maybe she was just normally like that.”

“Like that you mean?” He practically squeaked out the question as he nodded towards the crack in the door, a definite blush creeping over his features. He stood out of the way to allow Faith in his place.

Faith looked at him puzzled but made her way to peak through the small gap. What she saw got her extremely hot and bothered, not to mention wet.

Buffy was sat on one of the chairs at the table, facing the office. Her eyes were closed and her lips parted as she lightly bit on the lower one. Her hand was somewhere in the region of her groin area but Faith couldn’t see what the blonde girl’s hand was doing as it being hidden by the books on the desk. She could tell whatever was going on, Buffy was enjoying it; her heavy breathing was a dead give away.

“Fuck. . .yeah. That’s what I mean.” Faith could barely get the words out, and she knew for sure that the tone of her voice would give her arousal away. It had dropped to an even huskier rasp than usual.

“Well, I can assure you. Buffy is not usually like that.” He put his hand on the back of his neck and just stood there like he had no clue what to do now.

Faith couldn’t take her eyes from the breathless blonde, her actions completely captivating her and turning her on.

Giles cleared his throat softly in the background. “So. . .has she been acting like that since this morning?” His voice was still more of a squeak than anything.

“Um, yeah, pretty much. Although that’s more extreme than what she’s been doing around me.” She still couldn’t tear her eyes away from Buffy.

“Faith. . .Faith, maybe you should. . .go out and stop her.” Giles was skulking at the back of his office, a look almost of pain crossing his face.

“Me? Why me? Why don’t you do it? You’re her watcher, G.” Her own voice was a little squeaky now as she turned to look pleadingly at Giles before laying her dark eyes back on her blonde friend.

Faith really wasn’t thrilled about the idea of going out and getting a closer look at what Buffy was doing. Her panties were wet enough.

“Well, we can’t just leave her, and. . .you’re her friend. It wouldn’t be as embarrassing for her.” He wasn’t moving.

“I doubt that,” Faith stated under her breath.

She doubted very much that Buffy would be less embarrassed if it were her that interrupted her obvious pleasure. Plus, Faith was enjoying the show too much to want to move or stop it anytime soon.

Buffy was busy doing herself in the stuffy library and Faith was having a hard time believing it. The blonde’s hand was between her legs, her hair flowing wildly about her shoulders as her head tilted back slightly. She was trying her best not to make a sound, and getting flushed doing it. Buffy wasn’t the only one getting flushed. Faith was heating up at an alarming rate because she had never seen anything quite so hot.

She couldn’t help but imagine what Buffy’s fingers might be doing and where they might be; inside the wet folds of the older girl, spreading her hot pussy juice over her throbbing clit with her eager digits. Slipping around inside her. . .

“Faith!” Giles called trying to keep quiet, interrupting her longing gaze and less than pure thoughts.

“Ok, ok.” She knew she couldn’t just leave Buffy to be caught by somebody else. She would never be forgiven.

Clutching the door handle, Faith took a deep and settling breath and said loudly, “well, we better get back in there. . .to Buffy.” She wanted Buffy to hear and hopefully stop what she was doing to herself.

As the dark slayer opened the door more fully she saw that Buffy had indeed been shocked out of her little game. She looked up into Faith’s brown eyes as she entered, the green of her own betraying her lust and need. Buffy licked her lips unashamedly at the brunette, almost in invitation.

Faith looked away for fear she would leap over the table onto Buffy, knocking books and papers flying in her haste to get at the smaller girl and lay siege to her pouting lips.

She calmed her nerves as best she could. “Hey, B. You ok?” Faith sauntered over to the chair next to Buffy, acting as if she hadn’t just witnessed her virtually getting herself off for all to see.

“Yeah, of course. . .nothing wrong here,” Buffy replied, shuffling about in her seat as Faith sat down.

Giles came back into the room, still looking a bit shaken up, his brow creased in worry and trepidation. Faith could totally sympathise with the guy.

“Err, Buffy, Faith has brought something to my attention about you. She. . .well, she thinks that you are acting. . .out of sorts. And I must say I’m inclined to agree.” He slowly paced the space at the other side of the desk, avoiding too much eye contact with Buffy.

“W-what? I’m fine. . .really.” Buffy said the last part with much less enthusiasm, no doubt realising she must be doing a crappy job at hiding her predicament.

Faith nonchalantly glanced over at Buffy, attempting to see if the blonde girl’s pants were undone or not. The buttons were all intact, so she guessed that Buffy had just been rubbing herself over the top of her jeans. Thankfully nobody seemed to notice that she was squirming around in her soaked panties just as much as Buffy now.

“Buffy, we can tell there is something wrong. I need to know what it is, in case. . .in case it has repercussions beyond what’s happening now.” Giles came to a rest in front of the two slayers.

