Summary: A short one shot about cake.
Timeline: Post Season 7
Rating: PG13
Pairing: F/B
Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and whoever else owns them. I make no profit from this.

Buffy strolled out from around the display that was stacked high with various types of cakes and pastries. She had one in her hand, her eyes greedily scanning the information on the back of the package. It was her favourite. A naughty little treat when she felt the need for something to make her feel good when nothing else worked.

Smiling when she noted the calorie count, she dropped it - without looking - into the shopping cart Willow was pushing, and promptly linked her arm through her best friend's.

“So, we have all. . .” Buffy shook herself from her little daze, interrupting herself and suddenly looking down at her arm.

Her gaze travelled from it, to the arm she was linked through, to the girl beside her that was quite clearly not Willow any more.

“Faith?” Buffy said a little shakily as she pulled her arm free. “Where's Will? I thought you were staying in the car?”

“Aww, what? I'm not good enough to link?” Faith said, a fake pout gracing her full lips as Buffy put a little more distance between them. “After all the getting-over-the-past-crap, the bonding, the slaying together we do now. . .you still won't link me?”

“No, I won't,” Buffy said adamantly. “Willow's my shopping-buddy, and you didn't answer me - where did she go?”

Faith grinned and shook her head.

“She's off getting Soya milk for Andrew, or some shit like that,” Faith replied. “I got bored waiting in the car.”

Faith shrugged when Buffy gave her a disbelieving look.

In the short time Faith had been living with her and Dawn, Willow, Xander and Andrew, she'd never left the car on any shopping trip that didn't involve getting new weapons. Buffy wasn't going to question her, however; their friendship was getting better - growing every day – and she didn't want to do anything or say anything to make things awkward. It had been hard work getting to a place they could work well together without disagreeing, and even harder just being around each other so much.

After three months in Cleveland they were now finally putting the past behind them. Buffy had to thank Giles for giving them no choice but to share the same house.

And surprisingly. . .Buffy didn't mind living with Faith at all now. It seemed they were better together than apart.

“Planning to down a few calories later, B?” Faith asked as she looked at the cake sat on top of all the other healthy food in the cart.

“It's carrot cake, they're healthy. . .” Buffy stopped as Faith raised her eyebrow. “Okay, healthier than normal cake at least.”

Faith chuckled. “Sure, you keep telling yourself that, Twinkie.”

Narrowing her eyes at Faith, Buffy crossed her arms, hoping Willow would hurry back so they could go pay for their things and leave. She felt a little guilty about the carrot cake, but she wasn't going to let Faith spoil her treat. It wasn't as if she ate anywhere near as much as Faith.

“One little. . .” Buffy looked in the cart, “um, medium sized carrot cake isn't going to get me fat. Not with our metabolism,” Buffy stated glibly.

“I keep telling you that, B,” Faith said, “but you never listen. Anyway, even if you did get a little round tummy. . .it'd just give me something nice and soft to rest my head on.”

Faith grinned and began walking, pushing the cart in front of her. Buffy watched her stroll down the aisle ahead, a puzzled look on her face. She tried to figure out what the hell Faith was going on about, but was fairly lost.

“Hey, wait up. . .stop running off with my cake,” Buffy grumbled as she caught up with the other slayer. “And what exactly do you mean? You've never gone around resting your head on me anywhere, and as far as I know you're not likely to.”

Buffy tried not to think too much about what she'd just said. If she did then a little voice inside her would tell her to be upset about the fact Faith would never be quite that close to her. She didn't like that little voice, it had always made her insane. She'd ignored it from the very first day she'd met Faith.

Faith stopped pushing the cart and turned towards Buffy. She grinned her infamous grin, her dimples attracting all of Buffy's attention.

“It'll be when you finally accept that you want me, Princess,” Faith stated.

Buffy blinked and opened her mouth; she couldn't say anything more than a vacant mumbling vowel sound, however.

“Don't pretend that you don't, B,” Faith said, stepping a little closer to Buffy, her grin slipping into more of a soft smile. “You know you do; watchin' me train and get all hot n' sweaty. Bet it gets you all hot n' sweaty too huh.”

Buffy blinked again and tried to close her mouth. She didn't watch Faith train. . .most days. It wasn't like she did it for the reasons Faith was implying either. Well okay, maybe it was, but Buffy hadn't begun to work the details out in her mind, and she was still all about not listening to the niggling little voice inside her.

“I don't. . .” Buffy began, losing her voice again as Faith got much closer.

“I feel you watching me, B. Wanting me,” Faith stated, her voice low and husky. “And when you decide you're ready to take the next step. . .I'll be right there ready to rock your world.”

Faith lifted her hand and brushed a stray strand of blonde hair from Buffy's cheek, then she leaned close, hot breath spilling over Buffy as the noise of the store slipped away. All Buffy could hear was the dull thud of her own heart, and the shaky breaths escaping her nostrils. Before she could get to grips with what was happening Faith's mouth was on her own, her lips soft but determined.

She felt herself shake, heard the quiet whimper coming from within, and she kissed Faith back. It was like she'd switched into autopilot, unable to do anything but react and taste the lips moving firmly against her own. Supple, teasing, full of promise.

Faith's hand at her cheek was warm and sure, her mouth hot and sensual, and just as Buffy parted her lips further - needing more of Faith - she felt her pull slowly away.

“Just let me know when you're ready, B,” Faith said, the words dripping with desire. “You won't need to eat cake to feel good, and I taste better too.”

She winked at Buffy - who felt kind of dizzy – and turned back to the cart, pushing it down the aisle towards the checkout.

“Buffy?” Willow said behind Buffy as she stood trying to collect herself in the middle of the aisle. “Did Faith just kiss you?”

Buffy nodded slowly as her eyes remained fixed on Faith's retreating form.

“And did you just kiss her back?” Willow asked, her eyes wide.

“I think so,” Buffy replied, her legs still feeling a little shaky and her lips tingling.

“Wow,” Willow said, looking back and forth from Buffy to Faith.

Buffy took a steadying breath and nodded just a little again. It certainly had been a wow moment, and she was feeling it right the way through her.

She tried to shake the feeling so she could move from the spot without swaying. Looking over at Willow she saw she was holding something with the carton of Soya milk.

“Carrot cake?” Buffy asked.

“Yup, I saw it just round the corner,” Willow answered. “I know how much you love carrot cake.”

Buffy smiled slightly and turned her head back to glance over at Faith as she unloaded the shopping cart at the cash register.

“I think I'm gonna need more than carrot cake tonight,” Buffy said quietly, gaining a raised eyebrow from Willow.

She licked her lips and made her way towards Faith, a small grin giving away her every thought.

“Oh boy,” Willow muttered as she followed. “Should I find a spell to soundproof your room?”

Buffy grinned wider as they reached Faith and the cart.

“Yeah, and you'd better make it last all night, Will. . .I'm going to rock her world,” Buffy replied, causing Faith to look a little surprised before she smiled until her dimples made Buffy's heart skip a beat.

Buffy was finally ready for a whole lot more than cake. She was ready for Faith.

The End



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