“I. . .I know,” Buffy said quietly, looking down and appeared to be questioning herself. “Alright, fine. . .I’m not ok. Pretty fucking far from ok.” She glanced between Faith and Giles, a shamed expression on her normally serene face.

Faith raised her eyebrows at the language Buffy had used in front of her watcher. In the short time she had known her Faith realised that the older girl wasn’t one to swear for no good reason. Giles also seemed a little surprised, but then considering what they had just witnessed Buffy doing whilst they were in the other room it really was no big deal.

“Can you tell me what’s wrong? Did - whatever it is - start after you got bitten by the demon?” Giles slipped back into watcher mode as he questioned Buffy, sitting down in front of his research once more.

Faith kept quiet.

“Yeah, pretty much. Once I realised it was more than usual.” Buffy did her best not to look at Giles while she fiddled with the corner of the chair and occasionally ran her hand through her silky locks.

“What exactly do you mean?” Giles probed.

“I. . .it’s just. . .” Buffy was squirming more than ever now.

“Fuck, B. Spit it out already.” Faith never did have much in the way of patience, and right now all she could think about, all she wanted to do, was to go and take care of the urge that Buffy’s strange behaviour had brought about.

“Fine! I’m horny, ok. Really, really. . .horny.” She looked down at the floor, suddenly finding the shiny surface fascinating.

“Right, well, err. . .” Giles mumbled as he shuffled some papers on the desk in front of him then proceeded to ask some more questions.

They eventually discovered that Buffy had begun to feel strange after she had come round from her small fainting episode. She couldn’t quite describe the feeling, but knew it wasn’t right. It wasn’t until later that night that she knew for sure that she had been affected by something.

She told them that she had just had an overwhelming urge to have sex. It had washed over her in a commanding way, and she couldn’t shake the feeling or the need.

“So, have you. . .um, been dealing with the problem yourself?” Giles removed his glasses for about the tenth time during the uncomfortable conversation. He must have decided it didn’t feel right so replaced them quickly.

“What do you mean?” Buffy was avoiding the subject, maybe thinking she had already told them enough.

Faith - who had remained mostly silent at Buffy’s confession of being practically on heat - knew what Giles was getting at, and she knew that Buffy did too; her blush telling her as much.

“B, have you gotten a little finger friendly with yourself?” She looked directly at Buffy, unable to curb her naturally wicked side.

She was feeling a tad pissed off now too, knowing the only reason that Buffy seemed to be paying her more attention - in a sexual nature - was because of some kind of outside influence. She knew it had been too good to be true.

“God, Faith. . .do you mind?” Buffy snapped.

“Not in the least, Twinkie.” Faith snapped back. The sexual tension in the room thick enough to cut with a blunt instrument.

“Buffy, if I’m to find out what is happening to you I need to know everything,” Giles made clear.

He looked all business like and serious now. Making it obvious there would be no place for embarrassment if Buffy was in danger in any way.

“Ok. . .I did last night, but it made it worse. So I did it again. . .and again it made me feel worse. So I did it four more times and by the time I’d finished I was about ready to go out and grab the first person I saw I was so horny,” Buffy blurted it out practically all in one breath.

The fire in the smaller girl’s eyes left Faith in no doubt that she was telling the truth; she knew what it felt like to be so horny you could burst. Buffy had made her feel like that from the start. The brunette bit her lip before saying something about really wishing she had been passing Buffy’s house at the critical point that night. She would have been an extremely willing aid.

“So, we know that masturbation doesn’t help. Which is good to know. . .I mean, not good, but um. . .helpful.” Giles was doing his best not to get too flustered, and he wasn’t doing too badly either, but the strain was starting to show.

“No, it doesn’t work. Makes me. . .need. . .” Buffy glanced over at Faith and got lost in whatever it was she was about to share with them, probably due to Faith’s flirty smirk.

Faith just couldn’t help herself. It came entirely naturally to her when somebody was checking her out. It was an instinct, and Buffy had just played victim to it. Buffy looked away again quickly but left Faith knowing she was thinking of her in much more than a friendly way.

Faith realised it was more than likely due to whatever was going on with Buffy, but also was aware that the older girl had been demonstrating her increasing interest before now. It had been a hell of a lot subtler, but Faith’s experience had picked up on it.

She wasn’t as sure of Buffy’s willingness to actually do anything about the way she might be feeling. It was looking more likely with the whole incredible ‘horny’ thing going on, but Faith wasn’t positive she could take advantage of it. In fact, she was fairly certain she couldn’t risk her friendship by playing things in her favour. As much as she wanted the cute blonde, she also valued her friendship and her own life.

She decided to just play things by ear and see what transpired, and hope she could stop thinking about Buffy with her fingers sliding around her slick little pussy, masturbating in front of her, for her. It was a hell of a lot harder to do now she had practically seen it for real.

Faith had an idea that her resolve was certainly about to be tested to extremes.



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